Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 455 – Fighting the Old Emperor

Chapter 455 – Fighting the Old Emperor

Chapter 455 – Fighting the Old Emperor

It was a huge golden battles.h.i.+p, and it had a circ.u.mference of nearly 300 meters. The dragon head mounted on its front was the symbol of the Martial Saint Dynasty’s authority. On the deck of this battles.h.i.+p, numerous powerful energies shot up into the sky, creating dazzling beams that swayed back and forth; nearly causing the sky to shatter. The morning sunlight was instantly covered by these powerful energies.

Two men were standing on the front of this battles.h.i.+p. One of them was wearing a dragon robe, and he had an imposing and majestic appearance. He was none other than the Imperial Emperor. The other one was an old man who wore a grey robe was the previous Imperial Emperor – the Old Emperor!

Two Combat King warriors had personally arrived, and together with them was powerful army. In the entire history of the Eastern Continent, this was the first time that such an enormous army had appeared somewhere. Since the Martial Saint Dynasty had ruled the Eastern Continent for so many years, no one had dared challenge their authority, and as the Combat King warriors of the Martial Saint Dynasty sat on the absolute peak of the Eastern Continent, they had never had the chance to show off their mightiness. Normally, they would only have a chance to s.h.i.+ne when dimensional cracks appeared, and they were required to kill the creatures that came out.

“These auras are so incredibly strong! Did you see those light beams representing their energies? I think they have at least 400 Combat Soul warriors! We don’t even have 200 Combat Soul warriors; not even half of what they have… I’m afraid this is going to be a difficult battle.”

“That’s right. The Martial Saint Dynasty’s forces are simply too powerful! Although Jiang Chen and Wu Jiu Combat King warriors, the enemy also has two Combat King warriors! An army like that is just too frightening.”

“Why are you so afraid? Partic.i.p.ating in such a major war is our pleasure! Besides, we have no way to turn back now! We can either survive or perish together with Jiang Chen! The Imperial Emperor is a man who seeks revenge for the smallest grievance, and if we are defeated, only death will await us!”

“He’s right. Although they have more men, we have these fearsome formations, and that gives us the ability to fight with them!”


The Martial Saint Dynasty’s army was incredibly strong; it simply showed how deep and powerful their resources were. Faced with this incredible force, many of those who joined Jiang Chen felt regret. However, under the current situation, none of them had any way of retreating. They were left with the choice to fight with everything they had alongside Jiang Chen. If they were fortunate enough to overthrow the Martial Saint Dynasty, they would be rewarded with endless benefits. However, if they lose, they would just have to accept that fact. If they backed down now, not only would other people look down on them, the Imperial Emperor would not let them off the hook.


The golden battles.h.i.+p sailed through the air at an incredible speed. In just the blink of an eye, it arrived near the Black Sect, and stopped at a place a few miles away from the Black Sect’s army. The huge golden battles.h.i.+p then disappeared into the Imperial Emperor’s storage ring, revealing the Martial Saint Dynasty’s entire army to everyone. It was an army of Combat Soul warriors who all acted in an imposing manner. They were all wearing golden armor and were carrying combat weapons. Judging by the size of the army, there were more than 400 men, but less than 500.

In the Eastern Continent, an army like this could no longer just be described as formidable. There were over four hundred Combat Soul warriors, and it wasn’t difficult to imagine that once the war begun; the sky above this place would shatter.

“Jiang Chen, I gave you three days to catch your last breath! From today onwards, there will no longer be a Jiang Chen in this Eastern Continent! Also, those who joined Jiang Chen in this war against the Martial Saint Dynasty; you’re ridiculous and ignorant! I will let you know the price you have to pay for your actions!”

The Imperial Emperor’s voice echoed out like a thunderclap throughout the entire place, and it contained the energy of a Combat King warrior.

“Imperial Emperor, it is still too early to tell who the final winner will be!”

Jiang Chen was floating in mid-air. The morning breeze fluttered his white clothes. Although he was faced with this huge army, no signs of discomfort could be seen on his face.

“Hmph! What a foolish young man! How dare you challenge the Martial Saint Dynasty?! In our eyes, you’re just an insignificant ant! Today, I’ll take up this matter myself and slaughter you all!”

The Old Emperor coldly harrumphed. His energy was even stronger than that of the Imperial Emperor, and his words were even more arrogant. After sizing up Jiang Chen, he turned to Wu Jiu, and the fury in his eyes became even more apparent.

“Old Jiu, you’ve really disappointed me! How could you betray the Martial Saint Dynasty? However, for the sake of the imperial bloodline that is flowing in your body; I can give you a chance to right your wrongs! As long as you change your mind and kill Jiang Chen now, I can forgive all your wrongdoings!”

The Old Emperor said to Wu Jiu.

However, Wu Jiu was not moved by the Old Emperor’s words. With a smile on his face, he said, “Imperial Uncle, I think that the only reason why you said those words is because you know I’ve broken through to the Combat King realm. If I was still the same Combat Soul warrior now, perhaps you would just kill me with a single slap, instead of talking so much garbage. As for me, when the Imperial Emperor tried to kill me; all the ties between me and the Martial Saint Dynasty were severed! Don’t blame me for not cheris.h.i.+ng my family when in the eyes of you people; there is no family but power! Those good brothers mine, neither of them could wait to swallow me alive! Should I, Wu Jiu have just stood there and waited for these people to slaughter me?”

Wu Jiu’s words carried a hint of his fury. However, his determined att.i.tude allowed the people of the Black Sect to sigh out in relief, as they had been somewhat afraid that Wu Jiu would betray them at the most critical moment and return to the Martial Saint Dynasty. If that really happened, the enemy would have three Combat King warriors, and they would have lost all ability to fight this war.

“Old Jiu, since you refuse to realize your mistakes, I’ll kill you myself at this day and clean up our family’s mess!”

The Old Emperor unleashed his killing intent and leapt toward Wu Jiu.

“Old fart, your opponent is me!”

Jiang Chen dashed forward and blocked the Old Emperor’s path.

“You’re just a little kid who still reeks of his mother’s milk! With a mere Mid Combat Soul cultivation base, you’re dreaming of fighting a Combat King warriors?! You’re too overconfident! I will let you know the true horror of a Combat King; I will kill you and avenge my son!”

The Old Emperor was furious. When he remember that this young man in front of him was the one who had killed his son, he became unable to control his fury.

“If you really want to kill me, you will have to show some true ability!”

Not only was Jiang Chen not scared, he was actually excited, because he could feel some pressure coming this Old Emperor. The Old Emperor was a peak First Grade Combat King, not someone the Imperial Emperor could compare with. The reason why Jiang Chen’s Dragon Transformation skill had yet to successfully evolve for the second time was because he hadn’t received enough pressure. Today, with the help of the Old Emperor’s pressure, the Dragon Transformation skill would definitely arouse his potential, causing him to grow even stronger.

The two men flew high into the sky and opened up a battlefield that belonged only to Combat King warriors.

“Little boy, face your death!”

The Old Emperor’s clothes were violently fluttering in the wind. He stretched his arm out and performed a grabbing gesture, causing the void in front of him to instantly shatter. A gigantic transparent palm that looked like a crystal and was nearly 30 meters tall was unleashed, and it was rapidly descending toward Jiang Chen’s head.

“True Dragon Palm!”

Jiang Chen’s energy shook. No signs of fear could be seen on his face as he immediately counterattacked with the True Dragon Palm; unleas.h.i.+ng a blood red dragon claw from the sky above that collided with the Old Emperor’s gigantic illusive palm.


The sky was immediately sent into a turmoil, and layer after layer of void was ripped apart; causing chilling black wind to fly out the cracks. It was extremely eerie and frightening.

Tap, tap, tap…

Jiang Chen was shaken by the impact, and forced to take nearly twenty steps back before he could finally stabilize his body. His qi and blood tumbled, causing him to suffer pain.


The Old Emperor was struck with both surprise and shock; the way he looked at Jiang Chen immediately changed. Not only did he not feel happy about forcing Jiang Chen back with a single attack, he was actually completely baffled. With his strength, it was really shocking that he hadn’t managed to kill a Mid Combat Soul youngster with a single strike, and judging from how Jiang Chen looked right now. It didn’t even seem like he had suffered any injuries. This completely freaked him out. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have been able to believe it.

“Haha… let’s do it again!”

Jiang Chen aggressively roared out. An energy wave soared out from the top of his head; his black hair and white clothes were violently fluttering in the wind. At the same time, a layer of golden armor with sharp thorns appeared on top of his skin. He once again initiated an attack, and charged toward the Old Emperor. After the first attack, the Dragon Transformation skill had started circulating by itself, causing Jiang Chen’s face to be covered with excited. This was exactly what he wanted.

“Hmph! I don’t believe I can’t kill you!”

The Old Emperor coldly harrumphed. He unleashed a formidable beam toward Jiang Chen’s direction.

An intense battle immediately erupted between these two mighty warriors. In just a very short amount of time, they had exchanged several dozen attacks. All the Combat Soul warriors were watching these two men. It was clear to them that Jiang Chen was in a disadvantageous position, but still, he had yet to suffer any real injuries, and his combat strength was slowly becoming more and more formidable.

Although this situation made the people of the Black Sect feel worried, they had yet to lose all their hope. Also, they had finally witnessed Jiang Chen’s combat strength, as it was extremely rare for a Mid Combat Soul warrior to fight equally with a First Grade Combat King.

Since the Old Emperor had the upper hand, it no doubt brought a great boost to the spirit of the Imperial Army. Many of them were in high spirits and were ready to fight, they were all sending forth tremendous killing intent.

“Wu Jiu, everything between you and me shall be resolved today; once and for all.”

The Imperial Emperor threw his glance over to Wu Jiu and said. As for the battle between Jiang Chen and the Old Emperor, he found out that Jiang Chen was weaker than the Old Emperor, so Jiang Chen was going to lose sooner or later. No one knew better than him how terrifying the Old Emperor was. Hence, Jiang Chen was no match for him.

“Imperial Emperor! All these years, Wu Jiu has always treated you like a brother! But in the end, I never expected you to treat me like that! Since you want to kill me; we have nothing else to talk about! Come, let us settle everything between you and me; once and for all!”

Wu Jiu roared out. With a move of his body, he leapt into the sky. Without hesitating, the Imperial Emperor followed after. The two men opened up another battlefield in the sky above. Regardless of who it was, Jiang Chen and the Old Emperor, or Wu Jiu and the Imperial Emperor; they all chose to open up a new battlefield. They knew very well how devastating a Combat King’s strength was, and if they chose to fight in the middle of all those Combat Soul warriors, it would no doubt cause tremendous losses for both sides. Just the shockwaves from these Combat King warriors was more than enough to kill many Combat Soul warriors, and it would be a scene that no one could even begin to imagine.