Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 434 – Intimidation

Chapter 434 – Intimidation

Chapter 434 – Intimidation

Everyone from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect wore horrified expressions on their faces. It was as of those terrifying heads were put there as a demonstration; showing them their possible ending. Even the formidable emperors and Golden Guards had been killed. Compared to them, these people were nothing.

“It’s Jiang Chen, it must be Jiang Chen! Only he has the courage and strength to do this!”

“Except for that crazy Jiang Chen, who is daring enough to kill emperors and Golden Guards?! No one!”

“What should we do?! Jiang Chen is back, and he even killed two emperors! I’m sure we’re his next target!”

“Why are you panicking? Jiang Chen is nothing to fear! No matter how strong he is; can he be stronger than the entire Martial Saint Dynasty? If he dares show himself, he will only meet with certain death!”


The people from the two superpowers were unable to keep their calm. The scene in front of them was after all extremely frightening. His name was like that of a devil king; it had left a deep mark in everyone’s heart.

Right at this moment, a golden beam suddenly appeared and turned into a majestic big yellow dog. He stood on top of the human heads with his head held high. With just a mere Early Combat Soul cultivation, he dared show off in front of two Late Combat Soul warriors. Perhaps Big Yellow was the only one who possessed such courage.

“Shangguan Sheng, Tiangang Yi; everyone from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, listen up! By the command of Jiang Chen, this master dog has come here to present you with this magnificent gift! Please keep these heads in good shape, Jiang Chen said he would soon come here to collect them, wakaka…”

After letting out a prideful laugh, Big Yellow immediately turned back into a golden beam and shot far into the distance.

“d.a.m.n dog, do you think you can run away from me?!”

Shangguan Sheng was furious. Without hesitating, he turned into a trail of light and chased after Big Yellow. As the Shangguan Clan Chief, if he allowed a dog to show off in front of him and escape unhurt, he would no longer be able to hold his head up high.

Tiangang Yi didn’t do anything. In his mind, there was no need to handle a dog with the two mammoths of the Jian Province. At this moment, he stared at the human heads hovering in the sky with a gloomy expression; still immersed in great shock.

The furious Shangguan Sheng was chasing after Big Yellow. Little to his knowledge, escaping was Big Yellow’s strongest ability. If he wished to leave; no one could force him to stay. If he wasn’t confident in his abilities, why would he have jumped out to show off in front of these powerful enemies?

“Wakaka, old fart, if you really want to catch this master dog, you better go back and train for a few more years!”

Big Yellow provoked. After that, his wings of light suddenly appeared on his back. With a flap of these wings, his speed was instantly doubled, and he shot across the sky like a golden shooting star.

“How can this dog have such incredible speed? However, it impossible for you to run away from me!”

Although still furious, Shangguan Sheng was surprised by Big Yellow’s speed. However, he did have his own unique ability. He unleashed an advanced movement skill with some mystical steps, increasing his speed by a lot as well.

“Oh my! I didn’t expect this old fart to have some abilities!”

Sensing Shangguan Sheng getting closer to him, Big Yellow was somewhat surprised. However, he showed no signs of panicking. Instead, there was actually a cunning expression on his face.

“Old fart, why are you flying so close to this master dog’s b.u.t.t? Do you want to smell my fart? If that’s the case, this master dog will be kind enough to grant your wish. I will let you taste Big Yellow’s Peerless Fart!”

Big Yellow loudly said as he flew forward. Then, he c.o.c.ked up his b.u.t.t and made it double in size.

“d.a.m.n dog!”

Shangguan Sheng considered Big Yellow’s movement an insult and provocation. He was the prestigious Clan Chief of the Shangguan Clan, and now, a dog was daring enough to use its b.u.t.t to humiliate him. This was something he couldn’t bear at all.

Therefore, Shangguan Sheng furiously roared out, increasing his speed and once again shortening the distance between himself and Big Yellow.

Therefore, a tragedy occurred!


An incredibly loud explosive sound that sounded like Heavenly Thunder striking down from the Ninth Heaven suddenly burst out from Big Yellow’s b.u.t.t. This tremendous explosive sound stunned Shangguan Sheng. All he could see was a clump of greenish air shooting out from Big Yellow’s b.u.t.t. It was extremely fast, and it was constantly expanding in front of him. In the blink of an eye, the green air had reached his face.


The green air flew right onto Shangguan Sheng’s face, causing him to inhale a large amount of it. And of course, he immediately felt sick.

Shangguan Sheng could feel his internal organs violently trembling, and his expression had began twisting.

“Argh!!! This stin-, blergh…”

Without caring for his mighty image as the Shangguan Clan Chief, Shangguan Sheng simply vomited on the spot; his dignified image instantly disappearing.

“Kaka, want to hunt this master dog down? Take your time and enjoy this master dog’s peerless fart!”

Big Yellow wiggled his now huge b.u.t.t at Shangguan Sheng, then he simply turned into a golden beam and disappeared from the scene.

When Shangguan Sheng finally dispersed the last of it, he started furiously hunting down Big Yellow again. However, his target was nowhere to be found any longer; Big Yellow had long ago disappeared, so how was he going to hunt him down? Still chase after him and have to risk getting hit by that foul fart again?

“d.a.m.n dog! If I ever see you again, I will definitely peel your skin off!”

Shangguan Sheng felt as if he was about to go crazy. Not once in his life had he felt such tremendous hate toward a person… no, a dog! A cruel and wicked dog! He was a man with a great status, but this dog had actually fooled him! If this was known by any other, his face would all disappear!

This newly awakened ability was indeed heavenly-defying. Putting aside how deadly it was, its foul smell was more than enough to kill someone by disgusting them. He had used this ability twice since it was awakened. The first victim was the Crown Prince, and the second one was Shangguan Sheng. Luckily, there was gap between Big Yellow and the other two. If it was any Early Combat Soul warrior, he might have been instantly killed just from the fart’s strength, or perhaps even die because of the foul smell.

Within a hidden valley not far away from the Black Sect, four figures had witnessed what just happened, causing them all to feel extremely excited. These four men were Han Yan, Yu Zihan, Guan Yiyun, and Tian Yishan, who had been hiding here all this time.

Big Yellow’s appearance, and the big character made from dozens of human heads; they had seen it all with their own eyes.

“This is perfect, Little Chen has finally returned!”

Han Yan’s eyes lit up.

“Brother Jiang Chen is really amazing, he actually killed the Seventh Emperor and Tenth Emperor! Looks like all those Golden Guards who went to the Fragrant Sky City were killed as well; none of them survived, as their heads are all here! Big Yellow is really domineering, he actually sent all the heads here!”

Yu Zihan was really excited. After nervously waiting for so many days, good news had finally arrived.

“Looks like junior disciple Jiang has broken through to the Combat Soul realm. He’s too frightening, he only just broke through, and he is already able to kill peak Combat Soul warriors!”

Guan Yiyun said with mixed emotions. Jiang Chen was definitely the number one genius he had ever met. In front of Jiang Chen, no one could claim themselves to be geniuses.

“Let’s go and find Big Yellow. Once Little Chen comes here, a grand battle will commence.”

Han Yan said with a smile on his face. Their backbone had finally arrived, and it was time for battle.

It was very difficult for Shangguan Sheng to find out where Big Yellow was, but for Han Yan and the others, it was extremely easy, as it all depended on whether or not Big Yellow wanted to be found. After sensing the auras of these four men, Big Yellow revealed himself.

Not long after that, the four men regrouped with Big Yellow in a valley thousands of miles away.

“Big Yellow, tell us quickly, what happened in the Fragrant Sky City?”

That was the first question Han Yan asked after seeing Big Yellow.

“You four were hiding outside the Black Sect, I already sensed your auras. I’m sure you guys saw the huge character made from human heads, so you must have guessed that something happened. Let me tell; Jiang Chen now possess incredible combat strength, and killed all three Late Combat Soul warriors. After that, he sent this master dog here to deliver those heads as a huge gift. Tomorrow, Jiang Chen will arrived. Let’s just wait here for the grand show!”

Big Yellow said, beaming with joy.

“That huge characters made from human heads was indeed brutal, it definitely struck fear into those people, as even two of the emperors were kill. I’m sure Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi feel afraid now. However, with this, the Imperial Emperor has most likely found out that Jiang Chen has appeared. It might put us in a disadvantageous position while trying to save our people.”

Yu Zihan worriedly said.

“The people of the Martial Saint Dynasty would already have known even if we didn’t do that. Look over there!”

Big Yellow threw his glance into the distance. The four men looked where he was looking, and saw a few large golden clouds formed from extremely powerful energies flying toward the Black Sect. With the clouds were at least five peak Late Combat Soul warriors. In the Eastern Continent, only the Martial Saint Dynasty had such a frightening force.

“They’re from the Martial Saint Dynasty!”

Tian Yishan cried out in shock.

“Indeed, they already know what happened. It looks like a great show is coming up. I wonder if junior disciple Jiang can withstand this ma.s.sive force.”

Guan Yiyun said in a worried tone.

“Don’t worry. When the Martial Saint Dynasty decided to become Little Chen’s enemy, they were already destined to face a miserable ending.”

Han Yan said, a cold grin visible on his face. He was utmost confident in Jiang Chen.

Back in the Black Sect, the human heads were still hovering in the sky. When the mighty group who had just arrived saw it, they were all immediately enraged.

The group consisted of over two hundred men, and five of them were Late Combat Soul warrior. The Third Emperor, Forth Emperor, Fifth Emperor, and the Crown Prince, who had fully recovered. Wu Cong was with them as well. Behind them was a large group of Golden Guards, as well as some other mighty warriors working for the Martial Saint Dynasty and emperors. There were nearly sixty Combat Soul warriors; this force couldn’t just be described as strong.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! That d.a.m.n Jiang Chen, I will definitely rip him into pieces!”

The Third Emperor angrily scolded with a loud voice. This was the first time in the Eastern Continent’s history that an emperor had been killed by someone. Their opponent was an extremely daring b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

“Using two of my Imperial uncles and the Golden Guards’ heads to form a huge character, this is a plain insult to the Martial Saint Dynasty! I, the Crown Prince swear now; I will make sure that Jiang Chen dies without a proper burial ground!”

The Crown Prince was extremely furious right now. These Golden Guards were all trained by him, and every one of them was an elite warrior. But now, they were all dead, including the Deputy Commander, Yuan Long.

The Crown Prince’s voice was somewhat high-pitched. This wasn’t because he was angry, but because he lost his manly spirit.