Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 381 – All Gathered Happily Under One Roof

Chapter 381 – All Gathered Happily Under One Roof

Chapter 381 – All Gathered Happily Under One Roof

“Yong master is back! Young master is back!”

Right when Jiang Chen and the group landed in the Jiang family’s courtyard, someone immediately announced his return with a voice loud enough for everyone to hear. When the guards of the Jiang family saw him, they started screaming their lungs out, excite expressions filling their faces.

They just couldn’t help themselves, Jiang Chen had become the legend of the Jiang family, and everyone in the family took great pride in having this young master. And not long before this, their young master had come back at the most critical moment and killed all Dimensional Creatures, saving their lives.

After Jiang Chen left the Fragrant Sky City, his legend was still being told in every corner of the city, or more accurately, every city in the Red City region. Now, he had once again returned and eliminated all Dimensional Creatures, saving the lives of every person in this region. It could be considered a great deed done to all living beings in this region. Therefore, everyone felt extremely proud about being part of the Jiang family.

All the guards were cheering and shouting over and over again. People started walking out from the inner area of the Jiang family, more accurately, they were running toward Jiang Chen.

The leading man was none other than the mayor, Jiang Zhenhai. There were dozens of men following him. One of them was an old man with an imposing appearance, he was the Black Hawk who had submitted to Jiang Chen. The alchemist Zhou Beichen was in the group as well. Many of them had suffered from different degrees of injuries, some were even walking unevenly, but they still insisted on coming out to greet Jiang Chen.

There were clearly more strong warriors in the Jiang family now than when Jiang Chen left. Many of them had joined after Jiang Chen left, and because of Jiang Chen, the Jiang family had become the most respectable existence in this region. Therefore, it was perfectly normal for those people to come and join them because of their good name.

Many of the men from the Jiang family had been badly injured, but since Jiang Chen had previously given them some pills, after spending some time healing themselves, many of them had nearly recovered, just like Jiang Zhenhai and the Black Hawk. The only ones still injured were those who had been severely wounded, and were currently slowly recovering.


Jiang Zhenhai shouted from afar, expressing his excitement of seeing Jiang Chen. Although he had met Jiang Chen before this when they were fighting with the Dimensional Creature, their time was limited, and he didn’t even have the chance to talk to him.


Jiang Chen responded with a loud shout as well. With big steps, he arrived in front of Jiang Zhenhai and gave him a big hug. Jiang Zhenhai placed his arm around Jiang Chen’s shoulder tightly. This was how men released their emotions. Jiang Chen enjoyed the strong sense of family coming from Jiang Zhenhai.

After some moment, Jiang Zhenhai finally let go of Jiang Chen. He threw an examining look at Jiang Chen, and the more he looked, the happier he got.”

“Good, perfect! Do you guys see this? This is my son, Jiang Zhenhai’s son!”

Jiang Zhenhai said in high spirits. This young man was his pride, his everything! He used to spend so much energy and effort on this son who was a useless fool, but now, who would dare look down on his son?! He was incredibly proud of Jiang Chen.

“Dad, you’ve broken through to the Late Heavenly Core realm? That’s good!”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. He could tell Jiang Zhenhai’s cultivation with just one look.

“The Xuanyuan cultivation skill you gave dad is really amazing! Not only does it make me feel as if I have been reborn, it also gave me a spurt in my cultivation, allowing me to obtain such incredible strength in a very short amount of time! This is something that I could never even dream of!”

Jiang Zhenhai said with a sigh. A year ago, he was just an ordinary man at the peak Qi Hai realm, and his biggest dream was to break through to the Mortal Core realm in his life. But now, he had become a mighty warrior at the Late Heavenly Core realm!

“Dad, your potential has once again been cultivation. Soon, you will be able to break through to the Divine Core realm, and there is a high chance you can break through to the Combat Soul realm in the future.”

Jiang Chen continued and said. Jiang Zhenhai didn’t know too many details about the Xuanyuan skill. The Xuanyuan skill was the skill Jiang Chen cultivated with in his previous life, and it was the skill that allowed him to climb up to the throne of the greatest Saint underneath the Heavens.


The Black Hawk walked up to Jiang Chen and bowed down deeply. His grat.i.tude toward Jiang Chen was tremendous, and without the Sacred Heavenly Demonic skill Jiang Chen had given him, he would have no way of breaking through to the Divine Core realm for the rest of his life, not to mention the Mid Divine Core realm.

“En, Old Black, you’ve done a lot this time by protecting the Jiang family, I’ll give you a reward later.”

Jiang Chen patted the Black Hawk’s shoulder. He wasn’t surprised to see how much Jiang Zhenhai and the Black Hawk had progressed in their cultivation, because no one knew better than him how powerful the Xuanyuan skill and Sacred Heavenly Demonic skill was.

“Thank you, master!”

The Black Hawk was immediately struck with awe upon hearing what Jiang Chen said.

“Young master, Uncle Zhou is really happy to see your achievements!”

Zhou Beichen was wiping away his tears while speaking. If not for Jiang Chen arriving at the most critical moment, he would have been dead by now.

“Uncle Zhou, you’re so old, why are you still crying in front of so many people? Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Jiang Chen said with a laugh. In the Jiang family, Zhou Beichen was one of the men he respected, because this was a man who had always been loyal to Jiang Zhenhai.


Jiang Chen’s words caused the entire crowd to burst into laughter, causing the atmosphere to become relaxed.

“Young master, young master…”

Right at this moment, someone called out from the inner area of the Jiang family. After that, Jiang Cheng walked out, clearly injured. When he saw Jiang Chen, his face was instantly covered with tears.

“Young master, you’re finally back! I’ve really missed you, so much!”

Jiang Cheng started crying out loudly, causing Jiang Chen to feel speechless. However, this was the sincere emotions this man hard toward his young master, he was clearly not pretending.

“Jiang Cheng, don’t act like that.”

Although Jiang Chen scolded him, he still strode over and grabbed Jiang Cheng’s arm, helping him stand.

“Young master! Ever since you left, I’ve no longer been able to act like a tyrant.”

Jiang Cheng said in a grieving manner.

Hearing the words ‘act like a tyrant’, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

“That’s enough. Jiang Cheng, you’re a man, why are you crying like that? Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Jiang Zhenhai scolded. After that, he turned around and looked at Han Yan and the others. He knew Big Yellow, but he had never met Han Yan and the others. However, the auras of these people made him breathe heavily. This proved that none of these men were ordinary characters.

“Chen’er, who are these people?”

Jiang Zhenhai asked.

“They are all my brothers.”

Jiang Chen introduced the group to Jiang Zhenhai.

“Greetings, uncle!”

Han Yan and the group bowed deeply toward Jiang Zhenhai. Actually, with their status and cultivation, they would never bow toward a Heavenly Core warrior. But, Jiang Zhenhai was different, he was Jiang Chen’s father, which meant he was also their senior.

“Good, good!”

Jiang Zhenhai kept nodding his head, he felt really proud at this moment, because some Divine Core geniuses had just bowed at him. This was such a glorious moment, and perhaps only he, Jiang Zhenhai had the privilege of receiving this honor.

“Brother Jiang, you look very majestic now!”

Yan Zhanyun walked up from the back. He had only just consumed the healing pill, and wasn’t in a good shape, so Yan Chenyu was holding his arm, a.s.sisting him.

“Brother Yan, are you alright?”

Jiang Zhenhai quickly walked up and expressed his concern over Yan Zhanyun’s condition. However, he wasn’t looking at Yan Zhanyun at all, he was looking at Yan Chenyu. There was a saying that when a father-in-law looked at his daughter-in-law, the more he looked, the more satisfied he was.

“Yu’er, hurry up and greet your father-in-law!”

Yan Zhanyun said with a smile.

“Little Yu… Little Yu greets father-in-law!”

Yan Chenyu blushed as she spoke. She felt really shy, as this was the first time she had met Jiang Zhenhai.

“Haha, good, perfect! Little Yu is such a clever girl! Not only do you have a beautiful appearance, your talent is amazing too! The Jiang family is truly lucky to have you as our daughter-in-law! Brother Yan, your condition isn’t good, let’s not stand here and talk, we better go inside.”

Jiang Zhenhai said with a loud voice. He was really happy today, so happy he nearly forgot his own surname.

Soon, led by Jiang Zhenhai, the group entered the Jiang family’s main hall. Although there were many of them, the Jiang family’s main hall was huge, it still had plenty of empty s.p.a.ce after having been occupied by so many people.

The entire main hall was filled with a joyful atmosphere, and the roars of laughter didn’t seem to stop sounding out. Previously, a shadow had been cast in everyone’s minds because of the Dimensional Creatures, but now, that shadow was completely gone. With Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu arriving, everyone was excited.

“Chen’er, what exactly were those monsters?”

Jiang Zhenhai asked.

“Dad, father-in-law, those monsters came from another dimension. There was a dimensional crack in the sky above Mount Origin, that’s where those monsters came from. They are powerful creatures, and if we didn’t make it on time, the consequences would be devastating, all living beings in the Red City region would be killed by them, and this place would definitely become a land of the dead.”

Jiang Chen explained.

Hearing this explanation, everyone present couldn’t help but sigh. There still was some lingering fear in their minds, even though the disaster was over. All the people here had experience how terrifying those Dimensional Creatures were, and if Jiang Chen hadn’t come back in time, all of them would become their food.

“Chen’er, if that’s the case, will more Dimensional Creatures come out from that dimensional crack?”

Jiang Zhenhai worriedly asked.

“Don’t worry, dad. I have sealed the dimensional crack with the Skymend Formation, there is no way those Dimensional Creatures can come out. All we need to do now is calm the people in the Red City region, and start over.”

Jiang Chen said.

“That’s easier said than done. All the cities here were seriously damaged by those foul Dimensional Creatures, and countless lives have been lost. The survivors are in deep sorrow right now, and it’ll be really difficult to start over. I think it’ll be impossible for this region to return to its previous prosperity.”

Yan Zhanyun shook his head and breathed a sigh of disappointment. Those ruined buildings were easy to repair, but the wounds the souls of the survivors were the hardest to fix.