Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 423 – The Imperial Emperor’s Fury

Chapter 423 – The Imperial Emperor’s Fury

Chapter 423 – The Imperial Emperor’s Fury

Near the border of the Southern Continent, a white figure could be seen streaking across the sky at an incredible speed. This white figure was none other than Jiang Chen who was currently rus.h.i.+ng back to the Eastern Continent.

While streaking across the sky, Jiang Chen suddenly felt an emotional turmoil. This feeling was similar to the one he felt when he was killing Blood Devils back in Yellowstone.

“d.a.m.n it, I hate this feeling! I hope nothing bad is going on.”

Jiang Chen cursed. He then started using the Dimensional s.h.i.+ft at its full power, instantly doubling his speed. It would take him at least two weeks in order to return to the Eastern Continent, provided he wasn’t delayed by anything along his journey. A journey like this where he did nothing but fly forward at maximum speed was really boring, so Jiang Chen simply retrieved the third broken part of the Heavenly Saint Sword.

“Whenever I forge a broken part with the Heavenly Saint Sword, its strength will increase significantly. I have now found three of them, and perhaps I’ll only be able to find the last four in the Divine Continent. I’ll now forge all three of them together, that will give the Heavenly Saint Sword the strength of a King Weapon, more than enough for me to fight some ordinary King Weapon.

Jiang Chen thought to himself. He was very confident in the Heavenly Saint Sword. Furthermore, after obtaining this third broken part, he now had the ability to produce Nine Solar Holy Water whenever he wanted.

The material that was used to produce the Heavenly Saint Sword was extremely powerful, therefore it was very difficult to forge it together. However, Jiang Chen was different. He was the master of the Heavenly Saint Sword, and his life was connected to its very source. Also, not only did he possess the True Dragon Flame, he also had the Heavenly Thunder Flame. With the combination of these two flames, the strength he could utilize was unimaginable. With the help of his two flames and Great Soul Derivation skill, forging the Heavenly Saint Sword was just a piece of cake.

While Jiang Chen was simultaneously rus.h.i.+ng back and forging the Heavenly Saint Sword, a storm had erupted in the Martial Saint Dynasty.

Within the Martial Saint Dynasty’s main palace, the Imperial Emperor was looking at the Crown Prince who was laying on the floor with a vicious expression. The Crown Prince was unconscious, and his precious thing had been cut off. This was a deadly injury for any man. Although the Crown Prince was a Late Combat Soul warrior, he was still unable to withstand this severe pain, and combined with the great insult and fury he felt, he had fainted on the spot.

Within the main palace, a couple of emperors, as well as Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi were present. None of them dared breathe loudly. They were no idiots; they all knew the Imperial Emperor was at the brink of exploding with fury. Although he wasn’t showing it on his face; now was not the time to do anything that might provoke him.

“Tell me, who did this?”

The Imperial Emperor asked with an extremely cold voice, causing all those who heard it to feel as if they had been brought into a freezing cellar. It was the pressure of a Combat King warrior leaking out from his body that gave everyone that suffocating feeling. It was the huge gap between the Combat Soul realm and Combat King realm; a pressure that only a supreme existence could emit.

The Imperial Emperor was furious; there was no way he could remain calm! The Crown Prince had been castrated; this had never before happened in the Martial Saint Dynasty. The Crown Prince was to be the next Imperial Emperor, but he had now been castrated. And, things weren’t as simple as that. This was a heavy blow to the Imperial Emperor’s face; a huge challenge to the entire Martial Saint Dynasty.

And aside from this, the Crown Prince was the Imperial Emperor’s own son; he was a son the Imperial Emperor was very proud of. If not for this, the Imperial Emperor wouldn’t have made him the Crown Prince. Now, the Imperial Emperor very own son had been castrated by someone. As a father, it wasn’t difficult to imagine how angry he was.

A Late Combat Soul Golden Guard suddenly kneeled down on the floor and spoke with a trembling voice, “Imperial Emperor, when I found the Crown Prince, he was still conscious, and he said that it was Yan Chenyu who did this to him.”

“I thought that Yan Chenyu was only an Early Combat Soul warrior? How could she possibly have hurt the Crown Prince?!”

The Imperial Emperor’s voice became louder and louder as he spoke

“I have no idea; that’s what the Crown Prince told me before he fainted.”

The Golden Guard told truthfully.

“Imperial Emperor, this is a huge insult to the Imperial Sovereignty, we can’t let this matter off the hook so easily!”

The Seventh Emperor took a step forward and said loudly.

“Imperial Emperor, I’m sure this has something to do with Wu Jiu! When the Crown Prince went to the Martial Palace to announce the Imperial Decree today, Wu Jiu tore the Imperial Decree in front of everyone, completely ignored the Imperial Emperor’s Imperial Sovereignty! That Yan Chenyu even conspired with Wu Jiu and a.s.saulted the Crown Prince! Perhaps Wu Jiu was behind the Crown Prince’s injury! I suggest the Imperial Emperor pa.s.ses down an Imperial Decree to capture Wu Jiu and all the others who are related to Jiang Chen, and then punish all of them with a death sentence, especially that Yan Chenyu!”

The Tenth Emperor said with a vicious expression.

Although Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi only showed indifferent expressions, they were laughing with great joy inwardly. They never thought things would develop to this stage! The Crown Prince had been castrated, and with that, no one would be able to escape! The Imperial Emperor would definitely not forget about this matter. This result was much better than the one they wanted.

“Wu Jiu, I have treated you nicely, I never thought you’d conspire with an outsider to hurt your own family!”

The Imperial Emperor clenched his fists tightly until cracking sounds could be heard. After that, he turned to everyone and said, “Announce my Imperial Decree; proceed to the Martial Palace and capture Wu Jiu, Yan Chenyu, and all others related to them! Tale all of them down, and if they fight back; kill them on the spot!”

“Understood, Imperial Emperor!”

Everyone cupped their fist toward the Imperial Emperor and left the main palace. This time, all the emperors and Late Combat Soul Golden Guards set off together. The Imperial Emperor was clearly serious this time.

After all these people left, the Imperial looked at the Crown Prince who was laying on the floor. Killing intent started leaking from his body, “How dare you do this?! I’m going to kill you all!”

Martial Palace.

It was late in the afternoon. The storm brought by the earlier incident had yet to settle down, the entire Martial Palace was still in a restless state. Everyone were discussing what happened, and what would happen. However, they knew one thing for sure; their Palace Chief was done for!

The Martial Palace belonged to the Martial Saint Dynasty, and it wasn’t owned by any individual. Therefore, although Wu Jiu was the Palace Chief, everything in the Martial Palace was in fact still under the Martial Saint Dynasty’s control. In other words, all the geniuses cultivating here were being prepared for the future of the Martial Saint Dynasty. It didn’t really matter who the Palace Chief. Wu Jiu had been missing for ten years, so there weren’t many people here who were loyal to him. As for those younger generation geniuses, all of them dreamt about becoming one of the Golden Guards. Therefore, they weren’t really concerned about whether or not Wu Jiu died.

Tearing the Imperial Decree was a serious offense. Even if the Crown Prince had let Wu Jiu off the hook, the Imperial Emperor would not let this matter go so easily.

Within the depths of the Martial Palace, Wu Jiu and Xuan Ye stood side by side, as if they were waiting for something. Of course, they still didn’t know that the Crown Prince had been castrated.

“Xuan Ye, do you think the Imperial Emperor will punish me?”

Wu Jiu asked. He did still consider the Imperial Emperor his brother, the same brother as the one he had given up his chance to enter the Island of Ice many years ago for.

Xuan Ye shook his head and said nothing. A bystander was able to view a situation with a clear mind. Xuan Ye was no idiot, and he believe that Jiang Chen was right. Furthermore, as the supreme ruler of the Martial Saint Dynasty, the Imperial Emperor did not wish for anyone to leave any negative marks in his period of life.

“I’ll just wait here. Let’s see what the Imperial Emperor is going to do to me.”

A smile emerged on Wu Jiu’s face, “I just hope Little Yu can escape from that dangerous situation.”

“Don’t worry! Little Yu is not a reckless girl, I’m sure she’ll find a way to escape.”

Xuan Ye said.

Right after Xuan Ye finished speaking, dozens of powerful auras suddenly appeared from a distance. Those powerful auras quickly arrived in the sky above the Martial Palace. All of them were unleas.h.i.+ng their formidable energy; they were all Late Combat Soul warrior. Those among them who wore golden robes all belonged to the upper echelons of the Martial Saint Dynasty, and they sat at the top in terms of status and position. These people were all the emperors, brothers of the Imperial Emperor!

“Let’s go.”

Seeing this, Wu Jiu started flying toward those men. Xuan Ye quickly followed after him. Xuan Ye’s heart had sunk to the bottom; he never expected to face such a grand scene. Furthermore, these men clearly came here with bad intentions.

“Do as the Imperial Decree says; arrest Wu Jiu!”

When one of the emperors saw Wu Jiu, he immediately shouted out.

Right after his words escaped his mouth, all the other men immediately moved. The surrounded Wu Jiu and Xuan Ye, trapping them and preparing to strike.

“Hold on.”

Wu Jiu was still calm and composed, and no signs of panicking could be seen. “Is this what the Imperial Emperor wants?”

“Of course! Wu Jiu, you’ve committed a terrible crime! The Imperial Emperor can no longer tolerate your actions! This is the Imperial Decree personally pa.s.sed down by the Imperial Emperor; we’re here to arrest you!”

The Seventh Emperor said with a loud voice.

“Good, good! You don’t have to do it, I’ll surrender by myself.”

Wu Jiu let out a loud laughter, a laughter filled with sorrow.

“Wu Jiu; that is your best option. Let me ask you; where are Yan Chenyu and her friends?”

The Tenth Emperor asked.

“It was me who tore the Imperial Decree, it had nothing to do with them.”

Wu Jiu said.

“Nothing to do with them? What a joke! Looks like you still have no idea what is going on. Let me tell you what happened. Yan Chenyu launched a sneak attack at the Crown Prince, and with a cruel approach she castrated him. Right now, he lay unconscious in the main palace! Not only are they involved directly in this matter, more people will be involved soon as well! This is an offense that will result in all their family members being killed! Wu Jiu, hurry up and hand them over to us!”

The Seventh Emperor said.


Wu Jiu and Xuan Ye cried out in shock at the same time. They now understood why the Imperial Emperor was angry enough to send so many mighty warriors to the Martial Palace; the Crown Prince had actually been castrated by Yan Chenyu.

Wu Jiu and Xuan Ye couldn’t help but tremble. Who would have thought that a young girl like Yan Chenyu was decisive enough to cut off the Crown Prince’s p.e.n.i.s? Not only that, how did she even manage to do it?

Of course, how Yan Chenyu managed to do those things was not important anymore. What happens next was the important question. Wu Jiu clearly understood the importance of the Crown Prince. It was just like the Seventh Emperor had said; Yan Chenyu’s actions would drag many people into a terrible heap of trouble.