Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 371 – The Fall of the Red City Region

Chapter 371 – The Fall of the Red City Region

Chapter 371 – The Fall of the Red City Region

Jiang Chen nodded his head. He did need someone to help him with this mission, as the number of dimensional creatures might be too overwhelming. If it was like that, there would be no way for him to kill them all by himself. Furthermore, if those dimensional creatures infiltrated the Red City’s region, many innocent lives would be plunged into great misery, and the Fragrant Sky City and Red City would be in great danger. Therefore, he really needed someone to help him kill those dimensional creatures.

In fact, Han Yan and Big Yellow were the best candidates for that. It had also been a long time since Yan Chenyu left her home, and now, she had broken through to the Early Combat Soul realm. She would be able to protect the Yan family if she went back to the Red City.

Soon, Jiang Chen and Wu Jiu returned to the Martial Palace, and landed directly within Yu Zihan’s courtyard.

“Chen Gege, you’re back!”

When Yan Chenyu saw Jiang Chen, her worried expression instantly disappeared.

“Little Chen, did the Majestic Emperor give you any trouble?”

Han Yan asked.

“I’ll get straight to the point, I have accepted a mission a.s.signed to me by the Majestic Emperor. There is a dimensional crack in Mount Origin, and a huge amount of dimension creatures have rushed out of this crack and are wreaking havoc. I need to rush over there and eliminate all those foul creatures and fix the crack. With every second delay, the innocent lives around the Red City will be in greater danger.”

Jiang Chen said.


Yan Chenyu and Big Yellow immediately cried out, especially Yan Chenyu. Her face turned pale upon hearing the shocking news, and she began imagining the miserable state of the place where she grew up. The Misty Rain Tower in ruins, and her father killed by those ferocious dimensional creatures.

Yan Chenyu dared not think about it any longer. She grabbed Jiang Chen’s arm and said, Chen Gege, hurry up, we have to rush back there as soon as possible!”

“Rest a.s.sured, Little Yu, everything will be alright.”

Jiang Chen held Yan Chenyu’s hand gently. He could completely understand how she felt right now, because he wasn’t in a good mood either. Jiang Zhenhai was the only family member he had after reincarnating, the father who would do anything for him. Jiang Chen had never experienced such kins.h.i.+p in his previous life, that’s why he couldn’t allow anything bad to happen to Jiang Zhenhai.

Han Yan, Nangong Wentian, Yu Zihan, and a few others were startled. They had no idea why Yan Chenyu suddenly became so agitated.

“Little Chen, for the past hundred years, many dimensional cracks have been found in the Saint Origin Realm, but only Combat King warriors can fix them. Why did you accept this mission? It is impossible to accomplis.h.!.+”

Han Yan said.

“You know nothing, Mount Origin is where Little Chen and Little Yu’s hometown is located. All their family members are living there, that’s why they can’t let anything bad happen to them.”

Big Yellow glared at Han Yan and said.


Everyone gasped when they heard what Big Yellow said. Only now did they understand why Jiang Chen accepted this unreasonable mission from the Majestic Emperor, it was actually related to his family’s safety! If that was the case, even if the Majestic Emperor didn’t tell him to go there, Jiang Chen would still rush to Mount Origin with no second thoughts to eliminate those dimensional creatures.

After having known Jiang Chen for so long, everyone here knew his true character. He was a man who treated his enemies cruelly and mercilessly, but on the other side, he was a man who cherished his family and friends. He always prioritized them.

“Little Chen’s family is our family, let’s delaying no more! We will go to Mount Origin right now!”

Nangong Wentian strengthened his energy as he spoke. He was a man who was always looking for something to do, and the reason he came to the Eastern Continent was to gather experience and cultivate himself. If he continued staying in the Martial Palace without doing anything, perhaps he would become sick because of boredom.

“Brother, this is a dimensional talisman. Be careful on your trip, try not to get too close to the dimensional crack! You just need to get your family out from there!”

Wu Jiu flipped his palm and retrieved a golden talisman. A clear dimensional force could be sensed coming from it. He told Jiang Chen to only save his family… as for the dimensional, Jiang Chen could only ignore it, as only a Combat King warrior could fix it.


Under Wu Jiu’s control, an illusionary gate suddenly appeared.

“Let’s go.”

Jiang Chen pulled Yan Chenyu’s hand and leapt into the gate. After that, Big Yellow and the others followed closely behind and disappeared into the gate as well. The gate only disappeared after everyone entered it.

Wu Jiu stared at the spot where the gate had disappeared. A gloomy expression could be seen on his face, he was feeling really ashamed for not being able to properly protect Jiang Chen today.


Mount Origin!

This was a remote land, and the natural Yuan energy was very thin here. Compared to the powerful provinces in the Eastern Continent, the different was huge. A mountain range with a long history sat on top of this land, and it cultivated all kinds of demon beasts and wild vegetation.

But right now, the scene was completely different from the usual one.


Explosive sounds continuously sounded out in the sky above Mount Origin. Right above in the center of Mount Origin, a gigantic black cloud stretching 5 kilometers in all directions could be seen. Lightning flashed within, and the thunder continuously rumbled, while the freezing wind was whistling. Inside this black cloud, a crack that weaved into a spider web like formation could be found, and a devastating suction force came from this crack.

Underneath this black cloud, not even a single gra.s.s straw could be found, and even the ground had been devoured by this dimensional crack. A huge bottomless hole was underneath it, and dirt was frequently sucked out from this huge hole into the dimensional crack.

Right at this moment, not only was this spot in Mount Origin destroyed, more than half of the land within this gigantic mountain range with a circ.u.mference of 5,000 kilometers were in ruins. All the trees were destroyed, and many places were on fire.

Graaa! …

Terrifying roars continuously resounded throughout the entire Mount Origin mountain range, and they were incredibly terrifying. Numerous creatures nearly 3 meters tall were running around wildly within this mountain range, cruelly slaughtering all the other demons beasts. They fed on the blood of other species in order to increase their strength.

These creatures were the Dimensional Creatures. They lived in a separate dimension, and their bodies were strong and extremely ferocious, no ordinary demon beasts could withstand their attacks. Also, since most of the demon beasts in Mount Origin were weak species, many of them were slaughtered right after these Dimensional Creatures appeared.

The entire Mount Origin had turned into a land of blood. The pungent smell of blood filled the entire sky, and thick smoke rose everywhere as the fire burned everything down. This place was no longer a beautiful mountain range, but a living h.e.l.l.


A Dimensional Creature about 6 meters tall suddenly emerged from the dimensional crack, and fell into a deep hole underneath. After that, it leapt out of the hole, took a deep breath, breathing in the fresh air of this world, then it slammed its own chest with both hands, expressing its excitement.

The total number of Dimensional Creatures were not as many as Jiang Chen had imagined, but of course, there were still a lot. It wasn’t easy to travel from one dimension to another and come out from the crack, and many Dimension Creatures were attacked by dimensional turbulence while traveling, and were killed before they could emerge.

Since the appearance of the dimensional crack, nearly one thousand Dimensional Creatures had emerged from the crack. If not for this, Mount Origin wouldn’t have fallen in such a short amount of time.

Nearly all living beings were killed in the gigantic mountain range, and the cruel and ferocious Dimensional Creatures didn’t stop there. After taking care of Mount Origin, they continued pus.h.i.+ng toward the Red City’s region.

Right at this moment, all the 28 cities were in deep distress. Following the arrival of the Dimensional Creatures, the people here were faced with the greatest disaster of their entire lives.




The Dimensional Creatures’ ferocious roars and the humans’ miserable shrieks mixed together. House collapsed, flame and smoke rose into the skies. Many cities had already fallen, as none of the warriors were able to defend themselves from the devastating Dimensional Creatures. Some Dimensional Creatures were even devouring the bones of the humans they had killed. It was an extremely ruthless scene.

At the Qi Province’s border, a spot within the sky suddenly vibrated. After that, a few figures suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It was Jiang Chen and his friends. After coming here with the dimensional talisman, they wasted no time, and flew straight toward Mount Origin.

The group flew fast as lightning, everyone were flying at top speed. The place they appeared wasn’t far from Mount Origin, and with their speed, they would be able to cross the entire mountain range and reach the Red City region in just half an hour.

Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu both had impatient expressions, and their minds had flown to the Red City region already before physically arriving.

Soon, Jiang Chen and his friends entered the Mount Origin mountain range. They could already see the dimensional crack at the center of this mountain range from far away. The group flew through the skies while occasionally looking at the damaged land below them. None of them were able to stay calm when seeing this.

“d.a.m.n it, those Dimensional Creatures are really heartless, the entire mountain range is nearly destroyed. All the living beings here have become their food.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but curse.

“Look, Dimensional Creatures are still coming out from the crack. Ah, that’s a Divine Core Dimensional Creature!”

Han Yan pointed in the direction underneath the dimensional crack.


The Dimensional Creature who had just emerged spotted Jiang Chen and his friends, it immediately sprinted toward them, crazily.


Yu Zihan took the lead and forcefully threw out a punch, hitting the Dimensional Creature’s head. With a miserable shriek, its skull instantly exploded.

More and more Dimensional Creatures had spotted Jiang Chen and his friends. In just a short amount of time, dozens of Dimensional Creatures were storming in their direction.

“Useless fools.”

Jiang Chen said with a cruel expression. He turned toward the dozens Dimensional Creatures and let out a loud shout using the Sonic Hawk Cry. The shout turned into countless deadly razor sharp blades, instantly flooding the Dimensional Creatures.

All the Dimensional Creatures let out miserable shrieks at the same time. After that, they just fell down from the sky, as they had died from the attack. This was Jiang Chen’s true power, killing these Dimensional Creatures was no different from squeezing and killing some ants.

“Chen Gege, Mount Origin has fallen, and I think the Red City region might be in deep trouble now!”

Yan Chenyu worriedly said.

“Big Yellow, Brother Nan, you two stay here and keep an eye on this dimensional crack, kill every single Dimensional Creature that comes out of it. Brother Yan, Zihan, you two follow me to the Red City region, we need to kill all those foul creatures and save the innocent lives.”

Jiang Chen immediately made the arrangement for this mission. For now, he had no solution to fix the dimensional crack, and he also didn’t want to do it now. With Big Yellow and Nangong Wentian here, they should be able to kill all Dimensional Creatures emerging from the crack.


Nangong Wentian and Big Yellow answered at the same time. After that, they stood guard on the left and right side of the crack. On the other side, Jiang Chen immediately flew toward the Red City’s direction together with Yan Chenyu and the others.