Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 401 – Demon King Palace’s Four Great Guardians

Chapter 401 – Demon King Palace’s Four Great Guardians

Chapter 401 – Demon King Palace’s Four Great Guardians

The entire sky was filled with dazzling lights. Each of those persons who appeared wore luxurious clothing, and they wore the same superior and prideful expression on their faces. They belonged to the strongest power in this city, so it’s obvious they would be prideful.

This group of men was the first batch to appear. The slowly descended onto the huge altar and split into two groups, then stood on both sides in an orderly fas.h.i.+on.

After this group of majestic looking men had arrived, more and more people started appearing in the sky. Each of them was a top existence in the Wu family, and as today was their ancestor wors.h.i.+pping ceremony, only those with prestigious statuses had the right to stand on this altar.

The leading man who stood in the sky was a man who looked to be in his thirties. An elegant expression could be seen on his greasy face. With both hands placed behind his back, he leisurely walked in the sky toward the altar.

“Look, that’s Wu Tianyang, the Wu family’s family chief, Wu Ningzhu’s father!”

“This guy has given birth to a good daughter!”

“And he has a strong cultivation base as well! I heard he just broke through to the Mid Combat Soul realm not long ago! He’s a formidable Mid Combat Soul warrior, and with Wu Ningzhu as his daughter, Wu Tianyang can just go anywhere he wants without any fear.”


The arrival of Wu Tianyang immediately attracted everyone’s attention. This man was the real ruler of the Dancing Sun City. If he farted, the entire city would instantly tremble.

[TL: Any move made by him would cause the entire city to tremble, basically.]

Jiang Chen silently nodded his head. This Wu Tianyang had an extraordinary bearing. At least, ordinary men couldn’t compare with him. However, if Wu Tianyang was the Wu family’s strongest man, then their overall strength was still far behind the Nangong family. However, if taking the genius Wu Ningzhu into consideration, as well as the relations.h.i.+p between the Wu family and the Profound River Palace, the Wu family’s status was not any weaker than the Nangong family’s.

Therefore, in the Southern Continent, the Wu family was an exception. They didn’t have the strength of the Nangong family, but they held the same status as the Nangong family.

After Wu Tianyang had arrived, all the other top existences of the Wu family arrived one after the other. The Wu family’s foundation was considered pretty strong; they had four Combat Soul warriors, and nearly twenty Late Divine Core warriors. All of these warriors stood on top of the altar right now.

Right at this moment, the crowd was still glancing at the sky above. Everyone knew that the main person had yet to appear on the altar. It wasn’t Wu Tianyang, it was Wu Ningzhu, the young lady of the Wu family wasn’t here yet, and the ancestral wors.h.i.+pping ceremony wouldn’t begin without her presence.

Suddenly, a pleasant zither melody gradually played its way into the crowds’ ears. Before anybody showed up in the air, the sound-waves had been echoing in the sky. With this pleasant melody, the entire Dancing Sun City became silent.

Jiang Chen’s heart was moved by this melody. It was as if it had some kind of magical power. It was pleasant, like a stream of sounds flowing through the heart; pure and transparent. The zither melody slowly penetrated into every single inch of the atmosphere; it was as if it had merged with this natural environment. It was just too wonderful for words.

So beautiful, just this zither melody caused everyone to feel wonderful. It was easy to predict how pretty the person playing this tune was.

Wonderhand Thousandtune, she truly deserved this t.i.tle.

“Look, young lady Wu Ningzhu has arrived!”

Someone suddenly cried out in joy, causing the people who were currently immersed in the wonderful music to wake up. With that, another storm was brought to the crowd. Everyone eagerly threw their glances onto a sole figure floating in the sky.

Jiang Chen opened up his eyes as well. What he saw was a wonderful girl that sat in mid-air with her legs crossed, playing a zither placed on her lap. Although this girl was sitting in mid-air, it didn’t prevent her amazing figure from being shown. She wore a tight black dress which exposed a large amount of skin around her neck; she had two b.u.mps on her chest which portrayed a wild beauty capable of making any man drool. She had long dark hair that seemed silky smooth and neat that fell to her waist. Her face was covered with a thin black veil, preventing her extraordinary face from being seen. However, with Jiang Chen’s eyes, he could easily see her delicate and perfect face through the black veil.

This girl had a pair of dazzling eyes that looked like the brightest stars in the night sky. No splendor seemed capable of covering her breathtaking radiance. Even Jiang Chen who had seen many beauties in his life had to admit that this girl truly deserved the t.i.tle of the prettiest girl in the Southern Continent.

Wu Ningzhu’s beauty was different from Yan Chenyu. Yan Chenyu was like an icy lotus, holy and ethereal, pure as the purest crystal, whereas Wu Ningzhu was a girl full of wild beauty. Any casual movement made by her seemed so charming; she was like a rose that bloomed independently, unleas.h.i.+ng varieties of colors at will. This was truly a lady worth dying for.

Right now, Wu Ningzhu was sitting with her legs crossed in mid-air, stroking the strings of her zither with her soft hands. It was a black zither, and even its strings were black. It perfectly matched her dressing style.

The zither sent forth a pleasant melody. The melody sounded like jade stones falling onto a plate, crystal clear and melodious, causing those who heard it to feel refreshed. That pair of sand hands kept jumping from string to string like a gracious b.u.t.terfly.

“So pretty!”

“Wonderhand Thousandtune, she truly deserves this t.i.tle! The music can make anyone feel refreshed! However, her most amazing ability is her different tunes. She can play pleasant tunes that can soothe one’s mind, but she can also play demonic tunes that can kill anyone, and it’s really difficult to defend against.”

“I’m so happy I got to witness such a wonderful girl in Dancing Sun City today! The only blemish on this otherwise perfect day is that veil on her face.”

“The f.u.c.k, why are you so greedy? Don’t you think it’s enough for you to witness such an extraordinary beauty today? According to what I know, no one has ever removed Wu Ningzhu’s veil before, because no man has the qualifications to do so.”


No man on the spot was able to move his eyes away from Wu Ningzhu. For them, being able to appreciate this legendary existence from far was more than enough. No one dared have any evil thoughts about her.

Wu Ningzhu continued playing her music for a few minutes before gradually coming to a stop. After that, the zither in her arms turned into a black beam and disappeared. She slowly stood up, revealing her marvelous figure.

She raised her head and glanced gently over the crowd, showing them a pair of starry eyes that came with a demon-like attraction. After that, she gracefully walked over toward the altar.

When Wu Ningzhu had almost reached the altar, an old man appeared in the sky next to her. The old man wore a gray robe and an indifferent expression. He simply followed after Wu Ningzhu without saying a word. When the people from the Wu family saw this old man, they all bowed politely. Even Wu Tianyang had to greet him with a smile.

“Look, that’s a Late Combat Soul Elder from the Profound River Palace! Having such a mighty warrior partic.i.p.ate in the Wu family’s ancestral wors.h.i.+pping ceremony, the Profound River Palace truly gives them face.”

“That’s all because of Wu Ningzhu. She isn’t only the Wu family’s young lady; she is also the number one genius of the Profound River Palace. The upper echelons of the Profound River Palace pay heavy attention to her, so it is only natural for them to send a Late Combat Soul warrior to follow her around.”

“Look, the ancestor wors.h.i.+pping ceremony is going to start soon.”

Some people were discussing amongst themselves with soft voices, while the others were looking at the altar.

“Haha, the Wu family’s ancestral wors.h.i.+pping ceremony is such a lively event! I wonder, do you welcome us, the guardians?”

Right at this moment, an extremely loud voice was suddenly heard from the distance. After that, together with an explosive sound, a black cloud appeared in the sky above the city. With such noise, everyone’s attention was immediately attracted, causing them to throw their glances over to the black cloud. When they looked at it, they could feel a powerful demonic energy within.

The black cloud disappeared, and four figures were revealed. Each of these four were dressed in a bizarre manner, clearly showing they weren’t humans. The leading man had a feather fan in his hand, and he was wearing a raincoat. His face carried an evil smile.

The second man was as tall and big as a paG.o.da, and his body was covered with hair. Although he was in human form, he looked no different from a wild bear.

The third man had a thin and straight body, as well as a pair of sharp eagle-like eyes. An aquiline nose sat right in the center of his vicious looking face.

As for the last man, he wore a large black gown with countless bats embroidered on it. His black ears were covered with hair, looking really ugly.

But all four of them had extremely powerful energy, as the four of them were all Late Combat Soul warriors.

In the Southern Continent, humans and demons had been all-time enemies. As today was the Wu family’s ancestral wors.h.i.+pping ceremony, the sudden appearance of these mighty demons had clearly shown their evil intentions.

When the old man followed who followed Wu Ningzhu saw these four men, his expression changed dramatically.

“Yunzhong He, Baoshan Xiong, Tieyi Ying, Heixin Fu, out of all the eight great guardians of the Demon King Palace, four of you are here. I wonder, what made you all come to the Dancing Sun City today?”

The old man said with a loud voice. The Profound River Palace and the Demon King Palace were enemies, and both of them were familiar with the upper echelons of both sides. The eight great guardians of the Demon King Palace were very famous, and nearly everyone knows about them. The Demon King Palace sent four of their guardians here today while the Wu family was holding their ancestral wors.h.i.+pping ceremony. It looked like today would be a restless day.

“Shan Ying, we didn’t come here today to look for you, we came here for Miss Wu Ningzhu. Our master has coveted her for a long time, so I wonder if Miss Wu Ningzhu can follow us to meet our master.”

Yunzhong He who held a feather fan in his hand threw his glance over at Wu Ningzhu and spoke with an indifferent voice.

“Ridiculous! Wu Ningzhu is the Profound River Palace’s holy maiden; she is not someone you demons can insult!”

The old man’s name was Shan Ying. He was furious upon learning that the Demon King Palace had their sights set upon Wu Ningzhu.

“Today is my family’s ancestral wors.h.i.+pping ceremony; I never thought it would alert the Demon King Palace and make you send four great guardians here. Judging from the way you’re talking, it looks like you’re here for a fight, right?”

Wu Ningzhu finally spoke. Her voice was crystal clear and full of strength. Contrary to her gender, she portrayed the image of a hero.

“Haha, Miss Wu Ningzhu is indeed a clever girl. However, you’re only half right. We’re not here to fight; we’re here to kill. All the people in this city are going to die today. After that, we will bring Miss Wu back to the Demon King Palace.”

Yunzhong He went straight to the point. Right after he finished speaking, some dark clouds started gathering in the sunny sky, and powerful demonic energy started filling the atmosphere.

“Hmph! Do not point your finger at us and accuse our Demon King Palace of starting this war! Not long ago, a human genius annihilated one of our big powers. We, the Demon King Palace are not someone you can bully without any reason! Now, we’ll take this opportunity the Wu family has provided us to kill everyone in this city!”

Yunzhong He coldly harrumphed.