Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 436 – A Palace Eunuch Shouldn’t Speak A Word

Chapter 436 – A Palace Eunuch Shouldn’t Speak A Word

Chapter 436 – A Palace Eunuch Shouldn’t Speak A Word

“How many of them came here?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“There are at least two hundred of them, and there are at least five Late Combat Soul warriors. It’s a huge force, and it seems like they guessed you would attack the Black Sect, so they’ve prepared well. However, there is one thing I don’t understand. You’ve killed three Late Combat Soul warriors, so they should know how strong you are by now. Under these circ.u.mstances, why would the Imperial Emperor just sit still quietly? This is strange.”

Big Yellow said, feeling puzzled.

“There’s nothing strange about it at all, because the Imperial Emperor doesn’t know I’ve returned.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“I thought you said the Seventh Emperor and Tenth Emperor’s Soul Jade Slips broke? So why doesn’t the Imperial Emperor know about this?”

Big Yellow was even more puzzled.

“It’s simple. The Imperial Emperor is a man who sits on the Imperial Throne. If he wants to do anything, he will just declare an Imperial Decree, and there will be someone who helps him do whatever it is he wants. Take the matter of imprisoning the Black Sect and dealing with me as an example; with the Imperial Emperor’s status, he would never do it personally, and since the Seven and Tenth Emperor were involved in this matter, that means there are more emperors and upper echelons in the Martial Saint Dynasty involved as well. Try to think about it like this; if they can’t even settle a small matter and are forced to request the Imperial Emperor’s help, it would be incredibly shameful for the man who received the Imperial Decree.”

Jiang Chen was a wise man, and there was nothing that could hide from his wisdom. From just a small trace, he was able to understand the root of the cause.

“Now I understand. Wu Lang said the person in charge of this matter is the Third Emperor, so he must have hidden the death of the Seventh and Tenth Emperor. The man who brought that ma.s.sive army to the Black Sect yesterday was also the Third Emperor. It looks like he has prepared well, and is just waiting for Little Chen to arrive.”

Han Yan said as his eyes lit up. After listening to Jiang Chen’s explanation, they finally understood why the Imperial Emperor wasn’t here.

To be frank, the Imperial Emperor sat on the top, and in his eyes, Jiang Chen was just a gra.s.s root. When it comes to dealing with matters like this, there was no need for him to do it himself.

“None of the emperors from the Martial Saint Dynasty are easy targets. Every one of them are smart, and under the situation where they clearly know that I have the ability to kill them, but yet still comes here, that can only mean they’ve prepared something for me. They think they’re capable of taking me down, so I really want to see what kind of powerful approaches they have.”

Jiang Chen said with a cold sneer on his face. If they wanted to play, Jiang Chen would play with ‘em till the end. Since someone wanted to die, Jiang Chen didn’t mind being the Black and White Impermanence. The stronger the enemy was; the more excited Jiang Chen became.

[TL: 黑白無常 Heibai Wuchang (Black and White Impermanence) – Two deities in charge of escorting spirits of the dead to the underworld.]

“When are you planning on going?”

Big Yellow asked.

“When the day breaks.”

Jiang Chen said with a solemn expression. The families of his friends and his sect were all imprisoned, and he had no time to waste. The battle with the Martial Saint Dynasty was unavoidable. Furthermore, with his current cultivation base, he had to take this opportunity to break through. If he just relied on ordinary cultivation methods to break through, it would take him a lot of time to break through.

“Kaka, good, let’s kill those f.u.c.kers!”

Big Yellow was very excited.

“I’ll be going alone, you guys can’t be with me.”

Jiang Chen said.


Han Yan didn’t understand his decision. They were up against an army, and the more people they had to help out, the better.

“You guys have other missions. Once I start fighting with them, you guys will immediately go and save Zihan and senior disciple Guan’s families. They’re being held by men from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, and I’m sure all their Late Combat Soul warriors will be at the Black Sect, and they also need some strong warriors to stay back at their main base in the Jian Province. Therefore, the forces guarding the families won’t be too strong. You will be able to save them with you few alone.”

Jiang Chen had a perfect plan that covered every aspect. He had thought this through thoroughly. Not only did they have to act quickly, they would also have to ensure the safety of the hostages. His appearance at the Black Sect would attract all the mighty warriors over, making it really simple for Han Yan and the others to save the families.

Jiang Chen’s words immediately caused Yu Zihan and the other two’s eyes to light up. They had been in restless state for these past few days as their families were imprisoned. However, there was nothing they could do about it. If not for the fact that there still was some rationality left in them, they might have risked their lives to save them by now. With Jiang Chen’s return, their backbone had finally arrived, and it hard for them to remain calm after finding out that they were about to save their families.

“You guys will set out right now and strike when the day breaks.”

Jiang Chen instructed.

Following Jiang Chen’s instruction, the four men and dog immediately left the place and started flying toward the Yu family, which was closest to them. Today, a huge storm will sweep across the entire Eastern Continent.

Time flashed by, and dawn quickly arrived. Jiang Chen arrived outside of the Black Sect.

The Black Sect was tightly secured from inside out. More than a dozen Golden Guards were stationed in front of the Black Sect’s main gate. All these Golden Guards were at least Late Divine Core warriors, and three of them were Combat Soul warriors. Every one of them wore golden armor which shone brightly and gave them a mighty image.

When they saw a white-clothed youngster appearing in the distance, these Golden Guards immediately responded.

“Stop there, who are you?”

The group leader shouted out.

“Martial Saint Dynasty’s Golden Guards, each of them is indeed an elite warrior. What a pity.”

The white-clothed youngster shook his and let out a sigh, a pitiful look visible in his eyes.

“You, you’re Jiang Chen?”

The group leader instantly responded. He kept examining this white-clothed youngster with a name in his mind. The white-clothed youngster’s clothes and facial features were identical to the legendary Jiang Chen. Furthermore, who would intrude the Black Sect at this moment except for Jiang Chen?

“That’s why I pity you.”

After saying that, a powerful killing intent burst out from Jiang Chen’s body. He waved his hand and unleashed five dazzling flood dragons, and they immediately charged into the group of Golden Guards, instantly surrounding them all.



The flood dragons’ roars and the Golden Guards’ miserable screams mixed together. In just three breaths of time, all noise came to a complete stop. These several dozen Golden Guards were crushed into several pieces by these five flood dragons, turned into clumps of b.l.o.o.d.y mist and meat paste. It was an extremely gruesome scene.

Jiang Chen took a casual look at the scene, then said in an indifferent one, “All those who appeared in the Black Sect today, you won’t live to see tomorrow.”

The G.o.d of Slaughter had returned!

After killing the several dozen Golden Guards, Jiang Chen leapt into the sky above the Black Sect. He didn’t feel sorry for those Golden Guards; he knew how to treat his enemies. The Golden Guards that were stationed here were prepared to kill Jiang Chen, and they were here to imprison the ones of the Black Sect. As long as their leader gave the order, they would turn into butchers and slaughter everyone in the Black Sect immediately. Therefore, Jiang Chen couldn’t show them any mercy. In his mind, all those outsiders who appeared in the Black Sect deserved death.

Jiang Chen hovered above the Black Sect, looking at his statue that had been broken from the waist, clearly the work of the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect. He remained floating in the sky without doing anything except intentionally leaking his killing intent. The noise that was produced when he killed those Golden Guards was more than enough to alert everyone in the Black Sect.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

Indeed, in the moment following after when Jiang Chen appeared in the sky, numerous formidable figures started das.h.i.+ng out from the Black Sect and stood opposite of him. The man who stood at the front was a man in his fifties who wore a golden robe and had a striking appearance, and he was portraying an image of n.o.bility. Jiang Chen knew that this guy could be none other than the Third Emperor of the Martial Saint Dynasty. He had also met most of these Late Combat Soul warriors back in the Martial Saint Palace.

“Jiang Chen, you have finally shown yourself!”

When the Third Emperor saw Jiang Chen, he immediately shouted out.

“Of course, isn’t this what you wanted? I wonder, are you guys satisfied with the huge gift I sent here yesterday? I was planning on sending the same gift to the Imperial Emperor, only much bigger. What do you guys think?”

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone.

As the Third Emperor and Jiang Chen were talking with loud voices, everyone were able to hear them loud and clear. When all those disciples and elders who had lost their hope heard it, excitement immediately emerged on their faces.

“It’s senior disciple Jiang Chen! He has finally returned! This is perfect, we’re safe now!”

“Haha, senior disciple Jiang Chen is a man capable of achieving anything! I knew he wouldn’t dump us behind!”

“Let senior disciple Jiang Chen kill them all; avenge all our fellow disciples who died by the hands of our enemy!”

All the disciples of the Black Sect were extremely excited, but at the same time, they were filled with righteous indignation. During these past few days, many of the disciples had been killed after being brutally tortured. It was a miserable situation.

Within a secret isolated chamber, Daoist Black and Guo Shan were able to hear Jiang Chen’s voice as well, and they both wore startled expressions on their faces.

“He has returned at last.”

Daoist Black smiled.

“It’s obvious he’d come back; it’s his character. Furthermore, his return would be mighty one. I have all the reasons to believe that his approach will definitely shock the enemy.”

Guo Shan spoke with a smile on his face as well. Jiang Chen had surprised many people, a lot of times. In the minds of all these people; Jiang Chen was an omnipotent man.

In the sky above the Black Sect, Jiang Chen was alone faced with the ma.s.sive forces of the Martial Saint Dynasty. However, from the energy he was unleas.h.i.+ng, he was not in a disadvantageous position.

“Jiang Chen, you’ve murdered the emperors of the Martial Saint Dynasty; that is a crime worthy of all your friends and family being killed! Let me give you a kind advice; surrender yourself immediately, and you might get to die quickly!”

The Third Emperor loudly said.

“What a joke. I thought the Imperial Emperor declared an Imperial Decree to have all my friends and family slaughtered? However, I do wish to see whose family and friends will eventually get slaughtered! Today, all the outsiders who have gathered in the Black Sect will have to face their deaths, just like those in the Fragrant Sky City, and I’m not joking.”

Jiang Chen said in an indifferent manner. He was now clear of the enemy’s strength. There were a total of nine Late Combat Soul warriors, indeed a powerful force. However, if they didn’t have some incredible prep, even with nine more similar warriors here, it still wouldn’t be enough to kill Jiang Chen.

“So you’re Jiang Chen. You don’t look extraordinary at all.”

The Crown Prince threw an examining glance at Jiang Chen. Compared to this young man, he felt that he was stronger in all aspects. He wondered why Yan Chenyu like this man, and not himself.

“So you’re the Crown Prince. You're a palace eunuch, you shouldn’t speak a word.”

Jiang Chen’s words were like sharp blades poking right into the Crown Prince’s weak spot.