Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 418 – Something Is Going To Happen

Chapter 418 – Something Is Going To Happen

Chapter 418 – Something Is Going To Happen

“You’re leaving so soon? Why don’t you stay for a few more days? We’ve neglected you all this time, so do give us a chance to show our hospitality.”

Learning that Jiang Chen was leaving, Nangong Yunfan felt a bit reluctant to let him. He did wish to cultivate an even better relations.h.i.+p with a genius like Jiang Chen.

“Dad, Little Chen still has some important matters to attend to. We’re really lucky for him to have come to the Southern Continent this time. Since our family’s crisis has been settled, it’s time for him to return.”

Nangong Wentian said. No one here knew what Jiang Chen was facing except him. The situation in the Eastern Continent was unfavorable to Jiang Chen, so he needed to be present in the Martial Palace and Martial Saint Dynasty to face his own problems.

The situation was considered stable for the Nangong family. There was no way for Nangong Yunzheng to do them any more harm after the battle. As for the Profound River Palace, without the attraction of the family’s secret treasure, they wouldn’t involve themselves in the Nangong family’s internal affairs any longer. Furthermore, the situation in the Southern Continent was quite tense right now. The war between the Demon King Palace and the Dancing Sun City had p.i.s.sed off the Demon King Palace, and they would sooner or later go to war with the Profound River Palace. Tied up by their rivals, the Profound River Palace would have no time for the Nangong family.

Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to provide much help even if he stayed. Furthermore, he also needed to rush back to the Eastern Continent to settle his own problems.

“Alright, if that is the case, I won’t be keeping you here any longer. Once nephew Jiang Chen has settled all your matters, do come visit us here; allow me to show our hospitality.”

Nangong Yunfan said.

“Certainly, uncle.”

Jiang Chen responded with a smile.

On the same night, within Nangong Wentian’s courtyard, two men were standing side by side.

“Little Chen, thank you for helping me this time. However, I really wish to know one thing.”

Nangong Wentian asked.

“If it’s regarding the broken sword, you better not ask, because I have no idea how I should answer you.”

Jiang Chen knew what Nangong Wentian wanted to ask. This was the first time that the broken sword had flown out by itself. Not only that, Jiang Chen was also able to produce so much Nine Solar Holy Water. Therefore, even an idiot would be able to tell that there must be some unusual relations.h.i.+p between Jiang Chen and the broken sword.


Nangong Wentian casually shrugged his shoulder. He did want to know what Jiang Chen’s relations.h.i.+p with the broken sword was, but since Jiang Chen didn’t want to explain, he gave up pursuing the answer.

“Little Chen, how are you going to return to the Eastern Continent? Can you still find the Teleport Formation we used?”

Nangong Wentian asked.

“I can’t. The bronze plate can only let me find the exact location of the Island of Ice. Although the Island of Ice is constantly moving around, it will always remain in the ocean surrounding the Eastern Continent. Therefore, I will have to fly back on my own.”

Jiang Chen said.

“That is going to cost you a lot of time…”

Nangong Wentian furrowed his brows.

“That’s right. With my previous speed, if I flew without stopping a single time, it would take me at least two months to return. However, since I’ve broken through to the Combat Soul realm now, combined with the help of my movement skill, I’ll be able to get there in about two weeks.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. He was very confident in his own speed. Following his breakthrough to the Combat Soul realm, his Dimensional s.h.i.+ft skill had become stronger. Of course, before he broke through to the Combat King realm where he could utilize the Dimensional Laws, he would be unable to unleash the full power of the skill. However, since it was a really advanced skill, it was still able to provide a great boost to his speed, and once Jiang Chen broke through to the Combat King realm in the future, he would be able to fully unleash the power of his Dimensional s.h.i.+ft.

“Little Chen, my family’s situation isn’t really stable right now, so I won’t be going back with you this time. Once I’ve settled all matters here, I’ll proceed to the Eastern Continent and help you.”

Nangong Wentian said.

“Alright. You better put more effort into your cultivation. Once I’ve settled all matters in the Eastern Continent, we’ll proceed to the Divine Continent and continue our journey there.”

Jiang Chen patted Nangong Wentian on the shoulder.

“The Divine Continent.”

Nangong Wentian’s expression became serious. The Divine Continent was a sacred land, the heart of the Saint Origin Realm, and it was also the biggest land in this realm; the place all warriors dreamt about going!

“That’s right. As men who live in this world, we do not ask to live forever, but I can always aim to become as dazzling as a shooting star. Since there is a richer world out there, why don’t we spend our lives experiencing it? Our pa.s.sion will never die; the Divine Continent is the place where true warriors can be found! A Combat King warrior is nothing in that land, so we have to work really hard in order to land our feet there! Therefore, brother; keep working hard!”

Jiang Chen turned to Nangong Wentian and smiled at him. After that, he simply turned into a trail of light and disappeared into the night sky. He had finally begun his journey back home.

“Pa.s.sion and excitement… I, Nangong Wentian lack those.”

Nangong Wentian murmured to himself as he stared into the direction Jiang Chen had disappeared into. He suddenly felt his blood starting to boil violently. At this point of time, he had finally given himself a big goal to work for.

Nangong Wentian remained standing underneath the bright moon. After some time, he turned around and proceeded to enter secluded cultivation. He knew one thing was for sure; with his cultivation and talent, he might be considered a genius in the Southern Continent, but once he arrived at the Divine Continent; he was nothing!

Jiang Chen was finally on his way back to the Eastern Continent. He was worrying about what would happen back in the Eastern Continent, as he had too many enemies there. The Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect would never give up their hopes of revenge. He was just hoping that nothing bad had happened during the period where he wasn’t around.

In fact, Jiang Chen cared little to none about the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect. These two superpowers were at most up to par with the Nangong family, and with Jiang Chen’s current strength, he could annihilate both of them with ease. What made Jiang Chen worry the most was the Martial Saint Dynasty, as that was the real mammoth.


Eastern Continent! Within a unique courtyard in the center of the Martial Palace, two powerful energies suddenly appeared. The energies turned into two bright beams and shot into the dark night sky, and they only disappeared after some time had pa.s.sed. Following that, two figures walked out from two separate rooms. One of them was a handsome young man dressed in blue clothes and white hair. The other one was a mighty being with golden fur. These two were none other than Han Yan and Big Yellow!

Right at this moment, the energies of these two were clearly much stronger than it had previously been. They exchanged glances and immediately started laughing out loud together.

“Brother Yan, Big Yellow, congratulations for breaking through to the Combat Soul realm!”

Yan Chenyu emerged from her room after sensing the powerful energies. When she saw that Big Yellow and Han Yan had both broken through to the Combat Soul realm, a joyful expression immediately emerged on her face.

“This guy actually broke through at the same time as me!”

Big Yellow said with a laugh. A few days ago, he suddenly felt sleepy and went straight to his room to sleep. However, he never thought that Han Yan who was in secluded cultivation would break through to the Combat Soul realm at the same time as him. This was something truly worth celebrating.

“The Ancient Divine Devil bloodline has awakened even further. After breaking through to the Combat Soul realm, I’ve become extremely powerful! Now, even a Mid Combat Soul warrior is no match for me!”

Han Yan’s white hair was fluttering in the breeze and he looked extremely confident. The Ancient Divine Devil’s bloodline was similar to Big Yellow’s Dragon Horse bloodline. The further they cultivated, the more frightening they would become.

“Same goes for daddy! Furthermore, after breaking through to the Combat Soul realm, daddy has awakened an extremely frightening innate ability, kaka…”

Big Yellow let out a vicious laugh.


Han Yan couldn’t help but glare at Big Yellow. For some unknown reason, he felt that this dog’s laughter was really dirty. He had no idea what kind of innate ability Big Yellow had awakened, but it must be something really frightening.

“Little Chen has been gone for more than two weeks, I wonder when he’s coming back.”

Han Yan said.

“He went to the Southern Continent, I don’t think he’ll come back here anytime soon. Oh right, Little Yu, has that bulls.h.i.+t Crown Prince disturbed you these few days?”

Big Yellow turned to Yan Chenyu and asked.

The Crown Prince’s name immediately caused Yan Chenyu to furrow her brows as a disgusted expression emerged on her face.

“What Crown Prince?”

Han Yan was startled for a moment and asked.

“The Martial Saint Dynasty’s Crown Prince, the son of the Imperial Emperor! That f.u.c.ker has a crush on Little Yu, and he keeps coming here to disturb Little Yu!”

Big Yellow cursed. He truly hated the Crown Prince.

“The Crown Prince has come here every single day, and he just came this morning. However, I’m feeling as if his patience is about to run out.”

Yan Chenyu said as she furrowed her brows.

“I’m scared something bad will happen soon.”

Han Yan furrowed his brows as well. Although they wouldn’t have to worry about the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect seeking revenge with the help of Wu Jiu, the Crown Prince was no ordinary man. Han Yan had never met the Crown Prince before, but thinking from the perspective of the Crown Prince, he would definitely try his best to get the girl he wanted.

“How about we do it like this; let’s just leave the Martial Palace!”

Yan Chenyu said. She didn’t like that Crown Prince, and ever since he came here with Wu Cong for the first time, he had kept returning every single day.

“Where can we go after leaving the Martial Palace? The entire Eastern Continent is ruled by the Martial Saint Dynasty, it’ll be really difficult for us to escape from the Crown Prince’s watch. Furthermore, if we leave, we’ll have to deal with the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect hunting us.”

Han Yan said.


In the Martial Saint Dynasty, Tenth Emperor’s mansion.

“Has Jiang Chen truly left the Martial Palace?”

Shangguan Sheng asked.

“That’s right. During this period. The Crown Prince has gone to the Martial Palace and disturbed Yan Chenyu every single day, but Jiang Chen has never shown himself. With Jiang Chen’s temper, he didn’t even kneel down before the Imperial Emperor. If he is around, he would definitely have emerged because of the Crown Prince’s constant visiting.”

Wu Cong said.

“This guy actually left the Martial Palace! It’s really dangerous to let him out of our sight! He is incredibly talented, and he grows extremely quickly! If we allow him to continue growing, we’ll soon be in a disadvantageous position. We have to find a way to lure him out!”

Tiangang Yi said with a cold expression.

“But we have no idea where he is right now… how are we going to lure him out?”

The Tenth Emperor said with a frown on his face.

“Don’t worry, we’ll just wait. The Crown Prince has started losing his patience toward Yan Chenyu, so I’m guessing he’ll soon use some dirty tricks on her. At that point of time, it will be difficult to stop things from happening.”

Wu Cong said with an evil smile on his face.