Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 462 – True Dragon Skill – Azure Dragon's Five Steps

Chapter 462 – True Dragon Skill – Azure Dragon's Five Steps

Chapter 462 - True Dragon Skill – Azure Dragon's Five Steps

Within the Black Sect’s main meeting hall, nearly 30 people belonging to the upper echelons sat on either side of the table. Two men were sitting on the upper end of the table, and one of them was Wu Jiu. With his status as a First Grade Combat King warrior, no one had any objections regarding him sitting at the upper end. It was only logical and natural.

However, the man who sat beside him was just a Divine Core warrior. Amongst all the people sitting here, the weakest man had a Mid Combat Soul cultivation base. Even someone like Wu Ningzhu and Nangong Yunfan who were both powerful Late Combat Soul warriors sat one seat behind the master seat. Yet, this Divine Core warrior was actually sitting comfortably with Wu Jiu, side by side.

This Divine Core warrior believed that they were all overestimating him, but throughout the entire meeting, no one had thought in this way. If only one person was allowed to sit in the master seat, the priority would be given to this man rather than Wu Jiu, and no one would have any complaints, not even Wu Jiu.

Because he was Jiang Zhenhai!

That’s right, Jiang Chen’s father! Just this ident.i.ty alone was more than enough to place him at the topmost position; the man who held the highest status in the entire Eastern Continent. Although every single warrior in this hall was a mighty warrior, each of them had to pay respect to Jiang Zhenhai, and no one dared neglect him.

Jiang Zhenhai didn’t possess an incredible cultivation base, and he wasn’t a man with amazing talent. However, he is the reason Jiang Chen was born into this world, so no one could take him lightly.

Right at this moment, Jiang Zhenhai was sitting at the upper end of the table with a bright smile visible on his face. The scene in front of him made him feel as if he was dreaming. However, even in his wildest dreams, he had never seen this day coming. Although he appeared to be sitting comfortably in front of everyone, he felt extremely anxious deep in his mind. All the people in front of him were famous, and there was no way he could compare with any of them strength-wise.


Having a son like Jiang Chen naturally made Jiang Zhenhai feel proud. Under the heavens, perhaps he was the only person with a Divine Core cultivation base who gained so much respect from Combat Soul warriors, and even a Combat King. This was a supreme honor! From now on, no matter where he went; no one would dare offend him.

"Brother Jiang, you have a good son."

Wu Jiu turned to Jiang Zhenhai and cupped his fist. Jiang Chen’s incredible progress had given him a huge surprise, and the result of today’s war was something he had never thought possible before. Jiang Chen was constantly progressing. From when he killed the Third Emperor and the others, until he killed the Old Emperor today. It was just a matter of days; progressing like this could only be described as heaven defying.

“Haha, thank you! I’m glad he has all your support!”

Jiang Zhenhai’s smile was so big that the edge of his lips nearly touched his ears. He was incredibly happy, because even a Combat King warrior had addressed him as brother. Ugh, something wasn’t right… Wu Jiu greeted Jiang Zhenhai’s son as brother, and now, he also addressed Jiang Zhenhai as his brother? What kind of relations.h.i.+p was this?

Of course, Jiang Zhenhai was not bothered a bit by this. Having a Combat King warrior address him as brother was unprecedented honor, and it was all because of his son. If not for Jiang Chen, he would just be a man from some remote place, and this Combat King warrior would never take him seriously.

“Kaka! Sir, having such a heaven defying monster in your family, I’m sure your ancestor’s tomb must have exploded with smoke!”

Big Yellow said with a laugh. He was very familiar with Jiang Zhenhai, as he had followed Jiang Chen since the beginning of his journey. Naturally, he didn’t show much politeness and respect when talking.


Hearing Big Yellow’s words, many people started laughing.

“Nephew Jiang is indeed an unprecedented genius. He was only a Divine Core warrior when he visited the Southern Continent, and in just the matter of a few days, he is now able to kill Combat King warriors. This can no longer just be described as frightening.”

Nangong Yunfan added. When he remembered the moment when Nangong Wentian brought Jiang Chen to their family, he couldn’t help but sigh.

“Having such achievements at that young age… The entire Eastern Continent has been flipped over underneath brother Jiang’s feet; he has just toppled a dynasty! It truly is an amazing achievement!”

Tu Yi also joined the conversation and praised Jiang Chen. He had a really good fight today. As the Nangong family’s Elder, it had been a long time since he partic.i.p.ated in a battle like this, and today, he had enjoyed himself to the fullest.

“Although the Old Emperor and the Imperial Emperor are both dead now, there is an even stronger existence in the Martial Saint Dynasty. The Martial Saint Dynasty is very old, so we shouldn’t underestimate their powerful resources.”

Han Yan said, expressing his worries.

“What Brother Yan said is correct. What you all saw today was not everything the Martial Saint Dynasty had to offer. Although the Old Emperor and Imperial Emperor have both been killed by Jiang Chen, there is still a Second Grade Combat King warrior hiding in the Martial Saint Dynasty, my Great Imperial Uncle. He has been living in seclusion, cut off from all worldly matters, and I am afraid he has reached the peak of the Second Grade Combat King realm, and is only one step away from the Third Grade Combat King realm. It’s going to be really difficult to deal with him, and I don’t think it will take long before the Old Great Emperor strikes.”

Wu Jiu said. He hid nothing and told everyone about the Martial Saint Dynasty’s strongest person.


Many people cried out in shock and their expressions changed. They joyful atmosphere was immediately frozen. Although they had won the war, if the enemy still had an incredibly strong Second Grade Combat King warrior, none of them would be able to predict the final result.

“A peak Second Grade Combat King warrior; that is an existence much stronger than the Old Emperor! I don’t think any of us are capable of defending against his attacks! Soon, that Old Great Emperor will come here to vent his anger at us… how are we going to stop him?”

A Late Combat Soul warrior said, extremely worried.

“In fact, we don’t have to worry about this, because someone will deal with the Old Great Emperor.”

Wu Jiu said with a smile on his face.

"Jiang Chen!"

Many people’s eyes lit up as they once more thought of Jiang Chen; the young man who was capable of doing anything.

“That’s right, brother Jiang! I’m sure everyone knows that after the war ended, he went straight into secluded cultivation, and I’m sure the result will be amazing! Furthermore, the reason he entered secluded cultivation is to find a way to deal with the Old Great Emperor.”

Wu Jiu explained with a faint smile visible on his face. If this was in the past, he would be as worried as the other people here, but now, he was basically free of worries, because Jiang Chen had created too many miracles. The confidence that unintentionally came from Jiang Chen could make all the people around him feel safe. Therefore, Wu Jiu believed that even if the Old Great Emperor was here, Jiang Chen would still have a way to deal with him.

This was Jiang Chen, an abnormal monster who decided how things ended.

“However, Jiang Chen is just a Mid Combat Soul warrior. Although being able to kill a First Grade Combat King with his current cultivation base is extremely frightening, in order for him to fight against a Second Grade Combat King warrior, one who is at the peak of the Second Grade Combat King realm… it will be very difficult.”

Someone said with a frown visible on his face.

“Haha, you don’t have to worry about this. I can tell you honestly; there is nothing Jiang Chen has decided to do but failed to do it in the end. What kind of alt.i.tude he can reach after breaking through, no one has ever been able to predict. I believe that even when facing the Old Great Emperor, Jiang Chen still have ways to deal with him.”

Han Yan started laughing as he spoke. Anyone who was familiar with Jiang Chen had indescribable confidence in him.

“That’s right, brother Jiang Chen is a man of miracles. Furthermore, we don’t have to worry about this matter, as we can’t do anything about it. Now, with the death and surrender of those from the Martial Saint Dynasty, the only man remaining on their side is the Old Great Emperor himself. The upcoming battle between brother Jiang Chen and the Old Great Emperor, there is no way we can provide him any help, and we have no place to put our hands.”

Wu Lang who had been keeping quiet joined the conversation as well.

His words caused everyone to nod their heads in agreement. Wu Lang was correct, the upcoming battle had nothing to do with these people. The Old Great Emperor and his Second Grade Combat King cultivation, not only them, even Wu Jiu was unable to fight against him. Also, there were only a few Combat Soul warriors left in the Martial Saint Dynasty, meaning that all the people sitting in this hall had done their jobs. The fate of the Black Sect and the Martial Saint Dynasty, who the overall winner of this war would be; it all depended on the final battle between Jiang Chen and the Old Great Emperor.

Everyone realized that this was the most crucial battle, as it was the key to the future of the Eastern Continent. Although they couldn’t do anything, they could still pray inwardly, hoping the Jiang Chen could create another miracle and truly overthrow the Martial Saint Dynasty.

After all, the result of this final battle would not only decide the future of the Eastern Continent, it also concerned the safety of these people. It wasn’t difficult to imagine what would happen if Jiang Chen failed to defeat the Old Great Emperor and was instead killed by him. All the people here would be killed by a furious Old Great Emperor.

At the same time, Jiang Chen who had everyone’s hopes pinned onto him had reached a critical moment. The Dragon Transformation skill’s second transformation had brought him unimaginable benefits. Currently, he had a total of 14,000 Dragon Marks in his body, and as long as he could form another thousand Dragon Marks, he would be able to break through to the Late Combat Soul realm.

Judging from the current situation, there would be no problems with him forming another 1,000 Dragon Marks.


Late at night, a buzzing sound could suddenly be heard from the Black Sect’s secret room. A golden light fully covered the surface of Jiang Chen, and his energy was like that of a barbarian beast awakening. Blood red dragon scales had emerged on his palm, and were blinking with light.


A crystal clear cracking sound sounded from Jiang Chen’s body. At this very moment, the Dragon Transformation skill had successfully transformed for the second time; completed its second evolution! A message that seemed to come from the ancient times suddenly flowed into Jiang Chen’s mind like spring water, and soon merged with his consciousness, becoming one with it. A powerful True Dragon Skill had awoken!

"Azure Dragon's Five Steps."

Jiang Chen’s eyes suddenly opened up, and an ancient dragon like power was emitted from his body.