Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 403 – White-Clothed Youngster

Chapter 403 – White-Clothed Youngster

Chapter 403 – White-Clothed Youngster

Wu Ningzhu stood in the sky with one hand holding the zither, and the other above the strings. She started gently plucking them, sending out three visible soundwaves in the form of three sharp blades toward the three great guardians.

Not only were these tunes played by Wu Ningzhu extremely powerful and deadly, but they were also very difficult to defend against. Every single note was capable of easily penetrating into the depths of one’s soul, greatly affecting the opponent.

“Be careful, this girl’s soundwave attacks are powerful, don’t underestimate them!”

Heixin Fu reminded his friends. Following that, the three great guardians all attacked at the same time, unleas.h.i.+ng bright energy beams which blocked Wu Ningzhu’s soundwave attacks.

“Hmph! Fantasy Zither Thousandtunes!”

Wu Ningzhu coldly harrumphed. She placed the black zither in front of her and made it float. Following that, she placed both hands above the strings and started plucking them with incredible speed, causing her hands to look like b.u.t.terflies flying around, leaving behind afterimages.

In an instant, countless mysterious music notes started flying around in the sky above the city. Each of the notes represented different energies and attacks. The each soundwave underwent countless changes while flying, and they were emitting varieties of different colors. The blotted out both sky and land as they stormed toward the three great guardians.

Even the three great guardians were shocked when faced with this attack. This number one genius of the Profound River Palace with the t.i.tle Wonderhand Thousandtune truly deserved her reputation.

Wu Ningzhu’s soundwaves could transform whenever she wished. From mild to wild, from pleasant to ear-piercing, from elegant to savage, from the sounds of nature to the sounds of devils. Each transformation was natural, and it affected her opponents’ minds immediately.


Baoshan Xiong furiously roared out. His body instantly transformed, becoming over 3 meters tall. With a pair of iron fists that shone brightly, he punched the soundwaves coming toward him, shattering them into pieces.

As for Tieyi Ying, he had a pair of terrifying iron wings that were nearly invincible. His wings were dancing about, producing a flawless defense. On the other side, Heixin Fu was wildly roaring around. His roars were soundwave attacks, but when compared to Wu Ningzhu; his soundwave attacks were just too weak.

However, Wu Ningzhu had to fight three enemies at the same time, and they weren’t ordinary opponents; they were the great guardians of the Demon King Palace! Even if she possessed amazing talent, she had to split her attack into three. It was impossible for her to completely defeat all three of them at the same time, and now, she couldn’t even break their defense. It looked like this would be a drawn-out battle.

Jiang Chen who stood right in the center of the crowd had found the ins and outs of Wu Ningzhu. By having such amazing cultivation at such a young age, she was indeed a peerless genius. None of the great guardians of the Demon King Palace could be easily defeated, and they were all overall stronger than Shan Ying; no ordinary Late Combat Soul warriors could compare with them. Having the ability to fight three of them at the same time and still remain in an advantageous position, Wu Ningzhu had proved her incredible strength.

If it was a one versus one fight, none of these great guardians of the Demon King Palace would be a match for Wu Ningzhu, but if they teamed up and attacked her together, it would be a different story.

With her Fantasy Zither Thousandtunes attack, Wu Ningzhu and the three guardians were in a deadlock. On the other side, although Shan Ying could only defend himself without fighting back, he was after all a Late Combat Soul warrior, a respectable Elder of the Profound River Palace, and he did have some hidden skills and tricks. Therefore, it was also impossible for Yunzhong He to kill him in a short amount of time.

Shan Ying and Wu Ningzhu were alone taking on the four great guardians of the Demon King Palace, but the city’s situation was not good. The most powerful force in the city was the Wu family, and Wu Ningzhu had only brought Shan Ying from the Profound River Palace this time. As for the Demon King Palace, they had been preparing for this a.s.sault for a very long time, and with a lack of any prior preparation, there was no way the people of the Dancing Sun City could defend themselves from the crazy attacks of the demons. With the strength of the Wu family alone, there was no way they could defeat those ferocious demons.

Everyone from the Wu family were busy fighting, including Wu Tianyang and all their Combat Soul warriors. None of them had time to help the others. As for the innocent and weak people of the city, they were just food waiting to be served, as most of them were too weak to even fight back. They could only wait to be slaughtered.


Miserable shrieks could be heard from everywhere, and it didn’t seem like it would stop anytime soon. Humans and demons were fighting everywhere, and the buildings were being destroyed.

This was an extremely cruel ma.s.sacre. Jiang Chen looked around and shook his head in silence. The deadlock between Wu Ningzhu, Shan Ying, and the four great guardians would soon be broken. Neither of them would be able to last for much longer, and even those people from the Wu family were going to be defeated by those demons soon. More and more people from the Wu family died with each pa.s.sing minute.

The fights between the other humans and demons were equally terrifying. If the situation continued like this, Jiang Chen had no doubts that after today, the Dancing Sun City would definitely become a city of the dead. It was just like Yunzhong He had said, all living mortals here were going to die; the entire city was going to be slaughtered by the Demon King Palace.

It wasn’t difficult to foresee that. The Dancing Sun City would meet the same end as the Demon Palace annihilated by Jiang Chen.


Suddenly, a savage beast descended from the sky above. With its mouth wide open, it simply tried to devour Jiang Chen with a single bite.


Jiang Chen shook his head faintly. When the savage beast approached him, he casually pointed his finger forward and unleashed a golden beam, cutting the beast in half.

“Looks like I have to do something today. As a human, I can’t just sit by and do nothing.”

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone. Following that, a sharp cry suddenly resounded throughout the city.

The cry was extremely harsh and unpleasant, and it immediately attracted many people’s attention. They raised their heads up and saw a golden sword over 30 meters tall appearing in the sky.

This was an amazingly huge sword. It wasn’t being held by anyone, but it was flying around by itself.


As if someone was controlling the huge golden sword from somewhere, it started flying in every direction within the battlefield, and every single demon would be sliced in half wherever the sword went.

It seemed like this huge sword was a sentient object. It didn’t attack any humans, it only focused on demons, and it wiped out every single ferocious creature along its way. Nothing seemed to be able to stop it, and no demons were able to withstand more than a single strike from this gigantic golden sword.

“Look, what is that sword? It’s really amazing!”

“That huge golden sword has killed many demons, that’s great!”

“What an extraordinary sword! It looks like there is a mighty warrior hiding somewhere in this city, I’m sure the owner of this sword is a formidable warrior! But, who can that person be?”


The appearance of the huge golden sword brought joy to many people. Many of them were in fact saved by the sword when they were on the brink of death.

Swoosh… swoosh… swoosh…

The golden sword continued flying throughout the city, slaying a huge amount of demons, causing bodies to rain down from the sky. It also brought back hope to those who had lost it.

n.o.body noticed a young man standing within the crowd, secretly controlling this huge golden sword.

“Haha, good!”

While fighting a Mid Combat Soul demon, Wu Tianyang laughed out in satisfaction. The sudden appearance of this sword had raised everyone’s spirit. Not only that, it also allowed Wu Tianyang to know that there was a mighty warrior hidden somewhere. He wasn’t an idiot; he was easily able to tell how powerful this sword was with his eyes. It was also obvious to him that no ordinary man would be able to own such an amazing sword.

Wu Ningzhu and Shan Ying who were restlessly fighting had seen this huge sword as well, and so had the guardians of the Demon King Palace.

“This is a good sword; it’s mine now!”

Heixin Fu’s eyes lit up. He flapped his wings and flew toward the gigantic golden sword, then stretched his arm forward and tried to grab it.

“Don’t you dare run away from me!”

Wu Ningzhu refused to let him touch the sword. She immediately unleashed a soundwave attack, blocking Heixin Fu.

“Heixin Fu, there aren’t any mighty warriors hiding in this city. Let’s focus on capturing Wu Ningzhu together; we can work on that sword afterward!”

Yunzhong He said loudly. He attacked again with his feather fan, knocking Shan Ying back. He spat out some blood and said, “You old fool, enough playing with you! Heavenly Crane Cry!”

Yunzhong He instantly attacked madly. He wanted to end this battle quickly and kill Shan Ying.


A huge illusionary crane suddenly appeared above Shan Ying and hit him with tremendous force. Shan Ying was injured and unable to defend himself from this attack, so he was instantly knocked away with blood shooting out from his body. The attack had severely wounded him, and it caused his combat strength to be reduced by at least half.


After knocking Shan Ying away, Yunzhong He didn’t continue attacking him, he instead turned around and teamed up with the other three guardians.

With Yunzhong He joining in, Wu Ningzhu was finally unable to withstand their attacks. Her zither tunes started becoming messy, and she was unable to keep the balance between her soundwaves. She was now barely able to defend herself.


On the other side, a powerful Mid Combat Soul demon suddenly jumped out and transformed into its original form, then dashed toward the gigantic golden sword.

“Hmph! Don’t even think about touching my sword!”

Right at this moment, a cold ‘humph’ suddenly resounded throughout the battlefield. Following that, a young man appeared in the sky. He waved his hand, and the gigantic golden sword immediately returned to him.

Many people immediately threw their glances to this white-clothed young man. Even though no one could see his face, as there was a layer of golden light covering his face, they could feel that he was a young man.

This young man was none other than Jiang Chen! In order to reduce the casualties and pressure, he determinedly stepped into the scene.


When the demon beast found out that Jiang Chen was only a Divine Core warrior, it immediately dashed toward him with its mouth wide open, attempting to kill him with a single bite.


Jiang Chen raised the Heavenly Saint Sword high up into the air and swung it toward the demon. The dazzling sword cruelly sliced through the demon’s body. The Mid Combat Soul demon was no match for Jiang Chen’s formidable strength, so its body was cut into two parts in an instant.

Jiang Chen stretched his arm forward and grabbed a golden demon soul from the demon’s corpse. It was a demon soul belonging to a Mid Combat Soul demon, and as long as Jiang Chen absorbed it now, he would have enough Dragon Marks to break through to the Combat Soul realm. Heavenly Tribulation would also appear immediately after absorbing it.