Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 437 – Jiang Chen’s Wisdom

Chapter 437 – Jiang Chen’s Wisdom

Chapter 437 – Jiang Chen’s Wisdom

Even though Jiang Chen had never seen the Crown Prince before, it was still very easy for him to recognize him. Having a Late Combat Soul cultivation at such a young age, as well as the qualifications to stand side by side with the emperors. In the entire Martial Saint Dynasty, only the Crown Prince fit these criteria. And secondly; the most important part, the Crown Prince’s eunuch voice was too iconic.

Jiang Chen had to admit that what Yan Chenyu did to the Crown Prince was pretty ruthless. For a man, nothing was more important than that object between his legs.

“Jiang Chen! I, the Crown Prince will kill you!”

Jiang Chen’s words caused the Crown Prince to lose his rationality. Although there was only a one character difference between eunuch and Crown Prince, the meaning behind each was completely different. Just these two characters alone were more than enough to cause the Crown Prince to lose his rationality. He immediately drew out his Golden Halberd and prepared to strike at Jiang Chen.

[TL: 太子 Taizi – Crown Prince, 太監 Taijian – Eunuch.]

“Crown Prince, take it easy!”

The Fourth Emperor who stood next to him immediately pulled the enraged Crown Prince back. They were going to use the Nine Stars Killing Formation, and the Crown Prince was an important part of the formation, as it required nine Late Combat Soul warriors to function properly. Furthermore, although the Crown Prince had a formidable cultivation base, he was definitely not a match for Jiang Chen. And, having lost his rationality, if he just charged over like that, he might be instantly killed by Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, do you really want to save those people with just you alone? Don’t you think you are a little too overconfident?”

The Third Emperor said with a cold sneer visible on his face.

Jiang Chen simply ignored the Third Emperor, and instead kept pointing his finger at the Crown Prince. He came here today not only to kill these people, but most importantly, to save those in the Black Sect. The entire Black Sect was in the hands of his enemies, causing him to be at a disadvantage. In order to get rid of this disadvantage, he would need to ensure the safety of the people from the Black Sect; and this Crown Prince was the key to his problem.

Not only was Jiang Chen very strong, he was extraordinarily wise as well. In the midst of chaos, he functioned best; just like this situation.

“Crown Prince, being a eunuch is actually not a bad thing! At least you’re still alive! You should thank Yan Chenyu for only cutting it off and not killing you. Being a man, you should learn how to be grateful!”

Jiang Chen continued verbally attacking the Crown Prince.


The Crown Prince was enraged even further. Jiang Chen’s words were like sharp needles p.r.i.c.king his heart. He felt this was a great humiliation. He had already lost his most important thing, so could he still be considered a man? He was the next Imperial Emperor, but would the Martial Saint Dynasty allow a eunuch to be their Imperial Emperor? It was clearly impossible! Even if the current Imperial Emperor agreed, the Old Emperor above him would not agree. Therefore, the Crown Prince’s bright future had been destroyed. He was once the Crown Prince whom everyone had admired, but now he had been reduced to a laughingstock. During these past few days, even the servants of the Martial Saint Dynasty had been looking at him in weird manners.

The Crown Prince was a l.u.s.tful man, but now, when he faced his eighteen magnificent wives in the Crown Prince Palace, he simply felt no desire. Even the way his wives looked at him had changed, although, they didn’t dare provoke the Crown Prince in front of him. However, the disgust in their eyes was apparent. It was as if they were telling the Crown Prince that he couldn’t do it anymore.

Heavens! How could a man accept it when he was being told that he couldn’t do it anymore? Most importantly, it was a fact!

“Don’t be so angry! As the Crown Prince, you need to maintain a proper image! You just can’t be a man anymore, however, being a woman isn’t so bad either. Oh, no, I don’t think you can be a woman either. Ah, never mind, even if you can’t touch any women in the future, you’ll still have a lot of power and authority. Perhaps the Martial Saint Dynasty will be the first dynasty to allow a eunuch to be their Imperial Emperor…”

Jiang Chen continued provoking the Crown Prince. Each word that came out of his mouth pushed the Crown Prince closer to the border of insanity. This was a typical example of killing someone with just words.

“Shut up…!”

Without letting Jiang Chen finish speaking, the Crown Prince simply let out a loud shout, then unleashed an energy-wave that rose to the heavens from his body. The Third Emperor was impacted by this powerful energy-wave, and was instantly knocked back. The Crown Prince was a man similar to Wu Ningzhu, no ordinary Late Combat Soul warriors would be his match, let alone now that he was so furious. He was completely enraged right now, and even though the Third Emperor tried to stop him, there was just no way to stop the Crown Prince anymore.

“Not good!”

The Third Emperor was startled, and when he was finally ready to respond, the Crown Prince had already charged forward and reached Jiang Chen, all in less than the blink of an eye. The Golden Halberd in his hand had turned into a golden trail of light, creating countless ripples in the air as he descended toward Jiang Chen from high.

“This is the result I was looking for.”

A smile emerged on Jiang Chen’s face. This had been his goal all along. Jiang Chen currently had 8,000 Dragon Marks, and no warriors in the Combat Soul realm could be his match. Even an existence like the Crown Prince was no match for him.

“Hurry up and stop him!”

The Third Emperor cried out in shock. His King Weapon instantly appeared in his hand, while all the Late Combat Soul warriors desperately dashed toward Jiang Chen. The Crown Prince’s impulsiveness had messed up their plan; they didn’t even have the time to prepare the Nine Stars Killing Formation.

Too bad, it was too late, as Jiang Chen would never give them any chances.

The Heavenly Saint Sword appeared in Jiang Chen’s hand, and it shone with bright sword energies. He swung it with tremendous force, instantly breaking the Crown Prince’s golden halberd. When the Crown Prince finally realized that something wasn’t right, the tip of Jiang Chen’s sword had already touched his throat. As long as Jiang Chen pushed the sword a little further, the Crown Prince would immediately be killed.

At this moment, as if a bucket of cold water was poured onto the enraged Crown Prince’s head, he was instantly awakened.

“No one takes a step further. If you do, I’ll kill him right now.”

Jiang Chen put the Crown Prince on a tight leash with his own energy. With the Heavenly Saint Sword placed on the Crown Prince’s throat, he shouted toward the Third Emperor and the others.

“Jiang Chen, take it easy!”

The Third Emperor and the group immediately stopped in their tracks. Every one of them was extremely terrified by Jiang Chen’s strength. The Crown Prince was stronger than each of them here, but when faced with Jiang Chen, he didn’t even have the ability to fight back. There was absolutely no way for them to save the Crown Prince with the short distance between them.

Following Jiang Chen’s capture of the Crown Prince, their plan was in a huge mess right now. They were all inwardly scolding the Crown Prince for his irrational and reckless decision. However, this guy was their Crown Prince after all. Even if he was now a eunuch, he was still the Imperial Emperor’s son, and if something bad really happened to him, they wouldn’t be able to face the Imperial Emperor.

“Of course I’ll take it easy. Let’s cull all the bulls.h.i.+t; I want all the men from the Shangguan Clan, Myriad Sword Sect and Martial Saint Dynasty to withdraw from the Black Sect now, and all the people of the Black Sect set free. If not, I’ll kill the Crown Prince right now.”

Jiang Chen said. This was the reason why he exasperated the Crown Prince. The most important person here was the Crown Prince, and as long as he had the Crown Prince under his control, he would be able to take the initiative; he would have the token to negotiate with his enemy.

“What did you just say?”

Shangguan Sheng’s expression turned pale. The Black Sect and its people was one of their most important tokens, so there was no way they could give it up just like that.

“I never repeat myself. I’ll count to three now, and if you guys are still here, I will kill the Crown Prince.”

Jiang Chen slightly pushed the Heavenly Saint Sword forward, causing its razor sharp edge to cut the Crown Prince’s skin, causing him to bleed. The Crown Prince’s body was trembling with fear; he was now feeling a genuine threat of death coming from Jiang Chen. He did not doubt Jiang Chen’s words; if this guy counted to three and these guys still didn’t release his friends; the Crown Prince would die for sure.

“Jiang Chen, you are trying to exchange all the people of the Black Sect with just a single person! Don’t you think this is unfair?!”

The Third Emperor’s face was gloomy, and he kept scolding the Crown Prince inwardly for spoiling their plan.


Jiang Chen simply ignored the Third Emperor’s words and started counting. After he counted to one, the Heavenly Saint Sword’s tip was pushed deeper into the Crown Prince’s throat.

The Third Emperor and the other’s expressions were all ugly. They had lost their initiative; their advantage. Exchanging the Crown Prince’s life for the lives of those in the Black Sect, although it looked like Jiang Chen was being unreasonable, they couldn’t do anything but agree with his terms.

Because it was the Crown Prince, the Imperial Emperor’s son! The Crown Prince being castrated had infuriated the Imperial Emperor, and this time, the Imperial Emperor didn’t even know that the Crown Prince was here with them. If the Crown Prince was killed here, these guys would have to face the Imperial Emperor’s fury when they returned.


A fierce look could be seen in Jiang Chen’s eyes. The ice-cold killing intent leaking from his body was more than enough to kill an elephant. The Third Emperor and the others had no doubts; once Jiang Chen counted to three, the Crown Prince’s life would end right here.

“Jiang Chen, if you dare kill the Crown Prince, I can guarantee you that everyone in the Black Sect will die!”

Tiangang Yi threatened with a loud voice.

“You better give it a try! Three!”

Jiang Chen resolutely counted to three. After that, the Heavenly Saint Sword’s tip started pulsating.

“Stop! I agree with your terms, I’ll let all of them go!”

The Third Emperor quickly shouted. No matter what, the Crown Prince could not die here!

Jiang Chen let out a sigh of relief after hearing what the Third Emperor said. It looked like the Crown Prince’s life was still extremely valuable.

“Jiang Chen, we’ll set all the people of the Black Sect free. I hope you can honor your words and spare the Crown Prince’s life.”

The Third Emperor said.

“Of course, I’m a trustworthy person.”

Jiang Chen responded with a smile. He put away the Heavenly Saint Sword and grabbed the Crown Prince’s neck as if he was grabbing a tiny chicken. The Crown Prince’s face was twisted with a gloomy expression. The fight between him and Jiang Chen allowed him to learn one thing; he who claimed to be the number one genius of the Eastern Continent was just a joke; he was indeed no match for Jiang Chen.

“Third Emperor, are we really going to release all the people?”

Shangguan Sheng asked.

“Yes. The Crown Prince’s life is more important than anything else.”

The Third Emperor said. After that, he informed all the people here through his divine sense, “Listen up; prepare the Nine Stars Killing Formation secretly. Once we’ve withdrawn from the Black Sect and Jiang Chen has released the Crown Prince, we’ll activate the formation immediately and trap him within. I have a King Weapon with me, so we don’t have to fear him. Our main goal today is Jiang Chen, not the Black Sect. Once we’ve killed him, we’ll be able to kill the rest of his friends.”

His words immediately caused everyone to begin preparing the Nine Stars Killing Formation secretly. The Third Emperor’s words were correct. As long as they killed Jiang Chen, there was no way for the Black Sect to escape its fate.