Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 419 – Tearing the Imperial Decree

Chapter 419 – Tearing the Imperial Decree

Chapter 419 – Tearing the Imperial Decree

Early morning, next day!

Within the deepest area of the Martial Saint Dynasty, the Crown Prince arrived at the Imperial Emperor’s bedroom early in the morning.

“My son, why are you here so early? Is there anything urgent?”

The Imperial Emperor asked. He really liked his son. Having such a strong cultivation at his young age, there was a high possibility that his son would surpa.s.s his own achievements in the future.

“Father, the reason I came here is to ask something from you.”

The Crown Prince bowed toward the Imperial Emperor.

“Oh? Is there something you can get within the Martial Saint Dynasty? Tell me.”

The Imperial Emperor was surprised. With the Crown Prince’s status and position, within the entire Martial Saint Dynasty, even the entire Eastern Continent, there seemed to be nothing he couldn’t get if he truly wanted.

“Father, your son has recently fallen in love with a girl.”

The Crown Prince went straight to the point.

“Being liked by my son is that girl’s fortune.”

The Imperial Emperor wasn’t surprised. He knew his son very well, and what kind of hobbies and weaknesses his son had. He was the one who knew the most. In the eyes of the Imperial Emperor, being l.u.s.tful wasn’t something bad. All men underneath the heavens were fond of women. Furthermore, the Crown Prince would become the next Imperial Emperor in the future. It was perfectly normal for him to have many wives.

“Father, this girl belongs to the Martial Palace and is under the Ninth Emperor’s protection. If I use force on her, I might offend the Ninth Emperor. Therefore, I have no other choice but to ask for your help.”

The Crown Prince had run out of patience toward Yan Chenyu. He had visited her so many times during the last days at the Martial Palace, but not only had she given him a cold shoulder, she had also openly expressed her disgust toward him. This was a heavy blow to the Crown Prince’s face. He had never faced such a setback in his life before. However, his strong will to conquer her had been ignited after seeing how difficult it was to put his hands on her.

Therefore, the Crown Prince didn’t want to wait any longer. He only desired to make Yan Chenyu his girl as soon as possible.

“Ninth brother again.”

The Imperial Emperor furrowed his brows. Whenever someone mentioned the Ninth Emperor, he would begin feeling uneasy, especially when the Ninth Emperor was against him. That only made this feeling even stronger.

“Father, the Ninth Emperor has always thought he has earned great merits for what he did. He is so arrogant, and he doesn’t even take you seriously! This is something that is hurting your, the Imperial Emperor’s sovereignty! Father, you’re the emperor of the Martial Saint Dynasty, the true Imperial Emperor! You can’t just act according to how Wu Jiu wants you to!”

The Crown Prince said in a gloomy manner.

The Crown Prince’s words were like sharp needles poking right into the Imperial Emperor’s heart. It instantly caused his expression to turn solemn, and a cold gleam to leak from his eyes.

“Fine, my son. I will declare an Imperial Decree; you’ll be married to that girl!”

The Imperial Emperor said. With a flip of his palm, a silky fabric than shone with a golden glow immediately appeared in front of him. After that, the Imperial Emperor simply waved his hand and wrote his Imperial Decree down on the silk fabric, giving it to the Crown Prince when he was done.

“Thank you, father!”

The Crown Prince rejoiced with wild excitement. The reason why he didn’t use force on Yan Chenyu was because he didn’t want any conflicts with Wu Jiu. But now, with this Imperial Decree from the Imperial Emperor, he could do anything he wanted. Who would dare object the marriage announced by the Imperial Emperor himself?


Around noon, six powerful men suddenly appeared in the sky above the Martial Palace. They immediately alerted many people in the Martial Palace, including Yan Chenyu and her friends. When all of them saw who these people were, their expressions immediately changed dramatically.

“Something big is going to happen with the arrival of these people.”

Someone said with a low voice. There were six men who had appeared in the sky, and each of them looked poised and dignified. The leading man was Prince Wu Cong, and the other men were the Seventh Emperor, Tenth Emperor, Shangguan Clan’s family chief Shangguan Sheng, Myriad Sword Sect’s sect chief Tiangang Yi, and a respectable Late Combat Soul Elder from the Myriad Sword Sect.

All of these men were existences that could cause an entire territory to shake just by stomping their feet.

With a warm smile on his face, Wu Cong flipped his palm and retrieved the golden Imperial Decree. After that, he turned toward Yan Chenyu and shouted, “The Imperial Decree is here! Yan Chenyu, proceed here to accept it!”

Wu Cong shouted with a loud and clear voice, allowing all in the Martial Palace to hear what he said.

“That’s the Imperial Emperor’s Imperial Decree! Why has the Imperial Emperor procured an Imperial Decree personally for Yan Chenyu?”

“Yan Chenyu is Jiang Chen’s wife, I don’t think she has anything to do with the Imperial Emperor?”

“Who knows? All these men have grudges against Jiang Chen, perhaps it isn’t something good.”


Many people were surprised by this sudden event. The Imperial Emperor was a man who sat high above all. Even if he wanted to do something, he would just instruct verbally. It was rare for him to declare an Imperial Decree like this.

Within the courtyard, Yan Chenyu, Han Yan and Big Yellow all had a bad feeling about this.

“What’s going on?”

Right at this moment, a loud shout suddenly resounded. The majestic looking Wu Jiu suddenly flew up from the Martial Palace, arriving in front of Wu Cong and the others.

“I was ordered by the Imperial Emperor to announce his Imperial Decree here. Uncle Jiu, don’t you think you should bow upon seeing this Imperial Decree?”

Wu Cong told Wu Jiu while holding the Imperial Decree in hand.

Wu Jiu furrowed his brows and looked at the Imperial Decree. He could easily tell that this was a genuine Imperial Decree; there was no way they could have fake it. Therefore, Wu Jiu immediately bowed toward the Imperial Decree and said, “Why does the Imperial Emperor want to declare this Imperial Decree to Yan Chenyu?”

“Of course, this is something that everyone has to celebrate! The Crown Prince has his eyes set on young lady Yan Chenyu! Therefore, the Imperial Emperor has made this Imperial Decree for their marriage! Yan Chenyu and the Crown Prince will be married in the Crown Prince Palace in three days! Uncle Jiu, this is great news, don’t you know? Every single girl underneath the heavens dream about this!”

Wu Cong’s smile was so big that his eyes could barely be seen. Although he was congratulating for this incident, he was actually portraying a complacent att.i.tude.


Wu Jiu instantly cried out in shock.

Yan Chenyu and Han Yan’s expressions changed dramatically at the same time as well.

“f.u.c.k you!”

Han Yan couldn’t help but curse. Their worst nightmare had finally arrived. Now, with the Imperial Decree personally declared by the Imperial Emperor himself, the matter had gone to the worst possible state. Perhaps even the Ninth Emperor would be unable to do anything about it now.

At this moment, Yu Zihan, Guan Yiyun and Tian Yishan who were in secluded cultivation left their courtyards and came to Yan Chenyu’s courtyard. They too had heard the Imperial Decree, causing their faces to be covered with anger.

“d.a.m.n it, how could this happen?!”

Yu Zihan clenched his fist tightly.

“f.u.c.k! Asking Little Yu to marry that bulls.h.i.+t Crown Prince, this is bulls.h.i.+t! We’d rather fight them all!”

Han Yan’s white hair was fluttering around. Not only would Yan Chenyu herself never agree to marry the Crown Prince, Han Yan would never agree either.

“We can never agree to this! Who does that Crown Prince think he is? He is no match for Little Yu!”

Yu Zihan was a man with a fiery temper as well. On the other side, Guan Yiyun and Tian Yishan were furious as well. But at the same time, they all knew this matter was going to be very difficult to solve.

A cold and stern expression covered Yan Chenyu’s face, but she simply remained silent.

In the sky, Wu Cong threw his glance to Yan Chenyu and said with a smile on his face, “Young lady Yan, quickly come over and accept the Imperial Decree! The Crown Prince will later come here to fetch you personally! Becoming the Crown Prince’s wife is an ultimate honor! Young lady Yan, you really have to appreciate this lucky moment in your life!”

“No way!”

Before Yan Chenyu could say anything, Wu Jiu became the first one to jump in.

“Old Jiu, are you trying to object the Imperial Decree?”

The Seventh Emperor said in a cold manner.

“I said no way! Yan Chenyu is a married woman! She and Jiang Chen got married long before this; how can she be married to the Crown Prince?!”

Wu Jiu said. He actually had no idea whether or not Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu were married, but one thing was for sure; he couldn’t let the Crown Prince marry Yan Chenyu, as no one would be able to withstand Jiang Chen’s fury!

“So what if she’s married? All that matters is that the Crown Prince likes her.”

Wu Cong responded with a smile.

“I said there is no way! Tell the Crown Prince to give up on his l.u.s.tful thoughts! Give me that Imperial Decree!”

Wu Jiu moved and appeared right in front of Wu Cong. He stretched his arm forward and s.n.a.t.c.hed the Imperial Decree within a split second. Wu Cong was scared by this action, and quickly hid behind the Tenth Emperor.

“Old Jiu, what are you trying to do? How dare you s.n.a.t.c.h the Imperial Decree?!”

The Tenth Emperor shouted out loudly.

“Not only this mere Imperial Decree, even if the Imperial Emperor came here himself, I would leave no room for negotiation on this matter!”

Wu Jiu was extremely aggressive. With both hands, he instantly tore the Imperial Decree into pieces. Wu Jiu was a trustworthy man, and since Jiang Chen had saved his life form the Poisonous Miasma s.p.a.ce, he began treating this brother of his as one of the most important parts of his life. He owed Jiang Chen his life. Therefore, in a critical moment like this, he wouldn’t any hesitation, even if it ended up being at the cost of his own life.

Wu Jiu knew how important Yan Chenyu was to Jiang Chen, and if something bad happened to her while Jiang Chen wasn’t around, he would simply be unable to face Jiang Chen.

“Ridiculous! Wu Jiu, you’re really daring! How dare you tear the Imperial Decree?! This is a capital offense!”

The Seventh Emperor unleashed his energy and shouted at Wu Jiu. At the same time, what just happened brought a storm to those who were watching. Tearing an Imperial Decree to pieces was something that had never happened before. Perhaps in the entire Martial Saint Dynasty, Wu Jiu was the only one who could have done it, as this was a capital offense where death was the only punishment!

“Lord Jiu is such a trustworthy man, I like him!”

Yu Zihan felt a strong desire to prostrate himself in front of Wu Jiu in admiration.

“Sigh, we’re done for.”

However, Big Yellow just shook his head and let out a long sigh. Jiang Chen had actually told him about what happened in the Martial Saint Dynasty. Although Wu Jiu had a prestigious status, the Imperial Emperor had ill feeling toward him, The reason why the Imperial Emperor declared this Imperial Decree was to show his powers to Wu Jiu, letting Wu Jiu know he was the ultimate ruler of this land, and that his sovereignty was not to be challenged. But now, not only had Wu Jiu objected his Imperial Decree, he had also torn it publicly. This was equal to slapping the Imperial Emperor’s face openly, and it had also given the Imperial Emperor a perfect excuse to execute Wu Jiu.

“Hmph! I’m going to see the Imperial Emperor now!”

Wu Jiu coldly harrumphed and prepared to fly toward the Martial Saint Dynasty.

“No need.”

At this moment, another figure suddenly emerged from afar. It was a handsome young man dressed in a golden robe. Behind them was a few dozen golden guards, all dressed in golden armor. The Crown Prince had finally arrived.

“Wu Jiu, you’ve torn the Imperial Decree in front of everyone, that’s the same as slapping the Imperial Emperor’s face in public! This is a capital offense! I, as the next Imperial Emperor, will take you down in front of everyone!”

The Crown Prince acted in an extremely aggressive way.