Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 453 – Old Emperor

Chapter 453 – Old Emperor

Chapter 453 – Old Emperor

Amidst the winds of change, a tremendous storm was brewing in the Eastern Continent. When the Imperial Emperor had pa.s.sed down the Imperial Decree forcing everyone to wear mourning close, it immediately gave birth to a lot of discontent feeling amongst many great warriors, especially those at the Combat Soul realm. As Combat Soul warriors, they had their own pride and dignity, and they couldn’t accept the fact that they were forced to wear mourning clothes for no reason. If it was under normal circ.u.mstances, they would have no way to resist this order, since they were too weak in comparison to the Martial Saint Dynasty. But now, things had changed! There was another power who was strong enough to stand against it, so they were now presented with a choice.

Because of that, many Combat Soul warriors were now heading towards the Black Sect with the intentions of joining them in their fight against the Martial Saint Dynasty.

It could be said that the Imperial Emperor had unintentionally helped Jiang Chen. What he did, he did to show off the Martial Saint Dynasty’s authority. Ever since Jiang Chen had appeared, the dignity and authority of the Martial Saint Dynasty had suffered a huge challenge. Not only that, with the death of the emperors, the Martial Saint Dynasty’s face gone down the drain. What the Imperial Emperor wanted to do was bring back face and defend the authority of the Martial Saint Dynasty. He wanted to let everyone know that in the Eastern Continent, no one could challenge the Martial Saint Dynasty’s authority. Therefore, what he did was an act that showed the authority of the Martial Saint Dynasty, and that he was a man who no one could defy.

However, right at this very moment, Wu Jiu was breaking through to the Combat King realm, and Jiang Chen was spreading the news in order to attract more people to him. The difference between one Combat King warrior and two Combat King warriors was completely different. With two Combat King warriors, people would feel that Jiang Chen really did have the ability to fight against the Martial Saint Dynasty, and that was the reason why all those great warriors wanted to join him.

Outside of the Black Sect; Daoist Black, Guo Shan, Yu Zihan and a few others were walking back and forth. They were following Jiang Chen’s request; waiting there to welcome the heroes of the Eastern Continent.

“Will this really work? Why have we still not seen anyone?”

Yu Zihan said in a gloomy manner.

“Since brother Jiang has said this, I’m sure it’ll work. We’ll just have to wait here.”

Immediately after Guo Shan finished speaking, three figures suddenly appeared in the distance. Each of these people were sending forth powerful auras. All of them were clearly Combat Soul warriors. With incredible speed, these three men arrived at the Black Sect in the blink of an eye.

“Is brother Jiang Chen here?”

The man who led the group was a muscular and handsome man, and he immediately asked if Jiang Chen was here upon arriving.

The crowd had a surprised look in their eyes. The three men in front of them were Combat Soul warriors, and the leading man had a cultivation base at the peak Mid Combat Soul realm, and seemed to be only one step away from the Late Combat Soul realm. From the way he addressed Jiang Chen, it seemed like they knew each other, and that he came to the Black Sect to give Jiang Chen a helping hand.

“Jiang Chen is waiting for your arrival at the main palace of the Black Sect. I’m the Black Sect’s Sect Chief, Daoist Black. May I know your name?”

Daoist Black said.

“Haha, so you’re Daoist Black! I’ve heard so much about you. I’m Master Blissful, this is Golden Lion, and this is Old Man Ling Shan. We’re all Jiang Chen’s friends.”

Master Blissful said.

Hearing the introductions, shock emerged onto the faces of Daoist Black and co. All these men were men with names widely known, especially Master Blissful. He was a Demon Lord from the ocean, and he had an unfathomable combat strength. Although he was only a peak Mid Combat Soul warrior, his actual combat strength allowed him to fight any Late Combat Soul warrior.

“So you’re Master Blissful! It’s a pleasure to have you here. Zihan, quickly bring them to Jiang Chen.”

Daoist Black said.

“Three seniors, please follow me.”

Yu Zihan made a welcoming gesture. It looked like Jiang Chen’s words were true.

Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu were leisurely sitting within the Black Sect’s main palace when they suddenly heard the sound of laughter.

“Haha, brother Jiang Chen, it’s been a long time! You’re now a big shot!”

Following that, Master Blissful and the other two came into the main palace.

“Welcome, my friends. Sorry for not welcoming you out there!”

Jiang Chen strode forward and said. He had a very good impression of these three men. Back when he was at the Blissful Island, all of them had helped him a lot.

When these three men looked at Jiang Chen and felt his aura, they all felt their hearts tremble. They exchanged glances and found the same look of shock on each other’s face. When they met Jiang Chen, he had merely been a young man who had just broken through to the Divine Core realm, and it had only taken him such a short amount of time to grow to his current stage. It wasn’t difficult for them to predict that Jiang Chen’s future achievements would definitely be beyond their imagination.

“A scholar who has been away for three days must be looked at differently. Brother Jiang Chen, you’ve truly given us a huge surprise! I’ve heard you’re going to have an all-out war with the Martial Saint Dynasty, that’s why we’re here to give you a helping hand. I hope we can help out.”

Old Man Ling Shan said.

“Good, Jiang Chen is really grateful to receive your help. Once we’ve overthrown the Martial Saint Dynasty, you can take whatever you want.”

Jiang Chen said. For the current Black Sect, every Combat Soul warrior was a treasure. Therefore, obtaining the help of these three men was something worth celebrating. At the same time, with the arrival of these three men, more people were destined to show up.

Outside the Black Sect, Daoist Black and the others finally had joyful expressions on their faces.

Half an hour later, another two figures came from afar. Both of them were Combat Soul warriors as well.

“We’re Huang Li and Huang Zhao from the Qing Province! We’re here to help the Black Sect fight the Martial Saint Dynasty!”

It was a man whose face was covered with a beard, and he had an incredible cultivation base. Both of these men were actually Mid Combat Soul warriors. These two men were brothers, and they didn’t belong to any sect. However, they were someone who had a desire to see the world change, and since they were presented with such a huge opportunity, they came forth to offer their help.

“Receiving your help is the Black Sect’s pleasure. Please come in, Jiang Chen is waiting in the main palace.”

Daoist Black said.

Next, more and more Combat Soul warrior arrived to offer their help. There was even a group of Combat Soul warriors who came from the same sect. In just one afternoon, more than twenty Combat Soul warriors had arrived, including one Late Combat Soul warrior. This was a strong line-up that Daoist Black and the others hadn’t even imagined to see.

“This is incredible! Junior disciple Jiang is really awesome; everything is as he has predicted! There are actually so many Combat Soul warriors who came to join us, and there’s still one more day left! Could this mean that more great warriors will come join us tomorrow?”

Guan Yiyun felt really surprised. With the overall strength of the Black Sect, there was absolutely no way they could fight with the Martial Saint Dynasty. But now, with so many new Combat Soul warriors joining them, the overall strength of the Black Sect was growing, slowly giving it the ability to fight with the Martial Saint Dynasty.

“Sigh… Jiang Chen really can plan everything accurately. The latest Imperial Decree pa.s.sed down by the Imperial Emperor has helped us greatly. If not for that, we wouldn’t receive so much help from so many great warriors.”

Daoist Black sighed. Now, he admired Jiang Chen so much that he could even throw himself down at his feet in admiration.

“Brother is indeed a peerless genius. Not only does he have amazing combat strength, he is even an incredible strategist and a man with great wisdom. Becoming the enemy of a man like this is really unfortunate. I can predict that the Martial Saint Dynasty who has ruled the Eastern Continent for such a long period of time will definitely fall under brother Jiang Chen’s hands, and the history of the Eastern Continent will be changed.”

Guo Shan said as his eyes shone brightly. His confidence in Jiang Chen could no longer be described with words.

While the Black Sect was busy with welcoming all the great warriors, what happened in the Eastern Continent couldn’t be hidden from the Martial Saint Dynasty. The Imperial Emperor’s eyes could see everything.

The situation made the Imperial Emperor very furious. He never expected to not only fail to defend the authority of the Martial Saint Dynasty, but to also outsmart himself and provide his enemy with great help.

“Father, that Wu Jiu has broken through to the Combat King realm as well. Including Jiang Chen, they now have two Combat King warriors. I’m afraid this is going to be a tough battle.”

The Crown Prince stood beside the Imperial Emperor and said.

“Hmph! Jiang Chen is only a Mid Combat Soul warrior! If we really do fight, I refuse to believe he’ll be a match for me! As for Wu Jiu, even if he really broke through to the Combat King realm, he is still fresh in this realm, and that won’t make him too strong. Also, those who have joined Jiang Chen to fight against the Martial Saint Dynasty; I’ll definitely make them pay! I will let them know what the consequences of becoming the Martial Saint Dynasty’s enemy are!”

The Imperial Emperor coldly harrumphed. The Martial Saint Dynasty had lost all its face under his control, causing him to feel disgraced.

“Father, in order to prevent anything bad from happening, I suggest we invite the Old Emperor and the Old Great Emperor to help us.”

The Crown Prince suggested.

The Crown Prince’s words caused the Imperial Emperor to clench his fists tightly. The Old Emperor and Old Great Emperor had long ago entered secluded cultivation and stopped interfering in any matters related to the Martial Saint Dynasty. However, now, the Imperial Emperor was forced to alert them. This made him feel useless.

“We can’t alert the Old Great Emperor now, as we’re still far away from reaching a critical situation, so he won’t help us. I’ll go find the Old Emperor now.”

After saying that, the Imperial Emperor moved his body and disappeared.

Within an isolated secret underground chamber of the Martial Saint Dynasty. It was a secret chamber with a huge s.p.a.ce, and it had been constructed with hard stone. Underneath it was an energy vein. The secret chamber only had simple decorations, and a big, golden ha.s.sock was placed in the center. An old man wearing a grey robe was sitting on top of it. He looked to be in his fifities, and his hair was half black half gray. He had a majestic looking face.

Right at this moment, the s.p.a.ce within the secret chamber wobbled, and a figure was revealed in front of the old man. It was the Imperial Emperor.

“Greetings, Imperial Uncle.”

The Imperial Emperor bowed deeply toward the Old Emperor. This Old Emperor was the previous Imperial Emperor of the Martial Saint Dynasty, but he wasn’t the father of the current Imperial Emperor. The imperial throne wasn’t inherited from father to son, rather, it was inherited by the strongest prince of the younger generation.

“Imperial Emperor, why have you come here?”

The Old Emperor opened his eyes and asked. He had a pair of sharp eyes that shone brightly like the brightest stars. His aura was stronger than the Imperial Emperor’s aura, so it was obvious that he had already reached the peak of the First Grade Combat King realm, and was just a step away from the Second Grade.

“Imperial Uncle, the reason I came here today is to seek your help.”

The Imperial Emperor said.