Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 470 – The Demon King Palace’s Evil Plot

Chapter 470 – The Demon King Palace’s Evil Plot

Chapter 470 - The Demon King Palace’s Evil Plot

Nangong Wenyan’s words alerted everyone. Only now did Jiang Chen and Nangong Wentian noticed that this was the mountain range they had arrived at the previous time. When they came here previously, although there weren’t many people around, they could still find some, and they could also sense the auras of demons. However, this place seemed unusually quiet right now. Looking ahead, they couldn’t even find a single person.

“Indeed, this isn’t right. There are usually many demons roaming about freely in this mountain range, and all sorts of natural resources can be found here as well. That’s why many people from all sorts of different background usually come here to train, and a lot of merchant groups would also come here to hunt for demons and natural resources. So, why is it so quiet here now?”

Nangong Wentian said.

“Looks like the situation in the Southern Continent is getting more intense. If my guess is correct, a war has already erupted between the Profound River Palace and the Demon King Palace. We need to leave this place quickly and rush to the Profound River Palace.”

Wu Ningzhu said with a serious expression. No matter what kind of unusual situation, it was most likely caused by the war between the two superpowers.

Jiang Chen nodded his head. The reason why he came here was to help the Profound River Palace and the people of the Southern Continent. Although the Profound River Palace and Demon King Palace would eventually go to war, what triggered it this time was actually him killing four of their guardians.

With incredible speed, the group traveled toward the Profound River Palace. In just a brief moment, they had flown past many cities. Some of those cities were once prosperous ones, but they were all in ruins now. They had clearly gone through violent battles.

“Looks like a lot of battles have taken place during this period, many cities have been attacked.”

Nangong Yunfan said, his voice solemn.

After traveling further, they arrived at another city. Black smoke could be seen soaring up into the sky, and flames were raging across the entire city. However, no fights were taking place here. With their experience, they could easily tell that a disastrous battle had just ended here. Although it was now over, it had left this city a scar that could never be healed.

The group anxiously sped up, and they soon arrived above another city. Presented in front of them was a chaotic scene. Corpses of both demons and humans were scattered all over the place, and the entire city was smeared with blood. The air was filled with a pungent smell that could make one throw up.

Cries and screams were lingering by their ears. They saw a corpse of a demon the size of a small mountain, and some human warriors furiously roaring at it, venting their grief. It was a miserable scene, and it caused Han Yan and the few others to remember the scene of those Dimensional Creatures wreaking havoc on the other side of Mount Origin.

“This is Evergreen City, a once prosperous and bustling city. I never thought it could reach such a state. It looks like the war between humans and demons has reached a critical state.”

Nangong Yunfan said with an unsightly expression.

Han Yan and Yan Chenyu were both shocked. In the Saint Origin realm, humans and demons were the two major species, and they were innate rivals. However, in most parts of this world, humans still occupied the dominating position. Take the Eastern Continent as an example, although there are countless demons there, sizeable demon clans were incredibly rare, let alone a superpower consisting only of demons like the Demon King Palace, which was equal in power to the humans’ strongest power.

In this Southern Continent, things were different from what Han Yan and Yan Chenyu had expected. This was a good land for demons to live in, and both humans and demons had their own superpowers in this place. Following the eruption of the war, complete chaos struck the entire Southern Continent.

“Since I, Jiang Chen am here, I will break the social order of this continent. I will annihilate the Demon King Palace and make the humans the only masters of this land.”

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone. The reason why he wanted to destroy these demons was simple; he was a human, a real human, and he didn’t want to let these demons brutally slaughter his own kind.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh...

Six powerful figures flew into the sky above Evergreen City and arrived in front of the group. The leading man was an old man in his fifties, and he was a Mid Combat Soul warrior. The few men behind him were all Combat Soul warriors as well. Two arrogant-looking young men stood between them as well. Being able to reach the Combat Soul realm at such a young age, they deserved to feel proud of themselves.

When the old man saw Wu Ningzhu, he immediately stepped forward and bowed, “Holy Maiden, welcome back. Greetings, Chief Nangong.”

"Elder Xu, what is going on here?"

Wu Ningzhu asked. These men were all from the Profound River Palace, and Wu Ningzhu knew them pretty well. The Old man’s name was Xu Danian, a respectable man from the Profound River Palace. However, his status was still below that of the Holy Maiden.

“After Holy Maiden left, a war erupted between the Profound River Palace and the Demon King Palace, and both parties have suffered many casualties. Under the attacks of the Demon King Palace, all the demons in the different places across this continent started launching attacks against human cities. In just a short period of time, three cities have fallen into their hands. The battle of Evergreen City was also an unexpected event, we came here right after we were informed, and were fortunate enough to suppress the battles.”

Xu Danian said.

“These demons are aggressive and cruel in nature. Because someone killed four of their guardians in the Dancing Sun City, the three demon kings of the Demon King Palace were infuriated. Thus, they declared war against the Profound River Palace, and dragged the entire Southern Continent into complete chaos, causing many innocent lives to be sacrificed.”

[TL: I can’t remember if it has been mentioned yet, but Demon King is basically the demons’ version of Combat King.]

One of the young geniuses of the Profound River Palace said, expressing his indignation.

“Indeed, these demons are aggressive and brutal by nature. However, the Demon King Palace is also a very powerful clan, as all three masters are Demon Kings. They’re truly not easy to handle.”

Nangong Yunfan said. However, when he saw Jiang Chen’s face, his tone was obviously relaxed. No matter how strong these three Demon Kings were, as long as Jiang Chen was here, it seemed like everything would be easily settled.

“What Chief Nangong said is correct. There are three Demon Kings in the Demon King Palace, and their Eldest Palace Master is a frightening Second Grade Demon King, and his strength is equal to that of our Palace Master. However, the Profound River Palace only has two Combat Kings, while they have three Demon Kings. We’ve been at a disadvantageous side ever since the war erupted. However, if the Demon King Palace really attacks the Profound River Palace, with our hidden resources and forces, we should be able to hold on against them. But it’s a shame, the Demon King Palace actually employed such a despicable tactic.”

Xu Danian angrily said.

"Elder Xu, what happened?"

Wu Ningzhu asked.

“The Demon King Palace have been capturing all of our geniuses these last days. Until now, they’ve captured more than three hundred of them, and several dozen geniuses of the Profound River Palace has been captured by them as well. The third Palace Master, Lord Nether made an announcement; tomorrow, he’ll execute them all at Nether Mountain.”

The more Xu Danian spoke, the angrier he became.

Hearing what he said, the expressions of Wu Ningzhu and the others instantly changed.

"Such an evil plot!"

Wu Ningzhu said.

“Yes, you’re right, Holy Maiden. This is the Demon King Palace’s evil plot. Because their ultimate target is the Profound River Palace, if they had the intentions of fighting us face to face, there would be no need for them to capture those geniuses. With their characters, they would usually just kill them on the spot. Now, what Lord Nether wants to do is force us to save our men at Nether Mountain. If we really want to do it, the Profound River Palace would have to send at least one Combat King warrior, and even that wouldn’t guarantee the success of this rescue mission.

Xu Danian said.

“If the Profound River Palace really sends a Combat King to the Nether Mountain, the other two Demon Kings will definitely gather all their forces and launch an attack at the Profound River Palace. At that point of time, we will only have one Combat King left, and there would be no way to defend ourselves against them, because our Profound River Formation requires two Combat Kings to fully function, and that’s what allows us to fight with the force of three Combat Kings. That is also the reason why the Demon King Palace is scared of us, and also the reason why they’re using this kind of dirty method in order to split our strength. If the Profound River Palace sends someone to rescue our men, the Demon King Palace will kill all those geniuses in front of us, and use it as a way to strength the demons’ spirits, while also dealing a heavy blow to the humans’ spirits. Not only that, the Profound River Palace’s reputation would suffer greatly as well. What an evil plot!”

Two ice-cold beams shot out from Wu Ningzhu’s eyes. The Demon King Palace’s tactics were truly cruel, as it put the Profound River Palace in an incredibly difficult position. The men who had been captured were all geniuses of the younger generation, and if these people were all killed, the humans would suffer an incredibly great loss, and it would also strength the spirit of the many demons. This would put the humans in an even more disadvantageous position. However, if the Profound River Palace really went on a rescue mission, the other two Demon Kings would lead a ma.s.sive army to launch an attack against the Profound River Palace.

Therefore, one way or another, Lord Nether’s tactic was extremely beneficial for the Demon King Palace. It could almost be considered a flawless strategy.

After Wu Ningzhu expressed her anger, her expression became relaxed as well, and a faint smile emerged onto her face, as if she didn’t feel any anxiousness regarding the situation. If it was in the past, the Demon King Palace’s strategy would definitely have destroyed the Profound River Palace, and perhaps it could even be the strategy that led to the fall of all humans in the Southern Continent. Once the Demon King Palace defeated the Profound River Palace, all humans in the Southern Continent would become their slaves, and it would be a devastating situation that no one could imagine.

However, that was before. Now, Jiang Chen was here, and everything was going to change. They would rescue those geniuses, and the Demon King Palace would be destroyed.

“What decision did the Palace Chief make?”

Wu Ningzhu asked.

Xu Danian and the few others behind him seemed to notice something, as after he told Wu Ningzhu and those from the Nangong Family about the Demon King Palace’s evil plot, they actually behaved as if it was nothing serious. This made Xu Danian feel both curious and gloomy. The situation was getting worse and worse, so why did they still look so free of worries? He did see Jiang Chen and the others as well, but he didn’t take them seriously.

“The Palace Chief has decided to let the Great Elder handle the rescue mission at Nether Mountain, while he holds the Profound River Palace by himself. There is nothing much else we can do.”

Xu Danian let out a long sigh.

“No need to do that. Elder Xu, I need you to return to the Profound River Palace and inform the Palace Chief about this; he and the Great Elder should just stay in the Profound River Palace, and I will bring all those captured geniuses back. Oh, the head of that Lord Nether as well.”

Wu Ningzhu indifferently said. She was going to rescue the hostage and kill Lord Nether at the same time, and her tone made it seem like this near impossible mission would be easy for her.


Xu Danian and the few others cried out in shock and started staring at Wu Ningzhu with looks of disbelief. In their minds, their Holy Maiden was someone cool, elegant and wise, and she would always go about things steadily. So, why did it seem like she was bragging today?