Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 382 – Leaving

Chapter 382 – Leaving

Mayor > City Lord.


Chapter 382 – Leaving

The joyful atmosphere instantly became gloomy. The Dimensional Creatures had dealt a huge blow to this region, causing everyone to be immersed in anxiety.

Jiang Chen slowly stood up from his seat, then said, “Therefore, right at this moment, we need a backbone for this region. There a total of 28 cities in the Red City region, and all of them are independent. All this time, there hasn’t been much cooperation between each city. Since we’re facing a situation where everything needs to be rebuilt, we need someone to stand out and be the leader. It would be a great help for restoring this place, and more importantly, we can unite all 28 cities and form a new power.”

Hearing what Jiang Chen said, everyone from the Jiang family, as well as Yan Zhanyun’s eyes lit up. The powers in this region were scattered around, and they had never been united, because no person had the strength to rule the entire region. Try thinking about it like this, if all 28 cities belonged to a single power, they would have been able to react instantly when the Dimensional Creatures attacked them. Having a single command center to focus their forces was what they needed the most, and with that, the casualties would be reduced to a minimum, and they would be able to concentrate their force.

If it was in the past, it would be very difficult to alter the power structure of this territory, no one was willing to be that leader. And, even if there was a man willing, there would be many who wouldn’t agree with him. However, the current situation was completely different, all the cities had been severely damaged, and their emotions was at an all-time low. They urgently needed a mainstay right now.

If someone was really needed to stand out, the Jiang family would be the only choice, since the people would only agree with them. The reason was very simple. First, the Jiang family had the strength and ability to do so. Secondly, Jiang Chen had saved everyone’s life, and they were all grateful to him.

“What Chen’er said is correct. With the situation all 28 cities are now facing, if a leader can stand out and be the backbone, regardless of whether it’s for rebuilding this region or helping the people get over their pain, it is the best option. Furthermore, the only candidate for leaders.h.i.+p is the Jiang family.”

Yan Zhanyun expressed his opinion. In fact, with the relations.h.i.+p between Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu, the Jiang family and the Yan family were actually considered one single family. Therefore, Yan Zhanyun was the first person to agree to this idea.

“I’ll send a message to all 28 cities using my name. From now on, everyone in this region will follow the Jiang family’s order.”

Jiang Chen said with a serious expression. He wanted the Jiang family to be the ultimate ruler of this territory, and only the Jiang family was capable of that.

Everyone nodded their heads. No one had any objections. Currently, all the survivors in the different cities were grateful for what Jiang Chen had done, and it was the perfect moment to rule this place using Jiang Chen’s name.

“Dad, it looks like you are going to be very busy.”

Jiang Chen turned to Jiang Zhenhai and said.

“It is better than having nothing to do.”

Jiang Zhenhai replied with a smile. He could understand why Jiang Chen wanted to do this. His son was an amazing genius, and he was sooner or later going to soar through the heavens. But, no matter what, this region would forever be Jiang Chen’s home, and only by making sure his home was safe and sound would he be able to chase his dreams with no worries. Therefore, Jiang Chen was trying his best to make the Jiang family stronger.

On the same day, Jiang Chen announced his order, and during the next two days, all the different City Lords started coming to the Fragrant Sky City to greet Jiang Chen. No one objected the idea of having the Jiang family as the ultimate leader of this region, because no idiot was capable of being a City Lord. Therefore, they knew what they should do now. Also, they were really grateful, as their lives had been saved because of Jiang Chen. Not only would they do as the Jiang family told them to in the future, if Jiang Chen asked them to follow the Jiang family from now on, none of them would disobey.

Everyone could tell that the Jiang family had an unrivalled character, and that his future was limitless. Being able to cling onto the Jiang family was actually something they wanted.

After all the 28 cities had been united, the people here had finally found their backbone, and under the Jiang family and Yan family’s lead, all the cities began rebuilding their broken homes. Finally, the shadows left in their hearts because of the disaster had slowly begun fading away.

During the next few days, Jiang Chen didn’t rush back to the Martial Palace, he spent all his time together with Jiang Zhenhai. He truly cherished the time he had with his father, because he knew he wouldn’t have too much time for his father in the future.

At night, the bright moon climbed high into the sky, showering its silvery light onto the ground. On top of the tallest building in the Jiang family, both men stood side by side.

“All of this seems like a dream to me.”

Jiang Zhenhai looked at the bright moon, a smile filled with satisfaction on his face.

“Dad, this isn’t a dream.”

Jiang Chen responded with a smile on his face. He knew what Jiang Zhenhai meant. For all those years, he was the number one useless fool in Fragrant Sky City, and the only hope Jiang Zhenhai had for his son was to grow up healthily. This father never dreamt his son would actually become someone great.

But, every parent wished their child could become someone useful, hoping their precious child could live a colorful life, and that one day could take great pride in their own child. It was the same for Jiang Zhenhai, only he believed that to be a mere dream until a year ago.

Now, his unrealistic dream had come true, and it truly made Jiang Zhenhai feel as if he was dreaming.

“You’re my son, of course you will become someone extraordinary!”

Jiang Zhenhai said with the utmost pride.

“Of course!”

Jiang Chen took the opportunity to flatter himself.

“Chen’er, when are you planning to leave?”

Jiang Zhenhai asked with a serious expression. During the past few days, he hadn’t asked Jiang Chen anything about the Eastern Continent, because he knew that with Jiang Chen’s abilities, he would be able to handle all kinds of situations himself, so there was no need for Jiang Zhenhai to worry.

On the other side, Jiang Chen didn’t mention anything about what he had faced in the Eastern Continent. His only desire was for his father to live a peaceful life, he didn’t want to let him feel any pressure.


Jiang Chen said in a faint tone. He knew that his words were somewhat cruel for Jiang Zhenhai, but he really had to leave, there were still many things waiting for him to settle in the Eastern Continent. Furthermore, he couldn’t stay here for too long, as he didn’t want to drag the Jiang family into his conflicts. The Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, for the Jiang family, those superpowers were just too ma.s.sive.

“You’re leaving tomorrow?”

Although Jiang Zhenhai was mentally prepared for the answer, but when he heard that Jiang Chen was leaving, he still felt sad in his heart. For him, this gathering seemed to pa.s.s by so quickly. Sometimes, he truly wished his son was just an ordinary man, the same useless fool who always brought him trouble. At least, he would still have him by his side.

However, Jiang Zhenhai understood a fact, someone like Jiang Chen would never be trapped in one place. He belonged to the vast world outside this tiny land.

“Dad, most of the issues here are almost settled, and the Jiang family has now become the ultimate ruler of this region. All the cities are properly rebuilding, and it’s time for me to leave. But, don’t worry, dad. Once I’ve settled everything out there, I’ll come back and visit you.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“En, just go and do your things, don’t worry about us here.”

Jiang Zhenhai patted Jiang Chen on the shoulder.

“Oh and, dad, I have something for you, it will provide you great help.”

Jiang Chen stretched his arm and gave Jiang Zhenhai a storage ring, “There are some pills in this storage rings, as well as some combat weapons. They can help you improve the strength of the Jiang family. As for how to use them, you can decide for yourself. With the help of these pills and the Xuanyuan Cultivation Skill, I believe it won’t take long before dad breaks through to the Divine Core realm.”

Jiang Zhenhai was struck with mixed emotions. The Divine Core realm seemed so far away to him, and he had never dreamt he would one day be able to break through to this realm. He took the storage ring and examined it with his Divine Sense, and to his surprise, he found a lot of different pills in it, some he couldn’t even name. Besides that, there was a huge amount of Mortal Restoration Pills, and a handful of Earth Restoration Pills. And also, in the corner of the storage ring, there were a few dazzling combat weapons. With Jiang Zhenhai’s experience, he had never seen such powerful combat weapons before.


Jiang Zhenhai widened his eyes, and his breathing became heavy. He couldn’t be blamed for this, as the Red City region was a territory with poor resources, it just couldn’t compare to the other places in the Eastern Continent. At this place, even a 100% effectiveness Mortal Restoration Pill was something extremely rare, let alone those rare pills and Earth Restoration Pills.

The wealth Jiang Chen had given Jiang Zhenhai was worth a fortune. With these items, it would be easy for the Jiang family to become really powerful.

“Dad, keep these things carefully, and do increase you and the Jiang family’s strength as soon as possible. The stronger you and the Jiang family becomes, the less I will have to worry.”

Jiang Chen said with a serious expression. He had no choice, as his enemies were too powerful. All he could do was try his best to reduce the risk of having his family attacked by those enemies.

“Chen’er, take good care of yourself when you are out there. Remember, no matter what happens, this place will forever be your home.”

Jiang Zhenhai said in a solemn tone. Hearing something like this from his father brought him great warmth. This was the feeling Jiang Chen enjoyed the most after his reincarnation.

The next day, at the Jiang family’s front gate, two groups of people were facing each other. On one side was Jiang Chen and his friends, and on the other side was the ones from the Jiang family and Yan family.

“Dad, father-in-law, we’re leaving now.”

Jiang Chen bowed toward Jiang Zhenhai and Yan Zhanyun. Yan Chenyu was doing the same next to him.

“Take good care of yourself, don’t worry about here.”

Jiang Zhenhai said.

“Daddy, you have to take good care of yourself when Yu’er isn’t here!”

Yan Chenyu said with tears in her eyes. She was actually a quite emotional girl.

“Don’t worry, your dad is a strong man!”

Yan Zhanyun forcefully pounded his own chest. After that, he turned to Jiang Chen and said, “Chen’er, I’ll leave Yu’er to you, do take good care of her!”

“Don’t worry, father-in-law.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen grabbed onto Yan Chenyu’s hand and flew into the sky. Han Yan, Big Yellow, and the others followed after, and soon, the group disappeared into the far distance.

Jiang Chen didn’t like the feeling of departing, so he chose to leave without turning back. Although he didn’t look back, he could clearly feel the eyes filled with concern on his back. When the group disappeared, those eyes were still hanging in the air, and no one knew how long it lasted.