Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 416 – Sudden Change, Third Broken Part of the Heavenly Saint Sword!

Chapter 416 – Sudden Change, Third Broken Part of the Heavenly Saint Sword!

Chapter 416 – Sudden Change, Third Broken Part of the Heavenly Saint Sword!

Fast! The sword was extremely fast! No one could see anything but a trail of light streaking across the sky, leaving behind a trace in the ocean of tunes.


The music instantly stopped, and Wu Ningzhu was greatly frightened. Without lowering her head to look at her zither; she knew that the string had been broken.


In the following moment, Wu Ningzhu felt a cold gleam flash by next to her face. It was an extremely sharp gleam that she had no way to dodge. Right now, Wu Ningzhu had finally experienced Jiang Chen’s true frightening ability; she was nowhere near this man’s level! She believed that as long as Jiang Chen had the desire, he could have removed her head with this strike.

However, right as the cold gleam disappeared, the man in front of her disappeared as well. In the follow moment, all tunes were finally gone, and Jiang Chen had returned to where he originally stood, with his sword in hand. Everything had happened within seconds, it was extremely fast; as if Jiang Chen hadn’t even moved.

But on the opposite side, a string on Wu Ningzhu’s ancient zither had been cut right from its center. The string was made with one of the strongest materials, and it was very difficult to cut. However, Jiang Chen had easily cut it with his sword, and that wasn’t all!

The dark veil covering Wu Ningzhu’s face slowly fell off, as if a warm breeze had just brought it away from her face. A flawless face was revealed to everyone.


Wu Ningzhu cried out in shock. She now finally understood. That cold gleam she felt just now was the sword cutting off her veil. It didn’t hurt her skin while cutting the veil. One needed to be incredibly skilled with the sword in order to accomplish something like that.

However, right now, Wu Ningzhu didn’t focus on admiring that sword strike, she was focusing all her attention on her veil.

“He removed my veil… there really is a man who has lifted my, Wu Ningzhu’s veil…”

Wu Ningzhu was startled and started murmuring, as if she had suffered from great shock.

And right at this moment, everyone were deadly silent. Everyone’s eyes were staring widely at that magnificent face that had been revealed to them. It was definitely a breathtaking face; it looked so unreal.

A pair of bright eyes and pure white teeth. Her lips were so beautiful even without any makeup; her fair skin shone like a dazzling peal. A girl like this was deadly to any man.

“So beautiful! She is indeed the prettiest girl in the Southern Continent!”

“She’s so pretty! How can such a magnificent girl exist in this world? I feel so honored for being able to witness her face!”

“I’ve heard that no man has ever removed Wu Ningzhu’s veil, but this young man just did it. I wonder what will happen next.”


Some instantly started discussing amongst each other, while others were still stunned by Wu Ningzhu’s beauty.

Even Jiang Chen praised Wu Ningzhu’s appearance inwardly. No matter who married that girl, it would be the greatest achievement in the life of that man.

Wu Ningzhu’s expression kept changing, as if she was facing a difficult decision. Jiang Chen removing her veil had clearly left a great impact on her. After some time, Wu Ningzhu finally responded. She raised her head and stared at Jiang Chen; her eyes filled with mixed and complicated emotions.

“You are the first man to remove my veil.”

Wu Ningzhu said with an indifferent tone.

“Just consider it my reward for victory. Wu Ningzhu is truly an outstanding beauty. After witnessing your breathtaking face, even I couldn’t help but feel my heart beating faster.”

Jiang Chen said.

“You, have you started liking me?”

Wu Ningzhu hastily asked. There was actually a longing expression on her face.


Jiang Chen was stunned by Wu Ningzhu’s question, and his brain immediately went blank for a moment. What did this girl mean? Jiang Chen truly started regretting his decision to remove her veil. He already had Yan Chenyu. Jiang Chen was an idiot in terms of love, he just didn’t have any experience.

Furthermore, the only reason why Jiang Chen came to the Southern Continent was to help the Nangong family. He never wanted to build any deep relations.h.i.+ps with anyone here. Although Wu Ningzhu was a beautiful girl, Jiang Chen wasn’t a l.u.s.tful man. Almost all humans loved appreciation beautiful things, and Jiang Chen had only removed Wu Ningzhu’s veil out of curiosity. He never had any thoughts regarding a relations.h.i.+p with this girl.


Right as Wu Ningzhu was about to speak once more, a sudden change happened. A ground-shaking explosion suddenly came from the depths of the Nangong family grounds. It was a huge explosion, and an old building was ruined, causing bits and pieces to be sent flying in all directions.

Nangong Yunfan’s expression changed dramatically. He knew that place was where the Nangong family kept their secret family treasure.

“What’s going on?”

Nangong Yunfan was terrified. That family treasure was protected by the Profound Sun Formation, and it was nearly impossible for any outsider to attack it, let alone it exploding by itself. In the hundred years since the Nangong family had been established, this was the first time something like this had happened.

The expressions of all those from the Nangong family changed, especially those who knew about the family treasure. However, right at this moment, there was a person who even more shocked than anyone from the Nangong family – Jiang Chen!

The Heavenly Saint Sword in Jiang Chen’s hand started shaking violently and issued ear-piercing cries. At the same time, Jiang Chen felt a very familiar aura! It was the aura of the Heavenly Saint Sword! He felt a resonance between himself and the Heavenly Saint Sword!

“The third broken piece of the Heavenly Saint Sword is here!”

Jiang Chen nearly cried out loud.


Right at this moment, a thunderous cry suddenly resounded from the depths of the Nangong family grounds. Following that, the crowd saw a broken part of a golden sword over 30 meters long flying into the sky. The sword shone brightly, and it looked very excited, as if it was a mighty treasure that had been suppressed for a very long time and had suddenly found its master.


The Heavenly Saint Sword in Jiang Chen’s hand issued cries identical to those of the broken sword. The two sword cries immediately echoed at each other, and in the following second, the sword shrank down until it was only about a meter long. Then, it immediately flew next to Jiang Chen and started flying around him, showing off its extreme intimacy.


Jiang Chen joyfully laughed out. With a thought, the broken sword immediately stopped moving, and fell onto his palm. Jiang Chen was extremely excited right now, he never thought he’d see such a big find during his trip to the Southern Continent! He had actually found the third part of the Heavenly Saint Sword!

Even more unexpected, the Nangong family’s secret treasure was in fact his broken sword! In his past life, Jiang Chen had used the Nine Solar Energies skill to forge the Heavenly Saint Sword, and this broken piece in front of him was what he had forged with the skill. Therefore, with the help of the Profound Sun Formation, it wasn’t a surprise that it could produce Nine Solar Holy Water.

This was a huge find! The Heavenly Saint Sword had broken into seven pieces, and Jiang Chen had to find all of them one by one. He was incredibly lucky to have found this piece in the Southern Continent.

“What is that? What a mysterious sword!”

“I don’t know, but it looks like a good treasure! This broken sword emerged from the Nangong family, it should be something that belongs to them. Why did it actually fall into Jiang Chen’s hand?”


Many people were shocked by the sudden turn of events. Wu Ningzhu stared at Jiang Chen’s palm. With her intellect, she was able to guess that this broken sword was the Nangong family’s secret treasure, the reason for why she came here to help Nangong Yunzheng.

“Dad, this!”

Nangong Wentian was terrified as well; this was situation he had never expected. It clearly wasn’t Jiang Chen who had stolen the broken sword, it was the broken sword that had jumped out from where it was kept and fallen into Jiang Chen’s hand.

“That’s the treasure left behind by the old master; the Nangong family’s foundation! We can’t let it fall into the hands of an outsider!”

Tu Yi was really emotional now.

However, Nangong Yunfan was calm and quiet. He kept staring at Jiang Chen without blinking his eyes.

“I remember, dad! When I entered the Island of Ice, Little Chen found a broken sword that looked just like this one, and that broken sword went straight to Jiang Chen, as if it belongs to him!”

Nangong Wentian suddenly remembered what happened on the Island of Ice, and he now understood why this broken sword suddenly came out by itself.

“You rascal! Let go of that broken sword!”

Right at this moment, Nangong Yunzheng shouted at Jiang Chen with a loud voice.

Jiang Chen glared at Nangong Yunzheng disdainfully. The Heavenly Saint Sword was his! And now, it had returned to its rightful master! No one; not even the father of the Heavens could even think about taking it away from him!

“So the reason you came here was to take away our family treasure! Let me tell you this; that treasure is the foundation of our family, don’t you try to take it away from us!”

Nangong Yunzheng said with a loud void and stern expression.

“If I really want to take it away, can you stop me?”

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent voice, throwing a fierce look at Nangong Yunzheng.

Jiang Chen’s words instantly caused Nangong Yunzheng’s body to tremble and him to gasp. He finally recalled how frightening this young man was! With his strength, there was no way he could stop this young man from doing anything. If this young man really wanted to leave, perhaps even all the men of the Nangong family would be unable to stop him.

“Little brother Jiang Chen, I beg you to stay your hand out of pity. For the sake of Wentian; please give us our treasure back.”

Tu Yi said.

His words immediately caused Jiang Chen to furrow his brows. There was no way he would give them his Heavenly Saint Sword. However, Nangong Wentian was his brother, and if he simply took away his brother’s family treasure, how was he going to face Nangong Wentian in the future?

“No need.”

Right at this moment, Nangong Yunfan spoke. His words immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

“Yunfan, what are you talking about?”

Nangong Yunzheng turned to Nangong Yunfan and asked.

“Before father pa.s.sed away, he pa.s.sed his last words onto me. He told me that this treasure is a sentient object, and sooner or later, it would go look for its own master. If one day, a man who is fortunate enough to be able to move this broken sword, no man from the Nangong family is allowed to stop him. Because of this treasure, the Nangong family has been able to enjoy a hundred years of good life, and this is a gift given to us by the heavens. I think everyone saw what happened just now; Jiang Chen didn’t steal our family treasure, it was this broken sword that jumped out by itself and came to nephew Jiang Chen. This is something that has never happened before. Therefore, nephew Jiang Chen is the man mention by father, and if he takes this broken sword away today, it will be a great merit for the Nangong family!”

Nangong Yunfan said with a loud voice.