Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 433 – A Big Gift

Chapter 433 – A Big Gift

Chapter 433 – A Big Gift

“Young master, I felt relieved upon seeing you return unhurt! It’s a shame Jiang Cheng died…”

Tears were flowing down from Zhou Beichen’s aged eyes. He was really sad about Jiang Cheng’s death. In fact, the death of anyone from the Jiang family would put him in pain. The Jiang family was the ultimate ruler of this remote land, and they were supposed to enjoy a calm and carefree life, not face this terrible crisis.

The mention of Jiang Cheng caused Jiang Chen’s expression to turn gloomy. Although he had killed the enemies and avenged Jiang Cheng, no amount of the enemies’ lives could compare to Jiang Cheng’s life in his mind. However, Jiang Chen had accepted this cruel face.

As an antique existence who had lived two lives, Jiang Chen had seen everything in his life. He had gone through all kinds of life and death situations; this was Jiang Chen’s destiny. However, although the man had died, those who were still alive must do something for him. Jiang Chen decided; he wanted Jiang Cheng to have a glorious burial, one that would leave Jiang Cheng with no regrets in the afterlife.

Soon after, Yan Chenyu brought Yan Meng and the others back to the others from the Yan family. These three men were filled with excitement. No matter what, they had survived this day when they thought they would certainly die, and they had witnessed their enemies die in a miserable manner. This caused the foul emotions to disappeared, and a pleasant feeling to appear in its stead.

“Yan Hongtai greets young master! Thank you for saving our lives!”

Yan Hongtai said as he bowed toward Jiang Chen with the other two men. All of them were happy just thinking about how Jiang Chen was their family’s son-in-law.

“Great Elder, don’t say it like that. You were all dragged into this terrible crisis because of me, I should be the one to apologize to you. However, we’re all a family, and this is not the right time to be courteous. I still have many things to settle, so I’ll need your help to stabilize the Jiang family.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Young master, you just go ahead with what you want to do. Leave everything here to us!”

Yan Hongtai immediately responded. Jiang Chen saying that they were one family warmed his heart. Furthermore, everyone knew that Jiang Chen’s words were correct. The resentment between him and the Martial Saint Dynasty couldn’t be resolved, and one of them would have to face annihilated in the end. Havoc was soon going to be wreaked in this continent.

“Young master; old master and family chief Yan has been brought to the Martial Saint Dynasty. Do you think they will face any life-threatening danger?”

Zhou Beichen worriedly asked.

“As long as I am still alive, father, father-in-law, and brother Jiu will be safe. Since the Imperial Emperor has taken the ones most important to me; he is destined to suffer my fury. I will make the Martial Saint Dynasty completely disappears from the Eastern Continent.”

A sharp light flickered in Jiang Chen’s eyes.

All dragons had a reverse scale, and those who touched it would have to face certain death. Jiang Chen’s family and friends were his biggest reverse scale.

“Kaka, good! Buddy, you’re incomparably domineering! It looks like the Eastern Continent’s turning point will soon appear!”

Big Yellow was laughing out excitedly. He was an existence that could never settle for peace. The Martial Saint Dynasty had ruled the Eastern Continent for so many years, and if anyone dared to that he wanted to annihilate this gigantic existence, it would be seen as a big joke. However, since it was Jiang Chen who made this claim, Big Yellow had countless reasons to believe him. This huge history-changing decision, if there was anyone would could do it, it would be Jiang Chen.

“Big Yellow, gather all the heads. I want you to proceed to the Black Sect and give this big gift to Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi. Tell them to keep their heads safe and wait for me, Jiang Chen to go and collect them!”

Jiang Chen told Big Yellow, portraying an incredible domineering image from all over.

“The f.u.c.k? Don’t you think this is too extreme? Little Chen, are you sure about this?”

Big Yellow was startled by what Jiang Chen said. He thought Jiang Chen would go to the Qi Province and secretly kill both Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi, saving the people of the Black Sect. However, he never expected Jiang Chen to be so straightforward.

“Chen Gege, if you do this, I’m sure the Imperial Emperor will be alerted, causing us to be put in a disadvantageous position when trying to save our friends.”

Yan Chenyu worriedly said.

“No worries. The Imperial Emperor should already know what happened here. The Seventh Emperor and Tenth Emperor are both men with high positions in the Martial Saint Dynasty, and I’m sure the Martial Saint Dynasty has their soul jade slips. When they were killed, their soul jade slip immediately broken, and since I’ve already exposed myself; why don’t we just approach this matter in a straightforward manner? With this, we can also ensure the safety of the Fragrant Sky City.”

Jiang Chen always tried to cover every single possible situation and think things through thoroughly. Every decision he made was back by his own logic and reason. There was no way they could hide the deaths of the two emperors, so the reason why he wanted to send their heads to the Qi Province was to inform the Imperial Emperor that he was going to the Qi Province to save the people there. With this, all their attention would be directed to the Qi Province, and they would focus on him alone; ignoring the Fragrant Sky City.

When the Fragrant Sky City’s safety was ensured, Jiang Chen would have no more worries. He would be able to focus all his energy on deal with the Martial Saint Dynasty; to fight the battle.

Of course, that wasn’t the only reason why Jiang Chen made this decision. He actually had another more important reason; his current condition. With his current cultivation, he was invincible within the Combat Soul realm, but when compared to the Imperial Emperor who was a Combat King warrior, the gap between them was still huge. Just now when Jiang Chen saw Jiang Cheng’s head, he was immediately struck with fury, causing the Dragon Transformation skill to be stimulated and start circulating with himself. Under the burning flames of his fury, he had actually formed 1,000 new Dragon Marks. Those 1,000 Dragon Marks came from his hidden potential, and their quality was much better compared to those formed from absorbing demon souls.

Jiang Chen now had a total of 8,000 Dragon Marks. More importantly, the Dragon Transformation skill was going to face its second transformation, and that was what Jiang Chen antic.i.p.ated the most. In order to make the Dragon Transformation skill truly transform, he would have to face tremendous pressure, and the battle between him and the Martial Saint Dynasty would be the pressure he was looking for. Jiang Chen wanted to temper himself under that incredible pressure. Or put it this way, he wanted to temper the Dragon Transformation skill, causing it to transform a second time. Only with its transformation would Jiang Chen be able to obtain huge benefits, giving him the ability to fight the Imperial Emperor.

The Martial Saint Dynasty was a mammoth of an existence. Perhaps there were more Combat King warriors behind it than the Imperial Emperor alone. Therefore, Jiang Chen had no choice but to grow as fast as he could. If not, not only would he be in extreme danger; all of his family would be dragged into this terrible crisis once again, and that was not something Jiang Chen wanted to happen.

One last reason; an eye for an eye. The Seventh Emperor had chopped off Jiang Cheng’s head. Therefore, he had chopped of all these enemies’ heads and sent it to them. The supreme art of war was to subdue the enemy without actually fighting them. He had to gain the upper hand in this battle; planting the seed of fear in the minds of the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect.

If they wanted a war; let the war be a raging one! If they wanted to slaughter; they will die, and I will live! Once a man’s blood was boiling; it would set the prairies ablaze.

“Haha, I really like your domineering att.i.tude! This master dog also wants to be domineering! I’ll bring these heads to the Black Sect now! Wakaka, this is so exciting!”

Big Yellow was bouncing around in excitement. When he thought about the huge storm that would come after sending this huge gift over, he couldn’t help but feel his heartbeat speeding up. Foreseeably, the entire Eastern Continent would be in huge chaos from that moment on; this stagnant pool of water was destined to be an overwhelming storm!

Big Yellow carried out his task with drive and sweep. Without hesitating, he immediately brought all heads with him and started flying toward the Qi Province.

Jiang Chen didn’t leave the city in a rush. He asked someone to build a grave in the backyard of the Jiang family, then buried Jiang Cheng and the alchemist who had worked restlessly for the Jiang family together.

“From now on, you are both of the genuine lineage of the Jiang family. Brother Cheng, take a good rest here; your young master will make sure that everyone in the Martial Saint Dynasty who were involved in this incident apologizes to you in the afterlife.”

Jiang Chen bowed deeply toward the newly built grave, while all the people of the Jiang family and Yan family behind him bowed at the same time; their faces filled with sorrow.

The next day, after everything in the Jiang family had been settled, Jiang Chen was preparing to leave.

“With Big Yellow’s speed, I supposed they’ve already received the gift. I’ll allow them one day to prepare a response to this. I’ll start proceeding toward the Qi Province now, and I’ll reach the Black Sect tomorrow. Little Yu, as a preventive measure, you and the Ice Demon King just stay here. This is a notification talisman I’ve made with my source consciousness. If anything unexpected happens here, just crush it immediately, and I’ll be notified at once.”

Jiang Chen took out a golden talisman and put it into Yan Chenyu’s palm. Although everyone’s attention was focused on the Qi Province’s Black Sect; on Jiang Chen, while the Fragrant Sky City was safe for now, Jiang Chen still made Yan Chenyu stay behind, just in case, as she now had the ability to face pretty much any situation by herself.

“Don’t worry Chen Gege! I’ll definitely protect both Jiang family and Yan family! You must remember to be careful!”

Yan Chenyu held onto Jiang Chen’s thick palm tightly.

Jiang Chen responded with a kiss on Yan Chenyu’s forehead. After that, he flew into the sky and left.

Qi Province – Black Sect!

Since Jiang Chen still hadn’t shown himself, Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi’s patience was about to run out. It was early in the morning when a loud laughter suddenly echoed through the silent sky above the Black Sect.

“Shangguan Sheng, Tiangang Yi; there is a huge gift waiting for you here! Come out quickly and receive it, haha…”

A mighty laughter resounded throughout the air. Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi immediately dashed out from the Black Sect together with all the mighty warriors from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, then they all threw their glances into the sky above.

In the sky above the Black Sect, a huge character floated in the sky: Kill!

[TL: this character: 殺.]

It was a huge character that frightened everyone, sending chills down their spines. It wasn’t the huge character that frightened them, but what formed it. The entire character was made entirely from several dozen human heads, and each of the heads was covered with blood, and they all wore terrified and frightened expressions on their faces.

A huge, terrifying word made from human heads, hovering in the sky above the Black Sect, as if the Lord of Death had suddenly appeared. And, the three heads on the top of this character belonged to the Tenth Emperor, Seventh Emperor, and Yuan Long.


Shangguan Sheng instantly cried out in shock, and his eyes nearly burst out.

“It’s the Seventh Emperor, Tenth Emperor, and those Golden Guards! They were supposed to be controlling the Fragrant Sky City now, but they’re all dead! Who did this?!”

Tiangang Yi couldn’t keep calm any longer. He knew just how strong the two emperors and Yuan Long was, even those ordinary Golden Guards were all frightening existences. But now, they had all been killed by someone, and their heads were used to form a character.