Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 351 – Orders to Kill

Chapter 351 – Orders to Kill

Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapons are going to be Superior Weapons from now on.

Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapon > Superior Weapon


Chapter 351 – Orders to Kill

When these items appeared, they immediately attracted Daoist Black and Guo Shan’s attention. Without even looking at the bookshelf filled with combat skills, just the precious pills, herbs, and combat weapons alone were more than enough to make it difficult for them to breath. Jiang Chen took out over 30 Combat Weapons from his storage ring, and among them, three of them were actually Superior Weapons! This was amazing!

Superior Weapons! Even Daoist Black himself didn’t have one!

Some of these combat weapons were the ones leftover from when the Heavenly Saint Sword was remade, and the rest were from Han Yan, Nangong Wentian, and Big Yellow. They found them when they were on the Island of Ice, but they were pretty much useless to them. However, it was a completely different story for the Black Sect.

“Sect Chief, older brother Guo, each of you pick a Superior Weapon that suits yourself. The rest of them, including these pills and herbs, you guys can just keep them and distribute them later on. As for the cultivation and combat skills, they are the most valuable resources, the root that will allow the Black Sect to rise.”

Jiang Chen said.

Daoist Black and Guo Shan exchanged a glance. They were feeling as if they were dreaming right now. Superior Combat Weapon! They knew its exact value, it was the Combat Weapon that could only be used by Combat Soul warriors! They never thought they would be able to get one at the current level, the excitement in their hearts was indescribable.

After that, Daoist Black simply glanced at some cultivation and combat skills. What he saw shocked him even more.

“Oh Heavens! This is a Heavenly Cultivation Skill, and it suits my element perfectly! If I cultivate this skill, in at most one month, I’ll be able to break through my bottleneck and reach the Combat Soul realm!”

Daoist Black held the scroll with both his hands, his entire body violently trembling, as if he had just seen his life’s biggest hope. Every part of his body was struck with excitement.

“This is a High-Ranked Earth Combat Skill! The lowest level of all these skills is a Low-Ranked Earth Skill! Oh Heavens, this is just an enormous treasure!”

Guo Shan was struck dizzy, he couldn’t believe what he was looking at.

“Cultivation and combat skills are the roots of any sect, only with a huge amount of powerful and advanced skills can one produce all kinds of different geniuses. The future of the Black Sect depends on these. Sect Chief, take these skills and distribute accordingly.

Jiang Chen reminded.

“Jiang Chen, rest a.s.sured, with all these valuable treasures, I am confident that within ten years, I’ll make the Black Sect very powerful! I will bring the Qi Province to the top of the entire Eastern Continent!”

Daoist Black tried his best to suppress his excitement as he promised Jiang Chen with an utmost solemn voice.

“Little Chen, when will we be leaving?”

Han Yan asked.

“We’ll leave right now, and we’ll press on with the journey at night so we can arrive at the Martial Palace as soon as possible.”

Jiang Chen’s energy shook. They had delayed for quite some time after leaving the Island of Ice. Perhaps his name had already spread across the entire Eastern Continent by now, meaning that both Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect will be extremely furious right now. Their time was tight, so they had to rush to the Martial Palace as soon as possible.

“Brother, do you really have to rush?”

Guo Shan asked.

“Yes. My stay will not bring any good to the Black Sect. Some time ago, I announced publicly that I had withdrawn from the Black Sect, and you also have the protection of the Martial Palace. As long as I’m not here, even the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan will be unable to do anything harmful to the Black Sect; their target is me.”

With Jiang Chen’s current situation, staying in the Black Sect would just bring them unnecessary trouble. The Black Sect was currently protected by the Martial Palace, so after he leaves, their safety would be no issue at all.

Without delaying any longer, Jiang Chen and his group stepped into the sky and flew away, disappearing into the darkness of the night. During his return to the Black Sect, Jiang Chen had never shown himself publicly or alerted anyone. He left quickly without notifying any of the disciples or elders in the Black Sect.

Staring at Jiang Chen who was disappearing into the dark sky, Daoist Black and Guo Shan couldn’t move their gazes away.

“This man being one of the Black Sect’s disciples is a lucky thing for us.”

Daoist Black let out a long sigh.

“I got a feeling that in the near future, he will be the one to overturn the entire Eastern Continent.”

Guo Shan said as he squinted his eyes.

“Overturn the entire Eastern Continent? Is that really possible?”

Daoist Black gasped. Overturning the Eastern Continent was incredibly difficult, as the Martial Saint Dynasty had an extremely solid foundation. It was simply impossible to overturn.

“Half a year ago, would you dare believe that what has happened until now would happen? Did you ever think that this young man, who made his debut in the Qi Province compet.i.tion, would be able to change the Qi Province’s structure in such a short amount of time?”

Guo Shan asked while laughing.

Daoist Black didn’t say anything. That’s right, this man was a miracle! In just a little over half a year, Jiang Chen had done the seemingly impossible to many times!


It was a dark and gusty night. Four people and a dog were flying through the skies as the nighty breeze swept over their bodies. They were all filled with some unknown excitement, especially Han Yan and Nangong Wentian. Both of them were men who loved adventures, and when they followed Jiang Chen, they never failed to find the excitement and adventures they sought.

Their destination was the Martial Palace, the most powerful existence in the Eastern Continent, and it was solely built by the Martial Saint Dynasty. It was also the gathering point for all the elite geniuses.

Right at the same moment, in the Jian Province!

Within the Shangguan Clan’s meeting hall, the atmosphere was extremely oppressive. Two men were sitting in the master seats. One of them was a middle aged man who looked to be in his forties, his appearance was imposing, and he had a powerful look on his face. Just by sitting there, he had already caused the other people to feel a tremendous pressure.

This man was none other than the Shangguan Clan’s Clan Chief, Shangguan Sheng! As for the old who sat next to him, that was the Shangguan Clan’s respectable Great Elder, Shangguan Qingming.

These two men stood tall at the peak of the Combat Soul realm! Besides these two men, there were another twenty Combat Soul warriors sitting in the meeting hall as well, and among them, three were Late Combat Soul warriors. This was the Shangguan Clan’s foundation, it was extremely solid, and also one of the main reasons why they were one of the Jian Province’s superpowers. In the entire Eastern Continent, only the Martial Saint Dynasty had the power to defeat the Shangguan Clan.

Right now, the atmosphere in the meeting hall was incredibly oppressive, and everyone felt extremely depressed. An old man stood in the middle of the meeting hall, sweat pouring down all over his forehead. Although he was a Mid Combat Soul warrior, and was a man who held an important role within the Shangguan Clan, he now resembled a child who had just done something wrong, and was standing straight, waiting to be punished.

“Clan Chief, Great Elder, this is how it all happened. The Island of Ice had a selective mechanism, it wouldn’t allow anyone older than thirty to enter. Therefore, I just returned after leaving the desert! I never expected Jiang Chen to be such a madman, he actually killed all our genius disciples!”

This old man was the Sect Elder who had brought Shangguan Yilong and the other disciples to the Island of Ice, his name was Shangguan Hui. When he learned that all the disciples from the Shangguan Clan had been killed on the Island of Ice, he had almost fainted on the spot. As the leader of the journey, he held responsibility for what had happened.

“Including Yihong, three Combat Soul warriors, and dozens of Divine Core warriors who had the greatest potential were killed by that Jiang Chen, our losses are too huge! We need to settle this debt at all costs, that Jiang Chen must be killed and torn into a million pieces!”

A Sect Elder whose anger was soaring higher and higher with each pa.s.sing moment said. With a slap, he shattered the table next to him.

“Clan Chief, we can’t blame Sect Elder Hui for this! I heard that Jiang Chen was able to defeat Prince Wu Cong! I think, even if Sect Elder Hui was at the scene, he would be unable to save them. He might also have been killed by Jiang Chen.”

“Precisely, we can’t blame Sect Elder Hui for this! He didn’t even have the chance to enter the Island of Ice! But, no matter what, we have to get revenge! I’ll kill Jiang Chen myself!”

All the Sect Elders in the meeting hall were filled with righteous indignation. An intense killing intent had erupted among them, all of them swore they would kill Jiang Chen.

Shangguan Sheng waved his hand, signaling for everyone to be quiet. He too was wearing a gloomy expression. As one of the Jian Province’s superpowers, not once had the Shangguan Clan suffered such a great loss! In the entire Eastern Continent, no one was daring enough to kill their men!

“Where is that Jiang Chen now?”

Shangguan Sheng asked.

“I heard he went missing after leaving the Island of Ice, no one really knows where he has gone. However, this guy was a disciple of the Black Sect, a small sect from the Qi Province. Because he had offended too many people in Inferno h.e.l.l, in the end, he withdrew from the Black Sect.”

Shangguan Hui said.

“Hmph! A small sect from the tiny Qi Province! Sect Elder Hui, bring your men and proceed to the Qi Province, I want that Black Sect to be eliminated!”

Shangguan Sheng coldly harrumphed.

“Clan Chief, the Black Sect is under the Martial Palace’s protection, I don’t think attacking them is a good idea.”

Shangguan Hui furrowed his brows.

“The Martial Palace is protecting the Black Sect?”

Shangguan Sheng was startled for a moment. As the Shangguan Clan’s Clan Chief, he wouldn’t spend his precious time paying attention to a tiny sect from a small province, that’s why he didn’t know that the Black Sect was under the Martial Palace’s protection. Shangguan Hui, however, had all the details regarding Jiang Chen.

“Yes! The moment Jiang Chen withdrew from the Black Sect, the Martial Palace immediately announced that the Black Sect would be under their protection. Also, the current Ninth Emperor of the Martial Saint Dynasty, the Martial Palace’s Palace Chief had suddenly returned after having gone missing ten years ago after entering the Inferno h.e.l.l. I think his return might be related to Jiang Chen.”

Shangguan Hui continued.

“Clan Chief, if the Black Sect is protected by the Martial Palace, I think we shouldn’t touch them. Also, it would be pretty disgraceful for us if we attacked such a small sect. Since Jiang Chen has withdrawn from the sect, I don’t think he will stay there any longer. He might have predicted our decision, and is looking for a place to hide right now.

Another Sect Elder spoke.

“Hmph! Send out our men and find out where that Jiang Chen is, I don’t care what price we have to pay! The sovereignty of the Shangguan Clan cannot be challenged at all! Fighting the Shangguan Clan is no different than committing suicide!”

Shangguan Sheng coldly harrumphed.

“Understood, Clan Chief!”

Shangguan Hui cupped his fist, turned around, and left the hall. At the same time, many Sect Elders left as well. The Shangguan Clan had started getting busy, attempting to find out where Jiang Chen was with all their resources.

During the same period of time, something similar was happening at the Myriad Sword Sect. Overnight, both superpowers from the Jian Province had given out the orders to kill. No matter where Jiang Chen, even the most remote corners of this world; they would find him, and they would kill him!