Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 372 – Fragrant Sky City’s Critical Situation

Chapter 372 – Fragrant Sky City’s Critical Situation

Chapter 372 – Fragrant Sky City’s Critical Situation

The entire Mount Origin was in a messy state. Thick smoke billowed into the sky, and the pungent smell of blood was everywhere. Big Yellow and Nangong Wentian stayed back near the dimensional crack to kill all the Dimensional Creatures, while Jiang Chen and the others crossed the mountain range.

From where they stood, they could clearly see what was going on around the Red City’s area. Looking ahead, all 28 cities were covered in thick smoke. Those Dimensional Creatures had clearly been wreaking havoc in every single city.

“Oh Heavens, these Dimensional Creatures are so huge! They are extremely strong, and this land’s natural Yuan energy is too thin, no great warriors can be produced here! The Dimensional Creatures coming here is simply devastating for the people here!”

Looking at the billows of thick smoke, Han Yan couldn’t suppress his emotions.

“Little Yu, go to the Red City, I’ll proceed to the Fragrant Sky City!”

Jiang Chen told Yan Chenyu.

“Alright! Chen Gege, be careful!”

After saying that, Yan Chenyu immediately disappeared from where they stood. She couldn’t wait any longer, she was scared that if she delayed a bit longer, the Misty Rain Tower would suffer an unimaginable loss.

“Brother Yan, Zihan, Yiyun, Yishan, you four split up and go to different cities, kill every single Dimensional Creature you encounter, don’t leave any behind. Try your best to save as many lives as you can!”

Jiang Chen turned to Han Yan and the other three men. He was reincarnated in this land; this was a place where he had many good and bad memories. Since he had returned, he did not want to see this land destroyed by those Dimensional Creatures, because this was his hometown!

“Got it!”

The four men replied at the same time. After that, they turned into four trails of light and flew in four different directions. They were all Peak Divine Core warriors, and with their extraordinary talent, as long as they didn’t b.u.mp into any Combat Soul Dimensional Creatures, none of those foul creatures would be a match for them. Each of them would be able to fight alone without any problems, that’s the reason why Jiang Chen wanted them to split up.

“Dad, please hold on!”

Jiang Chen gnashed his teeth and thought to himself. After that, he flew like a shooting star toward the Fragrant Sky City. Along the way, he b.u.mped into many Dimensional Creatures. But, he had no time for them, as he needed to reach the Fragrant Sky City as soon as possible, return to the Jiang Family and protect Jiang Zhenhai.

Fragrant Sky City!

After Jiang Chen eliminated the Murong family, the city was solely ruled by the Jiang family. Also, because the Lee family in Red City had been eliminated by Jiang Chen as well, the reputation of the Fragrant Sky City’s Jiang family had been heard by many, and the city had since become the biggest city in this area. However, the current Fragrant Sky City had lost its prosperous look right now, and it turned into a h.e.l.lish scene.

Arghh! …

Miserable shrieks could be heard from all over the city. The entire Fragrant Sky City was immersed in darkness and chaos, and more than half of the houses and building had been destroyed, and broken limbs were scattered all over the streets. Those brutal Dimensional Creatures had been running amok in the city, killing everyone they saw. There was a Dimensional Creature over 6 meters tall holding a man’s arm while tearing at it with its teeth, causing fresh blood to drip down from its face. It was an incredibly b.l.o.o.d.y scene capable of causing those who looked at it to feel nauseous.

“Run quickly! We’ll be safe in the Mayor’s Mansion!”

“There are mighty warriors guarding the Mayor’s Mansion, let’s go there together! These creatures are too brutal!”

“Hurry, hurry up! The mansion’s main gate is still open!”


All the people in the Fragrant Sky City were in an unprecedented panic. Compared to those super provinces in the Eastern Continent, the warriors of the Fragrant Sky City were just the lowest ranked mortals. It was rare to find any Mortal Core warriors here, therefore, none of them had ever experienced a situation such as this before, and no one had ever seen creatures this ferocious before.

Right at this moment, everyone had put their hopes on the Mayor’s Mansion. Ever since young master Jiang Chen had left, the Mayor’s Mansion had become brighter with each day, and Mayor Jiang Zhenhai, like he had been fed with some miraculous pill, his cultivation had broken through again and again, and he was now a Late Heavenly Core warrior, giving him the ability to fight a huge amount of the Dimensional Creatures. More importantly, there was a real demon lord residing in the Mayor’s Mansion right now.

This demon lord was a Black Hawk demon beast that was subdued by young master Jiang Chen, it was an incredibly powerful existence that was even stronger than Mayor Jiang Zhenhai. It was actually taking on a lot of Dimensional Creatures all alone!

Right now, the Mayor’s Mansion was fully packed with people, and everyone were wearing the same panicking expressions. They had gathered together, and were trembling out of fear. All four walls of the Mayor’s Mansion had been destroyed by the Dimensional Creatures, and at this moment, all the mighty warriors in the Mayor’s Mansion were having difficult battles with those foul creatures.


The alchemist Zhou Beichen let out a miserable shriek as one of his arms had just been ripped off by a Dimensional Creature he was fighting. The Mayor’s Mansion was suffering heavy losses; all the ordinary guards had been killed by the brutal beasts.


The Dimensional Creature that ripped Zhou Beichen’s arm off release a ferocious roar. It had smelled blood coming from its target, causing it to continue attack Zhou Beichen even more ferociously.

“f.u.c.k, I’m going to die soon!”

Zhou Beichen howled in grief. He simply closed his eyes and prepared to face death.


At this critical moment, a cry resounded. Following that, a cold beam shot out from behind Zhou Beichen, a razor sharp longsword! The longsword simply impaled the Dimensional Creature’s head with ease.

A majestic figure appeared in front of Zhou Beichen, it was Jiang Zhenhai! After Jiang Chen gave him the Xuanyuan cultivation skill, his cultivation had improved significantly, and now, he was a Late Divine Core warrior, and the strongest warrior in the Red City region.

“Beichen, are you alright?”

Jiang Zhenhai threw a glance at Zhou Beichen who had lost an arm, his face filled with anger.

“Mayor, I’m fine, but if the situation goes on like this, we’re going to be finished sooner or later, there ferocious creatures are too strong, and their numbers just keep growing. Black Hawk has been dragged into a fierce fight with them, we’re sooner or later going to be finished!”

Looking at the increasing number of Dimensional Creature storming into the mansion, Zhou Beichen was struck with despair.

In the sky above the Mayor’s Mansion, an old man was fighting three Divine Core Dimensional Creatures. This old man was constantly letting out caws. Sometimes, he would fight in human shape, and sometimes, he would turn into a gigantic hawk. He was the Black Hawk who had surrendered to Jiang Chen.

The Sacred Heavenly Demonic skill Jiang Chen had given the Black Hawk had provided him great help, he was now a Mid Divine Core warrior. This skill was a truly sacred skill for the demon species, and if the Black Hawk could completely master it, there was a high possibility he could become a great demon king in the future.


The shockwaves of the battle swept across the scene. Although the Black Hawk was fighting three enemies at once, he was still in an advantageous position. However, since he was entangled in this fighter, he couldn’t help the others, and the number of Dimensional Creatures was constantly increasing. Therefore, the current situation wouldn’t last for a long time. Once the balance was broken, the entire Mayor’s Mansion, or more accurately, the entire Fragrant Sky City, everything would be in ruins.


Jiang Zhenhai couldn’t bother so much about that right now. What he could do was killing every single Dimensional Creature he sees with his combat weapon. All the cities in the Red City region were under attack, not only the Fragrant Sky City. There were no places they could run to, the only thing they could do was kill. Even though he knew he would certainly die, he still wanted to kill more Dimensional Creatures, as to cut down their numbers.


More and more ferocious Dimensional Creatures had arrived. There were more than a dozen of them outside the Mayor’s Mansion. These mindless beasts had smelled humans, and they were here to fill their stomachs.


Soon, Jiang Zhenhai couldn’t hold on any longer. There were too many Dimensional Creatures, and each one was extremely strong; he was simply no match for them. Blood poured out from his mouth, and his Yuan energy was almost depleted as he fell back with a few Jiang family guards surrounding him.

“Mayor, what should we do now?”

Jiang Cheng was only a Mortal Core warrior, and his body was fully covered in blood. But, he wasn’t dead yet. Right at this moment, every single member of the Jiang family had gathered together. Looking at the Dimensional Creatures marching toward them, their faces were filled with despair.

“Sigh… Never thought I, Jiang Zhenhai would die in the hands of these monsters. Too bad I can’t see Chen’er once more before I die.”

Jiang Zhenhai felt a pain in his heart, he wouldn’t be able to die in peace. He had spent most of his life raising Jiang Chen, and at the most critical moment of his life, Jiang Chen was the only person in his mind.

“I miss young master too.”

Tears were flowing down Jiang Cheng’s face. In this last moment of his life, his mind was filled with all the sweet memories of when he followed his young master around and flattered him. Now, Fragrant Sky City was on the brink of destruction, and his only wish was to see his young master once more.

“If young master was here, I’m sure he would be able to turn the tables.”

Zhou Beichen also had a painful expression on his face. Right at this moment, everyone were thinking about that young man in white who was capable of achieving miracle after miracle, the man who changed the entire power structure of this place.


A few Dimensional Creatures were staring at Jiang Zhenhai and the other men while evilly laughing. They started walking toward Jiang Zhenhai and the others, step by step. It was if the fear within these humans’ eyes was their biggest joy.

“We’re done for, even the mayor is going to get killed by them! Fragrant Sky City is done for, we’re all doomed!”

“What should we do? I don’t want to die!”

“I just with these wicked monsters can burn in h.e.l.l!”

The people who same seeking refuge in the Mayor’s Mansion were struck with despair as well, many of them were crying out loud.


Right at this moment, the Black Hawk let out a loud cry, then he tried his best to withstand an attack from the three Dimensional Creatures as he flew in front of Jiang Zhenhai and swept his powerful wing toward the few approaching Dimensional Creatures, instantly killing them.


The Black Hawk turned to Jiang Zhenhai and shouted. However, Jiang Zhenhai could only respond with a bitter smile. He stood there without moving a bit.

Run? To where? There were no places they could go, they could only wait for these ferocious creatures to kill them.


Suddenly, another powerful Dimensional Creature appeared. It had a 9 meter tall body, and it stood straight like a gigantic pillar. With incredible speed, it arrived in front of Black Hawk and threw its gigantic palm toward him.

“Not good!”

This was a Peak Divine Core Dimensional Creature, there was no way Black Hawk could resist its attack. Although he tried countering it with all his strength, the powerful palm still knocked him away.


The Dimensional Creature let out a wicked laughter. Then, it suddenly stretched its arm forward, grabbing toward Jiang Zhenhai.


Everyone were feeling depressed, they were completely done for this time, even the Black Hawk was severely injured. They had lost their biggest support, and now, they could only look at death approaching.


Right at this last moment, a white figure suddenly appeared in front of Jiang Zhenhai in a ghostly manner!