Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 432 – Executing Without Mercy

Chapter 432 – Executing Without Mercy

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Chapter 432 – Executing Without Mercy

The entire place was completely silent, and everyone felt as if they could barely breathe. All Golden Guards who had rushed out from the Fragrant Sky City all wore pale expressions and looked as if they just seen a ghost. Although many of them were mighty Combat Soul warriors, after witnessing Jiang Chen’s G.o.d-like combat strength, none of them had the courage to attack him. They just remained floating in the sky, having even lost the courage to run away from this place.

Even Yuan Long couldn’t escape from here, so how could these Golden Guards possibly do it? The answer was obvious.

“Jiang Chen!”

“Jiang Chen!”

“Jiang Chen!”

Yan Meng yelled out with excitement. After that, the entire Fragrant Sky City began shouting Jiang Chen’s name. When all those from the Jiang family and Yan family who were imprisoned heard this, their despair immediately turned into joy.

“It’s young master! Young master is back!”

“This is great! We’re safe now!”


Everyone felt incredibly excited at this moment. They had spent their past days in darkness, and when the enemy started executing people, it just caused their hearts to break.

In the sky above the Fragrant Sky City, Jiang Chen had crushed three Late Combat Soul warrior; captured all three of them like a sudden clap of thunder and severely injured them to the point where they were like arrows at the end of their flight.

This required world-shaking combat strength, and only one unique person possessed it.

Jiang Chen signaled Big Yellow and Yan Chenyu with his eyes. Both of them understood what Jiang Chen meant, and immediately rushed toward the Fragrant Sky City.

Taking the opportunity where all the Golden Guards were stunned by what had happened, Yan Chenyu brought the Ice Demon King and broke their defenses, saving Yan Meng and the other two. The Ice Demon King even started launching brutal attacks at these Golden Guards, causing them to cry out for help.

Although the Ice Demon King couldn’t defeat the Seventh Emperor, facing these Golden Guards was just a piece of cake to it.

Big Yellow went straight to the Jiang family. Jiang Chen would never allow any possible threat to exist. Although he controlled the fates of the three Late Combat Soul warriors, he had to take the Jiang family and Yan family into consideration. None of these Golden Guards were ordinary warriors, and once they woke up from their shock, they would definitely use the lives of both Jiang family and Yan family to threaten Jiang Chen, and that was not something Jiang Chen wished to see.

Now, with Big Yellow and Yan Chenyu attack them as well, there was no way these Golden Guards could even hope to resist. The safety of the Jiang family and Yan family was thus ensured.

The captured trio had lost their spirit after being captured by Jiang Chen, especially Yuan Long. He was the one with the most severe injuries, as half of his body had been chopped off by Jiang Chen. Although he was still alive, it would be impossible for him to fully recover. He was considered permanently disabled.

On Jiang Chen’s shoulder sat Jiang Cheng’s smiling head. The head was covered with a golden light, causing it to look incredibly sacred. Jiang Chen didn’t pay any attention to the fight between the Ice Demon King and the Golden Guards. He raised the Heavenly Saint Sword up slowly and pointed at the Seventh Emperor, “We’ll start with you; I want you to apologize to my brother.”

“Bulls.h.i.+t! Jiang Chen, I am a Lord Emperor! Asking a Lord Emperor to apologize to a mere ant? Impossible!”

The Seventh Emperor said with a loud voice.


However, before he could finish speaking, a sword beam was unleashed. The sword beam sliced off one of the Seventh Emperor’s ears.

“Argh! Jiang Chen, how dare you hurt me?! I’m the Seventh Emperor!! The Imperial Emperor will definitely not let you go!”

The Seventh Emperor let out a miserable shriek, and he didn’t forget to threaten Jiang Chen afterwards.


Jiang Chen only responded by sending out another sword beam, slicing off the last ear.

Comparing their viciousness and lack of mercy, the Seventh Emperor was far behind Jiang Chen.

“Honorable Lord Seventh Emperor, you can continue to refuse my instructions. My next target is your left eye, then your right eye. After that comes your nose, and following that comes your arms and legs’ tendons, and lastly, your internal organs. I’ll allow you to taste all my approaches. Let me tell you this; I know a method that allows you to see your own heart beating before dying. I wonder, do you want to experience it?”

Jiang Chen’s voice sounded like something straight out of h.e.l.l, causing goose b.u.mps to appear on many, and chills to fall down their spines.


The Seventh Emperor was terrified, and his body was trembling uncontrollably. Death was indeed very frightening, but sometimes, being alive was even scarier than death. He had finally gotten a small taste of Jiang Chen’s ruthless approach. He could even feel that his soul would start trembling if those brutal methods were used on him.

“Jiang… Jiang Chen, if I apologize, will you let me go?”

The Seventh Emperor asked. No one wanted to die, especially those who lives good lives. Someone like the Seventh Emperor who sat high above all cherished life the most, but he never thought he’d have to face death like this in his life.

“You have to die, all three of you do. The only difference is whether you want a quick death, or endless torture before I finally let you die. Let me remind you; in front of me, you do not even have the ability to commit suicide.”

Jiang Chen said, word by word, causing the trio to be instantly put in absolute despair.


The Heavenly Saint Sword’s razor sharp tip was pointing at one of the Seventh Emperor’s eyes, sending cold s.h.i.+vers down his back. Without hesitating, he looked at Jiang Cheng’s head and said, “I’m sorry!”

“Kowtow to him three times.”

Jiang Chen continued speaking with an indifferent voice.

“What?! Jiang Chen, you better not push me too- ARGHH!!”

The Seventh Emperor was furious. He knew he was soon going to die, but he just didn’t want to be humiliated before finally dying. However, his objection was useless. Before he could finish speaking, Jiang Chen simply swung his sword and left two wounds on the Seventh Emperor’s face, instantly destroying both of his eyes. The burning pain that came from these wounds was not something a Late Combat Soul warrior could bear.

“Jiang Chen! Kill me, kill me…”

The Seventh Emperor roared out. He had always been somewhat scared of death, but now, his strongest desire was to die. He wanted to kill himself, but under Jiang Chen’s control, he was unable to do so.


Jiang Chen was ruthless and merciless. He placed the tip of the sword on the Seventh Emperor’s nose. Although the Seventh Emperor was in severe pain, he was still able to remain conscious. He could feel the freezing sensation coming from his nose clearly, causing him to feel extremely frightened.

“No, I’ll kowtow now, I’ll do it now!”

The Seventh Emperor’s mind had been broken. In his mind, Jiang Chen was no longer a human, but a devil, a terrifying devil from the inside out.

The Seventh Emperor continued to kowtow three times, and after that, he felt as if all his strength had left his body. “Jiang Chen, kill me, kill me now!”

The Seventh Emperor only wished to die, and of course, Jiang Chen would grant him this wish. With the Heavenly Saint Sword in hand, he instantly beheaded the Seventh Emperor, causing his voice to come to a complete stop.

“Your turn.”

Jiang Chen pointed the deadly sword at the Tenth Emperor, immediately sending a chill down his spine. He witnessed what happened to the Seventh Emperor just now, and there was no way he could withstand that kind of torture.

“Jiang Chen, you’re not a human, you’re not a f.u.c.king human! You’re a devil!”

The Tenth Emperor’s mind had collapsed as well.

“Kowtow and apologize.”

Jiang Chen still spoke with the same indifferent tone.

“I’m sorry! Kill me now!”

The Tenth Emperor kowtowed three times. Like the Seventh Emperor, he only desired to die now. He had lived a prosperous life. He never thought he’d have to face his own death like this, even in his wildest dreams. Even worse, he was asking to be killed.

“Tenth Emperor, you won’t feel lonely at all. After you die, many more people will accompany you. Many of the Martial Saint Dynasty will die, including the Imperial Emperor. With that, you can all just regroup in h.e.l.l and establish a brand new Martial Saint Dynasty.”

Although Jiang Chen spoke with a calm voice. However, his determination to annihilate the Martial Saint Dynasty was firm, which could be sensed from his voice.


The Heavenly Saint Sword sliced through the Tenth Emperor’s head, beheading him. This head was actually useful to Jiang Chen.


Yuan Long’s mind had completely collapsed, and both of his eyes had turned red. His half body was trembling violently as he turned toward Jiang Cheng’s head and kowtowed three time. However, he had lost all ability to speak, much less apologize.

“This the fate of you from the Martial Saint Dynasty. You should never have provoked me.”

Jiang Chen never showed his enemies any mercy. Jiang Cheng’s life was much more precious than the lives of these people, and since Jiang Cheng was now dead, many of these people would have to follow him. These three men were just the first.

Jiang Chen sliced off Yuan Long’s head, then waved his hand and unleashed a flame, burning all three bodies to ashes. After that, he simply stored all three heads into his storage ring.


All of the Golden Guards were miserably crying out as the result of the Ice Demon King’s brutal attacks. None of them were able to withstand a single blow from it. More than half of these Golden Guards had been killed by the Ice Demon King, while some who tried to flee were killed by Yan Chenyu.

“Ice Demon, chop off all the Golden Guards’ heads. It’s a gift for a certain someone.”

After giving the order to the Ice Demon King, Jiang Chen took off toward where the Jiang family was located.

All the people present were still immersed in shock. They had witnessed the brutal approaches of their young master when the Jiang family was fighting the Murong family, but judging from what they saw just now, their young master’s approaches had become even more brutal than before.

“This is amazing! Young master Jiang Chen is really frightening, he has actually grown to this incredible stage in such a short amount of them! Even the formidable Lord Emperors of the Martial Saint Dynasty were no match for him!”

“Don’t bully a man who has nothing; you see, the useless fool of the Fragrant Sky City who was looked down upon by everyone has grown to such an amazing stage!”

“The Jiang family is saved now, this is fantastic! I hope young master Jiang Chen can annihilate that bulls.h.i.+t Martial Saint Dynasty and bring peace back to the Fragrant Sky City!”


Everyone were shocked. Jiang Chen’s transformation was simply too huge. Only two years had pa.s.sed since he left the Fragrant Sky City, and Jiang Chen was only fifteen years old back then, and he was now seventeen.

Having such incredible achievements and cultivation while only seventeen years old. In front of him, who could still claim to be geniuses?

Within the Jiang family!

The Jiang family and Yan family were current out of danger’s way, as Big Yellow had arrived before those few Golden Guards could respond. Big Yellow had killed them, giving them absolutely no chance to strike back.

“Young master, you’re finally back!”

Zhou Beichen’s face was covered with tears upon seeing Jiang Chen. Initially, according to the Seventh Emperor’s plan, he would be next after they killed Jiang Chen. However, because Yan Chenyu showed herself yesterday, they had instead chosen to execute three men from the Yan family. That’s why Zhou Beichen’s life was spared today.

“Uncle Zhou, sorry I’m late.”

Jiang Chen took a step forward and supported Zhou Beichen who could barely stand. All these people were his family; the ones closest to him.