Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 461 – The Second Transformation

Chapter 461 – The Second Transformation

Chapter 461 – The Second Transformation


With a swing, the Heavenly Saint Sword arrived straight in front of the Imperial Emperor’s neck. Jiang Chen laughed coldly and said, “Imperial Emperor, you will do today, there is nothing that can prevent that. Also, sooner or later, the Old Great Emperor will face the same fate, and the Martial Saint Dynasty will vanish. It is time for the Eastern Continent to replace the old regime with a new one.”

Jiang Chen’s words caused the Imperial Emperor’s face to turn pale. He could see ruthlessness and determination in Jiang Chen’s eyes. This youngster in front of him was not joking with him. Although he was a man who sat on the imperial throne, it looked like there would be no way for him to escape his ill fate today.

Right at the same moment, the battles underneath them had come to a complete stop. Everyone were looking into the sky, toward Jiang Chen and the Imperial Emperor. The winners had been decided; the Old Emperor had died, and it looked like the Imperial Emperor wouldn’t be able to live either. Once he was killed by Jiang Chen, the Black Sect would obtain victory, and it was also an omen that foretold the fall of the Martial Saint Dynasty.

The eyes of those on the Black Sect’s side shone brightly, and their faces were covered with indescribable excitement. Being able to witness this moment, being able to partic.i.p.ate in this war that would certainly go down in history, furthermore, on the victorious side, they were incredibly lucky.

“We’re screwed, we’re all screwed! Even the Imperial Emperor is going to die, can we still survive?”

“d.a.m.n it, let’s surrender to Jiang Chen! Perhaps we’ll be able to keep our lives!”

“What a miserable defeat… Jiang Chen is too frightening, he’s able to defeat such a powerful army, and not only that, he also killed the Old Emperor who is a Combat King warrior, and is about to kill the Imperial Emperor. How could we possible fight against him?”


Everyone on the Martial Saint Dynasty’s side were feeling downhearted, and had lost all their will to fight. Many of them had even began preparing to surrender. They had lost all reason to fight, and if they kept fighting, they would only increase the number of casualties on their side.

“Haha, Jiang Chen, you’ll have to pay a great price if you want to kill me!”

The Imperial Emperor unexpectedly started laughing. He was well aware of what kind of man Jiang Chen was. Knowing that there was no way for him to live another day, he raised his combat weapon and leapt toward Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed, then he thrust the Heavenly Saint Sword forward as if it was a true dragon pouncing toward its enemy. After forming another 2,500 Dragon Marks, the current Jiang Chen was not someone the Imperial Emperor could deal with. Furthermore, he had previously been injured by Jiang Chen, and blood was still dripping down from the wound on his chest.


The Heavenly Saint Sword clashed with the Imperial Emperor’s weapon and forcefully knocked it aside. The force was so powerful that the Imperial Emperor arm went numb, and almost lost it from his grip.


It continued in an unstoppable manner and stabbed right into the Imperial Emperor’s chest, and came out from the other side of his body.


With amazing speed, Jiang Chen pulled the Heavenly Saint Sword out and pressed its sharp tip against the Imperial Emperor’s throat, a chilling look apparent in his fierce eyes.

“Imperial Emperor, is there anything else you wish to say?”

Jiang Chen asked with a loud voice.


The Imperial Emperor started laughing again, his laughter full of bitterness and regret.

“Jiang Chen, I have been a wise emperor for many years, but I never expected to be destroyed by a teenager. I have to admit that you are a peerless genius. My only regret is not killing you with a single slap when we met in the Martial Saint Palace, which could have prevented today’s disaster. However, don’t be overjoyed, the Martial Saint Dynasty has a powerful foundation, and you are not able to deal with that. After the Old Great Emperor hears about mine and the Old Emperor’s deaths, I’m sure he’ll leave his secluded cultivation and come seek revenge. At that point, you’ll die, and so will all those from the Black Sect.”

The Imperial Emperor said while gritting his teeth in anger.

“Imperial Emperor, you should not have provoked me; that was your biggest mistake. We could have gotten along just fine without any trouble, and I would have no issues with your Martial Saint Dynasty either. It is you who brought all this upon yourself. The moment you pa.s.sed down the Imperial Decree to kill all my family and friends, the destiny between us was decided; the Martial Saint Dynasty was destined to be destroyed by my hands. As for the Old Great Emperor, he will follow your steps.”

Jiang Chen said with a cold tone. In his eyes, there was no difference between killing an emperor and an ordinary man.

"I feel so much regret..."

The Imperial Emperor let out a miserable scream. In fact, he really did regret provoking Jiang Chen, this monster. If he had treated him nicely, perhaps this genius could be the one to give him the most help.

"A single slip may cause everlasting sorrow. Looking back, your whole life has pa.s.sed by."

With his black hair aggressively fluttering in the wind, Jiang Chen merciless swung the Heavenly Saint Sword, slicing the Imperial Emperor’s head off and sending blood all over the place. The emperor of a great dynasty had fallen. After today’s war, the entire Eastern Continent would be in huge turmoil.

Jiang Chen stretched his arm forward and grabbed the Imperial Emperor’s head. His eyes shone like blazing torches as he gazed at the people of the Martial Saint Dynasty, sending a s.h.i.+ver down their spines. None of them dared stare back.

"G.o.d of War, G.o.d of War..."

"G.o.d of War, G.o.d of War..."

A tremendous storm immediately exploded from the Black Sect’s side. Everyone were yelling as loudly as they possibly could as they raised their weapon high up into the air and yelled G.o.d of War. All of them were looking at Jiang Chen with eyes full of respect and appreciation. Throughout all of history in the Eastern Continent, there had never been a glorious man like this.

In the minds of these people, Jiang Chen truly deserved the G.o.d of War t.i.tle, as he had triumphed in every battled and succeeded in every invasion. No one could blunt the edge of his mightiness.

On the other side, the ones on the Martial Saint Dynasty’s side all wore pale and unsightly expressions, and their minds were filled with great terror.

Ruined, completely ruined!

This was the only thought that was lingering in the minds of these people.

“Listen up! Surrender, and I won’t kill you!”

Jiang Chen shouted. He didn’t want to kill them all, but instead provide them an opportunity. After all, Jiang Chen’s real enemy was the Imperial Emperor and the upper echelons of the Martial Saint Dynasty. These people in front of him were merely the weapons used by the Martial Saint Dynasty, and none of them had any grudges with Jiang Chen.

His words instantly caused the survivors of the Martial Saint Dynasty to sigh out in relief, making them feel as if the shadow of death looming over them had just been blown away. They all thought they would die for sure, and none of them thought that there actually was hope to live. Jiang Chen was known as the Devil King, an existence who never blinked his eyes when slaughtering his enemies, but he had just spared their lives. They felt incredibly lucky right now.

Surrender! Of course they would surrender! There wasn’t even a need to think about it!

All of them had witnessed Jiang Chen’s performance, and now, following the death the Old Emperor and the Imperial Emperor, the Martial Saint Dynasty was basically done for. Jiang Chen had created miracle and miracle, and these people believed that even though there was a Second Grade Combat King in the Martial Saint Dynasty, it would still be destroyed by Jiang Chen sooner or later. The time to replace the Martial Saint Dynasty with a new regime was here, and the entire power structure in the Eastern Continent would be completely changed. The fall of a dynasty meant the birth of a new empire. For these people, it made no difference who they worked for. If they followed Jiang Chen, they might even get more benefits.

More importantly, nothing was greater than staying alive! So, aside from surrendering, what else could they possibly do?

Fight back? What a joke! How was that any different from seeking death? Putting aside the G.o.d of War – Jiang Chen, just take a look at Wu Ningzhu and the few others. Any one of them were able to kill any of these survivors with a single slap.

Finally, the remaining three hundred Combat Soul warrior all chose to surrender. Thus, under the lead of Jiang Chen, the Black Sect had obtained an unprecedented victory.

The result quickly spread across the entire Eastern Continent. In fact, everyone had been paying close attention to this war, so it was impossible for it not to spread quickly. No doubt, the death of the Imperial Emperor and Old Emperor had caused a great storm to appear; a mighty uproar.

“Heavens! What is this result, I can hardly believe it!”

“Two Combat Kings of the Martial Saint Dynasty, the Old Emperor and Imperial Emperor have both been killed by Jiang Chen! He is too mighty! Not only that, with the surrender of more than 300 Combat Soul warrior, it could be said that the Martial Saint Dynasty’s entire force has been taken away! The time to replace the old with the new has come!”

“This is truly frightening! Jiang Chen only made his debut not long ago, and now, he has altered the entire power structure of the Eastern Continent! He is an abnormal monster! With all that has happened, the Black Sect’s reputation is now greater than the Martial Saint Dynasty’s! And since the Imperial Emperor is dead, doesn’t that mean that the Martial Saint Dynasty is already destroyed?”

“Not necessarily, I heard that the Old Great Emperor has yet to strike, and he is much stronger than the others. Since the Imperial Emperor and Old Emperor are now dead, I’m sure that the Old Great Emperor will soon strike. I wonder if Jiang Chen will be able to deal with him.


Everyone were discussing this topic, as this was a huge turning point in the Eastern Continent’s history.

Back to the Black Sect.

More than half of the building had been destroyed, but there were still many intact. Today’s war satisfied many people of the Black Sect, so a crazy celebration was currently ongoing.

Wu Ningzhu and Yan Chenyu were happily talking with each other. After fighting shoulder to shoulder in the previous battle, their relations.h.i.+p had become closer. Usually, talented and beautiful girl tended to be very prideful, and Wu Ningzhu and Yan Chenyu were both like that. Thus, those who could befriend them must be equally excellent.

Wu Ningzhu knew that Yan Chenyu was Jiang Chen’s fiancée, but Yan Chenyu had no idea what the current relations.h.i.+p between Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu was. However, based on her womanly instincts, she knew that Wu Ningzhu had fallen in love with Jiang Chen.

While the Black Sect was joyously cultivating, Jiang Chen was busy cultivating. Right after the war had ended, he had gone straight into secluded cultivation.

Jiang Chen had currently placed himself in an isolated and hidden secret room. His eyes were tightly shut, and a loud rumbling sound was sounding from his body and his aura gradually became stronger.

He had gained something significant in today’s war. The Dragon Transformation skill was on the brink of transforming; a second evolution of the skill! After he killed the Imperial Emperor, it was as if Jiang Chen had fulfilled a requirement; accomplished his goal, and his mind had suddenly opened up! That was actually what had pushed Dragon Transformation skill to its current state.

Now, Jiang Chen was in the middle of having his Dragon Transformation skill transform; evolve to the next level! New Dragon Marks were constantly forming in his body. According to Jiang Chen’s estimation, he would break through to the Late Combat Soul realm immediately after the second evolution. Not only that, a new True Dragon Skill would awaken!