Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 411 – Second Match

Chapter 411 – Second Match

Chapter 411 – Second Match

“Wentian, well done!”

Tu Yi’s eyes were curved in the shape of a crescent moon as he laughed out joyfully. There was no reason for him to be any happier than he was now. He had watched Nangong Wentian grow up ever since he was born, and now, witnessing how strong Nangong Wentian had become felt really pleasant to him. Most importantly, they had won the first match, greatly raising the spirits of those from the main Nangong family and causing to see hope.

“It’s really great that Wentian was able to defeat Wenyen! As long as chief can defeat Nangong Yunzheng in the second match, we’ll be able to skip the third match. With the best of three victory in hand, even those elders from the Profound River Palace won’t be able to point their fingers at us!”

Elder Liang Zhui said.

“That’s right! Yunfan, we’ll depend on you for this second match! However, there isn’t much difference between your and Yunzheng’s strength. Not only that, all your abilities were taught to both of you by your father. I think it will be difficult for a winner to emerge.”

Tu Yi turned to Nangong Yunfan and said. They had won the first match, and although the second match wasn’t the most critical, it was still the key to victory for the Nangong family, because as long as they won this match, the victory would be theirs. However, if they lost, the consequences would be really bad.

As the third match was fought between the helper each side found. The helper Nangong Yunzheng found had yet to show up, and although no one knew who that helper was, it wasn’t difficult for them to imagine that it must be an extremely strong warrior from the Profound River Palace. Even with Tu Yi’s formidable strength, he might not be a match for that person.


Nangong Yunfan nodded his head. He knew that the second match was the key to their victory.

On the other side, Nangong Wenyen had slightly recovered from his injuries after consuming the pill. He was now able to stand by himself. Upon standing up, he immediately threw a vicious glance over to Nangong Wentian who stood prideful on the opposite side. His mind was filled with great amount of shame. Today’s fight was a terrible humiliation for him, as his dad had pinned great hope on him. But in the end, he had been defeated in such a miserable way.

“Don’t worry, just stand there and watch how I fight. For this second match, I will definitely defeat Nangong Yunfan! After that, with the help of that great warrior in the third match, we’ll be the final winners! Initially, I thought we wouldn’t have to rely on that great warrior, but we’ll still need that person’s help now.”

Nangong Yunzheng said with a sneer on his face. After that, with a flash he appeared on the fighting stage. This time, he was even more confident than Nangong Wenyen was when he stepped onto the fighting stage.

“Yunfan, don’t waste my time, come to the fighting stage now.”

Nangong Yunzheng looked at Nangong Yunfan and said.


Nangong Yunfan coldly harrumphed. He leapt onto the fighting stage and stood opposite of Nangong Yunzheng.

“Elder brother, it’s all your fault that we’re in this state. If father is watching us from above, I’m sure he wouldn’t want to see this happen to the Nangong family.”

Nangong Yunfan said, expressing the pain in his heart and helplessness with his words.

“If you were willing to give up the family chief position, such a thing wouldn’t have happened at all! I’m the eldest brother, the family chief position should be mine! Since dad made the decision partially, I’ll just take what belongs to me!”

Nangong Yunzheng said with a loud voice. He didn’t feel that splitting the Nangong family in two was the wrong thing to do. In his mind, he was just taking what should have originally belonged to him.

“Even so, you can’t expose our family secret! The way you used our family’s secret treasure to get help from the Profound River Palace breaks the rules set by dad! If anything bad happens to the treasure, can you bear the responsibility?!”

Nangong Yunfan scolded loudly.

“Save your breath! All these years, the Profound River Palace has helped our Nangong family a lot! Besides, the Profound River Palace won’t take the treasure away from us! The master of the Profound River Palace only wants to take a look at the treasure! In fact, even you and I have never seen what the treasure looks like! I can take this opportunity to witness what it truly looks like!”

Nangong Yunzheng said, as if this was how things should be.

“Fat chance! Let me tell you this, Nangong Yunzheng; as long as I’m still alive, I won’t let you and your evil motives succeed! The treasure left behind by dad will never go to any outsider! I will fight you with all my strength today; let’s fight!”

Nangong Yunfan was set ablaze with anger. In order to seize the family chief position, Nangong Yunzheng had entered a state where he would employ the fiercest of tricks, and he even tried putting his hands on the secret family treasure. For the past one hundred years, it had been the Nangong family’s biggest secret, and none of them had ever leaked news about it to any outsider. Only the upper echelons of the Nangong family could learn about the existence of the secret treasure. Since their old man was now gone, Nangong Yunfan was the current family chief, and he had the responsibility to protect the treasure.

“Come! Show me how you’re going to fight me with all your strength!”

Nangong Yunzheng’s body swayed slightly, and he released all his energy. His energy covered the skies above the entire Nangong family grounds, causing all people to breathe heavily.

On the other side, Nangong Yunfan’s gray robe was fluttering violently. He too released all his energy. When the two extremely powerful energies collided; a large amount of sparks immediately erupted.

“Incredibly strong! These mighty Late Combat Soul warriors, neither of them can be compared to any ordinary warriors! Just the energy coming out from their bodies are enough to make anyone feel a difficulty when trying to breathe!”

“That’s right, the abilities of these mighty warriors’ are not something we can ever imagine! I wonder if I’ll ever reach this level.”

“Stop dreaming! With your talent, your ancestors’ tomb would have to erupt with smoke for you to be able to break through to the Combat Soul realm in this life! It won’t be possible for you to reach the level the family chief is at right now unless the sun rises from the west!”

“Guys, who do you think are stronger? The family chief or Nangong Yunzheng? Who will win this match?”

“It’s hard to tell. They’re brothers, and they’ve cultivated the same cultivation skill and combat skills since they were young. Now, both of them are Late Combat Soul warriors, and it will be a difficult battle to find out who the winner is.”


Everyone were talking amongst each other. After the first match came to an end, the situation had become more intense. Everybody were paying close attention to the match, because today’s battle would decide the Nangong family’s future.


The fight broke out without delay. Nangong Yunfan and Nangong Yunzheng’s combat strength and skill were nearly identical, so it was really difficult to have a clear winner. It looked like it would be a long match before a winner finally emerged.

Among the crowd, Nangong Wentian turned to Jiang Chen and placed his arm around Jiang Chen’s shoulder and said, “Little Chen, thank you for the guidance. If not, I wouldn’t have been able to break through to the Combat Soul realm so easily. You have also broken through to the Combat Soul realm, that’s really good! If we can’t avoid the third match today, I will definitely need your help!”

“I hope uncle can win this match, then you won’t be needing my help.”

Jiang Chen casually shrugged his shoulders. He wished to stay low profile in the Southern Continent. The ‘incident’ where he annihilated the Demon Palace and helped the Dancing Sun City made him extremely famous, but he luckily covered his face with a golden light.

After hearing what Jiang Chen said, Nangong Wentian raised his head and looked toward the two fighting figures on the stage. The entire stage was now filled with violent and devastating energy ripples. Two figures were das.h.i.+ng around in all directions, leaving behind countless afterimages. It was an extremely close fight, as both men possessed similar combat strength and skill. Therefore, it wasn’t easy for a winner to emerge in such a short amount of time.

“Little Chen, you’re an insightful man; do you think my dad will be able to defeat my uncle?”

Nangong Wentian asked. He had complete trust in Jiang Chen’s words now.

“Both men are equal in terms of cultivation and combat strength, and if they keep fighting like this, it will take years for a final victor to emerge. The key now depends on the cards they have hidden up their sleeves. Judging from this aspect, I think uncle is going to face some dangerous situations.

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent voice.


Nangong Wentian’s expression became serious. With his senses, he was unable to find any signs showing that his dad was going to lose the match. At least, his dad was still in great shape. He had no idea how Jiang Chen came to this conclusion.

“It’s very simply. If there is one person who knows everything about your father’s strength, that will be Nangong Yunzheng. Since he has the courage to stand out and fight with your father, I’m sure he is well-prepared and confident enough to defeat uncle. In other words, he most likely has a secret card hidden up his sleeves that is more than enough to defeat uncle. There’s also the fact that he has made connections with the Profound River Palace. With the Profound River Palace’s rich resources, and their decision to get involved in the Nangong family’s internal conflict, I’m sure they’ve provided Nangong Yunzheng with something that will help him. Therefore, I believe Nangong Yunzheng has a frightening secret card, and if uncle doesn’t have anything powerful to respond with, this match will be dangerous for him.”

Jiang Chen explained tirelessly. He didn’t lower his voice, so all the upper echelons of the main Nangong family around were able to hear what he said, including Tu Yi. His words caused everyone’s expressions to instantly change.

If Jiang Chen didn’t point this out, none of them would have thought about it. After listening to Jiang Chen’s explanation, they felt it was a really logical explanation. Since Nangong Yunzheng was the one who initiated the conflict, he must have some cards hidden up his sleeves. Not only that, Nangong Yunzheng understanding about Nangong Yunfan, including all the skills he had; was very deep. Nangong Yunzheng knew about his brother as much as Nangong Yunfan knew about him. Therefore, the chances of Nangong Yunzheng winning this second match was really high.

Tu Yi and Liang Zhui couldn’t help but look at Jiang Chen carefully. Before this, they hadn’t taken this friend of Nangong Wentian seriously. However, Jiang Chen’s words just now caused them to seriously change the way they thought of him. Putting aside the strength of this young man, just his senses and judgment alone proved that he was far from an ordinary man.

“Let’s just find out what kind of powerful tricks Yunzheng has.”

Tu Yi squinted his eyes and said.


Explosive sounds repeatedly sounded out from the fighting stage. The entire stage was now filled with powerful ripples, and their powerful attacks had even cracked the floor of the fighting stage. One thing was for sure; this fighting stage would be useless after this match came to an end, and this was the result of them fighting in the sky. If they would directly on the stage, it would have shattered into ashes by now.

This was a duel between the two strongest men of the Nangong family. Just the energy ripples and aura that leaked out from them caused many people to feel a difficult in breathing. They could only look up on this level of mightiness.


Another explosive sound could be heard as the men exchanged attacks. The powerful force knocked both men dozens of meters away from each other. It was once again a tie.

“Yunfan, if we keep fighting like this, it will be very difficult to find a winner amongst us.”

Nangong Yunzheng said. However, at the same time, an unusual light shone in his eyes. It seemed like he had something up his sleeve.