Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 422 – Big Yellow's Peerless Fart

Chapter 422 – Big Yellow's Peerless Fart

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Chapter 422 – (t.i.tle hidden)

Regardless of whether or not Yan Chenyu was trying to fool the Crown Prince, the powerful attack coming from his back was real, and it forced the Crown Prince to turn around immediately. What he saw terrified him greatly.

What he saw was a gigantic monster completely made from solid ice, and it had launched another powerful and extremely fast attack, just like before.


The Crown Prince cried out in shock. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, as he had just killed this monster with his golden halberd. However, not only was the monster no dead, it had appeared in front of him once again, and without any injuries! Although the Crown Prince was rich with extraordinary experience, he had never faced such a bizarre situation before, and he had never met such a weird monster either.


The Ice Demon King let out a furious roar as it crashed down toward the Crown Prince like a gigantic ice mountain, attacking in a fearless manner.

“Ice Cage, trap him!”

Of course, Yan Chenyu wouldn’t let go of this opportunity to combine attacks with the Ice Demon King. She immediately unleashed a white mist which then turned into an ice cage that enveloped the Crown Prince from above.

“You two are not fit to fight against me!”

The Crown Prince was extremely angry. He once more retrieved his golden halberd. The razor sharp halberd was like an invincible weapon, and it immediately destroyed the ice cage unleashed by Yan Chenyu.

Yan Chenyu’s ice cage was a frightening skill, and even a Mid Combat Soul warrior would be trapped for it. However, the gap between herself and the Crown Prince was too big, so Yan Chenyu was no match for him. All she could do was disturb the Crown Prince, taking a supportive role while the Ice Demon King took the main role.

Although the Ice Demon King was not the Crown Prince’s match either, it was an immortal existence, and if it kept resurrecting, the Crown Prince’s state of mind would definitely be greatly distracted. Not only that, it would also consume the Crown Prince’s combat strength, as he wasn’t able to fight infinitely.

The Crown Prince swung his golden halberd, slicing the Ice Demon King in half once again. However, in the following second, another intact Ice Demon King appeared once again, just like the one that the Crown Prince had just killed. Its energy had not weakened at all, and it was no weaker than when it had first started fighting him.

“d.a.m.n it, am I fighting a ghost now?!”

The Crown Prince couldn’t help but curse. Anyone would have cursed if they had to face this monster. No matter how formidable a person was, what could he do when faced with an immortal existence?


Moments after the Ice Demon King appeared, the Crown Prince killed it once again with his golden halberd. However, the Ice Demon King’s ability to resurrect was too powerful; it could appear immediately after being killed.

After being killed by the Crown Prince more than ten times, the Ice Demon King was still br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy. It was simply an existence that couldn’t be killed.”

“f.u.c.k you!”

The Crown Prince cursed while gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth. He felt like he was about to go nuts. He felt that even if this monster just stood there to let him kill it, he wouldn’t have any ways of killing it. The Ice Demon King’s ability to hide its demon soul and resurrect immediately when it was close to the Dark Ice Talisman was very terrifying, as not everyone had mastered the Great Soul Derivation skill, and not everyone were like Jiang Chen, a reincarnated Saint.

For a long time, Yan Chenyu and the Ice Demon King kept attacking, locking the Crown Prince down in a fight. The more he fought, the more depressed he became. Towards the end, he was simply yelling around, his mind greatly distressed. He was extremely p.i.s.sed off. What could he possibly do to win this fight?

Faced with this duo, the best way for the Crown Prince to win was to first kill Yan Chenyu, and then find a way to kill the Ice Demon King. But of course, the Crown Prince wouldn’t do that. This was the girl he had used a lot of effort to get, and he hadn’t even been able to touch her hand, so how could he possibly kill her now?

The Crown Prince’s mind was greatly distressed by the Ice Demon King’s immortality. He had completely forgotten the fact that he could just capture Yan Chenyu and use her as his hostage. In fact, capturing Yan Chenyu was a piece of cake for the Crown Prince.

But too bad, the Crown Prince’s mind was in a complete mess right now. He just kept fighting with the Ice Demon King, trying his best to completely kill this monster. Therefore, he didn’t try thinking about other strategies. Little to his knowledge, if he kept fighting like this, he would eventually enter a disadvantageous position, because no matter how strong he was, his energy would deplete at some point of time, and this was the result Yan Chenyu was waiting for.

None of them had realized that a sneaky big yellow dog had appeared not far away from them, carrying an evil smile on its face.

“Jiejie, Little Yu has become more sinister after learning from us. She fooled the Crown Prince into following her here before fighting him. That monster is truly terrifying, it really can’t be killed at all. Compared to the Ninelife Crystal Beast in Inferno h.e.l.l, it is much more horrifying. I wonder how Little Chen made it surrender to him.”

Big Yellow murmured to himself. He had actually arrived quite some time ago, and he had seen the three fight for a while, but he had yet to do anything.

This was a clever dog. The reason why he hadn’t attacked yet was because he had yet to find a good timing. Big Yellow knew one thing; although he had just broken through to the Combat Soul realm, his combat strength was at most similar to Yan Chenyu’s. If he joined the fight, they still wouldn’t be able to defeat the Crown Prince.


The Crown Prince suddenly let out a furious roar. Using his golden halberd, he shattered the Ice Demon King once more and knocked Yan Chenyu more than 30 meters back.

“This is it!”

Big Yellow’s eyes lit up. He immediately unleashed his wings of light and dashed out with great speed. He had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.

The Crown Prince who was greatly distressed had not expected a big yellow dog to suddenly jump out from hiding. As Big Yellow was flying toward him with incredible speed, when the Crown Prince finally noticed this uninvited guest, all he could see was a perfectly round dog b.u.t.t covered with golden fur purposely shaking at him.

In the following moment, the Crown Prince felt as if the dog but suddenly double in size. After that, an extremely wicked sound entered his ears.

“Big Yellow’s Peerless Fart!”

Before these words had completely left his mouth, a thunderous sound immediately emerged from the perfectly round dog b.u.t.t. It was even louder than the sound of thunder.


Just this sound alone was enough to make someone deaf. However, the real frightening part was definitely not this sound, but the green air that shot out from the dog’s b.u.t.t. That’s right, green air, or better, just a fart.

The green air shot out like a missile, instantly exploding around the Crown Prince, causing him to be completely covered with a green mist.

Everything happened so fast and so unexpectedly. Therefore, the distressed Crown Prince didn’t even have the chance to respond. The green mist had hit him without much effort. With the Crown Prince’s strength, if he was at top shape, he might have been able to dodge this attack. However, since Big Yellow had aimed for this perfect opportunity, he obviously wouldn’t give the Crown Prince any time to react.



“What the f.u.c.k?! This f- blergh! f.u.c.k y- blergh!”

The Crown Prince was completely furious, and his image as a Crown Prince was completely gone. He started vomiting out like crazy while cursing and yelling as much as he could. Although he tried running away from the green mist, it was just like a shadow that couldn’t be escaped. No matter where the Crown Prince went, it just kept following him, and there was no way he could get rid of it.


Big Yellow turned around and laughed into the sky, “How does this master dog’s fart taste?”

Yan Chenyu stood next to Big Yellow with furrowed brows. Even though she stood far away from the Crown Prince, she was still able to smell that foul odor. This dog’s fart stank like h.e.l.l, it wasn’t difficult for her to imagine what kind of inhumane torture the Crown Prince was going through right now!

“Puppy dog, you…”

Yan Chenyu was overwhelmed. Only now did she remember that Big Yellow had told her about his newly awakened innate ability after breaking through to the Combat Soul realm. During that time, she only felt that the way Big Yellow told her about it was pretty obscene, and now she finally understood; this innate ability couldn’t be described as obscene at all.

Big Yellow’s Peerless Fart, just the name alone was enough to make anyone faint. Looking at the way the Crown Prince was being tortured, it wasn’t difficult to tell how powerful this fart was.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d- blergh! I- blergh! Want to kill you… blergh…”

The Crown Prince felt like he was going to go nuts soon. He never knew there was an existence underneath the heavens that could let out such a heavenly defying fart.


The Crown Prince couldn’t take it any longer. With all his effort, he finally managed to get rid of the green mist. However, he wasn’t in a good shape right now, as he was breathing rapidly, and both his eyes had turned red.

“Let’s attack, don’t give him any chance to recover!”

Big Yellow shouted out. Without having to be informed by him, the Ice Demon king had already arrived in front of the Crown Prince. It used its gigantic fist to deliver a punch straight onto the Crown Prince’s chest.


The Crown Prince had just used up all his strength to get rid of Big Yellow’s fart, causing him to fall into a defenseless state. There was no way he could withstand the Ice Demon King’s heavy blow. Blood instantly shot out from his mouth, and his body was like a kite with no string as he was sent flying uncontrollably.


Yan Chenyu immediately chased up. In her hand there was another icy sword made from solid ice. Without heisting, he simply slashed it toward the Crown Prince’s crotch.


The razor sharp icy sword slashed through the Crown Prince’s crotch. He could only feel a s.h.i.+vering sensation before something very important to him fell off from his body. Blood instantly burst out from his wound, smearing his pants red.

As if the Crown Prince had noticed something, he instantly let out a miserable blood-curdling shriek. It was a man’s most important part, and if it was cut away, no matter how heavenly defying a pill was, there was no way he could grow it back.

The Crown Prince immediately yelled out crazily after fear and pain struck him. He knew he had been crippled, this was something that no man had could accept, and it had actually happened to him. How was he going to live his life in the future?

“Let’s just kill him.”

Yan Chenyu said.

“Don’t kill him, we have to spare his life. Lord Jiu is still staying at the Martial Palace, and if we kill the Crown Prince now, the Imperial Emperor will immediately explode with fury, and Wu Jiu will be the first one to face that disaster. Look at him, I’m sure him being in this state is a fate worse than death.”

Big Yellow said.

Chapter 422 - Big Yellow's Peerless Fart