Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 424 – Guilty by Association

Chapter 424 – Guilty by Association

Chapter 424 – Guilty by a.s.sociation

“That girl is extremely impulsive. This time we’re going to have to face serious consequences.”

Wu Jiu couldn’t help but let out a long sigh.

“Lord Jiu, why are you still defending the Dynasty? In fact, even if Little Yu didn’t hurt the Crown Prince, the situation we’re facing right now would still be unavoidable. The Imperial Emperor wants to get rid of you, and since the Crown Prince can’t get Yan Chenyu, he will definitely be crazy about it. The Seventh Emperor, Shangguan Clan, and Myriad Sword Sect are determined to kill Jiang Chen. In the end, none of us were able to escape their evil plan. Therefore, in my opinion, even if Yan Chenyu killed the Crown Prince directly, the consequences would still be the same, and this was all in Jiang Chen’s prediction. The only thing different is that they came much faster than he had expected.

Xuan Ye said after letting out a long sigh. Although he was part of the Martial Saint Dynasty, he didn’t work directly underneath the Dynasty itself. He would only follow Wu Jiu for his entire life. Since the Imperial Emperor was going to stand against Wu Jiu, Xuan Ye’s impression toward the Martial Saint Dynasty had sunk to the bottom.

“Wu Jiu, don’t waste our time, hurry up and hand over all those related to this event! That includes your son, Wu Lang! He has to follow us to the Martial Saint Palace and receive the Imperial Emperor’s punishment!”

The Tenth Emperor said with a loud voice.

“All of them have left, I’m the only person you’re looking for who is still staying in the Martial Palace.”

Wu Jiu said, showing no signs of fearing the situation on his face.

“What?! They’ve escaped?”

The third emperor who hadn’t yet said anything suddenly scolded.

“Hmph! Search every inch of the Martial Palace and find them! If they fight back, kill them on the spot!”

The Seventh Emperor coldly harrumphed. Right after he finished speaking, Shangguan Sheng, Tiangang Yi and the others immediately started flying toward the Martial Palace. A few of the emperors also started searching for the people they were seeking. They didn’t believe Wu Jiu.

Seeing the situation, Wu Jiu suddenly felt that Yan Chenyu had made a wise decision earlier today. Her actions gave Han Yan and the others enough time to run away from this place. If she hadn’t done that, none of them would have been able to escape.

Wu Jiu’s face was covered with indifference. He believed that with Han Yan and the others’ abilities, they would have already found a hiding place where no one would be able to find them. These people searching for them in the Martial Palace were simply just wasting their time.

It didn’t take much time for these Late Combat Soul warriors to search every inch of the Martial Palace. When they returned, one could easily tell from their expressions that they hadn’t found anything.

“They’ve escaped from here.”

Shangguan Sheng said.

“Hmph! This continent is ruled by the Martial Saint Dynasty, there is no way they can run away from us! Let’s go, we’ll bring Wu Jiu back for now.”

The Third Emperor coldly harrumphed. He then started flying toward the Martial Saint Palace with all his men, as well as Wu Jiu and Xuan Ye following.

“Oh heavens, did you guys hear that? The Crown Prince has been castrated by Yan Chenyu! Is this for real?”

“It was mentioned by the emperors, so I’m sure it really happened! I never expected that weak and gentle looking Yan Chenyu to actually be such a fierce girl!”

“The question is; how did she do it? The Crown Prince is the commander of the Golden Guards, and he’s a Late Combat Soul warrior! With Yan Chenyu’s strength, even if it was a sneak attack, I can’t see how she could have possibly done it. This is really strange.”

“The Palace Chief is done for. Something so serious has happened to the Crown Prince, I’m certain the Imperial Emperor is furious right now. All those people who are related to Jiang Chen will be dragged in this matter as well. This is too frightening, I’m lucky I’m not friends with any of them.”


Martial Saint Palace!

When Wu Jiu was brought to the palace, the Crown Prince had already awakened and was sitting on a rattan chair. Although he still looked to be in great pain, he had overall recovered a lot. The Crown Prince was after all a Late Combat Soul warrior, and although he had now become a eunuch, his ability to recover was still not something those ordinary people could compare with. The main reason why he fainted previously was because he felt humiliated.

Even at this point of time, the Crown Prince was still unable to accept the fact that he had been castrated. Whenever he felt pain coming from his crotch, he would immediately roar out furiously then gnash his teeth in anger as both his eyes turned red. When he saw Wu Jiu, he felt a strong desire to leap forward and bite him.

Seeing the Crown Prince’s miserable state, even Wu Jiu couldn’t help but feel a bit of pain. No man could withstand this kind of injury, let alone the Crown Prince.

“Imperial Emperor, we’ve brought Wu Jiu here, but all the others have escaped.”

The Third Emperor said.

“Imperial Emperor, I’m sure Wu Jiu planned all of this a long time ago, that’s the reason why they had time to escape!”

The Seventh Emperor said in a vicious manner.

“All of you must go find that b.i.t.c.h Yan Chenyu for me! I want to peel her skin off while she’s still alive!”

The Crown Prince was extremely agitated. Unconsciously, his voice had actually become sharp and high pitched, lacking the manner of a man. As if having sensed the transformation of his voice, the Crown Prince started trembling. This was an insult, the greatest insult a man could suffer!

“Old Jiu, you’ve disappointed me.”

The Imperial Emperor turned to Wu Jiu and said with a cold and eerie voice.

“What is the Imperial Emperor’s plan for me?”

Wu Jiu asked.

“You have torn the Imperial Decree and conspired with our enemies to hurt the Crown Prince! Each one of these crimes is a capital offense! However, I won’t be killing you now, I’ll imprison you in the Heavenly Jail and focus my time on those d.a.m.ned people!”

The Imperial Emperor said.

Being imprisoned in the Heavenly Jail seemed like nothing, but Wu Jiu could clearly see a killing intent in the Imperial Emperor’s eyes. He knew that the Imperial Emperor would kill him sooner or later.

“Issue an arrest warrant; find that Yan Chenyu and her friends! Anyone who are related to her will have all their family members slaughtered; no survivors left behind!”

Word by word, the Imperial Emperor pa.s.sed down his orders. His words immediately caused Wu Jiu and Xuan Ye’s expressions to change dramatically. They never thought the Imperial Emperor would approach this matter in such a vicious manner.

“Imperial Emperor, I am the one who did all of this! If you want to kill someone, please kill me now! This matter has nothing to do with them!”

Wu Jiu hastily said. This wasn’t a joke! Too many innocent people would die because of this order! Anyone who were related to Yan Chenyu, Jiang Chen, and the others would be killed. The punishment wasn’t just focused on them, but all their family members.

If this order was truly pa.s.sed down, the Black Sect would be the first to face this disaster. Even the Jiang family and Yan family on the other side of Mount Origin, as well as all those related to them would be dragged into this matter.

What’s even worse, the familiar of Yu Zihan, Guan Yiyun, and all the others would all be involved in this as well! This was how serious the order was! Too many innocent people would be dragged into this matter, and the consequences were unimaginable!

“You’ll face your death soon enough.”

The Imperial Emperor glared at Wu Jiu and said. After that, he turned to the others who stood within the palace, “Old Third, Old Forth, Old Seventh, Old Ten, Shangguan Sheng, Tiangang Yi; I’ll let all of you handles this matter. I want the family members of all those related to this incident dead; I want no survivor!”

The Imperial Emperor had never been this angry before. Even Yan Chenyu hadn’t expected this to happen; her castrating the Crown Prince bringing such serious consequences.

Wu Jiu and Xuan Ye staggered and felt dizzy. Now, they had no ability to stop this. With the Imperial Decree pa.s.sed down by the Imperial Emperor; many innocent lives would be sacrificed, and blood would flow like rivers. It was really difficult to imagine how Jiang Chen would react when he returned and found out about this.

“Understood, Imperial Emperor.”

The emperors accepted the order while cupping their fists toward the Imperial Emperor.

“Imperial Emperor, I don’t think this is the right decision.”

Tiangang Yi said.


The Imperial Emperor furrowed his brows. He was in a really bad mood right now, so Tiangang Yi’s doubt regarding his decision made him angry.

“Please don’t get angry, Imperial Emperor. Yan Chenyu has committed a terrible crime, and she has to face the punishments you’ve announced! However, Imperial Emperor, you’ve forgotten one man; Jiang Chen.”

Without delaying, Tiangang Yi quickly elaborated.

“Jiang Chen?”

The Imperial Emperor’s eyes trembled. It wasn’t until now that he finally recalled that miraculous young man.

“That’s right, Jiang Chen. That guy has extraordinary potential, and I’ve never met anyone like him in my entire life. All those people we’re about to kill are related to him. Now, Jiang Chen is nowhere to be found. In my opinion, we should put the punishment on hold temporarily and just keep all those people in captivity. We’ll use them to lure Jiang Chen out of hiding and let none of them escape. If we kill all of them in one go, Jiang Chen will definitely be very enraged. If he just hides somewhere for a couple of years and return for revenge once he has obtained a mighty cultivation, perhaps he will bring a catastrophe to the entire Martial Saint Dynasty.”

Shangguan Sheng added. What these people were most worried about was naturally Jiang Chen.

Shangguan Sheng and Tiangang Yi’s words caused Wu Jiu to silently let out a sigh of relief. As long as they didn’t kill everyone now, there would still be chances to save these people once Jiang Chen returned. He would definitely find a way to save them! Wu Jiu was very confident in Jiang Chen. This little brother of his was capable of creating countless miracles; it seemed like there was nothing he couldn’t achieve. If Jiang Chen was here, he wouldn’t let such a tragedy play out.”

The Imperial Emperor furrowed his brows. If it was any other man, he wouldn’t even have bothered to think twice. However, since the man was Jiang Chen, he would definitely have to take it into consideration. He had personally witnessed how amazing Jiang Chen was! With just a Divine Core cultivation, Jiang Chen had been able to seal the Dimensional Crack. He knew no one other than Jiang Chen capable of such a feat. A young seventeen year old man at the Peak Divine Core realm with the combat strength to kill Mid Combat Soul geniuses, this kind of talent, even the Imperial Emperor was far from being able to compare to him when he was at the same age.

If he had to get rid of a genius like this, he would have to do it as early as possible. Therefore, Tiangang Yi and Shangguan Sheng’s words made sense to him. If they killed everyone now, Jiang Chen would definitely go into hiding and return after a couple of years when he had obtained a mighty cultivation. At that point of time, perhaps no one in the Martial Saint Dynasty would have the ability to defeat that abnormal genius, and he might really bring a catastrophe to the Martial Saint Dynasty.

As long as they didn’t kill those important to him, Jiang Chen would definitely show himself upon learning about this, and then they would be able to take him down and eliminated the huge potential future threat.

“Imperial Emperor, what Clan Chief Shangguan and Sect Chief Tiangang said is correct. We need to think twice before we act; that Jiang Chen is a real threat to us.”

The Seventh Emperor said.

“If that is the case, just do as you suggested. Keep everyone that are related to this in captivity, and spread news in order to lure Jiang Chen out.

After spending some time thinking, the Imperial Emperor finally made up his mind.

“Find that b.i.t.c.h Yan Chenyu and give her to me! That d.a.m.ned dog as well!”

The Crown Prince furiously roared out. Every time he recalled that d.a.m.n dog, he felt like he was about to go nuts.