Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 421 – Sudden Strike

Chapter 421 – Sudden Strike

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Chapter 421 – Sudden Strike

Outside the Martial Palace, while on their way back, the Seventh Emperor and the rest of the men were laughing out loud. Today was a really joyful day for them.

“Old Jiu is finished this time! He always thinks so highly of himself! He thought that by helping the Imperial Emperor so many years ago he is exempted from the punishment of offending the Imperial Sovereignty! Little to his knowledge, he has actually provoked the Imperial Emperor, and now, by tearing the Imperial Decree with his own hands, he has just given the Imperial Emperor a perfect reason to get rid of him.”

Said the delighted Tenth Emperor.

“That Jiang Chen didn’t appear even at a time like this, it looks like he really isn’t in the Martial Palace. That man is a dangerous man, we have to lure him out and kill him; we can’t give him any more room to grow!”

Shangguan Sheng said.

“No worries. No matter how frightening that Jiang Chen is, he just can’t take on the entire Martial Saint Dynasty by himself. The Crown Prince has the main role in the event, and if Jiang Chen fights him, that will be equal to fighting the entire Martial Saint Dynasty.”

The Seventh Emperor said, expressing his disdain for Jiang Chen.

“Regardless, let’s spread the news about Yan Chenyu and the Crown Prince. We need to lure Jiang Chen out! Faced with a genius like him, only killing him can make us feel at ease. If not, if he hides somewhere for a couple of years, he might break through to the Combat King realm, and at that point of time, even the Martial Saint Dynasty will be unable to defeat him.”

Tiangang Yi said.

“Dad, what Sect Chief Tiangang said is correct. This Jiang Chen is an extremely dangerous man; we have to kill him as soon as possible!”

Wu Cong’s eyes flickered viciously. He had personally tasted how frightening Jiang Chen was. Although he was Jiang Chen’s enemy, he had to admit that if Jiang Chen was given enough time, he would grow into a ferocious enemy who would bring them devastation.


Within the Martial Palace. After Wu Jiu returned, he immediately went to wake Wu Lang who was in secluded cultivation. After that, both of them gathered with Han Yan and the rest.

After Wu Lang learned what had happened, his expression instantly changed.

“How could this have happen?!”

Wu Lang nearly shouted out loudly. He had never thought so many things could possibly happen while he was in secluded cultivation. Today’s events was even a risk to the lives of all these people.

“Lang’er, there is a secret door behind the Martial Palace. I want you all to leave right now, go away as far as you can. Until Jiang Chen returns, do not show yourselves in public.”

Wu Jiu said in a serious tone.

“Lord Jiu, what about you?”

Han Yan asked.

“I can’t leave. I really want to see if the Imperial Emperor will attack me like brother Jiang Chen said.”

In fact, Wu Jiu had in fact become more aware of the situation. He did relate all of the recent events to what Jiang Chen had told him. He had never expected Jiang Chen to actually be right.

“Lord Jiu, don’t be so naïve. Today’s Imperial Decree was clearly a trap set specifically for you. I’m certain the Imperial Emperor wants to do something to you, because you’ve offended his sovereignty.”

Han Yan said.

“He’s right! Father, let us leave here together! There is nothing left in the Martial Saint Dynasty that we care about, and since the Imperial Emperor has done this to us, there is nothing we need to consider.”

Wu Lang added. Although Wu Jiu was the Martial Saint Dynasty’s Lord Ninth Emperor, he had only married a single wife and had a single son. Wu Lang’s mother pa.s.sed away a long time ago, and ever since then, he and Wu Jiu had just stayed in the Martial Palace, they didn’t even have a mansion in the Martial Saint Dynasty like all the other emperors. Therefore, there was nothing worth staying here for.

“Lord Jiu, let’s leave this place together!”

Xuan Ye also tried to persuade him.

“Things aren’t as simple as you guys think. We have no idea if Little Yu can escape from the Crown Prince’s captivity, so I can’t leave now. Furthermore, if we all just leave like this, I’m sure the Imperial Emperor will issue an order to have us killed. I can be of big use if I stay here, and besides, I don’t truly believe that the Imperial Emperor will harm me.”

Even now, Wu Jiu still had hope in the kins.h.i.+p between himself and the Imperial Emperor.

“Dad, if you don’t leave, I will stay back as well.”

Wu Lang said with a serious expression.

“Just leave with Han Yan and the others. If something bad truly happens to me, at least my bloodline will still go on.”

Wu Jiu glared at Wu Lang.

“Lord Jiu, I have been following you my entire life. Therefore, even if certain death lays ahead, I will still want to die together with you. So, don’t ask me to leave with them.”

Xuan Ye said with a casual expression, expressing his determination to follow Wu Jiu.

Wu Jiu stared at Xuan Ye. After some time, he let out a long sigh and said, “Xuan Ye, you’ve suffer a lot by following me.”

Wu Jiu patted Xuan Ye’s shoulder. He knew that Xuan Ye was very loyal to him, and that there was no way he could chase him away. When he was trapped in Inferno h.e.l.l for ten years, Xuan Ye had spent the same amount of time staying there, always looking for him, and Wu Jiu would never forget that. In Wu Jiu’s mind, Xuan Ye was no longer his subordinate, but his own brother.

Han Yan and Big Yellow both sighed at the same time. They knew Wu Jiu would refuse to leave, and that it was useless to keep persuading him. However, they still had to leave no matter what. If not, Yan Chenyu’s risky decision would have been for nothing.

Finally, Han Yan and the others took the secret pa.s.sage hidden behind the Martial Palace and left. Although Wu Lang didn’t want to leave, he had no choice.

Outside of Mount Wufu, near a desolate field, this group of people were just as gloomy as this place was desolate.

“We’re out, but where should we go now?”

Yu Zihan asked, feeling extremely sullen.

“Let’s find a secret place and hide for now. We’ll keep close watch on the situation.”

Big Yellow suggested.

“I wonder how Little Yu is going to get herself out from that dangerous situation. The Crown Prince isn’t someone who’s easy to deal with.”

Han Yan said in a worried manner.

“You guys leave this place first, I’ll go check on her situation.”

After saying that, Big Yellow moved, disappearing from the scene.

“Brother Yan, will Big Yellow face any danger?”

Guan Yiyun worriedly asked.

“Don’t worry, that dog is very clever, and it’s not easy to kill him.”

Han Yan was very confident in Big Yellow. The dog was very smart, and there weren’t many people underneath the heavens who had the ability to kill him.


On the other side, along the way going to the Martial Saint Dynasty from the Martial Palace, there was a mountain range. Yan Chenyu who was flying at an incredible speed suddenly slowed down and fell behind the Crown Prince.

A cold glint flickered within her eyes. Without hesitating, she simply unleashed an icy sword and threw it at the Crown Prince’s back.

As if the Crown Prince had noticed the attack, he instantly turned around and delivered a powerful punch onto the icy sword, causing it to immediately shatter.

“How dare you attack from my back?!”

An angry expression immediately emerged on the Crown Prince’s face.

“It’s a shame I didn’t kill you with that attack.”

Yan Chenyu responded with an extremely cold expression. Although she was able to defeat any Mid Combat Soul existence with her Early Combat Soul cultivation and Nine Yin Meridians, but when she was faced with the Crown Prince, she was not a match for him at all. Not only that, the Crown Prince had also reached the Late Combat Soul realm; the gap between their cultivations was simply too big. Only Jiang Chen who was an abnormal genius capable of attracting Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm could defeat someone like the Crown Prince.

“Good! Yan Chenyu, although I am so in love with you, you actually deceived me, and you also tried to attack me! Looks like I can’t be courteous with you any longer!”

The Crown Prince’s expression changed. With a sneer on his face, he started walking step by step toward Yan Chenyu.


Yan Chenyu coldly harrumphed. She then waved hear sleeve, unleas.h.i.+ng dozens of icy sword toward the Crown Prince at the same time.

“I never expected you to have a unique physique! You’re really making me like you more and more! However, it’s too bad, you are simply too weak; you are unable to pose any threat to me! In front of me, you’re just a tame sheep waiting to be slaughtered!”

The Crown Prince licked his lips as an evil smile emerged on his face. He casually unleashed a bright beam, shattering all the icy sword thrown out by Yan Chenyu.

“b.i.t.c.h! Since you don’t appreciate my kindness, I’ll just make you my woman right here!”

The Crown Prince finally showed his true colors.


Suddenly, an extremely powerful wind swept toward the Crown Prince from his back, causing his expression to instantly change. This wind was much stronger than Yan Chenyu’s attacks. Without hesitating, the Crown Prince quickly turned around and was met a 30 meter tall gigantic monster throwing its huge fist toward his face.

The Crown Prince didn’t dare neglect this attack, because he had noticed one thing; not only did this monster who came out of nowhere have a weird appearance, it also carried a powerful aura. It was in fact a Late Combat Soul existence.

But regardless of that, the Crown Prince was a mighty warrior by himself. With incredible reflexes, he immediately threw out a powerful punch in order to counter the attack. The punch carried a tremendous force, and not only did it s.h.i.+ne brightly, it had also merged with his formidable combat skill. The two punches quickly collided.


The atmosphere was shaking violently from this incredible collision. The gigantic monster was the Ice Demon King that was let out by Yan Chenyu.

Tap, tap, tap…

The Ice Demon King was knocked back a couple of steps before it could stabilize its body. Although it had a formidable cultivation, it was unable to withstand the Crown Prince’s attack, who was also a Late Combat Soul warrior.

Right as the Ice Demon King was knocked back, Yan Chenyu’s attack arrived from behind the Crown Prince. She had unleashed a razor sharp sword that was condensed from her Dark Ice Energy, and she was slas.h.i.+ng it toward the Crown Prince’s body.

The Crown Prince waved his hand, retrieving his golden halberd. Then, he simply turned around and swung his weapon, instantly shattering Yan Chenyu’s attack.


The Ice Demon King would never give the Crown Prince any opportunity to hurt Yan Chenyu. With incredible speed, it leapt toward the Crown Prince, arriving in front of him in an instant.

“Yan Chenyu, I never expected you to have this monster helper. No wonder you had the courage to attack me. However, if you think this is your savior, you’re just being naïve! I’ll let you witness my abilities, and after killing this monster, I’ll settle everything with you.”

With imposing energy and the golden halberd in hand, the Crown Prince thrust the halberd forcefully into the Ice Demon King’s head.

Although the Ice Demon King possessed tremendous strength, it didn’t know how to use any combat skills. Therefore, it was no match for someone as strong as the Crown Prince. Of course, the Ice Demon King did have its own incredible ability. It was nearly impossible to kill, even more so when it was around Yan Chenyu, almost making it an immortal existence.


After the golden halberd pierced the Ice Demon King’s head, a powerful force erupted from it, instantly shattering the Ice Demon King’s body.

“It can’t even withstand a single blow.”

The Crown Prince then turned around and looked at Yan Chenyu, “So this is your savior? It’s too weak!”

“Is that so? Turn around and see for yourself.”

Yan Chenyu said with an indifferent tone.

When the Crown Prince was about to tease Yan Chenyu for playing with him, he suddenly felt another powerful energy coming from his back, causing his expression to change once again.