Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 456 – The Flames of War

Chapter 456 – The Flames of War

Chapter 456 – The Flames of War

Right at the beginning of the battle, the Imperial Emperor immediately unleashed the Heavenly Imperial Finger towards Wu Jiu.

“Dao of War – Peerless Saber!”

Wu Jiu furiously roared out as he countered with his Dao of War. The current Dao of War couldn’t be compared to the past one. Back in Inferno h.e.l.l, Wu Jiu’s Dao of War was too complicated, and it had only allowed him to mimic a variety of weapons. However, after following Jiang Chen’s guidance, Wu Jiu had perfectly transformed it, and only focused on a single weapon.

Saber! It was the most commonly used weapon in a battlefield, and it was also the sharpest weapon; a symbol of war, as well as the most formidable existence within the Dao of War. Now, just from having focused on cultivating this single weapon, Wu Jiu had been able to break through his bottleneck and become a Combat King warrior in a single go, causing the Dao of War to become even stronger.


The golden saber clashed with the Heavenly Imperial Finger, creating a violent collision. Underneath these tremendous powers, the spce was instantly destroyed, and shockwaves spread across the entire scene. Feeling the shockwaves emerging from the two battlefields, all the Combat Soul warriors below couldn’t help but feel frightened.

A was of this scale in the Eastern Continent was definitely unprecedented, and only Combat Soul warriors were qualified to partic.i.p.ate. The hidden forces of the Martial Saint Dynasty were too powerful; more than four hundred Combat Soul warriors were attacking at the same time, and they didn’t even bring a single Divine Core warrior.

Fortunately, the Black Sect had sent away all the disciples and elders who were below the Divine Core realm. If not, just the shockwaves of the battle would have been enough to kill them all.

All the remaining Divine Core disciples and elders were hiding in the depths of the Black Sect. There was no place for them in a war like this. If they partic.i.p.ated, they would only serve as cannon fodder.


The battles between Jiang Chen and the Old Emperor, Wu Jiu and the Imperial Emperor were extremely intense. The fights were close, and it looked like it would be impossible to judge who the final winner would be at this point. Although Jiang Chen was in a disadvantageous position, he was like a stubborn c.o.c.kroach. The more he fought, the stronger he became.

Although Wu Jiu had just broken through to the First Grade Combat King realm, his Dao of War was a very strong combat skill, allowing him to fight evenly with the Imperial Emperor. Neither of them seemed stronger than the other.

The Combat King warriors were fighting, and the people underneath them weren’t here to chitchat either. There were more than twenty Late Combat Soul warriors on the Martial Saint Dynasty’s side, and each of them was extremely strong. The leading man was portraying a mighty image, and he had a handsome face. It was none other than the Crown Prince.

“Follow my command! Kill all these people, and leave no survivor!”

With a saber in his hand, the Crown Prince raised his arm and roared out. His golden halberd had been destroyed by Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Saint Sword, so he was using another combat weapon. It was also one of the strongest weapons amongst Superior Weapons.


On the Black Sect’s side, Han Yan’s white hair was violently fluttering in the wind as he issued a battle cry. He was the first one to charge toward the enemies.

“Wakaka! Everyone listen up! Arrange the formations; let’s kick their a.s.s!”

Big Yellow sinisterly laughed out. A battle like this truly excited him. Without hesitating, his gigantic body charged forward together with Han Yan.

“d.a.m.n eunuch, take this master dog’s strike!”

Big Yellow had broken through to the Mid Combat Soul realm, so it was hard for him to find any match in the same realm. When he saw the Crown Prince, he immediately dashed forward, then turned around and pointed his b.u.t.t toward the Crown Prince’s face.


The Crown Prince’s expression dramatically changed as he cursed out. This familiar scene was something he would never be able to forget. Big Yellow’s fart had cast a permanent shadow in his heart.

Remembering the taste of that mighty fart, no matter how strong the Crown Prince’s cultivation base was, he would never have the courage to give it a second try. With incredible speed, he instantly dodged the attack.


Even though the Crown Prince had dodged over to somewhere else, Big Yellow’s fart was still on its way out. A green air shot out like a sharp sword toward the face of a Late Combat Soul warrior.

“What is this?”

The mighty warriors was startled for a moment, but he immediately unleashed a Yuan energy beam toward the green air. However, the green air was not something that could be dispersed. Without missing even a single inch, it hit that mighty warrior’s face.

Although the Yuan energy beam unleashed by this Late Combat Soul warrior had removed most of the power that came with Big Yellow’s fart, the powerful force could never be removed by any attacks.

Therefore, the green air simply stuck onto the mighty warrior’s face, and soon after moved to cover his entire body.

“Blergh… it stinks…”

The mighty Late Combat Soul warrior who came here in high spirit had instantly lost his elegant bearing as he started repeatedly puking. His expression became twisted.

“f.u.c.k, what is this?! It really stinks… blergh…”

“It’s killing me!”


In fact, more than one person was attacked by Big Yellow’s attack, as it was already covering more than ten people, causing them all to vomit like there was no tomorrow. However, those people were all better off than he who was struck directly.

“The f.u.c.k, this dog is awesome!”

Han Yan staggered and nearly fell down. This dog was indeed an abnormal creature, and even his innate ability was so despicable.

“f.u.c.k, this attack is too brutal.”

“What a heaven shaking ability! This dog is too cruel, even his ability is so despicable!”


All the Combat Soul warriors of the Black Sect were shocked. Big Yellow’s move was indeed brutal and unpredictable. It allowed them to witness how a mighty Late Combat Soul warrior could puke in public without any concern for his own image. It all seemed very exaggerated.


A pair of wings appeared on Big Yellow’s back. He continued flying with incredible speed, and charged right into the group of enemies. He opened his mouth widely, then he simply bit toward the head of the Late Combat Soul warrior who was still puking.


That warrior was in a frenzied state right now, so he didn’t have any time to defend himself, making him extremely vulnerable to Big Yellow’s attack. Because of that, his head was bitten off by Big Yellow, causing blood to spray out like a fountain.

Before the two sides had begun clas.h.i.+ng, a Late Combat Soul warrior from the Martial Saint Dynasty had died a horrible death. This no doubt gave the Black Sect’s spirit a huge boost, conversely a huge blow to the Martial Saint Dynasty’s spirit.

“Excellent, Big Yellow, what a beautiful move!”

Han Yan stuck his thumb up and showed it to Big Yellow!

“d.a.m.n dog, I am going to rip you apart!”

The Crown Prince furiously raised his saber and forcefully swung it toward Big Yellow.

Big Yellow opened his mouth and unleashed a frightening soundwave. The wave transformed into a sharp golden dagger as it pierced through the air toward the Crown Prince’s saber.


Since Big Yellow possessed the Dragon Horse bloodline, his combat strength was incredible. With just a mere Mid Combat Soul cultivation base, he was able to fight equally against the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince was at the same level as Wu Ningzhu before he was castrated. Thus, even though Big Yellow had broken through to the Mid Combat Soul realm, he was only capable of defeating ordinary Late Combat Soul warriors, not near being a match for the Crown Prince. However, the current Crown Prince was no longer the same Crown Prince; he had suffered a huge impact after being castrated by Yan Chenyu. Although he had fully recovered, he was overall much weaker than before, making him only slightly stronger than an ordinary Late Combat Soul warrior. His strength was currently the same as Big Yellow, Han Yan, and Yan Chenyu’s. Compared to Wu Ningzhu, he was now far weaker.

On the other side, Han Yan unleashed his devilish energy, then he waved his hand, causing a Dragon Devil to shoot toward a Late Combat Soul warrior.

Yan Chenyu was even more frightening, as her Nine Yin Meridians allowed her to freeze any man deep to his bones. She looked like a cold and elegant fairy with a peerless beauty, and at the same, she looked like a G.o.ddess of Ice; cruel and merciless. With a casual Ice Sword attack, she threw the enemies into chaos.


The flames of war were raging across the battlefield. When the battle begun, it immediately went into a deadlocked situation. The two armies slammed into each other, locking themselves in a difficult war. The fight between several hundred Combat Soul warriors, as well as four Combat King warrior; this was the first of its kind in the Eastern Continent! The battlefield spanned over a thousand miles, and it was so intense that even those neighboring provinces could feel the intensity of the battle.

“The war has begun; the Qi Province is at war now! Such incredible energies, I can feel the frightening shockwaves even here in the Qian Province!”

“Jiang Chen is an awesome man! He really started a war with the Martial Saint Dynasty! Just his courage alone makes him worthy of respect!”

“This man will definitely become someone great in the future! If the Martial Saint Dynasty can’t eliminate him in time, they will sooner or later be destroyed by him!”

“I’m sure this war will be recorded in the book of history! I wonder who the final winner will be. I wish I could go and watch, but with my cultivation base, there is no way I can even get close to that battlefield.”


Those who sensed the shockwaves were feeling extremely excited, and they were eager to witness the results of this shocking battle.

On the battlefield, devastating shockwaves were accompanying the miserable screams that continuously rang out. Blood and combat weapons ruled the ground; sketching a h.e.l.lish scene. The Martial Saint Dynasty’s army was too tremendous, so even with the help of the formations, the Black Sect was in a disadvantageous positions. However, because of the formations, they could still fight on.

Because the number of Late Combat Soul warriors from the Martial Saint Dynasty were far greater than that of the Black Sect, Han Yan and Yan Chenyu were forced to take on two enemies by themselves, sometimes even three.

On the battlefield, the one who contributed the most was actually the Ice Demon King. Whenever someone on the Black Sect’s side was faced with a critical situation, this guy would appear. With a Late Combat Soul cultivation base, the Ice Demon King was a disaster for all those beneath the Late Combat Soul realm, a deadly disaster.

At the beginning, two Late Combat Soul warriors had teamed up to kill the Ice Demon King, but they were immediately left speechless. When it had been killed, it had immediately reappeared on the other side of the battlefield to slaughter those who were weaker than it.

Its immortal ability was truly heaven defying. Therefore, no matter where it went, it would wreak havoc and caused enemies to helplessly cry out.