Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 402 – War and Massacre in the City

Chapter 402 – War and Massacre in the City

Chapter 402 – War and Ma.s.sacre in the City

“What? A human genius annihilated one of the demons’ big powers? Who did that? Could it be Wu Ningzhu?”

“When did that happen? The destruction of a big demon power should have caused a big stir, so why haven’t we heard anything about it?”

“That’s right, who is that human genius? So the reason why these four great guardians came to the Dancing Sun City is to retaliate? Oh heavens, look at the demonic energies in the sky!”

Everyone was shocked. A demon power had been annihilated! This was such huge news, but none of them had heard about it before. Of course, faced with the current situation, no one could pay too much attention to who that human genius was, as they had to face the large army from the Demon King Palace. The Dancing Sun City was in a critical situation right now, and with the cruel and brutal nature of the demon beasts, the city would be in a disadvantageous position.

Jiang Chen’s expression changed slightly. After he destroyed the Demon Palace, he immediately absorbed the demon souls before coming to the Dancing Sun City. Almost no one knew that the Demon Palace had been destroyed, so it wasn’t difficult to imagine how powerful the Demon King Palace was.


Black clouds were gathered above the Dancing Sun City as if the apocalypse was here. The previously bustling city had started panicking. It looked like a fierce was going to erupt.

The faces of those from the Wu family looked extremely unsightly. Today was their ancestral wors.h.i.+pping ceremony, and none of them had expected to face this nasty situation. It was just as Yunzhong He said, they weren’t here to talk.

“Not good.”

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows. With his sensitive senses, he discovered that the demonic energy that was spreading across the sky was isolating the city from the outside world. In other words, the four guardians had sealed up the city with some secret tricks, causing it to lose connection with the outside world completely. Therefore, even if this place was soon going to be filled with violent battles, no one outside the city would be able to know. With this, when the Profound River Palace finds out about what happened here, the city might already have become a city of the dead.

When Shan Ying saw the demonic energies in the sky that looked like a spider’s web, his expressed became ugly as well. He turned to the four guardians and shouted, “Yunzhong He, do you really want to start a war?!”

“I already told you, you are the ones who started it! And besides, we’re not here today to talk!”

Intense killing intent emerged in Yunzhong He’s eyes.

“Do you think that just you four are capable of destroying this city?”

Wu Ningzhu said. Even when faced with such a situation, she didn’t show any signs of panicking. Just her att.i.tude alone was more than enough to win over peoples’ respect.

“I have long ago heard of Wonderhand Thousandtune Wu Ningzhu’s unique zither-style, and daddy wishes to experience it today! Let me see how strong this number one genius of the Profound River Palace is!”

Heixin Fu said. His voice was hoa.r.s.e and eerie, extremely unpleasant. Right after he finished speaking, a pair of black wings appeared on his back. With a flap of his wings, he dashed toward Wu Ningzhu with incredible speed.

With Heixin Fu’s attack, the war had officially erupted. The demonic energies above the city started spreading and revealing countless demons. The demons blotted out both sky and land as they let out ear-shattering roars. Each and every single one of them had a bloodthirsty look in their eyes and were jumping into every corner of the Dancing Sun City.

The entire city was in an unprecedented critical situation. All the unprepared warriors quickly woke up from shock, then took out their Combat Weapons and fought those demons without any hesitation.

No one expected the Demon King Palace to launch an attack on the city suddenly. Furthermore, there had been no signs. An attack of this scale was unprecedented as well.

The ma.s.sacre immediately brought bloodshed to the city. Jiang Chen remained still without doing anything; he just paid close attention to the defense mechanism that sealed the Dancing Sun City. It had been completely activated, and no one from outside the city would be able to find out about what was happening here before the defense mechanism was disabled.

Jiang Chen initially thought that his actions had brought forth the rage of the Demon King Palace, causing them to send four of their guardians to attack the Dancing Sun City to get revenge for what a human had done to one of their big powers. However, judging from what he had seen so far, it wasn’t his fault. Jiang Chen’s actions had just given the Demon King Palace an excuse to launch their attack.

Even if Jiang Chen didn’t annihilate the Demon Palace, the Dancing Sun City would still be attacked today. Judging from the scale of the army they had sent here, the Demon King Palace had obviously been preparing for a long time. If not, the scale would be much smaller than it was now. Also, that defense mechanism was the most important part of this war. It hadn’t been long since the Demon Palace was destroyed, so no matter how fast the Demon King Palace was able to react, they just wouldn’t be able to prepare this in such a short amount of time, and they wouldn’t have chosen this city as their primary target.

The Demon King Palace’s main target was obviously Wu Ningzhu. She was incredibly famous in the Southern Continent, and she was t.i.tled the number one genius of the younger generation. With her dazzling talent, the Demon King Palace felt a sense of urgency. Therefore, they wanted to kill Wu Ningzhu and hurt the Profound River Palace’s future growth; that’s why they sent their guardians here. They wanted to deal a heavy blow, and the Wu family’s ancestral wors.h.i.+pping ceremony was the perfect time to do so.


The wild roars of the demons could be heard everywhere. Some of the demons with gigantic bodies like small hills destroyed all building wherever they pa.s.sed.

A horrifying war had erupted without any prior warning. The Wu family was completely unprepared, and their ancestral wors.h.i.+pping ceremony hadn’t even started yet. Perhaps they wouldn’t have the chance to start it any longer, as the altar had become the center of this intense battlefield.

This was a war of a ma.s.sive scale. Faced with those cruel and ferocious demons, no one were able to remain calm. Only Jiang Chen who had seen a lot of things was able to remain calm when faced with this violent battlefield.


A golden lion who was as tall as a paG.o.da suddenly landed in the square, instantly killing a couple of men with the shockwave that came from its landing.


The lion was extremely ferocious. It had a Late Divine Core cultivation, and with its pair of eyes that were filled with strong killing intent; it instantly brought bloodshed to the scene.


Right as everyone at the scene were panicking, a gigantic blood-red dragon claw suddenly descended from the sky and hit the raging lion, crus.h.i.+ng it to meat paste.

Those who saw what happened were instantly shocked. They started looking around, trying to find out who did that, but no one was able to find the man who had just saved them. A person who could kill a Late Divine Core demon with just a single slap must be a mighty warrior.

“Everyone listen up! Follow me and fight these demons together!”

With a huge golden blade in her hand, Wu Ningzhu shouted out loudly, causing everyone in the city to hear what she said. Although the Wu family weren’t prepared for this attack, they were after all a big power in the Southern Continent. With their counter-attacks, they could still deal the Demon King Palace a deadly blow.

Above the altar, Wu Ningzhu kept moving around like a black b.u.t.terfly. She had been fighting a couple of rounds with Heixin Fu, and she was able to knock him back with her powerful attacks each time easily.

“d.a.m.n it; this young girl is really strong!”

Heixin Fu couldn’t help but curse inwardly. Although he was one of the Demon King Palace’s eight great guardians, he still had to admit that Wu Ningzhu was a formidable opponent, as he had nearly been defeated by her even before she played her strongest tune.

On the other side, Yunzhong He was fighting with Shan Ying. Both of them were even in terms of cultivation, but Shan Ying was pretty old, and his body was no match for the demon in front of him in terms of strength. Yunzhong He was a crane demon, allowing him to attack with incredible speed and strength. Therefore, after exchanging a few rounds of attacks, Shan Ying was in a disadvantageous position.

“So, the Profound River Palace’s mighty warrior is not that strong after all.”

Yunzhong He kept waving the feather fan in his hand, unleas.h.i.+ng bright beams upon Shan Ying.

Both of Shan Ying’s eyes had turned red. He threw his glance over to the city underneath him and saw the horrifying scene. He was unable to control his emotions, and said, “Yunzhong He! How dare you attack our humans’ city?! This is a serious provocation to the Profound River Palace, and what is happening here will soon be noticed by the Profound River Palace! Today, you four guardians are all going to die!”

“Haha, is that so? I don’t mind telling you this; the entire city has been sealed up by the four of us; this place is completely isolated from the outside world! Even if we destroy the entire city, the Profound River Palace will still be in the dark!”

Yunzhong He burst into laughter.


Shan Ying cried out in shock. Only now did he discover that there was indeed a layer of faded light hovering above the Dancing Sun City’s sky. Noticing this situation, Shan Ying’s spirit immediately sunk to the bottom of his heart. It looked like everything was going according to the Demon King Palace’s plan. Their primary target was Wu Ningzhu, and with the complete isolation of the city, there was no way they could inform anyone about what was going on here, and all humans in this place would be completely ma.s.sacred by the Demon King Palace.

Furthermore, if something bad truly happened to Wu Ningzhu, it would be a great blow to the Profound River Palace. Looking at the battles taking place below them, with these four great guardians of the Demon King Palace, the unprepared Dancing Sun City was no match for those demons.

“So, today, this city will become a living h.e.l.l! All mortals will perish underneath the Demon King Palace’s iron hoof; we will leave no survivors!”

A cruel smile emerged onto Yunzhong He’s face. He turned to two other men who stood behind him and told him with a loud voice, “Old Bear, Old Hawk, go help Old Bat capture Wu Ningzhu! Remember, don’t kill her, the master wants her alive! Also, make it quick!”

“Jiejie, alright!”

Baoshan Xiong and Tieyi Ying sprinted forward and grouped up with Heixin Fu. The three of them quickly surrounded Wu Ningzhu.

“Hmph! Three mighty great guardians of the Demon King Palace grouping together to attack a lone lady, you guys don’t feel any shame!”

Wu Ningzhu coldly harrumphed.

“We won’t feel shame if we win this fight. Wu Ningzhu, if I was you, I’d just give up and admit defeat, so I wouldn’t have to suffer any pain.”

Baoshan Xiong said.

“Fat chance! You three, show me what you got, it is still too early to tell who will win this battle!”

Wu Ningzhu was still br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence. Although she was facing three formidable opponents, she was showing no signs of being nervous. With a flip of her hand, a black zither appeared.