Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 350 – Black Ice Talisman Bonds a Master

Chapter 350 – Black Ice Talisman Bonds a Master

Chapter 350 – Black Ice Talisman Bonds a Master

“Little Yu, while you were in a coma, all of us were really worried about you.”

Big Yellow walked up to Yan Chenyu and spoke. He just couldn’t hold down his excitement. He and Yan Chenyu both came from the other side of the Origin Mountain Range, just like Jiang Chen. He had established a deep friends.h.i.+p with her, that’s why he was worried about her when she was in a coma.

[TL: Just going to call Origin Mountain Range ‘Mount Origin’ from now on.]

“Puppy dog, how long have I been in coma?”

Yan Chenyu asked.

“About half a year.”

Big Yellow said.

“What? Half a year? It has been so long? Where is that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Fan Kun?”

When mentioning Fan Kun, an expression of anger immediately emerged onto Yan Chenyu’s face. What she remember now was the last moment before she entered the coma, and she had no idea what had happened during this half year.

“Haha, Little Yu, do you really think Fan Kun would be able to stay alive until now? Even the Qi Province has a new master. Let Little Chen tell you about what had happened while you were in your coma.”

Han Yan started laughing.

“Let’s go, we have to leave them some room to talk.”

Guo Shan dragged Daoist Black, Han Yan and Nangong Wentian, leaving the courtyard and going somewhere else. These two lovers had been separated for such a long time, so it felt wrong for them to stay there

However, Big Yellow still stood there with tongue hanging out of his mouth, showing absolutely no signs of leaving. Han Yan and Nangong Wentian who had left immediately turned back, grabbed his ears, and dragged him away.

“Hey!! You two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, why are you pulling me away?!”

Big Yellow was really unsatisfied.

“Don’t you see they need room for some sweet talk? Why are you still standing here with your tongue hanging out from your mouth?”

“Precisely! What a poor observant!”

Both men dragged Big Yellow and left the place. Of course, they remembered to shut the courtyard’s gate.

“Chen Gege, quickly, tell me what had happened in this this half year.”

After the others left, Yan Chenyu was facing Jiang Chen all alone, so she immediately became very lively. She pulled his hand and sat down next to a stone table within the courtyard.

“Let’s start with the Blood Devil that was wreaking havoc in Yellowstone. I accepted the mission given to me by the Black Sect and went to Yellowstone to eliminate all Blood Devils. After I killed that Lord Bloodmoon and returned, I was told that you and Brother Yan had been severely hurt by Fan Kun. After that……”

Jiang Chen started explaining, from the events where he wreaked havoc in the Black Sect, to his journey to the Qian Province, and then Inferno h.e.l.l, then his return and the Qi Province’s change, the perish of the Heavenly Sword Sect and Burning Sky Pavilion, his ultimate battle with Nanbei Chao, and then, his most recent journey to the Blissful Island and Island of Ice. He told Yan Chenyu every single detail of what he had gone through.

Jiang Chen told all these events in the most detailed way he could, and only finished when they sky had turned dark. In fact, if he had used his Divine Sense to explain, he would be able to compress all the details and make Yan Chenyu understand everything in just a split second.

But, Jiang Chen wanted to enjoy the moment of talking to Yan Chenyu, continue feeling that he had been longing for.

After Jiang Chen finished speaking, Yan Chenyu’s mouth was slightly open; she was stunned. All these events were extremely shocking, and she couldn’t just digest them all at once.

Eliminating the Blood Devils, slaying Firethorn Savage, sweeping across the Inferno h.e.l.l, defeating the Earth Devil, uniting the entire Qi Province, showing his mightiness in the Blissful Island, his fame sweeping across the Eastern Continent from the battle on the Island of Ice. All of these incredible events were major events that ordinary people couldn’t even imagine, but they were all things Jiang Chen had gone through.

Yan Chenyu didn’t understand the exact details of these events, but she did know one thing: her Chen Gege was the best!

Yan Chenyu didn’t care about how formidable the enemy was, or how they were going to face them in the future. She only knew that no matter how invincible an enemy was, Jiang Chen would always find a way to deal with them. Back in the day, Nanbei Chao was a mighty warrior, and Jiang Chen was just a tiny ant he could easily kill, but in the end, he was still beaten by Jiang Chen, and could only flee with his Immortal Spirit Body, severely wounded.

“Chen Gege, I’m a Combat Soul warrior now! From now on, I can help you beat those bad guys!”

Yan Chenyu waved her fist around as she spoke. Although she looked funny, Jiang Chen knew that the current Yan Chenyu was not someone anyone could mess with. With the powerful Nine Yin Body, even Wu Cong wouldn’t be a match for her right now.

“Little Yu, I don’t expect you to help me beat those bad guys, I just hope you can be strong enough to protect yourself, then I can be free of worries.

Jiang Chen said with a laugh. This was what he hoped for the most; the stronger Yan Chenyu became, the happier he would be. Only when she was strong enough would his mind be at peace.

“Rest a.s.sured, Chen Gege! I already have the strength to protect myself now.”

Yan Chenyu said in a prideful manner.

“Oh right, I need to show you something.”

Jiang Chen flipped his palm and retrieved the Black Ice Talisman, handing it over to Yan Chenyu.

“This is the Black Ice Talisman. Even I can’t tell what it exactly is, but I’m sure it’s an amazing treasure. Also, it has the same element as you, give it a try and see if you can control it.

The Black Ice Talisman was not an ordinary talisman. An item capable of creating a world of glaciers, and even give birth to Ice Demons, how could it be something ordinary?


Yan Chenyu took the Black Ice Talisman, but when it touched her palm, it instantly disappeared straight into her body.

“Ah?! What’s going on?”

Yan Chenyu exclaimed. The Black Ice Talisman had only touched her palm, she hadn’t tried to control it, but it just went straight into her body.

“The Black Ice Talisman is a sentient item, it just entered your body by itself. Looks like it has chosen you as its master, this is good news! Try and see if you can find it in your body.”

A look of excitement emerged onto Jiang Chen’s face. The Black Ice Talisman going straight into Yan Chenyu’s body meant it had actually accepted her. For Yan Chenyu, this would only bring benefits, and no harms.

Yan Chenyu closed her eyes. After a few minutes, she opened them up and said, “The Black Ice Talisman has sunken into my Qi Sea. No matter how I call for it, it just doesn’t want to come out.”

Yan Chenyu spread her arms and showed a helpless expression.

“I think it’s because your cultivation isn’t enough to control it right now. Just let it stay in your body, it isn’t going to harm you.”

Jiang Chen was puzzled as well. The only explanation he could think of was because Yan Chenyu was still too weak. Although the Black Ice Talisman had accepted her as its master, Yan Chenyu still lacked the required cultivation to control.”

“Ice Demon, come out!”

Following Jiang Chen’s shout, a bright white beam suddenly appeared within the courtyard. The 30 meter tall Ice Demon King made its debut in front of Yan Chenyu.

“What kind of monster is this?”

Yan Chenyu was shocked by it. The Ice Demon King’s appearance was really frightening, it didn’t even have basic facial features. She had never seen anything like this before.

“Ice Demon, I believe you saw what happened just now, the Black Ice Talisman has chosen Little Yu as its master. Now, it’s your turn.”

Jiang Chen told the Ice Demon King.

Although the Ice Demon King was staying inside the storage ring, it had noticed the scene where the Black Ice Talisman bonded Little Yu as its master. Therefore, it had no more questions regarding whether or not Yan Chenyu was the Ice G.o.d’s inheritor, causing it to be really excited.


The 30 meter tall Ice Demon King bowed deeply toward Yan Chenyu. At the same time, it addressed her as master using the special communication method.

“Chen Gege, this…?”

Yan Chenyu asked with a doubtful look. With her current cultivation, she was able to tell the actual strength of this monster; it was a Peak Combat Soul existence! Even if she fought it with all her strength, she would still be no match for it! But now, this mighty monster had bowed down before her, and accepted her as its master. This caused Yan Chenyu to be slightly panicked.

“Don’t panic, Little Yu. I brought this Ice Demon from the Island of Ice. The Black Ice Talisman that entered your body just now is the source of its faith, and since you’ve been accepted by the talisman, you are naturally the master of the Ice Demon.”

Jiang Chen explained.

“I see!”

Yan Chenyu finally understood why this big monster was bowing at her, it was all because of the Black Ice Talisman.

“Alright, Ice Demon, your appearance is too frightening, I think it would be better if you just stayed within my storage ring for now. If you behave well, I’ll give you to Little Yu, then you’ll be able to completely follow the Ice G.o.d’s inheritor.”

Jiang Chen told the Ice Demon King. His current foes were extremely strong, and he could face life threatening situation at any time, therefore, he needed the Ice Demon King to stay by his side so it could help him when the time comes.


The Ice Demon King bowed toward Yan Chenyu once again, then it returned to Jiang Chen’s storage ring. Now, the Ice Demon King had finally completely surrendered itself to Jiang Chen. Even if Jiang Chen hadn’t planted the Divine Sense Seed within its body, it would still obey all his orders.

At last, Yan Chenyu’s matters had been fully settled. Before leaving the courtyard, Jiang Chen gave her all the Demon Souls of the Ice Demons he had. Then, he had some other important things to attend to. Once he had settled his matters in the Black Sect, he would proceed to the Martial Palace.

Outside the courtyard, a few men were sitting around a stone table in front of the herb plantation, drinking fine wine brewed by Guo Shan. No ordinary men would be able to enjoy such premium quality drinks.

When they saw Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu coming out, Nangong Wentian immediately waved his hand at them and said, “Little Chen, Little Yu, come here quickly, let’s drink a few toasts together!”

Yan Chenyu smiled back at Nangong Wentian. Jiang Chen had told her everything that had happened during this half year, including all the men he had met along the journey, and this Nangong Wentian was one of the men. Therefore, she wasn’t unfamiliar with him.

“Perfect! It’s been quite a long time since I got to taster older brother’s wine!”

Jiang Chen walked to the stone stable, grabbed a gla.s.s of wine, and drained it in one gulp. After that, he threw his glance at Daoist Black and said, “Sect Chief, we need to leave for the Martial Palace at once. I’m sure the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect are preparing to hunt me down, so we’ll need to reach the Martial Palace before they strike. All these treasures and combat skills were found on the Island of Ice, I’ll give them to you now. If you put them to good use, I believe the Black Sect will soon become much stronger.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen waved his hand and threw out a bookshelf, as well as some rare herbs, pills, and Combat Weapons, instantly dazzling both Daoist Black and Guo Shan.