Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 420 – I’ll Leave With You

Chapter 420 – I’ll Leave With You

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Chapter 420 – I’ll Leave With You

The Crown Prince was extremely aggressive, and he had arrived at the perfect time, as if everything had been carefully planned. This was clearly a trap for Wu Jiu. The Crown Prince was a clever man, and he knew what the Imperial Emperor was thinking. In order to get rid of Wu Jiu, all he needed was just an excuse.

Tearing the Imperial Decree, this was a huge offense! It was more than enough reason to kill the Ninth Emperor a few times.

“Hmph! You dare arrest me? I’m going to meet the Imperial Emperor now!”

Wu Jiu showed no signs of being afraid. In his life, he had never been scared of anything. He had promised Jiang Chen to protect all of his friends, and if anything bad happened to Yan Chenyu, how was he going to face Jiang Chen when he returned?

“You can meet my father, but I’ll have to tie you up before bringing you there. Men, take Wu Jiu down right now!”

The Crown Prince shouted out.


Over twenty Golden Guards surrounded Wu Jiu. At the same time, the Seventh Emperor, Tenth Emperor, Shangguan Sheng, Tiangang Yi, as well as the Late Combat Soul warrior from the Myriad Sword Sect joined the Golden Guards.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, how dare you attack me?!”

Wu Jiu was furious.

“Old Jiu, just surrender! You’ve torn the Imperial Decree, that’s like slapping the Imperial Emperor’s face; a capital offense! We are just obeying the Crown Prince’s order to bring you in front of the Imperial Emperor to face your judgment.”

The Seventh Emperor said with a sneer on his face.

“What should we do? This is getting serious!”

Guan Yiyun asked with a solemn expression. All the others wore similar expressions as him. No one expected things to develop to this stage in such a short amount of time.

“Don’t you guys see this? That Imperial Decree was in fact declared for Lord Jiu! If the Imperial Emperor really wanted Yan Chenyu to marry the Crown Prince, he would just declare it verbally, there would be no need for him to bring out an Imperial Decree. What Jiang Chen said was right; in the Imperial Emperor’s heart, there is no more room left for Lord Jiu. What happened today was a trap. Lord Jiu is a trustworthy man who cherishes his relations.h.i.+p with Jiang Chen, therefore he would definitely fall into this trap. Sigh…”

Big Yellow let out a long sigh. What happened today was unavoidable.

“What should we do now? Are we just going to watch them bring Lord Jiu away without doing anything?”

Yu Zihan clenched his fists tightly, causing some cracking sounds to be produced. All of them felt guilty regarding today’s events. If they hadn’t come here, Wu Jiu wouldn’t have had to face all of this today.

“Not only Lord Jiu, even we are going to face a crisis soon. The Shangguan Clan, Myriad Sword Sect, and Wu Cong are obviously using the Crown Prince to get rid of us.”

Han Yan said with a pale expression. The situation was now clear to him. Since the Imperial Emperor failed to have Jiang Chen killed when he sent Jiang Chen to repair the Dimensional Crack on Mount Origin, these enemies would never let this matter off so easily. Therefore, they dragged the Crown Prince into their plans.

“Haha, who dares touch me!?”

Wu Jiu showed no signs of being afraid, he still portrayed the same aggressive image as he unleashed a frightening aura from his body. He was already at the peak of the Combat Soul realm, he was just a single step from breaking through to the Combat King realm.

“Hmph! I’ll capture you personally! Wu Jiu, if you surrender now, I can still spare your life and let father sentence you himself! However, if you dare fight back, I’ll kill you on the spot!”

The Crown Prince coldly harrumphed. After that, he took out a golden halberd that looked extremely powerful. As the Martial Saint Dynasty’s number one genius, he did not have any fear of Wu Jiu.

“Hold on!”

A crystal clear voice could suddenly be heard. After that, like a white-clothed fairy, Yan Chenyu flew into the sky, arriving close to these people.

“I will marry you. However, there is one condition; you have to let the Ninth Emperor go.”

Yan Chenyu said.


Her words immediately caused Wu Jiu, Han Yan and the others to cry out in shock. They all looked at Yan Chenyu, shocked.

“No way, I don’t agree with this!”

Wu Jiu said in a stern manner. He knew Yan Chenyu said this in order to save him, but he would never allow Yan Chenyu to surrender herself to the Crown Prince. Even if doing that would allow him to live, he would have no way of facing Jiang Chen.

“Little Yu, come back! We’ll just fight them with our lives!”

Han Yan’s body was covered with powerful devilish energy, and his white hair was fluttering messily, as if he was a devil king waiting to launch his attack. If worse came to worst, he would rather fight them than surrender like this.

“Yea! That Crown Prince is nothing! How dare he try to force Little Yu to be his wife?!”

Yu Zihan’s eyes turned red as he spoke. Guan Yiyun and Tian Yishan who stood next to him were already preparing themselves for a tough fight. Jiang Chen had saved their lives, and since Yan Chenyu was now facing a dangerous situation, there was no way they could just sit back and do nothing.

Only Big Yellow was still able to remain silent without expressing any opinion. He knew about Yan Chenyu and Jiang Chen’s relations.h.i.+p very well, and he believed that Yan Chenyu would rather die than marry someone who wasn’t Jiang Chen. Not only that, Yan Chenyu wasn’t the same naïve girl that she once was when he had just left her home. After having gone through all those life and death experiences, she had completely transformed. Therefore, she must have some plan in mind.

In the sky, when the Crown Prince heard Yan Chenyu finally agreeing to marry him, his face was immediately covered with wild excitement. Now, he only cared about how Yan Chenyu treated him.

“Young lady Yan, what you said is true?”

The Crown Prince turned to Yan Chenyu and asked.

“Yes, I will marry you, but you’ll have to promise me to let the Ninth Emperor go.”

Yan Chenyu said.


Wu Jiu was completely furious right now. He simply unleashed his energy and prepared to launch an attack toward Shangguan Sheng, who stood closest to him.


Yan Chenyu shouted with an indifferent voice. “Ninth Emperor, this is my own matter. No matter who I marry, it has nothing to do with you.”

Yan Chenyu’s voice was cold. However, right after she finished speaking, she immediately sent a message to Wu Jiu, Han Yan and the others through her Divine Sense, “Ninth Emperor, Brother Yan, Big Yellow, I’ll follow the Crown Prince now and leave later. Once I’ve left, you guys need to find a way to run away from this place. Don’t worry about me, I have my own ways of escaping.”

Just as Big Yellow thought; Yan Chenyu was no longer the same naïve girl who had just left her home. After following Jiang Chen for such a long time, she had learned how to calm down. More importantly, she was able to remain calm when facing a critical situation.

Faced with this situation, if she didn’t stand out and say something, Wu Jiu would have been finished, and all of her friends would follow in his footsteps shortly afterwards. The Crown Prince was well prepared for this, and he would definitely not let anyone off the hook. Not only that, Wu Jiu was too impulsive, tearing the Imperial Decree, giving the Crown Prince a perfect excuse to attack Wu Jiu. Because of this, Yan Chenyu pretended to agree to marry the Crown Prince, giving her friends room to leave this place.

Yan Chenyu’s words caused the enraged Wu Jiu to calm down a bit. Only now did he realize that he had almost brought everyone down with his impulsive actions. Not only had he dragged himself into this trap, he had dragged all of Jiang Chen’s brothers as well; the brothers Jiang Chen cherished like his own life.

Finally, Wu Jiu shook his head helplessly. He wouldn’t leave the Martial Saint Dynasty and run for his life, but he had to give Han Yan and the others some time to run away.

“Alright, I promise you.”

The Crown Prince put away his golden halberd and looked at Yan Chenyu with a smile. As long as he could get Yan Chenyu, he was willing to let Wu Jiu off for now. After all, there was no way Wu Jiu could run away from them, and there were still plenty of chances for him to deal with Wu Jiu.

“Crown Prince, Wu Jiu has torn the Imperial Decree, that’s a capital offense.”

The Seventh Emperor looked at the Crown Prince and said.

“Seventh Imperial Uncle, I’ll report Wu Jiu’s crime to father accordingly. Today is a happy day for me, you guys just go back to where you came from.”

The Crown Prince waved his hand, causing all Golden Guards to fall back. As the commander of the Golden Guards, the Crown Prince was their boss. Therefore, these Golden Guards would obey anything the Crown Prince said.

The Seventh Emperor and the others retreated as well. Although they weren’t happy about Wu Jiu not getting a.s.saulted today, they were no idiots. They knew they couldn’t make the Crown Prince unhappy. And besides, Wu Jiu tearing the Imperial Decree had been witnessed by many; Wu Jiu would be punished sooner or later.

“Young lady Yan, now can you come to the Crown Prince Palace with me?”

The Crown Prince turned to Yan Chenyu and showed her what he thought was the gentlest smile he could muster.


Yan Chenyu nodded her head and arrived next to the Crown Prince. Without hesitating, the Crown Prince tried putting his arm around Yan Chenyu’s waist. However, his move was immediately noticed by Yan Chenyu. She avoided the grab and said, “Crown Prince, I’ve agreed to marry you, but before we are officially married, I hope the Crown Prince can show me some respect.”

“Alright, sorry for being rude.”

The Crown Prince quickly responded with a smile. Inwardly, he was actually cursing at Yan Chenyu. However, he actually liked a girl who was being conservative and protected her own purity at all costs, because the more difficult it was for him to touch Yan Chenyu, the more excited he got.

“I’ll let you be pure and lofty for now. In three days, you’ll be officially married to me, and I’ll let you taste my strength.”

The Crown Prince thought to himself. In his mind, he had already began imagining how he was going to bring Yan Chenyu under his control.

“Let’s go.”

Yan Chenyu said.

After saying that, they both flew into the sky and left, followed by all the Golden Guards who came with the Crown Prince.

Seeing this, Yan Chenyu immediately stopped and spoke with a frown on her face, “I want to be alone with the Crown Prince; you guys just leave us alone.”

Hearing this, all the Golden Guards immediately turned to the Crown Prince, as they only obeyed the Crown Prince’s orders.

“Didn’t you guys hear what young lady Yan said? We want to be alone, why are you still following us?”

The Crown Prince scolded those Golden Guards. After that, the Golden Guards simply bowed toward the Crown Prince and started flying in another direction.

The Crown Prince didn’t take what Yan Chenyu said to heart, as Yan Chenyu was just a girl with an Early Combat Soul cultivation. Even if she was given a pair of wings, it would be impossible for her to escape from him.

“Crown Prince, let’s go now.”

After saying that, Yan Chenyu and the Crown Prince turned into two trails of light and disappeared from the scene.

Wu Jiu stared into the direction where the two of them had disappeared with a gloomy expression. He turned around and glanced at the Seventh Emperor and the others, then shouted with a loud voice, “Get the h.e.l.l outta here!”

“Hmph! Old Jiu, don’t you be so arrogant now! You have committed a capital offense by tearing the Imperial Decree! Sooner or later, the Imperial Emperor will give you your rightful punishment!”

The Seventh Emperor coldly harrumphed.

“Do you believe I won’t tear you apart like I did the Imperial Decree?”

Wu Jiu said with a fierce voice. He was like a lion on the brink of exploding with fury, as if he could go on a rampage at any moment.

“Let’s go!”

The Seventh Emperor brought the other men and left. All of them knew how strong Wu Jiu was, and they didn’t want to have any unnecessary conflicts with him right now. After all, they had completed today’s goal, and sooner or later, Wu Jiu would be gone.