Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 468 – Wu Ningzhu's Secret

Chapter 468 – Wu Ningzhu's Secret

Chapter 468 - Wu Ningzhu's Secret

Jiang Chen didn’t interrupt, he just quietly stared at Wu Ningzhu. From her eyes, Jiang Chen could tell that she was girl with a story.

Wu Ningzhu let out a long sigh, then she raised her head and looked at the bright moon. She took a step forward and continued speaking with a voice so soft that it could only be heard by herself, “A beautiful appearance is a girl’s biggest pride. However, I have been hiding it all this time.”

A wry smile emerged on Wu Ningzhu’s lips. After that, she seemed like she was immersed in deep though, as if she had just recalled an unforgettable past. Hey eyes seemed blurred, and she looked absolutely beautiful underneath the gentle moonlight. Her beautiful face seemed to be hiding a trace of pain. At this moment, Jiang Chen felt a pain in his heart. This was the second time he had experienced such a feeling for a girl. The first time, it was Yan Chenyu. He knew that Wu Ningzhu had a complicated story she wanted to speak about.

Wu Ningzhu didn’t say anything for a long time, and Jiang Chen remained standing next to her, not speaking either. He knew that Wu Ningzhu was hesitating; wondering if she should tell Jiang Chen about her secret. Everyone had their own secret, and some secrets could only be hidden in one’s heart, with allowing anyone to peek at it. Jiang Chen too had his own secret; that he was once the greatest Saint underneath the heavens, that was his biggest secret, and only he himself could ever know this secret.

"That year, I was only ten years old."

Wu Ningzhu began to talk. A ten year old child already had a good memory. It wasn’t difficult to imagine that when she was ten years old, her appearance must already have started to s.h.i.+ne, as she was a perfect beauty.

“My mother’s name is Gu Lan. She and my dad were deeply in love with each other, and they were the role models of many. However, one day, a man who claimed to be my mother’s elder brother, my uncle, suddenly arrived from afar. His arrival changed everything. When that man saw my father and me, he became extremely angry, and started yelling that he wanted to kill me and my dead. However, using her own life as a ransom, she saved me and my dad, and was thus brought away by that heartless man to a place far away. After that, my father told me that he had for a long time known of my mother’s ident.i.ty, as she came from an ancient clan located in a place far away from where we lived. It’s a clan with powers beyond anyone’s imagination. I can still remember, the man who came and brought my mother away is a very strong way, and it wasn’t until I progressed further on the path of cultivation that I started to realize just how strong that man really was. In fact, he could easily destroy the entire Southern Continent with a single hand.”

Wu Ningzhu said, still deeply immersed in her own memories. After a small pause, she continued speaking, “So, my mother left me and my father. From that day onwards, she never came back. Before she left, she told me, “Ning’er, when you’re looking for your other half, find a man who loves you, and whom you love.” Indeed, my mother and father, they truly loved each other. However, what I saw was the pain that existed between them. Because my mother loved my father, she had to pay a heavy price, and I am the witness of their suffering.”

“That’s why you hid your extraordinary beauty behind your veil?”

Jiang Chen asked. He never thought Wu Ningzhu had such a story to tell.

“Not quite. I once swore to myself that I would one day find my mother and allow her to reunite with my father. That’s why I put all my focus into cultivation, and hid my face behind the veil. I vowed that before I find my mother, I would never remove that veil from my face. And, if a man removes it, one of three consequences will happen.”

At this point, Wu Ningzhu gazed at Jiang Chen with her bright eyes.

Jiang Chen’s heart started pounding, and he suddenly realized he had made a huge mistake. However, he still wanted to try his luck. Thus, he asked, “What… What kind of consequences?”

“I made a vow; if a man removes my veil, I will kill that man with my own hands. And, if I can’t kill him, then I’ll kill myself. Or… I’ll marry him.”

Once again Wu Ningzhu giggled. She looked really beautiful when she smiled.


Jiang Chen’s eyes were widen open. Heavens! He had removed her veil, and she hadn’t killed him, as she didn’t seem to have the ability to kill Jiang Chen. However, Wu Ningzhu also hadn’t killed herself, but instead came to help him. So, the only answer was obviously the third consequence.

Heavens, this had gone too far! Only the heavens knew that Jiang Chen didn’t desire Wu Ningzhu!

"So, I want to marry you!"

Wu Ningzhu said in a determined manner, and she had raised her voice as well, causing those guys who were happily drinking in the courtyard to spit everything out of their mouths.


Han Yan, Nangong Wentian, Yu Zihan, and the few others instantly spat out whatever they had in their mouths, and nearly threw themselves onto the table. The eyes of these men were widen open. Through the door, the immediately gazed at the scene, forgetting to even close their mouths.

“Heavens, this d.a.m.n heavenly b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Why! Why! Is he still a human?!”

Han Yan started pounding his own chest and yelling. He felt a desire to rip Jiang Chen apart.

“This is such a straightforward girl, but I like her character.”

Yu Zihan expressed his surprise.

“Get lost! What’s the point of liking her, she’s Boss Jiang’s girl!”

Tian Yishan immediately slapped the back of Yu Zihan’s head.

"Cough... I said I like her character, that's all!"

Yu Zihan let out a few mild coughs.

“Sigh… this is so ridiculous. I’m so handsome, but I’ve yet to find a girl for myself. That rascal only went to the Southern Continent for a short while, and he already got the prettiest girl there to want to marry him. Guys, tell me, I am a man; a handsome one! However, why is there such a huge difference between us? Sigh… what a lonely life.”

Nangong Wentian shook his head and sighed. When compared to Jiang Chen, he felt a lot of envy.

"Women, not interested."

Big Yellow showed no interest as he continued drinking his wine. This was a guy who had no interest in girls.

“Of course you’re not interested in girls, you only have an interest in female dogs.”

Han Yan rolled his eyes at Big Yellow.

Outside the courtyard, Jiang Chen became speechless because of the astonishment. He only felt as if a sudden clap of thunder had struck his head. This was all too sudden, he was not prepared for this at all.

“Hehe, don’t be afraid, I won’t ask you to marry me right now.”

Wu Ningzhu giggled as she went back to her normal behavior.

“I know about the relations.h.i.+p between you and younger sister Little Yu, it must be hard for you to accept immediately. However, don’t worry, I’ll wait for the day where you truly fall in love with me. You’re going to the Divine Continent, and so will I. I’m sure my mom’s home is somewhere in the Divine Continent. Sooner or later, I’ll go there as well.”

Wu Ningzhu said, her eyes full of determination.

Jiang Chen stared at Wu Ningzhu’s magnificent face, and saw her stubbornness. Apparently, both of them had the same goal; to visit the Divine Continent. He could only imagine how hard it must have been for Wu Ningzhu all these, and she only had her current achievement as the number one genius of the Southern Continent. Currently, she was at the peak of the Late Combat Soul realm, and with her talent, breaking through to the Combat King realm would be simple. All she needed was a catalyst.

"You said your mother's name is Gu Lan?"

Jiang Chen suddenly recalled the name of Wu Ningzhu’s mother, and he couldn’t help but try to confirm it once more.

"That's right."

Wu Ningzhu nodded her head, not having noticed anything.

"Gu Lan, Gu Family… Could she be from the Gu Family?"

A respectful feeling suddenly emerged in Jiang Chen’s mind. The Gu Family was an ancient family in the Divine Continent. They had rich and powerful resources, and they were a huge influence. In his previous life, Jiang Chen had some connections with them. According to what Wu Ningzhu just said, Gu Lan was from an ancient family, and her brother was a very strong man who had the ability to destroy the Southern Continent with a single hand. A man like that was probably a Combat Emperor.

This was a family with a lot of history and inheritance. Since Wu Ningzhu was given birth to by Gu Lan, she must have the bloodline of the Gu Family in her body, and that was also the reason why she could have such extraordinary achievements at her young age, and become the number one genius of the Southern Continent.

“What are you thinking about?”

Wu Ningzhu asked.

“Nothing, I was just thinking about your mother’s family, wondering how strong they really are.”

Jiang Chen casually shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t tell her anything he knew about the Gu Family, because if he did, he just wouldn’t be able to explain how a genius of the Eastern Continent who had never been to the Divine Continent could know so much about the superpowers of the Divine Continent; it would make no sense.

Right at this moment, the men from the Nangong Family approached from afar. When they saw Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu, they cupped their fists and greeted.

"Uncle, why did you come at this hour? Is there anything urgent?"

Jiang Chen asked.

Seeing that the Nangong Family was here, Nangong Wentian and the others left the courtyard and joined them.

“Nephew Jiang Chen, since everything in the Eastern Continent has been settled, we need to rush back to the Southern Continent.”

Nangong Yunfan said.

"Oh, why the rush?"

Jiang Chen felt surprised.

At the same time, it seemed like Wu Ningzhu had suddenly remembered something. She said, “Yes, what Chief Nangong said is correct, we need to leave as soon as possible. The Demon King’s Palace was infuriated after you killed four of their guardians in the Dancing Sun City. Because of this, the master of the Demon King Palace, Lord Combat Wolf furiously declared war against the Profound River Palace. When we left, the Southern Continent had already fallen into chaos, and many cities were being attacked by the large armies of the demons. The safety of the Southern Continent is at stake, so we have to rush back to help.”

“That’s right. Although the Profound River Palace can fight with the Demon King Palace, there are way too many demons in the Southern Continent. We, the Nangong Family has to contribute in this war as well.”

Nangong Yunfan said.

"This isn’t good."

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows. He had witnessed those demons running amok in the Southern Continent. Now that a war had erupted between the demons and the humans, it would no doubt be a war of a gigantic scale, and many innocent lives would be sacrificed.

“Jiang Chen, using my own name, I want to ask you to come to the Southern Continent and help us.”

Wu Ningzhu stared in Jiang Chen’s eyes with a serious look on her face. She didn’t invite him in the name of the Profound River Palace’s Holy Maiden, instead, she used her own name. The reason was that the Southern Continent truly needed some extra help, and if a mighty warrior like Jiang Chen could provide them some help, the Demon King Palace would not be so frightening. Secondly, she wanted to see if she carried any weight in Jiang Chen’s heart.