Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 380 – Returning Home

Chapter 380 – Returning Home

Chapter 380 – Returning Home

Trapped by the True Dragon Palm, Shangguan Ying felt he was in a critical situation, and he could clearly feel his life was in danger. Although he had never faced Jiang Chen personally before this, he still knew very well what kind of person Jiang Chen was. This was a young, yet merciless man, and now, since he was captured by Jiang Chen, what awaited him was certain death.”

“Jiang Chen, you dare kill me? The fury of the Shangguan Clan is not something that you can withstand!”

Shangguan Ying furiously roared.

“Can you people from the Shangguan Clan choose a different speech to use before death? It’s getting really boring.”

Jiang Chen responded with a sneer, then he made the True Dragon Palm squeeze down. With that, Shangguan Ying’s body started twisting, then cracking sounds came from his bones. In just a split second, his body started tearing, and shooting out arrow of blood.

“Haha, Jiang Chen, you’re going to die soon, don’t think that the Ninth Emperor will be able to protect you! The Imperial Emperor doesn’t like you at all, your end will not be good!”

Shangguan Ying burst into laughter.

“You’re talking too mush rubbish, you can go die now.”

Jiang Chen really couldn’t bother talking to Shangguan Ying anymore. He simply squeezed the True Dragon Palm with tremendous force, causing the man to explode into ashes. After that, he took over Shangguan Ying’s blade and storage ring which fell down not far away from him.

Shangguan Ying was a respectable elder of the Shangguan Clan, and he was also a Late Combat Soul warrior. Therefore, the wealth he possessed was overwhelming. Since Jiang Chen had killed him, it would be really stupid to not take his belongings.

As for the blade he used, it was a top tier Superior Weapon. Although there were cracks on it caused by the Heavenly Saint Sword, Jiang Chen could easily fix it with his abilities.

Although Shangguan Ying was now dead, Jiang Chen wasn’t feeling happy at all, because he didn’t like what Shangguan Ying said before he died. In fact, what Shangguan Ying said was perfectly correct.

The Imperial Emperor didn’t like him, and Jiang Chen could clearly feel that. The reason wasn’t that he didn’t kneel down before the Imperial Emperor, but something else.

Jiang Chen had a feeling that the reason was because of Wu Jiu. On the surface, the Imperial Emperor showed a lot of respect to Wu Jiu, but that didn’t mean he truly liked Wu Jiu. No one liked living underneath the shadow of someone else, especially the Imperial Emperor who was the most powerful man in the Eastern Continent; he needed respect from all his people. Wu Jiu’s existence was like a permanent shadow hovering in his heart, and every time he smiled at Wu Jiu and showed him respect, it would make him feel really bad, because it would make him feel as if everything he had this day was given to him by Wu Jiu.

For a person who sat as high as the Imperial Emperor, he would never allow a shadow like this to exist. Therefore, Jiang Chen had a feeling that the conflict between Wu Jiu and the Imperial Emperor would sooner or later flare up, and his appearance might be the trigger. In fact, it was already possible to see some signs of this from the fact that the Imperial Emperor a.s.signed him an impossible mission.

“Chen Gege, what are you thinking about?”

Yan Chenyu asked upon seeing the unusual expression on Jiang Chen’s face.

“Yea, Little Chen, we should feel happy about killing that old fool, why do you not look happy at all?”

Han Yan teased.


Jiang Chen casually shrugged his shoulders and responded with a smile. He decided to put all those questions behind him, because it was useless for him to think about that right now. The Imperial Emperor was a Combat King warrior, and the gap between their cultivation was not small. To be honest, if the Imperial Emperor decided to kill him and Wu Jiu, all they could do was sit back and wait to be killed. Therefore, what he needed to do now was to improve his cultivation as soon as possible. In this cruel world, only strength could help him survive.

As for Wu Jiu, Jiang Chen believed the Imperial Emperor wouldn’t dare touch him for now. Since the Imperial Emperor was the ultimate ruler of the Martial Saint Dynasty, and the Ninth Emperor was also a respectable man with a lot of power in his hands, the Imperial Emperor would need to find a reason that no one could object to, if he wanted to kill Wu Jiu.

“Little Chen, where are we going next? Are we going back to the Martial Palace?”

Nangong Wentian asked.

“We’re in no hurry, let’s return to my home now. Most of the cities in the Red City region are badly damaged, it will take a long time for them to recover, and the Jiang family has to stand out and lead the recovery mission.”

Jiang Chen said in a serious tone. There were a total of 28 cities in the Red City region, and now, every single one of them were severely damaged. Many of them had lost their leaders, and the entire region was in a mess. Right at this moment, in order to start over, someone needed to stand out a pull everyone together. Right at this moment, this region needed to be unified and ruled by one power, and with that single authority, it would be much easier to start fresh, and only the Jiang family could do this.

“Oh and, if this guy leaves without notifying everyone, his dad will definitely scold him for three days and nights.”

Big Yellow said while baring his teeth.


Everyone, including Jiang Chen burst into laughter at the same time. After that, he simply leapt into the sky and flew toward the Fragrant Sky City. In his current life, his father was an existence equally important to his own life.

Without any hesitation, the group followed after Jiang Chen and left the place. The dimensional crack had been sealed tightly, and they had also killed Shangguan Ying. Both accomplishments made them feel really happy. As for Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu, after leaving their homes for so long, the feeling they had now of being able to return was not something that the others could understand.

During this past year, Jiang Chen had been traveling around, and had gotten used to the life of fighting and slaughtering. Now, his trip back home gave him a nostalgic feeling. As for the Martial Saint Dynasty’s Imperial Emperor, whether or not he liked Jiang Chen, no matter what his reason for a.s.signing this difficult mission onto Jiang Chen, he still wanted to thank the Imperial Emperor for this. Because, if the Imperial Emperor hadn’t done so, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have known about the devastating things happening in Mount Origin, and if he was later for this, he would regret it for the rest of his life, because no matter how much success he had in life, when his family members died, it would be a grief that would follow him for the rest of his life. Because of the Imperial Emperor, that didn’t happen.

The group soon left Mount Origin. On their way back, they b.u.mped into Yu Zihan and the other two. The three of them were rus.h.i.+ng back to Mount Origin after having killed all Dimensional Creatures in the Red City region, and when they saw Jiang Chen and the group, they immediately went to regroup.

“Little Chen, what’s the situation with the dimensional crack?”

Yu Zihan asked.

“It has been solved.”

Jiang Chen replied.

“What?! Solved? How did you do that?”

Tian Yishan cried out in surprise. His shock was as expected, as Han Yan and the others were also shocked even though they were at the scene, let alone Tian Yishan and the other two.

“It really has been solved. Little Chen and Big Yellow constructed the Skymend Formation, temporarily sealing the dimensional crack. For the time being, those Dimensional Creatures won’t be able to come to our world.”

Nangong Wentian explained.

After finding out that the dimensional crack had been temporarily sealed by the Skymend Formation, the trio were immersed in extreme shock. However, when they thought about all of Jiang Chen’s previous miraculous achievements, they felt it was perfectly normal, because when it came to this man, it seemed like anything was possible.

“Zihan, have you killed all those Dimensional Creatures?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Yes, they’re all dead now. I can guarantee you won’t be able to find a single creature in this region.”

Yu Zihan pounded his chest proudly as he spoke.

“Perfect, let’s go to Fragrant Sky City now.”

Jiang Chen said.

The city closest to Mount Origin was the Red City, and it was also the biggest city in the region. Before Jiang Chen left a year ago, it was actually the strongest city among all the other cities here, but now, the Fragrant Sky City was the strongest. After Jiang Zhenhai received the Xuanyuan Cultivation Skill, his cultivation had improved a lot, and now, he was a Late Heavenly Core warrior, and had surpa.s.sed Yan Zhanyun.

“Chen Gege, can I ask you for some healing pills? I need to rush back and save the members of the Yan family, my dad and Great Elder, as well as uncle Meng has suffered really bad injuries, and if they aren’t treated, their lives will be at risk.”

Yan Chenyu said.

“If that’s the case, let’s proceed to Red City first. We’ll bring father-in-law and Great Elder back to the Fragrant Sky City.”

Jiang Chen said.


Yan Chenyu nodded her head. When she heard Jiang Chen address her faster as ‘father-in-law’, she couldn’t help but blush.

The entire Red City was in a sorrowful state. Many people who had lost their families and homes were crying their lungs out. This grief would last for quite a long period of time, as it was really hard to handle this trauma.

“Those Dimensional Creatures are really hateful! If we didn’t arrive on time, all the cities in this area would become cities of the dead.”

Looking at this painful situation, Han Yan couldn’t suppress his anger.

“Let’s move on, no one could predict and control this kind of natural disaster.”

Jiang Chen shook his head, and continued toward the Yan family.

Compared to the other places in the Red City, the Yan family could be considered to be in a good shape, except for the Misty Rain Tower which had been completely destroyed. All the other buildings belonging to the Yan family were still intact.

When Yan Zhanyun and Yan Hongtai saw Jiang Chen, they immediately came forward to greet them.


Yan Chenyu felt her heart ache when she saw her father. She quickly moved forward and carried Yan Zhanyun’s shoulder.

“Father-in-law, I’m sorry for coming back late.”

Jiang Chen bowed toward Yan Zhanyun.

“Not late, you’re not late at all! I’m really happy to see you all come back!”

Yan Zhanyun was really excited, and he kept throwing examining looks at Jiang Chen, affirming his own judgment when he decided to let his daughter follow this young man.

“Father-in-law, Great Elder, here are some pills, please consume them. After that, you can follow me to Fragrant Sky City and continue healing over there.”

Jiang Chen waved his hand, throwing some pills to Yan Zhanyun and Yan Hongtai’s hand. Some of these pills were found on the Island of Ice, but most of them came from his enemies. They were all the best pills for healing injuries. Any single one of them were considered extremely valuable in the healing area.

“Alright, Yu’er, take these pills and give to our men.”

Yan Zhanyun and Yan Hongtai swallowed one pill each, then they gave the rest of the pills to Yan Chenyu, asking her to distribute them to their men.

After Yan Chenyu finished distributing the pills, the group continued toward the Fragrant Sky City together with Yan Zhanyun and Yan Hongtai. Jiang Chen had greeted his father-in-law, and now, it was Yan Chenyu’s turn to meet her father-in-law.

The group flew fast as lightning, and they soon arrived at the Fragrant Sky City. Without any more delay, Jiang Chen simply landed in the Jiang family’s courtyard.