Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 404 – Come! Let’s Face Heavenly Tribulation Together!

Chapter 404 – Come! Let’s Face Heavenly Tribulation Together!

Chapter 404 – Come! Let’s Face Heavenly Tribulation Together!

The sudden appearance of this white-clothed young man and him killing the Mid Combat Soul demon within seconds brought a storm to the scene. It instantly caused the battles to become even more heated up.

“Who is that young man, and why is he so strong? He’s only a Divine Core warrior, not yet a Combat Soul warrior, so how can he kill a Mid Combat Soul demon with but a single strike? This is too unbelievable!”

Wu Tianyang’s face was filled with shock.

“Which power is this man from? He is definitely not from the Profound River Palace, and I’ve never heard of anyone in the Southern Continent who resembles this man. With his amazing talent, he should certainly be a famous person!”

Wu Ningzhu turned her pale face to look at the young man, and she was also struck with astonishment. However, even with her amazing cultivation, she too was unable to see through the golden glow covering this young man’s face.

But for some unknown reason, after this young man appeared, Wu Ningzhu suddenly felt like she had seen a ray of hope. It was a truly mysterious feeling, as this young man wasn’t even a Combat Soul warrior, and yet, he made her feel as if he could easily turn the tables.

Jiang Chen didn’t stop after killing that demon. Like a fierce tiger pouncing toward a group of tame sheep, his body flashed toward the center of the battlefield. Within the blink of an eye, another three Combat Soul demons had been slain by Jiang Chen’s sword. Following the reduction of these Combat Soul demons, the pressure the Wu family faced had been instantly reduced.

“Young man in white, he is the one who annihilated the Demon Palace!”

When Yunzhong He saw Jiang Chen who was bringing a reign of terror to the demons across the battlefield, he immediately identified him as the culprit who had annihilated the Demon Palace.

“According to the survivors from the Demon Palace, it was a young man who looked to be about 17 years old who annihilated them, and he also used a terrifying sword! I’m sure this guy is the culprit! What a lucky day for us, I’ll go and kill him now!”

Baoshan Xiong shouted out.

“Old Bear, let’s capture Wu Ningzhu before we kill that guy!”

Yunzhong He stopped Baoshan Xiong from acting recklessly.

After that, all four great guardians drew out their Combat Weapons at the same time. The four of them had been working together for a very long time; giving them good synergy when attacking enemies. In an instant, they unleashed a dark cloud that was entirely formed from their Combat Weapons and demonic energy, then brutally sent it toward Wu Ningzhu.

The attack instantly caused Wu Ningzhu’s expression to change dramatically. She continued stroking the strings of her zither, unleas.h.i.+ng countless abstruse musical notes resembling scythes toward the dark cloud. However, even if she was Wonderhand Thousandtune, it was impossible for her to withstand the combined attack from these four great guardians.



Wu Ningzhu was instantly knocked back by the attack, and a mouthful of blood was forced out from her mouth, staining the black veil covering her face. At the same time, her energy began to weaken significantly. She had clearly suffered a serious injury.


Wu Tianyang and Shan Ying cried out in shock at the same time when they saw that Wu Ningzhu had been injured. Although Shan Ying was also badly injured, he immediately went up to Wu Ningzhu to protect her from being further attacked by the four great guardians.

“Old fool, I’ll kill you now! Guys, let’s attack with everything we got! Remember, we need Wu Ningzhu to stay alive!”

Yunzhong He said with a cruel tone. With just one more combined attack from all four of them, Shan Ying would face certain death. On the other side, Wu Ningzhu had lost all ability to defend herself.


Right at this moment, a clap of thunder sounded out in the sky above the city. It was an explosively loud clap of thunder that caused the entire Dancing Sun City to vibrate, striking every single being with extreme shock.


The clap of thunder was just the beginning. Thunder began roaring out in the sky, and dark clouds started gathering in the sky. The demonic energy that was originally covering the sky was immediately dispersed, and rapid lightning started crawling through the sky. A heavenly pressure started pus.h.i.+ng down on every single object underneath the heavens. Faced with this mighty heavenly pressure, even the four great guardians began to palpitate.


As the dark clouds rolled into the sky accompanied by thunder and lightning, the demonic energy had completely disappeared. With that, the defense mechanism that isolated the city had finally been broken. The dark clouds were pressuring from above, and seven colored lightning bolts were breaking out in the sky as if there was an ancient barbarian beast wreaking havoc within. It caused all those who looked at the sky to feel terrified.

“What’s going on? I can feel a powerful pressure from the sky; I don’t feel good!”

“The thunder is roaring as if the end of the world is approaching, why did the weather suddenly become like this?”

“I know what this is; it’s the legendary Heavenly Tribulation! According to legends, when a heavenly-defying object appears, the Heavens will send forth its punishment in the form of Lightning Tribulation! Could a heavenly-defying object have appeared in this city?”

“A heavenly-defying object hasn’t been seen in the last ten thousand years; I’ve never seen anything like this before!”


Everyone was startled by this change. Right at this moment, the demons and humans had stopped fighting each other; they had all thrown their glances toward the sky. As the heavenly pressure was getting stronger and stronger, they got even more scared.

“d.a.m.n it, what is facing Heavenly Tribulation now?!”

Yunzhong He couldn’t help but curse. It looked like a heavenly-defying object had appeared in the city, and the heavens was sending forth its Heavenly Tribulation to this place. If the lightning tribulation truly took place here, many people were going to be caught in the crossfire.


The furious thunder sounded like the roars of barbarian beasts. Soon, the dark cloud had pushed down and stopped above a specific spot in the city. This immediately struck all humans and demons who also stood underneath with great fear. They simply ran away as fast as they possibly could and tried to distance themselves as far away as possible.

After everyone had left the spot, all that remained underneath the dark cloud was a white-clothed young man whose face was covered in a golden glow. He simply stood there solemnly. He raised his head and stared at the furious lightning in the sky, without making any noise or movement.

“It’s him! He is the one who will face Heavenly Tribulation!”

“Are you kidding me? Facing Heavenly Tribulation at the Divine Core realm? Is this some kind of joke?”

“Where did this young man come from? Why can he attract Heavens’ Punishment just by breaking through to the Combat Soul realm?!”


All four of the great guardians felt an urge to vomit blood. Even Wu Ningzhu was unable to take her eyes off of this young man. As the number one genius of the Profound River Palace, she never acknowledged herself inferior regarding talent to anybody else, but she had never met any super genius who had to face Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm.

However, no matter how hard Wu Ningzhu thought about it, she just couldn’t remember hearing anything about the Southern Continent having this heavenly-defying genius.

The Heavenly Tribulation was here, and the war had instantly come to a halt. No one dared fight underneath Heavens Punishment, as they were afraid they might attract the Heavenly Tribulation and die in the process.

Jiang Chen was floating in the sky, standing quietly underneath the tribulation clouds. He stretched his arms out, as if he was enjoying the moment. The Heavenly Tribulation would never be able to make him surrender.

Soon, three red lines appeared in the dark cloud. They looked red as fresh blood, as if there were three blood streams crossing the sky, causing all those who looked at them to feel a tremendous pressure.

“Minor Three Tribulations?”

A faint smile emerged onto Jiang Chen’s face. When the three red lines appeared amongst the dark clouds, it signified that Jiang Chen was going to face the Three Minor Tribulations. This was something he had experienced in his past life.

In his past life, Jiang Chen had faced two Heavenly Tribulations. The first was when he broke through to the Minor Saint realm from the Peak Combat Emperor realm, and he had to face the Three Minor Tribulations. The second time was when he broke through to the Great Saint realm from the Minor Saint realm, where he had to face the Intermediate Six Tribulations. According to legend, when one was breaking through to the Immortal realm from the Great Saint realm, the Immortal Realm would send forth its Major Nine Tribulations, also called the Tribulation of misery. However, Jiang Chen never had the chance to experience it, as he died before he could do so. Perhaps there were some who had faced the Major Nine Tribulation during the last hundred years and entered the Immortal realm.

Those old farts who had lived for a long time without the ability to cultivate further, once they were given Immortal Energy, it would be very easy for them to break through to the Immortal realm. Jiang Chen had no doubts about that. With his new life, this Major Nine Tribulation was his current ultimate goal.

However, Jiang Chen had never expected to face the Minor Three Tribulations that only appeared when breaking through to the Minor Saint realm would come to him so soon. He knew that the reason for this was all because of the Dragon Transformation skill.

The first red line started swaying and producing thunderous sounds. In the following second, the red line transformed into a Thunder Dragon. The Thunder Dragon’s terrifying body swayed, and it threw an angry glance at Jiang Chen.

Right now, the entire Dancing Sun City was in dead silence. Everyone was holding their breath as they looked at the Thunder Dragon. No one here had ever seen Heavenly Tribulation before, and today was the first time they experienced this rare event. Luckily, the Heavenly Tribulation only focused on this white-clothed youngster. If not, the entire city would perish underneath this furious tribulation.

“Haha! Come!”

Jiang Chen laughed out heartily. No signs of fear could be found on his face.

As if having sensed Jiang Chen’s challenge, the Thunder Dragon immediately let out a furious roar and dived down toward Jiang Chen.

Just when the Thunder Dragon moved, Jiang Chen moved at the same time. With the help of the Dimensional s.h.i.+ft skill, Jiang Chen immediately appeared in front of Yunzhong He with incredible speed.


A terrified expression instantly emerged onto Yunzhong He’s face as he cried out in horror. However, it was too late for him to do anything.

“Haha, let’s face the Heavenly Tribulation together!”

Jiang Chen burst into laughter. He simply stood right beside Yunzhong He as the horrifying Thunder Dragon crashed into them and transformed into a curtain formed entirely from lightning and thunder, instantly flooding both of them.


A miserable shriek sounded out from the deadly thunder curtain, causing the hairs of all those who heard it to stand up. Within a split second, many people could see two pieces of a corpse falling from the thunderous curtain. The two pieces were completely burnt, but people were still able to see that they belonged to Yunzhong He.

After that, the thunderous curtain disappeared, and a white-clothed youngster was revealed. Although he was slightly staggering, he was still in high spirits. He wasn’t even hurt after pa.s.sing through the first tribulation.

The Heavenly Tribulation was a well-directed phenomenon. Those who faced it had proved to possess heavenly-defying talent, meaning that they had the potential to overcome the Heavenly Tribulation successfully. However, for any other living beings who weren’t targeted by the Heavenly Tribulation, it was a deadly phenomenon. Take Yunzhong He for example, when the Heavenly Tribulation struck him, his source tribulation was immediately stimulated, and he simply had no way to withstand the mighty power of the Heavenly Pressure. Therefore he was sliced in half by the thunder.


Everyone gasped upon seeing what just happened, especially the other three great guardians. They simply stared at the youngster not far away from them with eyes wide open, as if they were looking at a ghost. This young man was extremely fierce; he actually forced another person to face the Heavenly Tribulation with him!

“d.a.m.n it, let’s keep a distance from that guy!”

Baoshan Xiong couldn’t help but curse. Facing the Heavenly Tribulation together with this youngster meant certain death, there were no second options. The formidable Yunzhong He was a perfect example of this.


Soon after, the second tribulation bolt started forming.