Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 463 – Old Great Emperor

Chapter 463 – Old Great Emperor

Chapter 463 – Old Great Emperor

Currently, as the Dragon Transformation skill’s second transformation had finally been completed, Jiang Chen had gained a huge leap in his cultivation base. Not only had he broken through to the Late Combat Soul realm, he now had a total of 16,000 Dragon Marks. According to the Dragon Transformation skill, as long as he could form another 4,000 Dragon Marks, he would be able to break through to the Combat King realm and start utilizing Spatial Power.

“With my current combat strength, killing a Second Grade Combat King warrior will a cinch. Old Great Emperor, I will be waiting for you.”

A faint smile emerged on Jiang Chen’s face. After attaining his current cultivation base, he had no more fear; he was no invincible in the Eastern Continent. Even the Second Grade Combat King warrior hiding in the Martial Saint Dynasty was no match for him.

What made Jiang Chen so formidable was not only that. After the Dragon Transformation skill’s second transformation, he had learned another powerful True Dragon Skill. As all True Dragon Skills were from the ancient era, and were all innate skills that could on be used by dragons, it was impossible for them to be used by anyone else in the Saint Origin realm, and that made them even more powerful and frightening.

During the Dragon Transformation skill’s first transformation, the True Dragon Palm and True Dragon Flame had awakened. The True Dragon Palm had proved to be an incredibly mighty skill in all the previous battles. This time, the newly awakened Azure Dragon’s Five Steps was even stronger skill.

“This Azure Dragon’s Five Steps is indeed a supreme skill of the True Dragons. Each step carries a ma.s.sive force, and every step is twice as strong as its previous step, giving it the ability to easily shatter s.p.a.ce. This incredible strength is truly beyond my imagination. Second Grade Combat King; I can’t wait to meet you.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were glowing, and his face was s.h.i.+ning brightly. He couldn’t wait to fight that Second Grade Combat King so that he could test his current combat strength. However, Jiang Chen was in no rush either, because he knew that the Old Great Emperor would definitely come to him, and it wouldn’t take long before he arrived.

The Martial Saint Dynasty was on the brink of annihilation. All their hidden forces had been destroyed by Jiang Chen, and when the Old Great Emperor finally received the news, his anger would definitely soar through to the roof, then he would immediately rush over to the Black Sect to find Jiang Chen.

“The Dragon Transformation skill’s second transformation has brought me many benefits, and my cultivation base has reached the Late Combat Soul realm. I’ll just stay back here and continue strengthening my cultivation base. Once that Old Great Emperor arrives, I’ll teach him a lesson.”

Jiang Chen once again sat down with his legs crossed, then closed his eyes and began cultivating while waiting for the final battle. Once he settled that Old Great Emperor, the Eastern Continent would be in a stable state, and he would be the one with complete control over it.

After that, Jiang Chen would proceed to the Divine Continent. Or, put it this way, Jiang Chen would return to the Divine Continent. That place was the real gigantic world, and to return there was his first goal after reincarnating. Jiang Chen wanted to return to the pinnacle of the Divine Continent, and he wanted to visit the Saint Cliff once again, and also search for the other four broken pieces of the Heavenly Saint Sword. Therefore, Jiang Chen was eager to visit the Divine Continent.


The entire Eastern Continent had sunk into a great turmoil. Even though it was late at night, the shock news were still spreading at an incredible speed. Everyone were baffled by the news, because they knew that the Eastern Continent’s sky would completely change.

“Did you guys see what happened? That Jiang Chen is such a terrifying man! With his sword in hand, he simply swung it from left to right, immediately slicing off the Old Emperor and Imperial Emperor’s heads! That is really frightening!”

“Hold on, you’re talking as if you witnessed that scene yourself? But you’re right, that Jiang Chen is a really frightening man! With just a Mid Combat Soul cultivation base, he is able to kill Combat King warriors! Honestly speaking, I still don’t quite believe it, but it is an actual fact…”

“The Eastern Continent’s sky is going to change. The Martial Saint Dynasty is doomed, the Imperial Emperor and Old Emperor are both dead, and all their remaining Combat Soul warrior have surrendered to Jiang Chen. Soon, the entire Eastern Continent will belong to Jiang Chen!”

“That’s not for sure. I heard that the Old Great Emperor is still in the Martial Saint Dynasty, and that he is many times stronger than the Old Emperor and Imperial Emperor. I’m guessing he’ll strike very soon. So, no matter how formidable Jiang Chen is, I don’t think he can defend himself from this man.”

“That’s hard to tell. Jiang Chen gained his fame extremely quickly, and he has created countless miracles. By aggressively fighting the Martial Saint Dynasty this time, he has caused them an unprecedented loss. Perhaps he can still continue this and show us another miracle.”


Discussions regarding this matter could be heard everywhere. Many people were rus.h.i.+ng toward the Qi Province. They all knew that the Old Great Emperor and Jiang Chen would have their final battle there, and they wanted to witness it with their own eyes. They wanted to know if Jiang Chen could show them a final miracle, and change the Eastern Continent entirely.

Of course, such explosive news reached the Martial Saint Dynasty as well, striking panic into all the people who stayed there and the Imperial Capital. When an old eunuch heard the news, he was immediately scared out of his wits, then he rushed his way to the depths of the Martial Saint Dynasty.

The old eunuch actually had a pretty strong cultivation base, he was a peak Late Combat Soul warrior, and he was an old man who had served three generations of Imperial Emperors. Yesterday, when the Old Great Emperor and the Imperial Emperor led an army to launch an attack against the Black Sect, this old eunuch thought it would be an easy victory for them. He never expected to receive such terrible news in the end.

Within the depths of the Martial Saint Dynasty, there was a completely isolated place. The fluctuations of s.p.a.ce in this area was very different from the outside world. Obviously, it was a s.p.a.ce personally set up by a Combat King warrior. This place had been completely cut off from the outside world, and it was very difficult for ordinary people to come in.

Within the entire Martial Saint Dynasty, only a handful of people were qualified to enter this place, and this old eunuch was one of them.

Ripples appeared in the tranquil air as the old eunuch entered with a trembling body. He slowly arrived in front of an old man, then bowed deeply.

“Something terrible has happened! Old Great Emperor, a disaster is imminent.”

The old eunuch said with a hoa.r.s.e voice, his forehead filled with cold sweat.

The old man slowly opened up his eyes. At the beginning, his eyes seemed cloudy, but in the following second, they turned extremely bright. The old man looked to be over a hundred years old; his body was skinny, and he was wearing a loose imperial robe.

Although the old man looked skinny and weak, just from the aura he casually unleashed from his body, no one would underestimate his ability. With a casual glance, he could make one’s heart startled and shudder with terror, as if the glance dragged that person to h.e.l.l.

“Old Nu, didn’t I tell you before? I won’t interfere with any matters that are related to the Imperial Dynasty. If you have anything to say, just go to the current Imperial Emperor.”

The old man said. He hadn’t talked to anyone for a very long time, so his voice was quite hoa.r.s.e as well. However, it quickly returned to normal. This old man was none other than the Old Great Emperor, the strongest man of the Martial Saint Dynasty. He was a peak Second Grade Combat King warrior, and he was one foot into the Third Grade Combat King realm.

“Old Great Emperor, something terrible has happened! The Imperial Emperor and Old Great Emperor, they are both… dead!”

The old eunuch dared not hide anything.

"What did you just say?!"

Two ice-cold beams instantly shot out from the Old Great Emperor’s eyes. The two beams behaved like sharp swords, and they instantly poked through the air, creating cracks.

"Tell me, what's all this about."

The Old Great Emperor’s tone had clearly increased, and anyone could feel the anger that came together with his words. The Old Emperor and Imperial Emperor had both died, was this a joke? The Martial Saint Dynasty had ruled the Eastern Continent for so many years, and this was something that had never happened before. Furthermore, they were both Combat King warriors, and there had never been anyone capable of killing them in the Eastern Continent before.

"Old Great Emperor, this is how it happened..."

The old eunuch dared not hide anything, so he started telling the Old Great Emperor about everything related to Jiang Chen and the Black Sect, from beginning to the end, and he also described yesterday’s battle in great detail. Of course, he had learned all these details from someone else. However, the fact that Jiang Chen had killed both emperors was true, as well as the fact that all their Combat Soul warriors had either died or surrendered to Jiang Chen. An army of more than four hundred powerful men had left, and none of them had returned.

A violent energy wave burst out from the Old Great Emperor’s body, causing the old eunuch to let out a miserable shrill as he was knocked a few dozen meters away. However, he dared not be impolite, so he immediately returned to the Old Great Emperor and kneeled down.

“You’re saying that a young man whose name is Jiang Chen, with only a Mid Combat Soul cultivation base, killed the Imperial Emperor and the Old Emperor, who are both First Grade Combat Kings?”

The Old Great Emperor’s eyes were burning with fury as he stared at the old eunuch in front of him.

“Yes, Old Great Emperor! This Jiang Chen is a peerless genius who can’t be found even in ten thousand years! He confronted the Martial Saint Dynasty, and now, the entire dynasty has been destroyed by him, and my people have died because of him. At this current state, only the Old Great Emperor can subdue him.”

The old eunuch said.

“Jiang Chen, Black Sect… good, very good! You have destroyed my imperial family; I will definitely smash you all into pieces and wreak havoc! I will also execute all those useless fools who chose to surrender!”

The Old Great Emperor was enraged. All his descendants had died, thus, no matter how good his temper was, there was no way he could restrain his fury.


In the following moment, the Old Great Emperor simply disappeared from where he stood. The old eunuch wiped away the sweat on his forehead, then he slowly walked out from the isolated s.p.a.ce.

The sky lit up, and most of the people in the Black Sect were still immersed in the excitement of yesterday’s victory. Right at this moment, an extremely powerful aura suddenly appeared in the distance, and in a few breaths time, an old man wearing an imperial robe appeared in the sky above the Black Sect.

"Jiang Chen, get yourself out here right now!"

The Old Great Emperor furiously roared out. Then, he waved his palm and turned a tall mountain to dust.

“Not good, the Old Great Emperor is here!”

“Such a formidable aura, I think he’s a Second Grade Combat King warrior! Just he alone is enough to kill everyone here!”

“Quickly, go get Jiang Chen! Only he is capable of dealing with the Old Great Emperor!”


The Black Sect was instantly struck with panic. For them, the arrival of a Second Grade Combat King warrior foreboded a disaster; even Wu Jiu couldn’t prove any help. In the entire Black Sect, aside from Jiang Chen, no one were a match for the Old Great Emperor who was a Second Grade Combat King warrior.