Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 407 – Crown Prince

Chapter 407 – Crown Prince

Chapter 407 – Crown Prince

Jiang Chen stopped along his way to admire the beautiful scenery of the Southern Continent at times. When he finally arrived at the city, it had only been two days since he left.

There were still twelve days before the Nangong family’s duel. After arriving, Jiang Chen went straight to the Nangong family. As Nangong Yunfan had personally arranged for Jiang Chen to be made a special guest, he was able to enter whenever he wanted, without anyone preventing him from advancing. Thus, he went straight to Nangong Wentian’s courtyard.

As Jiang Chen expected, Nangong Wentian had yet to break through to the Combat Soul realm. In fact, it wasn’t easy to break through to the Combat Soul realm. Not everybody was like Jiang Chen, who didn’t have any bottlenecks in his cultivation path. The transformation from the Divine Core realm to the Combat Soul realm was one of the biggest gaps for all warriors.

However, Jiang Chen was confident in Nangong Wentian. As long as he could master the essence of how to cultivate the Ten Thousand Everlasting, he would have a very high chance of breaking through to the Combat Soul realm before the duel.

Late at night, the sky was studded with bright stars. The night sky was much prettier in the Southern Continent than in the Eastern Continent. It seemed like the moon was rounder and bigger here. Jiang Chen glanced toward the Eastern Continent. He wasn’t homesick, just worried about the problems waiting for him back there.

Five days later! Eastern Continent, Martial Saint Dynasty, Crown Prince’s Palace!

On this day, the commander of the Golden Guards, the Crown Prince had exited his secluded cultivation, and a guest greeted him.

“Wu Cong, why are you in such a rush to see me? Is there anything urgent?”

Within the Crown Prince Palace’s main hall, the Crown Prince was wearing a golden robe. He had a tall body and a fair skin complexion, and his eyes looked like the brightest stars in the starry sky; he was a handsome man. Furthermore, with a Late Combat Soul cultivation at his young age, as well as the fact that he is the Crown Prince, the future emperor, he was a man that many girls dreamt about.

“Crown Prince’s cultivation has become much stronger since when you entered secluded cultivation! It looks like you’re getting closer to the Combat King realm; this is something we need to celebrate!”

Wu Cong hastily flattered while bowing toward the Crown Prince. Although they were cousins, there was a huge gap between their statuses. Wu Cong was just an ordinary prince, so he would have to bow whenever he saw the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince responded with a smile. He clearly enjoyed the flattery, as he was confident in his cultivation and combat strength.

“You would never come here for no reason. I just finished my secluded cultivation, and you’re here. There must be something you need my help with, tell me.”

It seemed like the Crown Prince was in a good mood.

“Crown Prince, you were busy with your cultivation recently, so you might not know about this. An incredible man has appeared in the Eastern Continent during this genius, and people are calling him the number one genius of the Eastern Continent.”

Wu Cong said as he squinted his eyes. He was closely keeping watch on the Crown Prince’s expression. Indeed, right when the Crown Prince heard the words “number one genius,” his expression immediately became serious.

“Number one genius? Tell me about this guy.”

It looked like the Crown Prince was interested.

“His name is Jiang Chen, and he has done quite some major things recently. He has killed many geniuses and elders from both Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect. Also, during the trip to the Island of Ice, I was nearly killed by him as well. He is an arrogant man who looks down on everybody; he doesn’t even take the Imperial Emperor seriously…”

Wu Cong started explaining everything related to Jiang Chen, including how he killed all those geniuses from the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan, how both superpowers brought this matter to the Imperial Emperor, how Jiang Chen refused to kneel down before the Imperial Emperor, how he sealed the Dimensional Crack with a formation… of course, he spiced things up a lot as well.

The reason why Wu Cong came to the Crown Prince was obvious. With the protection of the Ninth Emperor, Jiang Chen just him himself within the Martial Palace. Because of that, they were unable to seek any conflicts with him. In the entire Martial Saint Dynasty, perhaps the Crown Prince was the only one who could take care of him. Furthermore, the Crown Prince had always claimed the t.i.tle of number one genius for himself. Therefore, Wu Cong purposely told him about how amazing Jiang Chen was, in order to attract the Crown Prince’s attention.

“Hmph! He’s just an ignorant brat without any proper background! Who gave him the audacity to disrespect the Imperial Emperor?! He’s just seeking death!”

The Crown Prince coldly harrumphed. In his mind, the status of the Imperial Emperor was supreme, and no one was allowed to insult the Imperial Emperor’s dignity.

“That’s right! That man is a lawless man who cares for n.o.body! The Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect both wish they eat him alive, torture him brutally before killing him. But, the Imperial Emperor has laid down is judgment, all their resentments have now been canceled. Now, Jiang Chen is just hiding in the Martial Palace, never leaving. We simply have no way of dealing with him.”

Wu Cong sighed.

“Little Brother Cong, it looks like you’re trying to make me deal with this Jiang Chen.”

The Crown Prince was a smart man; there was no way Wu Cong could hide his intentions from him.

“You’re a brilliant man, Crown Prince. However, I have no other way of doing it. Currently, within the entire Martial Saint Dynasty, only you, the Crown Prince can deal with him. Furthermore, if we allow this guy to keep growing, he will sooner or later become a great threat to the Crown Prince’s status.”

Wu Cong said.

“Hmph! He’s just a Divine Core warrior, while I’m the Crown Prince, the imperial prerogative! There is no way that n.o.body can compare with me! However, since the Imperial Emperor has laid down his judgment, and the Martial Palace is a place controlled by the Ninth Emperor, it won’t be good for me to get involved. Furthermore, with my status as the Crown Prince, if I take the initiative to seek out trouble with a young Divine Core warrior, it would be an insult to my status.”

The Crown Prince coldly harrumphed as he spoke. Regardless of matters, he still had to give Wu Jiu some face. More importantly, the Crown Prince was a proud and arrogant man; he would never take Jiang Chen seriously.

“Of course, with Jiang Chen’s status, how could the Crown Prince be serious with him? The reason I came here today wasn’t to ask the Crown Prince to deal with Jiang Chen, but to tell you some good news.”

Wu Cong said with a smile on his face, as if the Crown Prince’s response was what he had expected.

“Oh? What good news you have?”

The Crown Prince looked at Wu Cong and asked.

“There is a girl who followed Jiang Chen here; her name is Yan Chenyu. She’s an outstanding beauty; pure as a jade! She’s like an immortal fairy walking on earth! Such an outstanding beauty, only the Crown Prince is a match for such a girl, that Jiang Chen is nothing!”

Wu Cong said while gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth.

“Little brother, I think you’re just overreacting. I have spent my life with many girls, and I have seen all kinds of beauties.”

The Crown Prince laughed.

“It’s up to you whether or not you believe me. In any case, I was overwhelmed by her beauty when I first met her. If the Crown Prince doesn’t believe me, you can go to the Martial Palace and take a look yourself. After all, you won’t be going there to make trouble. I don’t think the Ninth Emperor will feel like his dignity is violated.”

Wu Cong greatly understood the Crown Prince. Jiang Chen alone was not enough to attract his interest, but with Yan Chenyu, Wu Cong believed that she would definitely attract the Crown Prince’s interest.

Indeed, after hearing what Wu Cong told him, the Crown Prince’s eyes immediately lit up. He slowly stood up from his seat and said, “Let’s go to the Martial Palace and have a look. If that Yan Chenyu is just an ordinary beauty, I’ll have to punish you.”

“Rest a.s.sured, Crown Prince, your little brother I can guarantee with my head, she is definitely a girl the Crown Prince will like!”

Wu Cong said with a wicked smile. The first step of his wicked plot had succeeded.

Both men immediately left the Crown Prince Palace and started flying toward the Martial Palace. With their speed, it wouldn’t take much time for them to arrive at the Martial Palace.

Soon, both men arrived at the Martial Palace. With their status in the Martial Saint Dynasty, no one would stop them from going further. Therefore, they went straight into the Marital Palace.

“Where is that Jiang Chen? Since I’m here, I might as well meet him.”

The Crown Prince said.


Wu Cong already knew where Jiang Chen and his friends were staying. Without hesitating, he brought the Crown Prince to their courtyard.

Right at this moment, Yan Chenyu and Big Yellow were resting within the courtyard while enjoying a sunbath. Han Yan wasn’t here, as he was trying to break through to the Combat Soul realm in secluded cultivation. Only Yan Chenyu and Big Yellow were in the courtyard right now.

Suddenly, the lazy Big Yellow stood up from the ground. Two bright beams escaped from his eyes as he opened them to look at the two men who had suddenly appeared in their courtyard.

He didn’t know who that handsome man in the imperial robe was, but Wu Cong who stood next to him was no stranger to him. Back on the Island of Ice, Wu Cong was the man who kept giving them trouble. Since that young man in the imperial robe came together with Wu Cong, he was obviously not someone good. This was Big Yellow’s first impression of the Crown Prince.

When the Crown Prince landed inside the courtyard, he immediately saw Yan Chenyu. When his eyes landed on her face, he became unable to remove them.

Pure and holy as the white snow, donning white clothes like a fairy, portraying a holy aura from all over her body. No impurities or blemishes could be found on her spectacular face. How could such a magnificent girl exist in this world? In just this short moment, the Crown Prince had been completely conquered by Yan Chenyu’s beauty. Although he claimed to have seen all kinds of beautiful girls in his life, he had never met such an amazing girl before.

“What a beautiful woman.”

The Crown Prince couldn’t help but praise.

The Crown Prince’s gaze was very aggressive. His gaze caused Yan Chenyu to feel disgusted; she simply furrowed her brows.

Suddenly, a majestic big yellow dog inappropriately blocked in front of Yan Chenyu. He spat out his long tongue toward Wu Cong and the Crown Prince, saliva constantly dripping out. The magnificent scene was instantly interrupted, and it wasn’t until now that the Crown Prince noticed that there was a dog right next to Yan Chenyu. He felt a strong desire to rip this dog to pieces.

“Who are you? What’s your purpose here?”

Big Yellow asked in a rude manner.

“Ridiculous! d.a.m.ned dog, do you know who you are talking to?! He is the Crown Prince!”

Wu Cong shouted out loudly.

“Can a Crown Prince intrude private property? You’re at the Martial Palace now, if you have anything to tell us, tell us now! If not, get the h.e.l.l outta here!”

Big Yellow impatiently scolded, not forgetting to wave his hooves, as if he was a human.

“You’re courting death!”

Wu Cong was immediately p.i.s.sed off. He had a really bad impression of this dog. Back on the Island of Ice, he strongly desired to tear off this d.a.m.ned dog’s skin, as this dog had a really fierce mouth.

Right before Wu Cong took any action, he was stopped by the Crown Prince, “Be a gentleman, we’re not here to fight.”

The Crown Prince tidied up his clothes in an elegant demeanor. Of course, only he thought that his actions were elegant. However, in Yan Chenyu’s eyes, the only man was Jiang Chen.

“Where is Jiang Chen? Get him out here; the Crown Prince wants to see him.”

Wu Cong said with a loud voice. As Jiang Chen and Nangong Wentian had left the Martial Palace in secret to proceed to the Southern Continent, no one except his friends knew that he wasn’t here.