Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 408 – The Duel

Chapter 408 – The Duel

Chapter 408 – The Duel

“Jiang Chen isn’t around; you guys can leave now.”

Big Yellow said in a rude manner. He disliked Prince Wu Cong. Back on the Island of Ice, if not for Wu Lang convincing Jiang Chen not to kill him, Wu Cong would already have been killed by Jiang Chen. As for this Crown Prince, since he was l.u.s.tfully looking at Yan Chenyu, he obviously wasn’t a good man either, causing Big Yellow to hate him as well.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you’re just a dog, how dare you talk to me like that?! Is that Jiang Chen scared of us and hiding somewhere? Quickly ask him to come out and greet the Crown Prince, now!”

Wu Cong said while gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth in anger. He strongly desired to rip this dog into pieces.

“d.a.m.n you, who do you think you are?! You’re just a loser who was defeated by Jiang Chen! Back on the Island of Ice, if it wasn’t for Wu Lang, you would have been killed by Jiang Chen! If Jiang Chen was here, he would throw you outta this place as if he was throwing a chicken away!”

Big Yellow truly had an abominable mouth. When faced with someone like Wu Cong, he wouldn’t hold back in the slightest.

“You’re courting death!”

Wu Cong was instantly enraged. This dog was truly fierce; no ordinary man could stand still after hearing him speaking, let alone the prince of the Martial Saint Dynasty. Without hesitating, Wu Cong stretched his arm forward, grabbing toward Big Yellow.

Bug Yellow simply remained still without moving a bit; it was actually the Crown Prince who moved. The Crown Prince casually unleashed a powerful energy, blocking Wu Cong’s attack. After that, he scolded, “Wu Cong, we’re not here to cause trouble, watch yourself!”


Wu Cong quickly bowed toward the Crown Prince. However, a sneer secretly emerged on his face. He knew the Crown Prince’s character really well. If they weren’t here, this dog would have long ago been killed by the Crown Prince. However, the Crown Prince wanted to maintain an elegant demeanor in front of Yan Chenyu. He clearly had his eyes set on her; he wanted to leave a good impression.

As long as the Crown Prince took a fancy to Yan Chenyu, Wu Cong’s evil plot would be considered successful.

In a refined and courteous manner, the Crown Prince turned to Yan Chenyu and said, “Someone told me that young miss is an outstand one of a kind beauty, and after witnessing it for myself, you are indeed a fairy walking on earth. I wonder, would young miss Yan do me a favor and be my guest at the Crown Prince Palace?”

The Crown Prince threw out his invitation in a straightaway manner. He had a warm smile on his face, and he portrayed an image of a gentleman. No woman would reject the invitation of a handsome man who possessed his status.

But unfortunately, Yan Chenyu was not that type of woman.

“Thank you for your invitation, Crown Prince. I do appreciate your kindness, but I won’t go to the Crown Prince Palace.”

Yan Chenyu immediately rejected the invitation. In her heart, aside from Jiang Chen, all other men were like dirt.


The smiling Crown Prince was suddenly startled. He had actually been rejected in such a straightforward manner. This was the first time in his life he had experienced anything like this.

However, a warm smile immediately emerged on the Crown Prince’s face once again, “Since miss Yan doesn’t want to go to the Crown Prince Palace, I will get someone to arrange a better place for you to cultivate in the Martial Palace. This place is too simple and crude.”

“No need, I like this place.”

After saying that, Yan Chenyu simply turned around and left. Her behavior instantly caused the Crown Prince’s face to tremble. He had never experienced such cold treatment in his life; no woman had ever dared reject his invitation; Yan Chenyu was the first!


Wu Cong shouted at Yan Chenyu, but he was immediately stopped by the Crown Prince.

“Crown Prince, our Little Yu is betrothed to someone, so you better save your efforts.”

Big Yellow said to the Crown Prince with an indifferent tone. This dog didn’t care who he was speaking to, if he didn’t like that person, even if he was facing the Imperial Emperor, he just wouldn’t give a d.a.m.n.

“No man except me is good enough for a girl like Miss Yan!”

The Crown Prince glanced coldly at Big Yellow. After that, he turned around and left with Wu Cong.

“f.u.c.k, such an arrogant a.s.shole!”

Big Yellow cursed toward both men’s back.

The Crown Prince had a gloomy expression on his face as he left. This was the first time in his entire life that he had tasted defeat.

“Crown Prince; that Yan Chenyu doesn’t take you seriously. I think you should let her have a taste of your strength! We can just bring her to the Crown Prince Palace by force; then you can treat her however you want!”

Wu Cong kept fanning the flames from the side.

“Hmph! The woman that I, the Crown Prince desire, will always be mine! Who is that Jiang Chen anyway? A girl with outstanding beauty like Yan Chenyu should only be mine! How dare she reject me like this? When I finally get her on my bed, I’ll definitely let her taste my strength!”

The Crown Prince coldly harrumphed.

“What’s your plan, Crown Prince?”

An astute glow emerged within Wu Cong’s eyes.

“No hurry, we can’t use force on a girl like this, let’s take it slow, I have plenty of time. With my charisma, I refuse to believe I can’t win her heart.”

The Crown Prince smiled, portraying utmost confidence.

“Of course, you’re a handsome and strong man, and you’re a Late Combat Soul warrior at such a young age! You’re the Crown Prince of the Martial Saint Dynasty, the next Imperial Emperor, and you are the commander of all Golden Guards! All women underneath the heavens dream about jumping into your embrace, and that Yan Chenyu is no exception!”

Wu Cong flattered the Crown Prince once again. He was really happy right now. Judging from how the Crown Prince was behaving, it was obvious that the Crown Prince was now determined to put his hands on Yan Chenyu, and this was exactly the result Wu Cong wanted to see. Using the Crown Prince as the trigger, there would definitely be a great conflict between him and Jiang Chen soon.


Southern Continent, Nangong family!

During the past few days, Jiang Chen had been accompanying Nangong Wentian in his secluded cultivation. While Nangong Wentian was breaking through to the Combat Soul realm, Jiang Chen had been working on stabilizing his cultivation. He had obtained quite a lot of benefits after the Minor Three Tribulations. Therefore, he needed some time to digest all of them.

“The duel will be in seven days. Judging from Brother Nan’s aura, I think he’ll make it.”

Jiang Chen could clearly sense the constant changes in Nangong Wentian’s aura; it was becoming increasingly more profound. This was a good transformation for Nangong Wentian, good news.

Besides that, Jiang Chen was greatly interested in the Nangong family’s secret treasure, the one that could produce Nine Solar Holy Water. However, since he was just a guest, he had no way of checking this treasure out. Therefore, he had to wait until after the duels to try and find an opportunity to get in touch with it.

The time flashed by, and seven days had pa.s.sed. The Crown Prince would go to the Martial Palace every single day to look for Yan Chenyu and try his best to invite her to his Crown Prince Palace. However, his invitations had all been rejected by her.

Although the Crown Prince was still able to show an elegant demeanor, his patience had clearly started showing signs off running out.

At the same time, the Nangong family’s most important day had finally arrived. Early in the morning, the entire Nangong family had become lively. Right in the city’s center square, Nangong Yunzheng and his men had arrived, and were waiting for the duels to begin.

A lofty man stood next to Nangong Yunzheng. Although he looked really young, his aura was incredibly strong; he was a mighty Combat Soul warrior. His was showing a prideful yet arrogant expression. This man was none other than Nangong Yunzheng’s son, Nangong Wentian’s opponent; Nangong Wenyen!

Behind them were a group of men from Nangong Yunzheng’s group. There were also some guest warriors mixed in with them. Each of these guests had a specific position and status.

Opposite of them was the group from the original Nangong family. The men who led them was the current family chief, Nangong Yunfan, as well as Elder Tu Yi and all the Combat Soul warriors of the Nangong family. However, some of them still had pale expressions on their faces, as Nangong Wentian was still in secluded cultivation, trying his best to break through to the Combat Soul realm. He had yet to exit his secluded cultivation.

“Nangong Yunfan, let’s not waste any more time and start our duel! I heard that Nangong Wentian has come back, get him out now and fight the first duel with Wenyen! We’ll decide who the winner today is with three duels; the winner will gain owners.h.i.+p of that treasure!”

Nangong Yunzheng said. He had prepared well for today’s duel, so he was naturally very confident.

“Nangong Yunzheng; the Nangong family’s traitor!”

Tu Yi became really angry with seeing Nangong Yunzheng.

“Elder Tu, save your breath. If you want, you can still join me now. I primes that you will have the same position in the Nangong family in the future.”

Nangong Yunzheng said.

“Bulls.h.i.+t! You ungrateful son!”

Tu Yi simply responded with a curse.

“Hmph! Let’s fight then!”

Nangong Wenyen coldly harrumphed. His body moved, and he jumped straight onto the tall fighting stage. After that, he shouted out with a loud voice, “Nangong Wentian, come here and face your death! Don’t be a coward!”

This loud shout instantly resounded throughout the entire Nangong family area. However, there was no response.

Right now, Nangong Wentian was still in his secluded cultivation. Jiang Chen who stood outside his room could clearly feel his aura. Nangong Wentian’s aura had changed significantly, and in fact, he had already broken through to the Combat Soul realm. The reason why he was still in cultivation was because he gained some new insights regarding the Ten Thousand Everlasting Elephants skill, and he was at a critical moment of his cultivation of the skill.

Within the Nangong family’s center square, Nangong Wenyen stood tall all alone on the fighting stage, ridiculing his opponent. And yet, the young master of the Nangong family, Nangong Wentian was nowhere to be found. This situation embarra.s.sed a lot of people form the original Nangong family.

“Haha, looks like Nangong Wentian is just a coward who is afraid of death! How can a man like him be the young master of the Nangong family? I think it would be better if he just came out and surrendered, it’s truly pointless to keep hiding from us!”

One of the guest warriors from Nangong Yunzheng’s camp burst into laughter and began throwing out sarcastic words.

“That’s right; this is too embarra.s.sing!”

“Nangong Wentian, come out and face your death!”

“Why don’t you just come out and surrender?!”


Nangong Yunzheng’s group was bustling with noise. The absence of Nangong Wentian made the people from Nangong Yunfan’s group feel extremely embarra.s.sed. This was even worse than just admitting defeat.

“What happened to Wentian? This isn’t his style at all. Even if he didn’t manage to break through to the Combat Soul realm, he would still come out and fight because of his temper.”

Tu Yi said as he furrowed his brows.

“Hmph! Nangong Yunfan, it’s meaningless to keep wasting time like this. I’ll give you five more minutes, and if Nangong Wentian still doesn’t show up, I’ll consider this first duel’s victor Wenyen!”

Nangong Yunzheng let out a cold snort and spoke.


Right after Nangong Yunzheng finished speaking, an explosive sound could be heard from the southern side of the Nangong family. Violent airwaves shot up into the sky, and with that, a young man with a tall and robust body appeared.

“Who said that I, Nangong Wentian doesn’t dare fight this duel?!”

Nangong Wentian’s voice was so loud that it resembled a sudden clap of thunder. With a flash, he appeared on the fighting stage.