Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 415 – Lift Your Veil

Chapter 415 – Lift Your Veil

Chapter 415 – Lift Your Veil

Jiang Chen had obtained the Nine Murdering Flood Dragons by accident, and after he absorbed the Flood Dragon’s blood essence, he was able to unleash this skill at its maximum level, causing it to become one of his strongest attacks. With his current strength, he was able to unleash a fourth and a fifth Flood Dragon as well, but since his opponent was Wu Ningzhu, three flood dragons were more than enough, as Jiang Chen had didn’t wish to hurt her.

Faced with the huge incoming Flood Dragon, Wu Ningzhu immediately responded. A bright light appeared around her hand, and the black ancient looking zither instantly appeared. When it appeared, she began plucking on the strings and unleas.h.i.+ng numerous tunes, tearing the Flood Dragon into pieces.

“Little brother, looks like your elder sister has underestimated you. Although you’re only an Early Combat Soul warrior, you still have the advantage when fighting me. You are indeed the abnormal monster who attracted Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm, the only genius I’ve ever met to have done that. However, since your elder sister is here on a mission, I won’t be polite with you. Have a taste of my Fantasy Zither Thousandtunes!”

Wu Ningzhu said.

“Wonderhand Thousandtunes Wu Ningzhu, you’ve played your zither well. Just attack with everything you got, I wish to see how strong this Fantasy Zither Thousandtunes can be.”

Jiang Chen said in an imposing manner. With his current cultivation, it was really difficult for him to find any opponent under the Combat King realm. He didn’t even take Wu Ningzhu seriously. Being able to fight the number one genius of the Southern Continent, as well as the prettiest girl; it made Jiang Chen feel somewhat comfortable.


The air was vibrating violently, dancing along with the tunes played by Wu Ningzhu. Countless mysterious looking tunes burst out from the ancient zither. All these tunes were glowing in a wide variety of colors, each tune was unique in both form and color, as if they were filled with magical power. In the blink of an eye, the entire sky above the Nangong family had been covered with these musical tunes. The sky had become an ocean of tunes, causing it to look like something out of a fantasy world.

“Wu Ningzhu does indeed deserve the Wonderhand Thousandtunes t.i.tle. I heard that her tunes are pleasant to ears, but also possess deadly strength at the same time. Look at how beautiful those tunes are! However, if we were to be trapped in the ocean of tunes, I think we’d die immediately. There is no way we would be able to escape from there!”

“Of course, she’s the number one genius of the Profound River Palace! With her Fantasy Zither Thousandtunes attack, it is very difficult for her to find any worthy opponents underneath the Combat King realm. I’ve even heard that the respectable elders of the Profound River Palace are no match for her either.”

“That’s right! The eight great guardians of the Demon King Palace are really frightening, but if it’s a one versus one match, none of them would be a match for Wu Ningzhu! I heard that during the incident in the Dancing Sun City, even three great guardians combined were unable to defeat Wu Ningzhu! In the end, only when four of the great guardians worked together were they able to force her into a critical situation. But luckily, Jiang Chen saved her.”

“Who do you guys think will win today’s match?”

“That’s really difficult to predict. Although Wu Ningzhu is young, she is now a Late Combat Soul warrior. Her Fantasy Zither Thousandtunes skill is like a fantasy that can infatuate anyone. On the other side, that Jiang Chen is even more frightening. Although he’s only an Early Combat Soul warrior, he is an existence that has attracted Heavenly Tribulation! He is an abnormal monster, and there have been no records throughout all of history in the Southern Continent of anyone like him. In their previous exchange, he came out on top. Although he just attacked casually, Wu Ningzhu was forced to take out her ancient zither in order to defend herself. I’m guessing that Jiang Chen still some other terrifying skills up his sleeve. It’s highly possible for him to defeat Wu Ningzhu today, and create a legend for the younger generation of the Southern Continent.”


Everyone was paying all their attention to this match. Most of them were optimistic about Jiang Chen. Although he had just broken through to the Combat Soul realm, he was a man who had killed three great guardians of the Demon King Palace. Furthermore, judging from their first exchange of attacks, Jiang Chen had clearly come out on top.

The sky was filled with a wide variety of colors as well as pleasant melodies. However, when these melodious tunes fell into Jiang Chen’s ears, their tunes immediately changed. As Jiang Chen was Wu Ningzhu’s primary target, not only did these tunes possess devastating strength, they could also affect his mind. If he didn’t pay enough attention, he might be injured badly by them.

However, since Wu Ningzhu’s opponent was Jiang Chen; her Fantasy Zither Thousandtunes was going to fail today.

Faced with the colorful musical notes that were seen everywhere, Jiang Chen simply responded with a faint smile. With a sway of his body, he forcefully waved both his arm, unleas.h.i.+ng the Nine Murdering Flood Dragons once more.


This time, Jiang Chen unleashed fiver silver flood dragons. They immediately let out loud ground shaking roars after appeared, and then charged toward the ocean of tunes in front of them with tremendous force.

Clang, clang, clang…

The tunes acted like countless razor sharp blades as they constantly collided with the flood dragons’ huge bodies, causing endless metal-ringing like sounds to resound, as well as a huge amount of sparks. On the other side, Wu Ningzhu was waving both her palms in front of her, as if she was dancing to her own beautiful music, causing her palms to looks like b.u.t.terflies flying around. With that, she unleashed endless amounts of tunes that looked extremely frightening.

Clang, clang, clang…

The flood dragons and tunes repeatedly clashed into each other. The battle seemed to be in a stalemate at the moment, where neither could defeat the other.

However, on Jiang Chen’s face there was a relaxed expression, as if he wasn’t in a fight, but just playing a game.

On the opposite side, the shock in Wu Ningzhu’s eyes became more and more apparent. This was because, followed by her continuously attacking with the Fantasy Zither Thousandtunes skill, she found out that Jiang Chen wasn’t even distracted by her tunes, and it was the flood dragons that were fighting the powerful tunes.

“Is this guy’s mind really that strong?”

Wu Ningzhu felt like coughing up blood. Her Fantasy Zither Thousandtunes had never failed her. In fact, the most frightening part of the skill wasn’t the destructive power it possessed, but the ability to distract her opponent’s mind. With her current strength, even those elders from the older generation of the Profound River Palace would be affected by this skill. However, it seemed like this skill had no effect on this young man in front of her. This really shocked Wu Ningzhu.

“Dad, Elder Tu, do you see this? Jiang Chen is so relaxed while fighting Wu Ningzhu; this guy is playing around with the prettiest girl in the Southern Continent! As long as he wants to, he can easily defeat Wu Ningzhu in the next second!”

Nangong Wentian said in a prideful manner. Jiang Chen was the man whom he had recommended again and again.

“Nephew Jiang Chen is indeed an incredible genius! Even I have to admire his formidable strength! Wu Ningzhu is not nephew Jiang Chen’s match.”

Nangong Yunfan nodded his head. He was easily able to tell that Wu Ningzhu had been attacking with her most powerful skill; the Fantasy Zither Thousandtunes. However, Jiang Chen had only used one skill so far in the fight, and he hadn’t even shown his Combat Weapon yet.

“This is truly shocking, how can there be such an incredible existence underneath this heaven? I truly underestimated him!”

Tu Yi’s emotions were mixed as he spoke.

“Me too. Such a young hero, it truly is our Nangong family’s fortune that Wentian was able to befriend this kind of man. Jiang Chen is a man with a limitless future!”

Liang Zhui who stood at the sides added his own praise as well. When he recalled the first time he met with Jiang Chen, he couldn’t help but feel ashamed, as he had been throwing sarcastic remarks at this young hero. Now, he felt a desire to slap himself twice. With his strength, Jiang Chen would be able to kill him in just a few seconds. However, not only did Jiang Chen not do that, he didn’t even bother arguing with Liang Zhui. He had been given a lot of face by Jiang Chen.

Suddenly, the colorful musical tunes hovering in the sky disappeared. Wu Ningzhu placed her palm on the zither and stood up in the sky. She had actually stopped all her attacks.

Jiang Chen stopped his attacks as well. In a calm manner, he looked at Wu Ningzhu who stood opposite of him, wondering what kind of tricks this young girl was going to pull.

“What’s going on? Why did they stop fighting? No one has won the match yet, right?”

“I have no idea.”

Everyone who were excitingly watching the match were suddenly startled. No one knew why Wu Ningzhu had suddenly stopped attacking.

“Little brother, your elder sister admits defeat.”

Perhaps this was the first time in her life that Wu Ningzhu had admitted defeat. However, she knew she had lost this match, she understood what she had faced just now better than anyone else who were watching the match. As long as she was unable to affect Jiang Chen with her tunes, she would lose. It was meaningless for her to continue fighting.


Nangong Yunzheng cried out in shock. He staggered, and nearly fell down to the ground. After that, he hatefully looked at Jiang Chen. Because of this young man, the plan he had put so much effort into had just failed. This was a result he just couldn’t accept.

“Oh heavens, Wu Ningzhu actually admitted defeat! This is unbelievable!”

“The invincible Holy Maiden has admitted defeat for the first time in her life!”

Everyone were shocked; Wu Ningzhu had just admitted defeat! This was the most absurd incident underneath the heavens for them. If they hadn’t heard it themselves, they wouldn’t have believed it.

Jiang Chen was startled for a moment as well. He never expected this Holy Maiden to be so straightforward. She knew she was going to lose, so she admitted defeat just like that, not caring about her face as the Holy Maiden. This straightforward character of hers gave Jiang Chen a better opinion of her.

“However, although your elder sister has admitted defeat, I still want to taste defeat. Little brother, let’s attack each other one last time! Elder sister hopes you can use the sword you used that day to fight against my ancient zither. Perhaps you can even provide some help to elder sister’s cultivation?”

Wu Ningzhu said again. Her memory of that amazing gigantic sword she saw in the Dancing Sun City was still fresh. If she were to defeated by that sword, she would still feel proud, and perhaps, in the process of her defeat, she might be able to obtain some unimaginable benefits.

“Fine. However, if I win, you’ll lift your veil and let me see your face. What do you say?”

Jiang Chen immediately agreed, but he had a condition. Faced with the prettiest girl of the Southern Continent, no man could resist the desire to lift her veil and witness her real face.

“No way, no man can lift my veil!”

Wu Ningzhu’s voice suddenly became aggressive. After that, she placed the ancient zither in front of her, and once again, she unleas.h.i.+ng frightening tunes toward Jiang Chen.

“I am a specialist at curing all kinds of objections. Since you refuse to life the veil, I’ll do it myself.”

A faint smile emerged on Jiang Chen’s face. With a sway, the Heavenly Saint Sword appeared in his hand.

After that, Jiang Chen moved. Like a powerful arrow leaving the bow, he instantly charged forward, swinging his sword at the same time. It was a very simple attack, but it was incredibly fast. The frightening Heavenly Saint Sword could break through anything; nothing could stop it!