Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 373 – Your Son Has Returned

Chapter 373 – Your Son Has Returned

Chapter 373 – Your Son Has Returned


Right as the white figure appeared, the mighty Dimensional Creature’s head suddenly exploded. After that, its entire ma.s.sive body exploded into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist, and it died miserably on the spot.

“How dare you try to hurt my dad?! You’re courting death!”

The white figure slowly became vivid, revealing a young man dressed in white clothes in front of everybody. Only now did this group of people wake up from their shock. They threw their glances onto the face of this young man.


“Young master!”

Cries of shock sounded out from everyone on the spot. The sudden appearance of Jiang Chen made them feel as if they were dreaming! Jiang Cheng was rubbing his eyes, as if he was unable to believe what he had just seen.

“Haha, we aren’t dead! Young master is back! It is young master who saved our lives!”

Jiang Cheng immediately bounced, he was unable to control his emotions, his excitement! He was so thrilled that his face was covered with tears! Although he was a man, he was currently crying like a baby! But, no one would laugh at him, because he wasn’t the only one.

Finally, the group woke up from their despair, and began cheering and dancing around. Jiang Chen had returned; the young genius who always did the seemingly impossible had come back to them!

Taking a look at how strong this young man was, with just a single strike, he had caused a Late Divine Core Dimensional Creature to explode! His mightiness had given all these people ultimate confidence and a peace of mind.

“Haha, young master Jiang Chen has returned, we are saved now!”

“Did you guys see that just now? With just a simple strike, young master Jiang Chen killed the biggest monster! He is a mighty warrior!”

“Praise the Heavens for saving the Fragrant Sky City, giving us such an amazing genius who saved us from deep distress!”


Everyone looked at Jiang Chen with respect and gratefulness. The arrival of Jiang Chen allowed them to see the rays of hope once again.

“Dad, sorry for coming back late, causing you to suffer.”

Jiang Chen turned to Jiang Zhenhai. He wore a bright smile as he spoke.

“Not late, you’re not late at all!”

Jiang Zhenhai’s voice was trembling. At what he thought was the last moment of his life, he only hoped he could see his son one last time. However, he had never thought that Jiang Chen would truly appear right in front of him, this really caught him by surprise. Jiang Chen’s mighty strength even cause him to feel a strong sense of pride.

“Dad, Uncle Zhou, Old Black, Jiang Cheng, take these pills and consume them. Let me handle these Dimensional Creatures.”

Jiang Chen flipped his palm and retrieved some pills from his storage rings. He found all these pills back on the Island of Ice, and each of them were the best pills for healing injuries, and were worth a fortune. In this Fragrant Sky City, there was no way they could get anything near as good.


Jiang Zhenhai and the others were all seriously injured, so they didn’t reject Jiang Chen. They immediately took the pills and consumed them.

Roar... roar…

Because of the death of their leader, all the Dimensional Creatures became even more violent. They furiously roared out, while dozens of them leapt at Jiang Chen in hopes of avenging their leader.

“Haha, you’re all a bunch of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! Die now!”

Jiang Chen laughed out loudly. He sprinted forwards, and with a sway of his body, countless afterimages of himself appeared in the sky. He rammed into the group of Dimensional Creatures while punching each one with his fist that was glowing in a golden light.

Bang, bang, bang…

Each time Jiang Chen struck, a Dimensional Creature would explode into a blood mist and disappear into the thin air. In just a single minute, all the Dimensional Creatures had died, and no survivors had been left behind.

“Hmph!” Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed, then he turned into a trail of light as he shot up into the sky above the Fragrant Sky City. With incredible speed, none of the Dimensional Creatures that were wreaking havoc in the city were spared; they were all killed by Jiang Chen!

Witnessing this amazing scene, everyone in the Mayor’s mansion were startled to the point where their mouths were wide open. They looked at the young man who kept flying around and killing all Dimensional Creatures he saw, as if they were witnessing something that could only happen in their dreams.

“Oh Heavens, is still considered a human?”

“What did I just see? Did he kill dozens of those monsters in just one minute? How strong is his cultivation now?”

“What is young master Jiang Chen’s cultivation now? Why are those frightening Dimensional Creatures so weak in front of him? They can’t even withstand a single strike from him, it’s like he’s killing some ants! This is incredible!”

“Wow, young master is really formidable, I think he’s at least a Divine Core warrior now! Oh Heavens, that realm is so far away from me!”

“No, master is a Peak Divine Core warrior, with one foot in the Combat Soul realm.”

Black Hawk said, shocked.

The entire crowd was shocked. Jiang Chen’s performance couldn’t be describe with the word formidable any longer. For those who had lived in the Fragrant Sky City for some time, Jiang Chen’s mightiness had gone beyond their common sense, he was simply no longer a mortal.


Jiang Zhenhai burst into laughter as tears poured down from his face, “Having such a mighty son, what else could I possibly ask for?”

At the same time, in the Red City!

The Red City’s situation was no better than the Fragrant Sky City’s situation. The entire city was flooded with Dimensional Creatures. Many buildings were ruined, and thick smoke was rising into the sky from all over the city.

The miserable shrieks of the innocent people as well as the ferocious roars of the Dimensional Creatures mixed together, forming a tune that filled the entire city. The place was like a h.e.l.l on earth, and compared to the Fragrant Sky City, it seemed to be in a worse state.

Just like the Fragrant Sky City, after Jiang Chen eliminated the Lee family, the Misty Rain Tower had become the ultimate ruler of the Red City. They business was blooming more and more with each pa.s.sing day, and the Yan family’s Family Chief, Yan Zhanyun had broken through his bottleneck half a year ago, becoming a Heavenly Core warrior. Currently, he was a Mid Heavenly Core warrior.

Because of the Yan family and Jiang family’s marriage connection, both families were very close to each other, and they were considered the two rulers of this territory, the ultimate emperors of this land without any questions.

But right now, the Misty Rain Tower was in a miserable state.

After the Dimensional Creatures came, parts of the iconic Misty Rain Tower had been destroyed, and it was a blood scene in the Yan family. Many of their guards had been killed by those Dimensional Creatures, becoming their food.

The Yan family was fighting back with everything they had, but there was no way they could defeat their enemies, as they didn’t have someone like the Black Hawk who was a Divine Core warrior. Yan Zhanyun and Great Elder Yan Hongtai were both Heavenly Core warriors, but Yan Hongtai was only an Early Heavenly Core warrior. They were no match for these formidable Dimensional Creatures.

Because of these Dimensional Creatures, the Misty Rain Tower had suffered a devastating disaster, and many of the Yan family member had died.

Right now, the ones from the Yan family who were still alive were gathered in the square. They looked around, seeing the badly trampled bodies of their family members, and the Dimensional Creatures surrounding them. Their faces were filled with both sorrow and despair.

The Dimensional Creatures had completely surrounded them, but they hadn’t jumped in and started feasting. Their eyes were filled with ridicule, and they wanted to let these humans experience ultimate despair before killing them, as that would give them great joy.

“We’re done for, the Yan family is completely done for this time; these cruel monsters will be the end of us!"

Great Elder Yan Hongtai’s eyes turned red. One of his arms was gone, and his body was covered with countless wounds. He was an arrow at the end of its flight. With his current condition, if he didn’t receive healing as soon as possible, he would die regardless of the Dimensional Creatures.

On the other side, Yan Zhanyun’s condition was no better than his. He was breathing heavily as blood poured out from the wounds on his body.

The ones from the younger generation were also struck with despair, some of them were slowly dying. Yan Meng was an old man, and he simply couldn’t defend himself from any of those Dimensional Creatures. He was now lying on the ground, barely breathing.

“I am going to die soon, it’s a pity I am unable to see young miss one last time.”

A bitter smile emerged onto Yan Meng’s face. Yan Chenyu was everyone’s most precious person, and ever since she left, it had always felt like something was missing in the Yan family.

At last moment of his life, Yan Meng recalled the memories when he met Jiang Chen, and how Jiang Chen healed his young miss and solved her problems regarding the Nine Yin Meridians. Because of this young man, the entire power structure in the Red City had been changed, and a new order was constructed.

“The Yan family is done for!”

Yan Hongtai roared loudly once again. It was a very heart wrenching moment.

“No, the Yan family isn’t completely done for, we still have Yu’er!”

Yan Zhanyun smiled. Whenever he thought of Yan Chenyu, he would always smile, even if he was facing his own death.

“Sons of b.i.t.c.hes, come!”

Yan Zhanyun suddenly shouted at the Dimensional Creatures. At this point of time, life or death was meaningless to him, he was going to die regardless of what happened. So, why not die a hero?


This provocation caused those Dimensional Creatures to ferociously roar out once more, then they started pressing toward the Yan family members.

Bam… bam… bam…

The ground shook whenever these Dimensional Creatures took a step forward. Everyone’s hope had hit rock bottom, none of them had any hope whatsoever for tomorrow. Yan Hongtai even close his eyes, waiting for death to come.


Suddenly, as if the air above the Yan family had frozen, an extremely ice-cold breeze appeared without any prior warnings. After that, bright white beams appeared and hit the Dimensional Creatures.

Crack… Crack…

In an instant, those cruel and violent Dimensional Creatures became ice statues; a thick layer of ice covered their bodies.


After that, the solid ice statues broke, and the Dimensional Creatures bodies’ turned into broken pieces. Their blood and flesh completely frozen, none of them survived.

Struck by this sudden change, the Yan family member who had given up all hope opened their eyes widely. They stared at the frozen, dead Dimensional Creatures, and began breathing heavily.


Right at this moment, a joyful sound came into their ears. A young girl wearing pure white clothes landed right in front of them, just like a fairy. She was none other than Yan Chenyu!

“Yu-, Yu’er!”

Yan Zhanyun’s body trembled, and he almost couldn’t believe his eyes. This person who appeared in front of him was his daughter!

“Little Yu, is that really you?!”

Yan Hongtai was trembling with excitement, he almost couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He thought the Yan family was done for, but unexpectedly, the young miss who had left them suddenly returned, and not only that, she killed all those Dimensional Creatures with such a mighty attack!

Shock and surprise, those two emotions mixed together, and no one from the Yan family were able to control their emotions.