Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 417 – Compensation

Chapter 417 – Compensation

Chapter 417 – Compensation

Nangong Yunfan’s voice was loud enough for everyone present to be able to hear him, and it also let all the lower ranked people in the Nangong family know one thing; there was a hidden family treasure. On in other words, the reason why the Nangong family could rise so rapidly in the past hundred years was because of this treasure.

And many of the ones from the younger generation who had been given Nine Solar Holy Water now finally understood. The source of the Nine Solar Holy Water was this broken sword.

“Nangong Yunfan, do you know what you just said? That is the treasure left behind by our father, the foundation of our family! If our foundation is taken away by someone else, how is our Nangong family going to sustain itself in the Southern Continent?”

Nangong Yunzheng said loudly. He had deliberately planned for everything in order to get the family chief position, to seize possession of that family treasure. He had even leaked the details about this treasure to the Profound River Palace just to get their help. But now, his plans had been destroyed by this man from nowhere. Not only had this guy caused his plans to fail, he now also wanted to take that treasure away. This was something Nangong Yunzheng could never accept.

“Hmph! Eldest brother, you should give up that thought! These are the instructions given to me by our father before he pa.s.sed away! I don’t mind telling you this; I’ve seen the mysterious broken sword with my own eyes before, and Jiang Chen is that fortunate man! Since I am the Nangong family chief, I have the right to decide who gets to own that broken sword, and I am obliged to follow the instructions given to me by our father!”

Nangong Yunfan coldly harrumphed. After that, he turned to Jiang Chen and cupped his fist, “Nephew Jiang Chen, this treasure has finally found its rightful owner. Even without this treasure, the Nangong family will still be able to sustain itself.”

“Rest a.s.sured, uncle. I, Jiang Chen will compensate the Nangong family for its loss.”

Jiang Chen stood on the fighting stage and bowed toward Nangong Yunfan. It seemed wrong for him to take away a family’s foundation, but Jiang Chen had no choice when it came to the Heavenly Saint Sword. As for the losses the Nangong family were going to suffer, he would definitely find a way to compensate them for it. He would never let the Nangong family fall because of losing the possession of this treasure.

“Bulls.h.i.+t! Compensate? What are you going to give us in order to compensate for this huge loss? Can you really take out anything that is equal to this rare treasure?”

Nangong Yunzheng’s eyes had turned red as he roared toward Jiang Chen. Today’s outcome had greatly messed up his mind, as all his planning had been laid to waste in just a single day, and he would have no chance to seize the family chief position any longer.


Jiang Chen’s expression turned cold. He then turned into a trail of light as he shot toward Nangong Yunzheng. In the blink of an eye, Jiang Chen arrived in front of Nangong Yunzheng, and the Heavenly Saint Sword’s cold tip was placed against Nangong Yunzheng’s throat. The razor sharp sword had slightly cut his skin, causing blood to start flowing on the surface of the sword.


Nangong Yunzheng gasped. Only now did he wake up from his previous state. He was incredibly terrified right now. This young man’s formidable strength had reached a level he just couldn’t comprehend, and with his Late Combat Soul cultivation base, he didn’t even have time to respond. Feeling the chilling sensation coming from the tip of the sword, Nangong Yunzheng had no doubts that if this guy had the intentions, his head would have left his neck by now. That also meant he wouldn’t be able to withstand a single strike from this young man. There was no way he could be a match for an existence like this.

“One more word from you and I will kill you.”

Jiang Chen slowly took pulled the Heavenly Saint Sword away as he spoke with an extremely cruel voice. Nangong Yunzheng felt his throat completely dried up now. He wished to speak, but he just didn’t have the courage. He believe that this young man in front of him was not joking with him, as that pair of cold eyes resembled something that could only be seen in the deepest depths of h.e.l.l itself. The killing intent belonging to this young man was something only a man who had killed a lot of people could possess. Beyond any doubts, Nangong Yunzheng believed that if he really spoke another word, this guy would definitely kill him.

On the other side, including Nangong Yunfan and Tu Yi, everyone’s heart trembled. Only now did they realize how stupid they were for looking down on this young man. This was a peerless incredible genius. Honestly, if Jiang Chen wished to, he could just have taken the broken sword away, and no one here would have the ability to stop him.

“Jiang Chen, I’ll come find you again.”

Wu Ningzhu immediately disappeared from the sky after saying that. For her, today’s mission had failed. She didn’t want to get any further involved in the Nangong family’s internal affairs. Of course, the story between her and Jiang Chen was far from over. Since Jiang Chen had removed her veil, it was destined for the two of them to have many stories to tell in the future.

Looking at the direction where Wu Ningzhu had disappeared into, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but let out a long sigh. “My f.u.c.king hands, why did I want to remove her veil? Never mind, since daddy is going to leave this place soon, I guess there won’t be any chance for me to come back to the Southern Continent in the future. Just let the Profound River Palace and Demon King Palace fight themselves.”

Jiang Chen thought to himself. The Nangong family’s internal conflict had come to an end, and he would need to return to the Eastern Continent as soon as possible. It was very easy for him to travel from the Eastern Continent to the Southern Continent, as he could use the Island of Ice’s Teleport Formation. However, it wasn’t that easy for him to return, as Jiang Chen would need to find the exact location of the Island of Ice first. And, as the Island of Ice was hidden at random depths of the ocean surrounding the Eastern Continent, Jiang Chen could only fly on his own in order to return to the Eastern Continent.

But for Jiang Chen, the trip to the Southern Continent was extremely fruitful. Not only had he broken through to the Combat Soul realm, he had also found the third broken part of the Heavenly Saint Sword, something he did not expect at all.

“Let’s go.”

Nangong Yunzheng waved his sleeves and left with his men. Wu Ningzhu had left, therefore it was meaningless for them to continue staying here. Furthermore, with this peerless genius here, if they kept clinging to this matter, they would be the ones to suffer in the end.

Within the Nangong family’s main hall, Jiang Chen had been given a seat at the same level as Nangong Yunfan and sat on the front. In this world where strength meant everything, as long as you had formidable strength, you would receive a high status and be respected by the people.

“Thanks for your help, nephew Jiang Chen. If not for you, the Nangong family would be in great danger right now.”

Nangong Yunfan once again expressed his grat.i.tude toward Jiang Chen. He didn’t mention anything about the broken sword. Nangong Yunfan was a wise man, and he knew it was impossible for him to retrieve the broken sword. This fact together with the instructions given to him by his father, he felt at ease for losing this family treasure.

On the other side, he knew how much potential Jiang Chen had. Maintaining a friendly relations.h.i.+p with a man like this could only bring benefits to his family. Even if he couldn’t achieve this kind of relations.h.i.+p, he wouldn’t risk anything to become an enemy of Jiang Chen.

“I consider Brother Nan’s problems my own. Uncle, please don’t mention it.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

Hearing Jiang Chen say ‘don’t mention it’ caused many lips to curl up. You have taken away our family’s most important item, and now you’re asking us not to mention it? Could you be any more despicable?

Jiang Chen knew what all these people were thinking. He wouldn’t take the broken sword away just like that, he would at least give them something they could use to sustain themselves.

With a flip of his palm, Jiang Chen retrieved a milky white jade pot. In an instant, a pure Yang aura immediately leaked out from the jade pot, causing everyone who smelled it to feel refreshed.

“This is? Nine Solar Holy Water?”

Liang Zhui was the first one to speak out in surprise. All these people belonged to the upper echelons of the Nangong family, and they had been receiving Nine Solar Holy Water for many years, so its aura was very familiar to them. The aura leaking out from this jade pot was clearly the aura of Nine Solar Holy Water.

“Nephew Jiang Chen, this is?”

Nangong Yunfan turned to Jiang Chen and asked.

“This is a pot filled with Nine Solar Holy Water. This pot contains an amount equal to the amount of Nine Solar Holy Water your family has produced for these last hundred years. This is my compensation from taking that broken sword from you. I hope uncle can accept this.”

Jiang Chen handed the jade pot directly to Nangong Yunfan.

“What?! A pot filled with Nine Solar Holy Water?!”

Tu Yi instantly cried out in surprise. Everyone’s eyes were wide open, and they were unable to remain calm any longer. No one were able to remain calm when faced with this much Nine Solar Holy Water. They had no idea how Jiang Chen had done it, but this pot truly contained as much Nine Solar Holy Water as they had gotten in the past hundred years. Faced with this situation, their att.i.tudes toward Jiang Chen had once again changed tremendously. Not only did they no longer feel unsatisfied toward Jiang Chen; they felt grateful instead.

The their family treasure’s most important function was to produce Nine Solar Holy Water, with this pot of Nine Solar Holy Water that could last them for 100 years, losing that treasure was no longer a big deal for them.

For Jiang Chen, although it took him some effort to produce this Nine Solar Holy Water, it wasn’t difficult at all, as the third part of the Heavenly Saint Sword was the one he had forged with the Nine Solar Energies skill in his past life. It had the ability to absorb the sun’s energy and turn it into Nine Solar Holy Water. Since it was now in Jiang Chen’s possession, for Jiang Chen who was an expert in the Nine Solar Energies skill, producing Nine Solar Holy Water would only take him a bit of time.

After Jiang Chen obtained the broken sword, he immediately started producing Nine Solar Holy Water. With this newly produced Nine Solar Holy Water, he could now bring the broken sword away with a peace of mind.

“All of us from the Nangong family will never forget the kindness nephew Jiang Chen has shown us.”

Nangong Yunfan stood up from his seat and prepared to bow toward Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was shocked. Without hesitating, he took a step forward and stopped Nangong Yunfan from bowing. If it was any ordinary man, he would still accept this bow. However, this man in front of him was Nangong Wentian’s father. For the sake of Nangong Wentian, there was no way Jiang Chen could accept this bow. Besides, if this man wasn’t Nangong Wentian’s father, Jiang Chen would have just brought the broken sword and left straightaway, he wouldn’t go out of his way to give them a pot of Nine Solar Holy Water.

“Don’t mention it uncle. Brother Nan and I are good brother who have gone through life and death together, the reason I came here was to help solve the Nangong family’s crisis. Since everything has now been settled, I will not disturb you any longer. I’m going to leave soon.”

Jiang Chen said.