Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 454 – The Day of War

Chapter 454 – The Day of War

Chapter 454 – The Day of War

“Oh? I thought I had given control of the Martial Saint Dynasty to you. With your ability, could there be something that you can’t settle?”

The Old Emperor felt surprised. The Imperial Emperor was a man who was eager to excel. Regardless of what it was, his intellect or ability; they were all superb, and that was what allowed him to become the Imperial Emperor. Besides, he was also a prideful and arrogant man, so if he wasn’t faced with a really tricky situation, he wouldn’t have come to the Old Emperor.

“Imperial Uncle, a peerless monster has recently appeared in the Eastern Continent. His name is Jiang Chen, and he’s going to go to war with the Martial Saint Dynasty tomorrow. Before this, he killed most of the emperors of the Martial Saint Dynasty, including fifth brother.”

The Imperial Emperor explained. When he mentioned the Fifth Emperor, his voice was clearly trembling.

“What?! My son is dead?!”

As expected, the Old Emperor immediately erupted with anger. The Fifth Emperor was his son, and even though he was the Old Emperor, he still couldn’t control his emotions upon hearing the news about his son’s death.

“Hmph! I handed the Martial Saint Dynasty to you, but what have you done? You’re a First Grade Combat King warrior, but you still can’t protect your own brothers?”

The Old Emperor was furiously scolding the Imperial Emperor.

“Please calm down, Imperial Uncle. Although that Jiang Chen only is a Mid Combat Soul warrior, he actually possess the strength of a First Grade Combat King warrior. A few days ago, I exchanged three attacks with him, and I didn’t have the upper hand. In order to defend the Martial Saint Dynasty’s authority, I’m ready to launch an all-out attack on the Black Sect tomorrow. However, including Wu Jiu, the Black Sect currently has two First Grade Combat King warriors, and I am afraid I can’t handle both of them at the same time. To prepare for the worst, that’s why I came here to request help from Imperial Uncle.”

The Imperial Emperor said.

“Old Jiu? I thought he was one of us?”

The Old Emperor was startled for a moment. Wu Jiu was the most outstanding genius of his generation, and if not for him giving up his opportunity, the current Imperial Emperor would not be the person in front of him.

“Imperial Uncle, there are some things you don’t know about. It was all because of Wu Jiu that the Martial Saint Dynasty has lost so much.”

When mentioning Wu Jiu, a grumpy look immediately flashed in the Imperial Emperor’s eyes. After that, he told the Old Emperor everything he knew about Jiang Chen and Wu Jiu to the Imperial Emperor through his divine sense, including the losses they had caused the Martial Saint Dynasty.

“Ah, Old Jiu is part of the Wu family, but he is actually helping an outsider hurt his own family! Fine, I’ll help you in tomorrow’s way, and I’m going to kill Old Jiu myself and let him know the consequences of betraying the Martial Saint Dynasty! I’ll also rip that Jiang Chen into a thousand pieces and avenge my son!”

The Old Emperor was furious. He made up his mind to help the Imperial Emperor in dealing with Jiang Chen and Wu Jiu, to avenge his own son.

The night before the war, more than 150 Combat Soul warriors had gathered in the Black Sect, three of them being Late Combat Soul warriors, and the rest all Early and Mid Combat Soul warriors. Even so, this was considered an incredibly rare line-up, as it was the biggest line-up in the entire Eastern Continent aside from the Martial Saint Dynasty.


Two energies transformed into dazzling light beams and shot into the sky, causing the entire night sky to become as bright as it would be during the middle of the day; attracting glances from everyone in the Black Sect.

“It’s senior disciple Han and Big Yellow! They both broke through at the same time!”

Yu Zihan said with great joy.

“Haha, excellent, this is perfect! Tomorrow there will be ear, and both of them broke through at the perfect time! Han Yan has the Ancient Divine Devil bloodline, giving him the strength to fight Late Combat Soul warriors! And, as we currently don’t have many Late Combat Soul warriors here, their advancement is going to further strengthen our force!”

Guo Shan said while laughing out loud.

“That’s right. Those two, as well as Yan Chenyu are geniuses amongst geniuses! With only a Mid Combat Soul cultivation base, they’ll be able to defeat almost any Late Combat Soul warriors.”

Daoist Black nodded his head.


Right at the same moment, another powerful energy shot up into the sky. However, this energy immediately transformed into a golden beam that was shaking in the dark sky, and it was much stronger than those light beams produced by Han Yan and Big Yellow.

Everyone raised their heads to gaze at the huge beam that shone brightly in the dark sky. The energy leaking out from this huge beam caused the air to twist and vibrate, as if the sky was going to shatter because of this vast amount of energy.

“Good! Brother Jiu has finally broken through to the First Grade Combat King realm.”

Jiang Chen said with excitement visible on his face. Wu Jiu was a very important element in the upcoming war. Jiang Chen was able to sense the powerful Spatial Power from the golden beam, and he knew that it was the symbol of a Combat King warrior. Wu Jiu had finally broken through to the Combat King realm. No doubts, this brought a significant improvement to the overall strength of the Black Sect.

“What an incredible aura, it has far exceeded the Combat Soul realm! This is the aura of a Combat King; Wu Jiu has broken through to the Combat King realm!”

“So, Wu Jiu hadn’t broken through to the Combat King realm before this? However, since he broke through before the war began, we can’t say that Jiang Chen lied to us. However, Wu Jiu is the Ninth Emperor, won’t there be any problems by letting him fight them?”

“Don’t worry, he has completely cut all ties with the Martial Saint Dynasty; with the Imperial Emperor wholeheartedly trying to kill him. Also, who do you think Jiang Chen is? He is a man who plans very carefully with every conceivable possibility taken into account. Therefore, as long as Jiang Chen trusts Wu Jiu, it means that there won’t be any problems at all.”

“That’s right. Perhaps you don’t know about this, but Jiang Chen once saved Wu Jiu’s life. Without Jiang Chen, there would be no Wu Jiu; so they have solid relations.h.i.+p. Hence, we can trust Wu Jiu.”


Many people were discussing the recent events. When Wu Jiu successfully broke through to the Combat King realm, there was no doubts that it calmed everyone’s mind. This was because, ever since they arrived at the Black Sect, none of them had met Wu Jiu. Only now did they feel at ease.

A figure shot up into the sky, and of course, he was none other than Wu Jiu. Jiang Chen leapt up into the sky and arrived in front of Wu Jiu. He cupped his fist and said, “Congratulations for breaking through to the Combat King realm, brother Jiu.”

“Haha, brother, I have to thank you for the guidance! If not, I have no idea when I would have been able to break through this bottleneck! With your help, I managed to break through in just three days! I feel really happy!”

Wu Jiu burst into the laughter. This little brother of his was indeed a freak; an existence who seemed to know everything.

“I feel happy for your achievements. The war begins tomorrow. Brother Jiu, are you prepared?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Don’t worry, brother! I will definitely devote all my effort into defeating them!”

Wu Jiu slammed his chest with his fist as he promised.

“If that Old Emperor comes tomorrow, I’ll handle him. The Imperial Emperor is yours.”

Jiang Chen patted Wu Jiu’s shoulder.

Jiang Chen’s words caused a grateful expression to emerge on Wu Jiu’s face. The Old Emperor was his senior, but the Imperial Emperor was different. The resentment between him and the Imperial Emperor could no longer be resolved; only a fight could bring everything to an end.

“This Kind Weapon was given to the Third Emperor by the Old Emperor, but I s.n.a.t.c.hed it away from him. It is now yours; you can use it to deal with the Imperial Emperor tomorrow.”

Jiang Chen took out the golden spear and put it into Wu Jiu’s hand. Wu Jiu didn’t refuse, and simply took it. He knew how important tomorrow would be, so he had no hesitation.

Suddenly, Wu Jiu’s expression changed. It was until now that he noticed the transformation of the Black Sect. Compared to three days ago, today’s Black Sect had become too powerful. He swept his divine sense across the sect, and he immediately sensed the auras of more than a hundred Combat Soul warriors.

“Brother, why are there so many Combat Soul warriors here?”

Wu Jiu asked in a surprised and bewildered manner.

“They’re all here to help us fight the Martial Saint Dynasty.”

Jiang Chen smiled, then he continued and explained what had happened in the past three days to Wu Jiu. After his explanation, Wu Jiu couldn’t help but let out a long sigh and give Jiang Chen a thumbs up. This little brother of his could truly create miracles.

“More than a hundred Combat Soul warriors. This amount of overall combat strength can be considered pretty strong, but compared to the Martial Saint Dynasty’s powerful force, we’re still on the weak side. It doesn’t matter if we compare Early, Mid, or Late Combat Soul warriors; we’re still fewer than them.”

Wu Jiu worriedly said. As the Ninth Emperor, as well as the Palace Chief of the Martial Palace, he knew better than anyone here how frightening the Martial Saint Dynasty’s force was.

“Don’t worry, I have a plan for that.”

Jiang Chen replied with a smile.

“You have a way to deal with them, again?”

Wu Jiu rolled his eyes and nearly fainted. It seemed like no matter what kind of situation they were facing, this guy would always be confident; no matter what kind situation they were facing, he would always find a solution for it! However, tomorrow was the date of war, and Wu Jiu just couldn’t figure out how Jiang Chen was going to deal with the Martial Saint Dynasty.

“Big Yellow!”

Jiang Chen shouted, causing Big Yellow to immediately appear by his side.

“Big Yellow, I need you to set up some formations. The best are those killing formations and trapping formations that synergize well together. Let all those Combat Soul warriors join the formations; we’ll fight tomorrow’s war with these magnificent warriors.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Kaka, rest a.s.sured; just let me handle this! I will put five men in one formation, and that will be more than enough for them to fight a ten man group!”

Big Yellow excitedly laughed out. Jiang Chen had found the right candidate for this task, as Big Yellow was an expert in the Heavenly Book of Source Formations. He knew how to construct all kinds of dreadful formations, and he was confident that none of the enemies would be able to know what kind of formations he had produced. In the middle of a major war, there was no doubts that a good formation could bring tremendous positive effects, as it could greatly improve their combat strength, and with that, they would be able to face twice the amount of enemies; shortening the gap between them and their foes.

Jiang Chen felt at ease by letting Big Yellow handle this task.

Next day! The sky lit up.

The Black Sect’s battle drums were rumbling, and all the great warriors had gathered outside of the Black Sect; waiting for the final war with the Martial Saint Dynasty. No matter what the result was, today’s war would definitely be recorded in the Eastern Continent’s history, as this was an iconic battle with a high possibility of overthrowing the structure of the entire Eastern Continent.


An hour later, a huge crack suddenly appeared in the sky, and the sound of thunder resounded throughout the skies. Soon after, a huge golden battles.h.i.+p broke through the crack and was revealed to everyone. It was an enormous battles.h.i.+p with a huge dragon head staring into the sky, causing it to give of a majestic sense.