Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 469 – Visiting Southern Continent Once Again

Chapter 469 – Visiting Southern Continent Once Again

Chapter 469 - Visiting Southern Continent Once Again

It seemed like the situation in the Southern Continent was critical, as they had no time to waste. It took Wu Ningzhu and the others at least half a month to travel from the Southern Continent to here, and after so many days had pa.s.sed, the situation in the Southern Continent must’ve become even more chaotic. Perhaps an intense was already erupted between the Demon King Palace and the Profound River Palace.

Initially, Jiang Chen planned on traveling to the Divine Continent once everything here was settled. However, because of this, it looked like he would have to postpone his trip. No matter what, because of the relations.h.i.+p between him and these people, there was no way he could avoid the Southern Continent’s situation.

“Alright, even if not for those people in the Southern Continent, just because of Elder Sister Ning, I’ll have to travel to the Southern Continent. Besides, during the most chaotic period of the Southern Period. Elder Sister Ning and the Nangong Family still came all the way here to help me. Jiang Chen is not an ungrateful man, and since the situation in the Southern Continent is so critical, let’s begin our journey immediately.”

Without hesitating, Jiang Chen accepted the request. Hearing Jiang Chen address her as Elder Sister Ning instead of Miss Wu, Wu Ningzhu chuckled to herself, as this was a sign that Jiang Chen had stopped treating her as an outsider.

“This is excellent! Little Chen can kill a Second Grade Combat King warrior, so with his help, we can definitely defeat the Demon King Palace!”

Wu Ningzhu was really happy. It looked like she hadn’t wasted her time during this trip to the Eastern Continent. Not only had she fulfilled her heart’s desire, she had also managed to bring a powerful helper to the Southern Continent; a man who could fight a million enemies!

“Haha, perfect! Now we can fight side by side again!”

Nangong Wentian laughed as he placed his arm on Han Yan’s shoulder.

“Hehe, we’ve gotten back to business again. I’ll show no mercy when slaughtering those demons.”

Han Yan started laughing as well. After his Ancient Divine Devil bloodline had awakened, he had been progressing at an incredible speed. However, compared to Jiang Chen, the gap between them was still big. Soon, he would go to the Divine Continent together with Jiang Chen, and they were going to continue their journey in an even bigger world, causing him to feel somewhat anxious. By going to the Southern Continent to fight those demons, he might be able to find a catalyst and manage to break through to the Late Combat Soul realm, gaining even more strength. Then, he would at least have some strength when in the Divine Continent.

Meanwhile, Big Yellow was excitedly wagging his tail. He obviously felt thrilled by this as well. He was a creature that could never settle for peace, and the more chaotic the situation was, the more excited he became. So, being able to visit the Southern Continent was something that could fulfil his craving, for now.

“Brother Yan, Big Yellow, go get Little Yu; we’ll go to the Southern Continent together.”

Jiang Chen turned around and said to Han Yan and Big Yellow. Now that the Eastern Continent was completely stable, he wouldn’t have any worries when leaving. So, if he asked Han Yan and Big Yellow to stay behind this time as well, they would definitely fight him to death.

Yu Zihan and the other two shook their heads with helpless smiles on their faces. The three of them had yet to reach the Combat Soul realm, so if they followed Jiang Chen, they would only serve as burdens. Thus, they just kept silent.

“Zihan, since the Black Sect will have to be reorganized, you three can just stay here and help with this matter. I have fully activated the energy vein underneath the Black Sect, so you can all absorb as much essence as you want; try your best to improve your strength.

Jiang Chen turned to Yu Zihan and said.

At the same time, Big Yellow turned around and disappeared without a trace. A few minutes later, he returned with Yan Chenyu.

“Little Sister Little Yu, I have to bother you this time and ask you to help me in the Southern Continent.”

Wu Ningzhu said upon seeing Yan Chenyu. A look of admiration could be seen in her eyes as she looked at Yan Chenyu.

“I’ll definitely help Elder Sister Ning. I can take this opportunity to see the Southern Continent with my own eyes as well.”

Yan Chenyu said with a smile. Seeing that both girls had a harmonious relations.h.i.+p, Han Yan and Nangong Wentian once again started pounding their own chests in agony. They stared at Jiang Chen as if they wanted to devour him. For heavens’ sake, why was this guy so lucky?! Two girls with unrivaled beauty, and they weren’t fighting against each other for Jiang Chen’s favor. Instead, they treated each other politely. This made them feel jealous.

“Little Chen, since everything is ready, let’s begin our journey as soon as possible. With our ability, it’ll take at least half a month for us to return to the Southern Continent. Even with your help, we won’t be able to shorten that time by much. I just hope we can still make it.”

Wu Ningzhu said.

“Miss Wu, don’t worry. Yes, it took us half a month to travel from the Southern Continent to here, but when traveling from the Eastern Continent to the Southern Continent, it will only take us an hour.”

Nangong Wentian said with a smile on his face.

"Half an hour? Impossible!"

Wu Ningzhu felt as if Nangong Wentian was joking with her. Not only her, everyone at the scene were thinking the same thoughts, including Han Yan and Yan Chenyu. The distance between the Eastern Continent and the Southern Continent stretched was gigantic, and crossing this gigantic distance in just half an hour, it seemed like a plain joke to them.

“Brother Nan is correct, it will only take us half an hour, because I have this.”

Jiang Chen flipped his palm, revealing the bright bronze plate once again. Other people might feel that this bronze plate is strange, but Han Yan and Big Yellow didn’t.

“Island of Ice!”

Both of them immediately cried out in surprise. Jiang Chen hadn’t told anyone about this bronze plate, as he had only remembered it and used when he was previously traveling to the Southern Continent. After he returned from the Southern Continent, Jiang Chen was busy with the war between himself and the Martial Saint Dynasty, so he hadn’t had the chance to explained this secret to anyone.

"What’s this?"

Wu Ningzhu asked.

“The bronze plates we found in the Island of Ice never disappeared, they all merged into a single piece. And this, this is the key to the Island of Ice.”

Jiang Chen began to explain everything about the bronze plate, including how he and Nangong Wentian had used it to travel to the Southern Continent. Finally, Han Yan and Big Yellow came to understand. At the same time, they that Jiang Chen was an incredibly lucky guy, as he could obtain such a precious treasure.

But for Wu Ningzhu and the people of the Nangong Family, it was more than a sudden understanding. A huge Teleportation Formation that could allow them to travel straight from the Eastern Continent to the Southern Continent, none of them had ever seen something like that before.

"If this really works, that would be great!"

Nangong Yunfan said.

“Dad, of course it works! If not for this bronze plate, Jiang Chen and I would have never made it back to the Southern Continent in time!”

Nangong Wentian said.

“Let me find the exact location of the Island of Ice first. The Teleportation Formation is located on the island, so we’ll have to find out where exactly the island if first, only then can we use the formation.”

While explaining, Jiang Chen injected his divine sense into the bronze plate. Soon, a route became clear to him. It still led toward the ocean north of the Eastern Continent, and there was a bright dot at the bottom of the Northern Ocean. And that, was the current location of the Island of Ice.

“I’ve found it. Although the exact location if the Island of Ice is constantly changing, it is still at the Northern Ocean. As of now, it’s located in the heart of the Northern Ocean, let’s go there now.”

Without delaying a single second, everyone leapt into the sky and turned into trails of light as they shot toward the Northern Ocean. Every person here was a Combat Soul warrior, so they were able to fly with incredible speed, and with the help of Jiang Chen, they arrived at the Northern Ocean in less than half an hour, and smoothly found the location of the Island of Ice.

Jiang Chen threw the bronze plate into the sky, then it made a connection with the Island of Ice and transformed into an illusionary looking door. Led by Jiang Chen, the group pa.s.sed through the door, and with a flash before their eyes, they arrived on top of the black altar.


Ice-cold wind was blowing in their faces, causing them to tremble a bit. As Han Yan and Big Yellow had been here before, they didn’t feel anything strange. But, for Wu Ningzhu and the others, it was a shocking experience, and they felt really curious toward this strange dimension.

“That is the Teleportation Formation.”

Nangong Wentian pointed at the gigantic Teleportation Formation not far away from them.

“d.a.m.n it, when we were previously leaving this place, I knew there was something unusual about this broken formation, but as the doorway was about to disappear, we just didn’t have enough time to study it. I never thought this broken formation would be so great!”

Big Yellow said. When they were here last time, because the doorway out of the Island of Ice was disappearing, they were forced to hastily leave. If they hadn’t, they might get trapped for another hundred years. Thus, they didn’t have enough time to take a second look at this Teleportation Formation. However, out of their expectations, Jiang Chen was the man who got all the benefits. With the bronze plate, this Island of Ice could be considered Jiang Chen’s garden.

Jiang Chen strode toward the Teleportation Formation, then he placed the bronze plate in its center. Soon after, dazzling beams started shooting out from it, and not long after that, a black illusionary looking pa.s.sage appeared, as well as a strong suction force.

After Jiang Chen pin-pointed the destination at the Southern Continent, he shouted, "Let's go!"

The group immediately followed after Jiang Chen and entered the pa.s.sage.

Half an hour later, in an open area on a mountain range in the Southern Continent, a spatial crack suddenly erupted in mid-air. Then, human figures started shooting out from the cracks like cannon b.a.l.l.s. Each of them looked to be in a difficult position, with the exception of Jiang Chen and Nangong Wentian had experienced this before. All of these people were thrown onto the ground, causing a huge crater to appear. Yan Chenyu and Wu Ningzhu both landed safely, as Jiang Chen took care of them.

"Cough... d.a.m.n it, that force is just too strong!"

"What the f.u.c.k, I nearly died!"

Big Yellow and Han Yan both crawled out from the crater while gloomily cursing. Meanwhile, Nangong Wentian was laughing out loud at the side, delightedly watching how these two fellows were behaving.

The people of the Nangong Family also crawled out from the crater. Luckily, all of them were Combat Soul warriors who possessed strong bodies. If it was some ordinary Heavenly Core warriors, they might have died upon landing. After gloomily tidying themselves up, the people started examining their surroundings.

“We’ve really arrived at the Southern Continent! That Teleportation Formation is just amazing, we’ve truly saved a huge amount of time!”

Wu Ningzhu said, feeling surprised. Without the Teleportation Formation, they would have to fly across the ocean in order to return, and that would take a really long time.

“This place seems really abnormal, we can’t see anyone around; not even a demon beast. This is strange.”

After looking around, Nangong Wenyan couldn’t help but say.