Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 374 – A Dog’s Mouth emits no Ivory

Chapter 374 – A Dog’s Mouth emits no Ivory

Chapter 374 – A Dog’s Mouth emits no Ivory

Right now, everyone threw their glances at this fairy in white who had appeared out of nowhere. The sudden change from ultimate despair into hope, the dramatic fluctuations in their emotions, from great grief to great joy, those feelings caused these people to feel as if they were dreaming, as if life had just played a big joke of them.

Yan Chenyu, the young miss who had affected the hearts of everyone in the Yan family, they all knew what she had gone through in her early life, what kinds of painful experiences she had. But judging from how she looked now, that sick girl had completely grown up, and the aura unintentionally unleashed from her was capable of sending s.h.i.+vers down any of their spines. Those undefeatable Dimensional Creatures had just been killed by this young miss, and in such an easy way!

“Yu’er, you are… you are back?”

Yan Zhanyun who had already prepared to face his death couldn’t control his emotions at all. Ever since his precious daughter had left him, he had lived his days in worry. At the last moment before his death just now, the only thought in his mind was his daughter. He thought not being able to see his daughter before his death would be his biggest regret, and how much pain she would be in when she returned in the future, only to find out her father was dead.

Yan Zhanyun never expected the daughter he missed so much would appear at this critical moment, and save the entire Yan family, changing the Red City’s destiny!

“Daddy, Great Elder, all of you are badly wounded, quickly take some pills and heal yourself, let me kill all those Dimensional Creatures in the city, we will go and meet Chen Gege later, he has the best medicine for healing, they can make you recover in no time!”

Yan Chenyu said in a worried tone upon seeing how badly wounded Yan Zhanyun and the others were.

“Jiang Chen has returned as well?”

Yan Zhanyun’s eyes lit up, he could never forget about the young man who brought a new order to this area!

“Yes, Chen Gege went to the Fragrant Sky City.”

After saying that, Yan Chenyu immediately flew back into the sky. She had so many things she wanted to tell her father, but now was not the right time to do so. Those Dimensional Creatures were wreaking havoc in the Red City right now, and if she delayed even a second, more innocent lives would be lost.

Yan Chenyu hovered above the Red City. She was wearing pure white clothes, and her body shone with pure and cold bright lights, causing her to look like a real fairy from the Realm of Immortals!

She threw her glance down, capturing the entire Red City with her eyes. She could clearly see every single Dimensional Creature.

“Hmph! You violent creatures, how dare you slaughter innocent humans?! You all deserve a thousand deaths!”

Yan Chenyu coldly harrumphed. She slightly moved her body, causing beams of bright light to shoot out from it. The beams were extremely cold, so cold that the air around them started fogging up.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

These ice-cold beams were too fast! Furthermore, it was as if each of them had a target! Every single Dimensional Creature were hit by a beam!



Miserable shrieks resounded throughout the entire city. When those Dimensional Creatures with gigantic bodies were hit by a freezing beam, their bodies instantly shattered into pieces, as if they were made from ice.

In just three breaths time, peace returned to the entire Red City; all Dimensional Creatures had been killed, absolutely none remained! When those panicked people saw what happened, they were startled for a moment, then they were struck by an uncontrollable joy.

“All the monsters are dead! Look! That’s the fairy who saved our lives!”

“What a beautiful fairy! But, why do I find her so familiar? Oh! She is Yan Chenyu! The Yan family’s young miss! She has returned, she is the one who saved us!”

“It really is young miss! She saved our lives! Let’s kneel down and show her our gratefulness!”


In just a short moment, many people in the city recognized Yan Chenyu. They immediately kneeled down and bowed at her. Now, Yan Chenyu was no longer the sick young girl they knew, she had become a real fairy in their eyes! Since they had no way to repay her kindness of saving their lives, they could only kneel down in front of her like she was a Deity. Or perhaps, in the minds of these people, Yan Chenyu was already a Deity sent by the Heavens to save them!

Within the Yan family’s mansion, all the Yan family members looked at Yan Chenyu, their eyes filled with admiration.

“Chief, do you know what Little Yu’s cultivation is right now?”

Yan Hongtai walked up to Yan Zhanyun and asked.

“I’m unable to tell even with my eyes, but even those Divine Core creatures were no match for her, it isn’t difficult to imagine how strong Little Yu is right now.”

A bright smile blossomed onto Yan Zhanyun’s face. He was feeling very proud to have such a good daughter!

“I never dreamt that the Yan family would have such a peerless genius! It must be because our ancestors have done a lot of good deeds!”

Yan Hongtai’s face was covered in tears. He really felt as if green smoke had exploded out from the Yan family’s ancestral tomb, only that could explain why the Yan family had such an amazing genius.

Looking at the Red City where many places had been destroyed, Yan Chenyu couldn’t suppress her anger. She flew in front of Yan Zhanyun and said, “Daddy, I’ve killed all the Dimensional Creatures in Red City, now I need to go and save the other cities.”

“Alright, Yu’er, be careful!”

Yan Zhanyun hastily nodded his head. The arrival of these monsters was a devastating disaster for the Red City region. Judging from the current state of the Fragrant Sky City and Red City, the other cities might be even worse off. There were a total of 28 cities in this territory, and all cities were under attack. If Yan Chenyu could help the rest of them, many innocent lives would be saved.

Yan Chenyu waved her white sleeves and disappeared from the Red City. She flew toward one of the nearest cities with incredible speed.

All the Dimensional Creatures in Red City had been killed, and Yan Chenyu had no worries about any new threats now because Big Yellow and Nangong Wentian were guarding at the dimensional crack. For now, no Dimensional Creatures would leave that place, and without any incoming monsters, the Red City’s safety was ensured. Also because all the Dimensional Creatures that were still alive were currently attacking the other cities.

When Yan Chenyu left the Red City, Jiang Chen had also left the Fragrant Sky City, and was rus.h.i.+ng toward the other cities.

Besides them, Han Yan, Yu Zihan, Guan Yiyun, and Tian Yishan had split up and killed all Dimensional Creatures along their way, and they had arrived in different cities now.


The void was undulating, and the pungent smell of blood was everywhere. Half of a city right in front had been destroyed, and the violently Dimensional Creatures were running amok within. At this moment, a young man filled with devilish energy dressed in blue clothes appeared.

“f.u.c.k you, daddy wants to kill you all!”

This young man in blue was none other than Han Yan! When he saw the miserable states of those innocent humans, he was instantly enraged. He cursed out loudly, then he immediately unleashed waves of devilish energy which swept across half of the city.


Some Divine Core Dimensional Creatures ferociously roared out, then they leapt into the sky toward Han Yan. However, none of them were a match for him, and were ripped into pieces on the spot.

In just ten minutes, Han Yan killed all the Dimensional Creatures in the city. Before the panicked people could express their grat.i.tude, Han Yan had already flown away like the wind, rus.h.i.+ng toward the next city.

“We’re saved! All the monsters are dead!”

“It’s that young man who killed them all, but we don’t know him at all.”

“Praise the Heavens! Thank you for saving us!”

In that moment, everyone in the city kneeled down and started bowing.

On the other side, the city Yu Zihan had gone to was in a similar situation. There were many Dimensional Creatures wreaking havoc, but luckily, no Combat Soul Dimensional Creatures were to be seen. According to the Imperial Emperor, Combat Soul Dimensional Creatures had been spotted, but since none were found in any cities, it should still be hiding in the dimensional crack.

“You have intruded our territory and killed our kind, that’s an unforgivable sin!”

Yu Zihan roared out loudly. He swung his sword, unleas.h.i.+ng several rainbow-like waves. No Dimensional Creature could withstand a single blow from him, so they were all killed on the spot.

Guan Yiyun and Tian Yishan were facing similar situations. When they saw what those violent Dimensional Creatures had done to those innocent people, they couldn’t restrain their anger, and started killing without showing any mercy.

Furthermore, with Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu’s help, the group was a formidable force that could eliminate every single Dimensional Creature in this area. It wouldn’t take long before peace returned to this land. But, they still had to rush, because with every single second lost, the chance of another innocent person dying would increase.

Bang, bang, bang…

Explosive ‘bang’ sounds kept resounding within this land. Shockwaves from the battles taking place in the different parts spread out in all directions, and the air was filled with the pungent smell of blood. Jiang Chen and his friends were restlessly cleansing the land like the fiercest tiger, and wherever they went, all the Dimensional Creatures would be ripped into pieces, and turn to ash.

At the same time, on Mount Origin!

The huge dimensional crack was still producing loud noises. Lightning accompanied by the peals of thunder continuously sounded out. Thick smoke covered the place, while the dimensional crack’s powerful suction force devoured every single object underneath. Dimensional Creatures’ roars could occasionally be heard from the crack, and some ferocious monsters would emerged from it.

Big Yellow and Nangong Wentian stood guard on both side of the dimensional crack. They had to be extra careful and stay far away from the crack, because if they got too close and were sucked into the dimensional crack, the consequences would be devastating.


A Late Divine Core Dimensional Creature just dropped out from the dimensional crack, but before it could do anything, Big Yellow rammed into it with his head, killing it on the spot.

Following the continuous appearance of Dimensional Creatures, Big Yellow and Nangong Wentian discovered a frightening fact. As time went by, the Dimensional Creatures that emerged from the crack became stronger and stronger.

“Big Yellow, something isn’t right, those Dimensional Creatures are getting stronger.”

Nangong Wentian said with a frown on his face.

“d.a.m.n it, if this trend continues, perhaps a huge amount of Combat Soul Dimensional Creatures will come out!”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but curse. However, right after his words left his mouth, a loud ‘boom’ was heard from the dimensional crack. After that, a huge Dimensional Creature dropped out from it, and of course… it was a Combat Soul monster!

“Watch your bad mouth! You see, what you said has come true!”

Nangong Wentian rolled his eyes and gave Big Yellow a glare. A dog’s mouth emits no ivory, what he said just came true.

[TL: A dog’s mouth emits no ivory; no good words are to be expected from a scoundrel.]