Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 438 – Rescue Mission

Chapter 438 – Rescue Mission

Chapter 438 – Rescue Mission

“Everyone from the Martial Saint Dynasty, Shangguan Clan, and Myriad Sword Sect; withdraw from the Black Sect at once, no delays!”

The Third Emperor’s voice echoed across the sky. After receiving the other, all the men who were standing guard in the Black Sect flew into the sky and arrived behind the Third Emperor.

When the people of the Black Sect heard the order, they were startled for a moment, but excitement followed shortly afterwards, especially after seeing that those men who had imprisoned them were leaving one after the other. The pressure surrounding them was instantly released, and the humiliation and pain they had suffered all these days had finally disappeared. Someone even started crying tears of joy on the spot.

“Why are these people suddenly leaving?”

“Idiot, do you still have to ask this question? It must be because of senior disciple Jiang Chen! He is an amazing man; just he alone is enough to make everyone from the Martial Saint Dynasty withdraw! He is the idol of our generation!”

“Haha, I told you that senior disciple Jiang Chen would definitely come and rescue us! Let me tell you, senior disciple Jiang Chen is a man capable of achieving anything! He has created countless miracles and legendary accomplishments! I believe that one day, senior disciple Jiang Chen will be capable of toppling the entire Martial Saint Dynasty, and that that time; the Black Sect will be the ultimate existence of the Eastern Continent!”


Everyone were extremely excited. Happiness had just struck them without any prior signs; they didn’t even have the chance to react accordingly.

Within the deepest area of the Black Sect, inside the secret room where Daoist Black and Guo Shan were imprisoned, two Combat Soul warriors were still hiding. They were from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, and they had just received a message from Shangguan Sheng asking them to hide here and closely watch Daoist Black and Guo Shan, as these two men could still be used after the Crown Prince was released.

“Didn’t you two hear that? Your master asked you to retreat from here.”

Daoist Black said with a smile on his face.

“Shut up!”

A man scolded, slapping Daoist Black’s face.

“Hmph! You can never hide your tricks from Jiang Chen.”

Guo Shan coldly harrumphed. He knew what kind of man Jiang Chen was. Jiang Chen was a man who thought of every aspect, so Shangguan Sheng’s dirty little trick would never succeed.

Above the Black Sect, under the Third Emperor’s leader, the group of over three hundred men unleashed their energy. Every single one of them was staring angrily at Jiang Chen. Faced with this powerful army, not many men could remain calm.

Prince Wu Cong who stood behind the Third Emperor was looking at Jiang Chen while gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth in anger. Jiang Chen had killed his father, giving birth to an even greater resentment. However, at the same time, he felt helpless. After leaving the Island of Ice, the gap between him and Jiang Chen had grown much, much bigger. Now, they were simply not playing on the same field, and it was nearly impossible for him to avenge his father now. He could only depend on the Third Emperor.

“Jiang Chen, we’ve withdrawn from the Black Sect. Can you let the Crown Prince go now?”

The Third Emperor said.

“There is still someone in there. Don’t try to play this dirty little trick on your father. Let me tell you this; my patience is limited, and don’t you dare think that I won’t dare kill this Crown Prince. If I want to kill him, it will be no different from crus.h.i.+ng an ant with my finger.”

Jiang Chen said with a cold look in his eyes. He was cultivating the Great Soul Derivation skill, giving him incredibly sharp senses. It was just like Guo Shan said; Shangguan Sheng’s dirty little tricks was completely useless in front of him.


The Third Emperor turned to Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi with a frown visible on his face. Shangguan Sheng’s face immediately darkened as he thought to himself that Jiang Chen was indeed an amazing man; a man who was extremely difficult to deal with. The two men he had arranged to hide were Combat Soul warriors who were experts at hiding, but Jiang Chen just remained floating in the same spot, and he could still sense their existence. This level of sense was really frightening.

“Come out now!”

Shangguan Sheng shouted out. The two men immediately flew out from the Black Sect and arrived next to Shangguan Sheng.

In the Black Sect, Daoist Black and Guo Shan exchanged glances. They couldn’t help but smile at each other.

“We didn’t misjudge him.”

Daoist Black said.

“Sect Chief, do you think we should go out and witness how strong brother Jiang has become now? And how he forced the Martial Saint Dynasty to withdraw?”

Guo Shan said, a smile visible on his face.

The two men casually tidied up their messy clothes and left the secret room. After leaving, they could immediately see Jiang Chen hovering above the Black Sect, and his grip there was a handsome young man. With just him alone, he was facing a formidable army of over a few hundred mighty warrior. However, his face was calm, and no signs of panicking could be seen on him.

“Jiang Chen, can you release the Crown Prince now? All of our men have retreated from the Black Sect.”

The Third Emperor tried his best to supress the fury in his heart. Today’s battle caused him to feel extremely frustrated. Everything had been completely different from what he had imagined. Before the battle had even started, his side had been greatly pinned down. Each person here was of great status, but now, a young man was leading them by the nose, causing them all to feel frustrated.

“What a joke. If I let him go now, I’m sure you’ll start the war with me straight away, and the Black Sect will suffer because of that. I, Jiang Chen am not afraid of you. We were destined to fight to the death sooner or later. I know about a desolate mountain about 300 miles away from here; we’ll have our battle there, what do you think?”

Jiang Chen suggested. There was no way he could avoid the life and death battle with the men in front of him; this battle was unavoidable. This was also the reason why Jiang Chen appeared; he could only have a peace of mind after annihilating all these enemies.

Since he had the Crown Prince in his hand now, the advantage was with him. He had to move the entire battlefield to another place, and if he didn’t do that, the entire Black Sect would be caught in the crossfire. With so many mighty warriors fighting here, just the shockwaves from the battle would alone be enough to destroy the entire Black Sect.

“Fine, I agree with you.”

The Third Emperor agreed to the situation without a second thought. Jiang Chen wished for the same thing as he did. He was worried that Jiang Chen would use the Crown Prince to continue threaten them, and try to avoid the battle. He didn’t think that Jiang Chen would actually suggest fighting to the death; which was exactly what the Third Emperor wanted.

“Since that is the case, after you.”

Jiang Chen said.

The Third Emperor then led the army of over three hundred men into the distance, while Jiang Chen followed after with Crown Prince in hand.

“Look, they’re all gone!”

“Did you hear that? Senior disciple Jiang Chen is going to have a life and death battle with all of them!”

“Oh heavens! There are so many mighty warriors, but senior disciple is going to fight them alone? Can he really defeat them?”

“Never underestimate senior disciple Jiang Chen’s ability! Didn’t he just save us? Before this, did you ever think that senior disciple Jiang Chen would be able to save us from so many mighty warriors?”


All the disciples of the Black Sect were discussing the matter amongst each other.

Right at this moment, Daoist Black and Guo Shan flew into the sky. With a loud voice, Daoist Black said,” No one is allowed to step out from the Black Sect.”

After that, the two men flew in the same direction as Jiang Chen, following into the far distance. This was going to be a grand battle, and now that these two men had finally been freed from captivity, they had to witness it by themselves.

Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi flew along the way with pale faces. The reason they spent so much effort to imprison the entire Black Sect was to lure Jiang Chen out. Now, Jiang Chen had indeed shown up, but the result was completely different from what they had expected. Not only had they lost their chance to take the initiative, they had also lost their bargaining chips.

However, they did still have some bargaining chips in their hands. Yu Zihan and the other men’s families were still in the control of both superpowers, and they might be of good use during the final moments of this upcoming battle.

However, their plan was destined to become an empty hope.


Yellowstone Region, Yu family!

The dawn had just arrived, but miserable screams could still be heard from the Yu family. It was the men from the Shangguan Clan who were here to keep the Yu family in captivity. The man who was in charge here was Shangguan Yu, an Early Combat Soul warrior. Together with him was an Early Combat Soul warrior. Beside him, there were also ten Divine Core warriors and thirty Heavenly Core warriors.

This group of a bit more than 40 men had been instructed by Shangguan Sheng to keep the Yu family in captivity. In their minds, the Yu family was too weak. So weak that they couldn’t even withstand a single blow from any of them. Guarding these people was really boring, so during these past few day, the men from the Shangguan Clan had been releasing their boredom on these people, causing miserable screams to escape from the Yu family grounds. Someone would die every single day.

A few figures were quietly approaching the Yu family. When they heard the miserable screams coming from the Yu family, Yu Zihan’s eyes immediately turned red.

“Be patient. Let me sneak into the Yu family and find out about our current situation first. I’ll kill the men who imprisoned your dad. You guys just wait for my command before attacking.”

Big Yellow said.


Yu Zihan nodded his head. They were confident in Big Yellow. Since they were here with the purpose of rescuing these people, if they ended up just storming in, their enemies would certainly take the most important people of the Yu family hostage, and if that ended up being the case, they would be pinned down.

Therefore, Big Yellow wanted to sneak into the Yu family and ensure the safety of the most important people of the Yu family, and only kill the ones from the Shangguan Clan after that.

In a flash, Big Yellow instantly vanished from where he was. His gigantic and majestic looking body started shrinking, and when he entered the Yu family, he had transformed into the size of a human palm. Big Yellow was an expert at hiding himself, and together with his incredible speed, there was no way the enemy could find him

Right in the center area of the Yu family, two Divine Core warriors were in charge of guarding Yu Tianlong and Yu Ziyan. All the people of the Yu family were tied up tightly with ropes and imprisoned in a hall. These two bored Divine Core warriors were talking to each other, when a golden beam suddenly appeared in the hall.

“What is that?”

A man cried out in shock and threw his glance over at the golden light. What he saw was the golden light transforming into a big and majestic looking big yellow dog.

“Not good, it’s Big Yellow!”

The two men had a bad feeling about this. The Jiang Chen and Big Yellow duo was well known by everyone, and this dog was known to be a fierce and brutal existence. Since he had suddenly appeared here, he must obviously be up to something bad.

“Enemy attack!”

The Divine Core warrior responded quickly, he immediately shouted out.

“Kaka, you will all have to die!”

Big Yellow burst into laughter. He didn’t prevent the two men from calling for help. Not only that, he himself was roaring out as he leapt toward the two men. The fate of these two men had been decided when Big Yellow entered this hall.

Outside, when Han Yan and the others heard Big Yellow’s loud roar, they immediately launched their attack.