Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 406 – Leaving Gracefully

Chapter 406 – Leaving Gracefully

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Chapter 406 – Leaving Gracefully

These three demon souls were no ordinary demon souls, they all came from Late Combat Soul demons. They could bring Jiang Chen an incredible improvement to his cultivation. Together with the thunder’s force, if Jiang Chen completely absorbed all three of them, he might be able to form another 1,000 Dragon Marks, and once the Heavenly Tribulation came to an end, Jiang Chen would have a total of 7,000 Dragon Marks in his body.

Since his foundation was very powerful at the moment, Jiang Chen wasn’t worried that his foundation would receive negative side effects from absorbing these demon souls. Therefore, without hesitating, he immediately absorbed all three demon souls.

The city was deadly quiet. Everyone was staring at the lightning sea without speaking a single word. They were hoping to see the white-clothed youngster once more. Although they didn’t know him before today’s events, he had saved all their lives. Therefore, they hoped this young man could survive the deadly Heavenly Tribulation.

Besides that, it was great to know that there was a heavenly-defying genius on the human side. With this amazing expert, the demons were definitely going to suffer a heavy blow in the future.

“Where exactly did this genius come from? He is such an amazing warrior, so why have we never heard of him before?”

Shan Ying said, shocked.

“He saved all of us.”

Wu Ningzhu said. For the first time, a soft and gentle look emerged in her eyes.

A couple of minutes later, the lightning sea had finally disappeared, revealing the youngster to the crowd. This youngster was no longer in his previous chaotic state; he was actually br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy, looking much better than he previously did.


All humans in the Dancing Sun City burst into cheers upon seeing this. Even Wu Ningzhu had a smile on her face. Underneath her black veil, a spectacular smile bloomed onto her face. Her breathtaking face seemed capable of melting a glacier.

Wu Ningzhu and Shan Ying both started moving toward Jiang Chen. However, before they could say anything, Jiang Chen turned into a white beam and disappeared into the far distance. He left in a graceful manner.


Wu Ningzhu and Shan Ying were startled. They didn’t expect this young man to act in such an eccentric way. After doing such a great thing for the people here, he didn’t give them any chance to show their grat.i.tude. He simply turned around and left in a graceful manner.

“What an amazing young man.”

Shan Ying couldn’t help but praise. He wasn’t too surprised by the sudden departure of this youngster. If the young man truly wished to show himself, he wouldn’t have covered his face with that golden light. He obviously didn’t wish for anyone to know his real ident.i.ty.

“What a pity, we’ve missed a great opportunity to build a relations.h.i.+p with this man. It would be great if he could join the Profound River Palace.”

Shan Ying shook his head.

On the other side, Wu Ningzhu was frowning. She couldn’t help but complain about that young man. All men started drooling upon seeing her breathtaking appearance, and countless geniuses in the Profound River Palace were constantly seeking ways to get closer to her. However, when that white-clothed youngster saw her approaching, he simply turned around and left. What did this mean? Did it mean that she simply wasn’t attractive enough?

“That d.a.m.n scoundrel, how dare he ignore me?”

Underneath her black veil, Wu Ningzhu’s cherry lips had curled up. Little to her knowledge, this white-clothed young man had already occupied a very special position in her heart. For the first time, Wu Ningzhu was interested in seeing a man’s face. She really wanted to know what face was hidden underneath the golden light.

“Sigh… The hero has left, we didn’t even have the chance to thank him.”

“I wonder what his background is. He just left right after saving the city; he didn’t even ask for anything in return.”

“He is a true hero! His heroic image will star eternally in my heart!”


All the people in the city were overwhelmed by Jiang Chen’s kindness. Some even kneeled down and kowtowed in the direction where Jiang Chen had disappeared with utmost sincerity.

Not long after Jiang Chen left, a few powerful men arrived at the city. None of these men were weaker than Shan Ying; they were all Late Combat Soul warriors from the Profound River Palace.

When Jiang Chen attracted Heavenly Tribulation and broke the defense mechanism that isolated the Dancing Sun City, the loud noise caused by the war was immediately heard by many. The Profound River Palace knew that today was the day where the Wu family was holding their ancestral wors.h.i.+pping ceremony. Therefore, when they found out there was a war here, they immediately sent their mighty warriors here.

The expressions of these few men changed upon seeing the miserable state of the city. They immediately went over to Wu Ningzhu and Shan Ying, then an old man who seemed to be the leader asked, “Ning’er, what’s going on here?”

“Elder Liu, before all of you arrived, the Demon King Palace launched a surprise attack on this city. They completely sealed up the entire city so that no one on the outside could know what was going on inside. Four of the great guardians brought an army of demons here to slaughter all living humans.”

Wu Ningzhu said.

“What?! Four great guardians?!”

An old man cried out in shock. His expression changed upon hearing that four of the eight great guardians came here. As the Demon King Palace’s rivals, the eight great guardians of the Demon King Palace had been their enemies for a very long time. He deeply understood just how terrifying it was for four of these great guardians to show up.

“That’s right. If not for that white-clothed youngster, this city would already have become a city of the dead.”

Shan Ying added.

“White-clothed youngster?”

Elder Liu was startled.

“We don’t know where this genius comes from. Before today’s events, he had already annihilated the Demon Palace, and today, he even faced his Heavenly Tribulation in this city, and used that opportunity to kill three great guardians of the Demon King Palace.”

Without hesitating, Shan Ying explained all that had happened in great detail, including how Jiang Chen had faced his Heavenly Tribulation, and how he had used that to kill three of the great guardians.

“I have never heard of anyone who has had to face Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm; such an incredible monster can only possibly be found in legends! How come the Profound River Palace isn’t aware of this amazing young man in the Southern Continent? We need to find out more about this young man when we return to the Profound River Palace! The Demon King Palace has suffered greatly because of him; he has done us a great deed! If we can find him, we need to show him our grat.i.tude! Even better would be recruiting him!”

Elder Liu said with mixed emotions. If it wasn’t for the fact that Shan Ying and Wu Ningzhu were the ones who told him what happened, he never would have believed it.

“The Dancing Sun City has suffered great losses as well. It looks like we need some time to rebuild everything. Let’s just cancel the ancestral wors.h.i.+pping ceremony.”

Wu Ningzhu shook her head and said.

“Hmph! It looks like we’re going to have difficult war with the Demon King Palace soon.”

Shan Ying coldly harrumphed.

“The Demon King Palace has lost three great guardians this time; this is a huge loss for them. I don’t think they will make any movements in the near future. However, we still need to prepare for the worst and prepare ourselves for war. Ning’er, you and Elder Shan Ying have been injured. You should go back and have a good rest.”

Elder Liu expressed his deep concern for Wu Ningzhu. As the Profound River Palace’s holy maiden, she was their future leader. That’s why these old men were so concerned about her injuries.


Wu Ningzhu nodded her head. At the same time, she couldn’t help but look towards the direction Jiang Chen had disappeared into.

Jiang Chen had arrived at a place about 500 km away from the Dancing Sun City. He was stepping on a white cloud, and was leisurely flying toward the Nangong family. Jiang Chen felt really satisfied with this trip to the Southern Continent, as he hadn’t been here for long, but had already experienced such a great transformation in his cultivation.

With a flip of his palm, an azure-colored flame resembling a lotus immediately showed up on his fingertip. This flame was filled with a pure Yang aura, and one could hear the sound of thunder within, causing it to look incredibly mysterious.

“The purest Heavenly Thunder Flame underneath the heavens, it is the flame that belongs to Heaven and Earth, and it’s a grade above the True Dragon Flame. I now possess both the True Dragon Flame and the Heavenly Thunder Flame. Once they’ve both merged, a new flame more powerful than any flame underneath the heavens will be born. There is nothing this flame can’t burn, and it will be the greatest weapon against those evil things.”

A faint smile emerged on Jiang Chen’s face. He obtained the Heavenly Thunder Flame while facing his Heavenly Tribulation just now; this was his greatest gain. It would bring him unimaginable benefits in terms of battle, pill concoction, and forging of combat weapons.

“After pa.s.sing the Minor Three Tribulations, I obtained an unprecedented transformation. I now have a total of 7,000 Dragon Marks in my body, and my cultivation has stabilized at the Early Combat Soul realm. However, in order to break through to the Mid Combat Soul realm, I’ll need at least 10,000 Dragon Marks. That’s a 3,000 Dragon Mark gap. It looks like I need to work harder. Luckily, my foundation is incredibly strong now, so I can just cultivate as fast as I can without having to worry about any negative side effects.”

Jiang Chen thought to himself. Although he had gained the complete acceptance of the Dragon Transformation skill and was able to control this amazing skill completely, he would still need to break through to a new stage before he could know what the requirement for breaking through to the next stage would be.

For example, right after he broke through to the Early Combat Soul realm, he immediately knew how many Dragon Marks he would need in order to break through to the Mid Combat Soul realm. He would need a total of 10,000 Dragon Marks.

“Seven thousand Dragon Marks, and my body has also been tempered by the Heavenly Thunder. With my current combat strength, almost no one in the Combat Soul realm can defeat me. Only those real Combat King warriors can surpa.s.s me.”

Jiang Chen was very confident. The further he cultivated the Dragon Transformation skill, the more abnormal he would become. He knew this from the beginning.

“My Heavenly Tribulation has attracted too much attention. Luckily, I hid my real ident.i.ty. If not, it would be very hard for me to enjoy a quiet life.”

Jiang Chen thought to himself. If he hadn’t covered up his face in Dancing Sun City, the Profound River Palace would definitely do their best to seek him out. No had ever attracted Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm before, after all.

The reason why Jiang Chen hid his ident.i.ty was because he didn’t want to become high profile in the Southern Continent. He was just a traveler. Once he settled the Nangong family’s matters, he would return to the Eastern Continent. Therefore, he didn’t want to get involved in any other matters here, including the conflict between the Profound River Palace and the Demon King Palace. His only wish was to leave gracefully once everything was settled.

As for Wu Ningzhu, the prettiest girl in the Southern Continent, Jiang Chen also didn’t want to have any connection with her. However, although he didn’t want to have any connection to her, both of them would meet many times in the future. Of course, this would all happen at a later stage.

“Not much time is left now. I need to return to the Nangong family and see how Brother Nan has progressed.”

Jiang Chen took a step in mid-air and disappeared from where he was. He was flying toward Nangong City with incredible speed.