Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 464 – The Pinnacle Fight

Chapter 464 – The Pinnacle Fight

Chapter 464 - The Pinnacle Fight

The energy of a Second Grade Combat King warrior was incredibly strong, even more so for a peak Second Grade Combat King. At this moment, the Old Great Emperor stood in the sky above the Black Sect, and the air was filled with his fury and killing intent. Looking at how he was behaving, it seemed that the Old Great Emperor was determined to slaughter every single person in the Black Sect today.

All the people of the Black Sect raised their heads and looked into the sky, but none of them dared go out to face the enemy. Beyond any doubts, if any of them went out at this moment, that old man would definitely rip that person apart in an instant. Throughout the entire Black Sect, only Jiang Chen was capable of dealing with the Old Great Emperor.

At the same time, in a place not far away from the Black Sect, many people had gathered. These people were here to witness the battle. When they saw that the Martial Saint Dynasty indeed had a Second Grade Combat King warrior, they were all struck with mixed emotions.

“This is really frightening! Is this the energy of a Combat King warrior?”

“He is the Old Great Emperor, and he has been in secluded cultivation for many years. With the crisis the Martial Saint Dynasty is now facing, and with the death of both the Imperial Emperor and Old Emperor, it is impossible for him to keep silent, and there is no way he can remain in seclusion.”

“Why haven’t we seen Jiang Chen? I wonder if Jiang Chen can really deal with the Old Great Emperor. If he can’t defeat the Old Great Emperor, perhaps the Black Sect will have to face annihilation, and the Eastern Continent will still be controlled by the Martial Saint Dynasty.”

“It’s hard to say. Let’s just keep watching, I’m sure Jiang Chen will show himself.”


Those who were watching from afar started discussing the matter. Actually, it was the first time they had witnessed the mighty energy of a Combat King warrior. Thus, everyone were shocked by how formidable he was. Although Jiang Chen was truly amazing, when people looked at the Old Great Emperor, many people started worrying about Jiang Chen. After Jiang Chen’s fame spread across the Eastern Continent, he had constantly created miracles. Thus, these people were waiting to see if he could create another miracle. If they could witness the fall of a dynasty; a turning point in history, they would feel much honored.

While everyone were in the midst of talking about what was to come, an extremely powerful energy shot up from the depths of the Black Sect. The energy began swimming around in the sky like an Azure Dragon, and it was letting out deep dragon-like roars, giving it a majestic touch.

Soon after, a white-clothed figured appeared in the sky like a sudden clap of thunder and positioned himself opposite of the Old Great Emperor. This person was none other than Jiang Chen.

Yesterday, Jiang Chen had successfully broken through to the Late Combat Soul realm, and formed a total of 16,000 Dragon Marks. After that, he continued cultivating in order to stabilize his cultivation base. He never expected the Old Great Emperor to arrive so quickly. Thus, after he sensed the energy of a Second Grade Combat King warrior, he immediately emerged from his cultivation.

"Look, that's Jiang Chen."

“Amazing! After entering secluded cultivation for just a single day, his energy has become much stronger than yesterday! He really is a monster!”

“What a freak! He has broken through to the Late Combat Soul realm! I supposed Jiang Chen is now capable of facing a Second Grade Combat King warrior.”


When the people of the Black Sect saw Jiang Chen, their faces were immediately covered with wild excitement. As all the people here were Combat Soul warriors, their knowledge and experience was guite good, so of course they could tell the difference between yesterday’s Jiang Chen and today’s Jiang Chen.

In the sky, Jiang Chen and the Old Great Emperor were staring at each other, causing fiery sparks to erupt from the point where their glares met.

“Old Great Emperor, you came faster than I had expected.”

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone. Although he was facing a Second Grade Combat King warrior, no signs of nervousness could be seen on his face.

"So, you're Jiang Chen?"

The Old Great Emperor’s words contained an ice-cold killing intent. He could feel the energy unleashed from Jiang Chen’s body, amazing him. At the same time, he predicted Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty correctly. Having energy that could match a Combat King warrior at the Combat Soul realm, under the heavens, perhaps only Jiang Chen who had killed the Old Emperor and Imperial Emperor had such energy.

"That's right."

Jiang Chen nodded his head. If this was yesterday, he’d be a bit cautious in front of the Old Great Emperor, but today, this Second Grade Combat King warrior could no longer make Jiang Chen take him seriously.

“You killed the Old Emperor and Imperial Emperor, as well as all the other emperors of the Martial Saint Dynasty! Who gave you the audacity to do that?!”

The Old Great Emperor furiously roared out. When he thought of the gigantic losses this young man had brought to the Martial Saint Dynasty, he became enraged.

“You have to face the consequences of your actions. The Martial Saint Dynasty is destined to be destroyed by me, and that includes you. From today onwards, there will no longer be a Martial Saint Dynasty in the Eastern Continent.”

Jiang Chen replied with a loud voice, not taking the Old Great Emperor’s speech to heart.

“What a brave man, you simply have no idea what death really is! You think you can disregard everything just because you have amazing talent?! Today, I will teach you a lesson! No matter how strong you are, there is always someone stronger! I will let you taste how frightening a Second Grade Combat King warrior is! Not only will I kill you today, I will execute every single person in the Black Sect as well, and leave no stone unturned! The Eastern Continent still belongs to the Martial Saint Dynasty, and anyone who thinks otherwise will be sent to h.e.l.l!”

The Old Great Emperor’s hair was fluttering about as he spoke, and two bright beams shot out from his eyes, portraying an incredibly imposing appearance.

“Haha, just save your breath. Let’s fight!”

Jiang Chen started laughing. His hands were covered with blood red dragon scales, and his palms had transformed into two extremely sharp dragon claws. With a casual movement, the dragon claws tore apart the s.p.a.ce. He stretched his hand forward, causing a loud ‘boom’ to resound. A blood red dragon claw that was more than 30 meters long descended from the sky toward the Old Great Emperor.

"So strong!"

The Old Great Emperor’s expression immediately changed, with this attack, he no longer dared to underestimate Jiang Chen. It was difficult for him to imagine how a young Late Combat Soul warrior could possess such incredible combat strength.

“Overturning Heaven Seal!”

The Old Great Emperor pushed his palms upward and unleashed a mountain-like golden seal. This seal that vaguely resembled a golden mountain carried a tremendous weight, and was forcefully tossed toward the True Dragon Palm by the Old Great Emperor.


The s.p.a.ce around the collision instantly shattered to pieces, causing cracks to appear and numerous black vortexes to leak out from the crack, forming into ferocious-looking tornados. This was the result of a battle between Combat King warriors, just the shockwaves alone could kill most Combat Soul warriors.

Tap, tap, tap...

The Old Great Emperor was forced back tens of steps before he could stabilize his body. On the other side, Jiang Chen only took a couple of steps back. From this first exchange, Jiang Chen came out on top.


The Old Great Emperor cried out in shock, and fiery sparks nearly erupted from his eyes. He couldn’t believe what he had just seen! With his strength, as well as his dynasty’s Overturning Heaven Seal, he had actually lost this first exchanged against a young Combat Soul warrior! This was something that wouldn’t even happen in his wildest dreams!

“Incredible! Jiang Chen is such a frightening man, he really can defeat a Second Grade Combat King warrior!”

“Heavens, what did I just see? Jiang Chen has really created another miracle! Looks like the Martial Saint Dynasty’s luck has come to an end! Indeed, everything is possible when it comes to Jiang Chen!”

“Amazing! In just a single day he has gained so much strength! However, that Old Great Emperor is not an easy target! Both of them were just probing each other’s strength, what happens next will be the real show!”


The people of the Black Sect were incredibly excited, and their worry was completely gone. The first exchange of attacks between Jiang Chen and the Old Great Emperor had given them confidence.

"What a peerless genius."

Wu Jiu shook his head and said. When it came to Jiang Chen, he was truly speechless.

"This guy."

Wu Ningzhu’s eyes became brighter and brighter as she looked at Jiang Chen.

A smile emerged on Nangong Wentian, Han Yan, and the few other’s faces. The felt happy seeing how strong Jiang Chen had become. However, at the same time, they felt a tremendous pressure as well. Each of them could be considered a rare genius, and no matter if it was in terms of talent or cultivation base, they were all elites. Regardless of where they went, they would always get the respect they deserved. However, when compared to Jiang Chen, the gigantic gap immediately showed up.

“This is really unexpected, the strength of Jiang Chen has actually reached this stage. No wonder he could kill the Old Emperor and Imperial Emperor. Now, even the Old Great Emperor is no longer his match. Looks like the Martial Saint Dynasty’s luck has run out.”

“A peerless monster indeed. Even the Martial Saint Dynasty is just a stepping stone to him.”

“Don’t come to conclusions so quickly, it isn’t easy to kill a formidable Combat King warrior. Jiang Chen only won the first exchange, but he has yet to defeat the Old Great Emperor. As the Martial Saint Dynasty’s pinnacle warrior, I’m the Old Great Emperor will have more means than this.”


The bystanders who were watching from afar had started discussing once more. Many people predicted that the Martial Saint Dynasty would fall today.

"Second Grade Combat King warrior, you're nothing more than this!"

Jiang Chen shouted. Once again, he dashed forward and launched the True Dragon Palm toward the Old Great Emperor. It was an incredibly powerful True Dragon Skill, and it was the perfect skill to take the initiative.

Jiang Chen was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, and that alone made him destined to become someone really powerful. If he had just broken through to the Late Combat Soul realm with 15,000 Dragon Marks, his combat strength would only be equal to that of the Old Great Emperor. But now, as he had a total of 16,000 Dragon Marks, he was able to suppress the Old Great Emperor with his combat strength.

And this suppression was under the situation where he hadn’t even used the newly acquired skill, Azure Dragon’s Five Steps.

"Heavenly Imperial Finger!"

The Old Great Emperor was furious! With all his strength, he unleashed the Heavenly Imperial Finger, revealing a gigantic golden finger that ripped the s.p.a.ce apart as if crashed down toward the blood red dragon claw.


Another loud explosive sound resounded, causing both heaven and earth to shake. The Heavenly Imperial Finger and True Dragon Palm clashed against each other, and once against shattered the s.p.a.ce. The two extremely powerful attacks were destroyed at the same time. This time, since the Old Great Emperor had used all his strength, it was an equal match.

On the surface, both men were almost on par. However, the Old Great Emperor did not feel happy about this. Jiang Chen’s strength made him realize that it would be extremely difficult for him to kill Jiang Chen.

The Old Great Emperor had estimated that he would be able to handle Jiang Chen and the entire Black Sect in a matter of minutes. However, judging from the current situation, that would be really difficult.