Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 435 – The Calm Before The Storm

Chapter 435 – The Calm Before The Storm

Chapter 435 – The Calm Before The Storm

The Crown Prince’s high-pitched voice wasn’t because he was angry, but because it had transformed after he lost the function of a real man. He rarely spoke now, as every time he heard his own voice, he would feel infuriated.

Although the Crown Prince had been castrated, his cultivation hadn’t been affected at all. The Martial Saint Dynasty had many miraculous pills for healing, and it was more than enough to make him recover to his peak shape in a very short amount of time. For this operation to take down Jiang Chen, he took the initiative to contact the Third Emperor who was in charge and requested to bring the Golden Guards to this mission. He wanted revenge for this grudge.

The emperors and Golden Guards were all furious. The huge character formed from human heads was like a sharp blade poking into the Martial Saint Dynasty’s head; it was a huge provocation to the mighty Martial Saint Dynasty!

“Third Emperor, why are you all here?”

Tiangang Yi greeted the group and asked. Shangguan Sheng’s expression was still twisted. When he thought about the fart he received earlier, he couldn’t help but feel his qi and blood violently boiling.

“Yesterday, Old Seventh and Old Tenth’s Soul Jade Slip broke, and I knew something huge had happened; it’s highly possible that Jiang Chen has returned. Initially, I planned on bringing my men over to the Fragrant Sky City, but after a sect thought. I realized that since he has already killed Old Seventh and Old Tenth, his next target would be the Black Sect, so I just came here instead. However, I never expected Jiang Chen to be such an arrogant man! He actually sent all these human heads here; he just doesn’t put the Martial Saint Dynasty in his eyes!”

The Third Emperor furiously said.

“Third Emperor, now that Jiang Chen has grown even bigger, he has become a huge threat to us! Just now, that big yellow dog came here and brought these heads here. He also said that Jiang Chen would soon come and attack us here in the Black Sect. What should we do now?”

Shangguan Sheng asked.

“Hmph! He better come here; all of us will be here waiting for him!”

The Crown Prince coldly harrumphed.

“Crown Prince, that Jiang Chen is no longer the same person that we know; he has completely changed! His ability to kill the Seventh Emperor and the others tell us one thing; with his current combat strength, perhaps only a Combat King warrior will be able to take him down. I wonder, will the Imperial Emperor strike this time?”

Tiangang Yi asked.

“The Imperial Emperor is still not aware of this matter.”

The Third Emperor said.


Tiangang Yi and Shangguan Sheng were both startled for a moment. Two emperors had been killed, and it was very obvious that Jiang Chen had grown to a very powerful stage. He was now beyond the control of these people; and it was time for the Imperial Emperor himself to strike. So, why didn’t they inform the Imperial Emperor?

“Hmph! The Imperial Emperor has put me in charge of this matter. If I can’t even take down this Jiang Chen, I won’t have the face to face anyone in the Martial Saint Dynasty. Don’t worry, I came here well prepared. As long as that Jiang Chen shows up, he will certainly die!”

The Third Emperor coldly harrumphed and spoke with utmost confidence.

The Third Emperor hadn’t informed the Imperial Emperor about the seventh and tenth emperors Soul Jade Slips breaking. The Imperial Emperor was confident in putting the Third Emperor in charge of this matter. He hadn’t even asked the Third Emperor about the status.

In the minds of the Third Emperor and the others, they were all men with a lot of power and high positions in the Martial Saint Dynasty; they were the ones who sat on the top, overlooking thousands of people. If this small matter had to bother the Imperial Emperor and request him to personal strike; their face would all go down the drain.

Therefore, they didn’t alert the Imperial Emperor, and just came straight to the Black Sect instead to take down Jiang Chen and hand him to the Imperial Emperor.

“May I know how the Third Emperor plans to approach this matter with Jiang Chen? He is an extremely dangerous man with a cruel and ruthless approach; he isn’t easy to deal with.”

Shangguan Sheng asked.

“Store these heads carefully and bring them back to be buried. We’ll talk inside.”

After saying that, the Third Emperor flew directly over to the inner area of the Black Sect.

Within the Black Sect’s main palace, all the Combat Soul warriors were gathered together.

“Although Jiang Chen has the strength to kill Late Combat Soul warriors, he is all alone. There is a limit to his strength! I have prepared well for this time.”

The Third Emperor sat at the front, and with the flip of his palm, a spear that glowed with a golden light appeared. The spear was 3 meters long, and it was covered with mystical symbols. The tip of the spear shone brightly, sending a chill down the spines of anyone who looked at it, and the aura leaking out from it could even make anyone feel suffocated.

“King Weapon!”

Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi both cried out in shock. However, the rest of the men were able to remain calm, as they already knew about the existence of this spear.

“That’s right! This spear was given to me by the previous Emperor! It is a genuine King Weapon, and it will be more than enough for me to deal with Jiang Chen! Furthermore, in order to make sure that Jiang Chen can’t escape from here, I plan on constructing the Nine Stars Killing Formation! That will guarantee he comes without the ability to return!”

The Third Emperor’s face was filled with confidence.

“Nine Stars Killing Formation?”

Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi once again cried out in shock.

“The Nine Stars Killing Formation is an extremely frightening killing formation. It requires nine mighty warriors to support it, and we currently have seven Late Combat Soul warriors here. Clan Chief Shangguan, I’ve heard that the Shangguan Clan’s Great Elder, Shangguan Qingming is also a Late Combat Soul warrior, and that the Myriad Sword Sect also has a Late Combat Soul warrior. I want them to get here as soon as possible! With all nine of us supporting the Nine Stars Killing Formation, together with this King Weapon; even if Jiang Chen has nine lives, he will die! Since we can easily accomplish this mission on our own with this, why should we alert the Imperial Emperor?”

The Third Emperor had indeed prepared well. If not, he wouldn’t have come here after learning that Jiang Chen had the ability to kill Late Combat Soul warriors, as that was no different from seeking death.

“Alright, I’ll inform the Great Elder and ask him to come over here immediately.”

Shangguan Sheng said. Tiangang Yi was also getting ready to inform the Late Combat Soul warrior from the Myriad Sword Sect. After learning the Third Emperor’s plan, their worries had disappeared; replaced by excitement.

The combined force of nine Late Combat Soul warriors , as well as the frightening Nine Stars Killing Formation and the King Weapon; this was an incredibly formidable force! Unless a Combat King warrior faced it personally, no one would be able to defeat it. No matter how strong Jiang Chen was, there was a limit to his strength. No matter who faced this formidable force, that person would eventually die. Therefore, even if Jiang Chen had nine lives, he would still have to face death.

On the same day, the news about Jiang Chen’s return had spread to a lot of places. The huge character from human heads brought ma.s.sive turbulence to the Eastern Continent. Everyone knew that the ruthless Jiang Chen had appeared, and he had killed two emperors as well as the Deputy Commander of the Golden Guards with a thunderous approach. This result was indeed horrifying.

The powers who used to be Jiang Chen’s enemies were feeling lucky now; they were glad they stopped being his enemies in time. If they had continued attacking Jiang Chen, their entire power might have been wiped out by Jiang Chen.

The rising wind was foreboding the coming storm. Many people were paying close attention to this. The Qi Province was facing a major disaster! The Martial Saint Dynasty and two superpowers from the Jian Province had gathered together. Everyone were wondering how they would deal with Jiang Chen.

The next day, in the depths of the night, Jiang Chen arrived in the Qi Province. Shortly after, he found Big Yellow and regrouped with the group.

“Little Chen!”

Han Yan stepped forward and gave Jiang Chen a big huge. The brothers had finally reunited; it was a happy moment.

“Brother Jiang, many mighty warriors from the Martial Saint Dynasty arrived at the Black Sect yesterday.”

Yu Zihan said.

“Did the Imperial Emperor come as well?”

Jiang Chen asked what he was most concerned about.

“I’m not sure, but I don’t think he’s here. There isn’t any Combat King aura amongst all those mighty warriors.”

Big Yellow said.