Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 352 – Mount Tianyuan, Gathering of Skynet

Chapter 352 – Mount Tianyuan, Gathering of Skynet

Chapter 352 – Mount Tianyuan, Gathering of Skynet

Both Jian Province superpowers had given out orders to kill. The news immediately spread like a tornado, bringing a great storm to the entire Eastern Continent. In just a day, nearly all 28 provinces had heard about it.

Because of this, Jiang Chen’s fame rose to a new height, and the events and battles on the Island of Ice had been heard by even more people. This ignited a great interest toward this young genius.

In the Eastern Continent, the Jian Province was the second most powerful province, and the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect were its iconic symbols. They were simply two ferocious tigers, and for so many years, no one had ever challenged these tigers’ dignity. But now, not only had someone slapped their b.u.t.t, he had also sat down on top of their heads and pulled out their whiskers. It had been a long time since the Jian Province experienced such turmoil. At the same time, both superpowers had given out order to kills, for the first time in the Jian Province’s history.

During all these years, the conflicts and battles that happened in the Jian Province originated from fights between the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect. But now, for the first time in history, both superpowers had agreed to do something together, and it was all because of that young man whose name was Jiang Chen.

“Did you guys know this? Both Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect has given out orders to kill at the same time, they want that Jiang Chen dead! Anyone who can provide them information regarding Jiang Chen’s whereabouts will be rewarded handsomely by them!”

“Yea, I heard that as well, and if anyone can provide accurate information about Jiang Chen, he will be able to join the Myriad Sword Sect or Shangguan Clan to cultivate, and enjoy the rich cultivation resources provided by the superpowers. Also, they’re giving out a Superior Weapon, and the option to choose a High-Ranked Earth Combat Skill! The rewards are really attractive, it simply means a bright future for whoever gets them!”

“Indeed, it looks like both superpowers are very determined to kill that Jiang Chen. I wonder what he looks like. Rumors say he is only a young man about 17 years old, but how can a young man like that have the ability to shake both superpowers? Does he have three heads and six arms?”

“You don’t know about the battles on the Island of Ice? All the geniuses from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect were killed by that Jiang Chen! Someone told me that Jiang Chen is an incredibly terrifying man, and he is using a devastating longsword that can easily destroy any Superior Weapons! None of the Combat Soul geniuses from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword were his match, even the crown prince, son of the Tenth Emperor, Wu Cong was defeated by him! He is such an amazing man!”

“Sigh, such a genius! I don’t think we’re going to see anyone like him for thousands of years, this is the first time in the Eastern Province’s history that someone like him has appeared, what a pity. But, this Jiang Chen is too arrogant, he simply has no respect for the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, isn’t this behavior something that will just get him killed? Now, both superpowers have given out orders to have him killed. They are so determined to kill him that even if he does have three heads and six arms, I am afraid he is still going to die.”


Such comments could be heard everywhere. Along Jiang Chen’s journey, he had secretly heard a lot of discussions about himself.

“Little Chen, you’re really famous now, I’m so jealous of you!”

Nangong Wentian couldn’t help but tease Jiang Chen.

“I’d rather not have this kind of fame.”

Jiang Chen could only respond with a bitter smile. There were plenty of famous people in this world, but it was rare to see someone so famous like him because of his enemies. He really didn’t want this kind of fame.

“I knew the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect wouldn’t let us off so easily, but I never thought they would create such a big ha.s.sle. They’re paying so handsomely just to get any info on Little Chen, it looks like they are really determined to kill Little Chen.”

Han Yan said.

“Where are we right now?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“I think we’re at the Qing Province.”

Han Yan checked around and answered.

“I think the Qing Province’s Qingyi Sect wants to kill me as well.”

Jiang Chen said with a laugh. Now, no matter where he went, he would be able to find some enemies who wished to eat him alive.

“Don’t worry, if they Qingyi Sect isn’t stupid, they will give up the idea of getting revenge. Out of all those powers you offended back in Inferno h.e.l.l, I think only the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect are still hunting for you. As for the rest of them, they don’t have the ability to kill you any longer.”

Big Yellow said. What he said was correct, after learning about what happened back on the Island of Ice, the Qingyi Sect had already given up on all thoughts of revenge. The reason was simple, although the Qing Province was the fifth strongest province, and the Qingyi Sect was a superpower from the Qing Province, their strongest warrior was only a Mid Combat Soul warrior. Jiang Chen was capable of defeating Wu Cong, and with that formidable combat strength, he could easily defeat anyone in the Qing Province. Those who sought revenge would have to evaluate their own strength, Jiang Chen was an incredibly fierce guy, and if he was pushed too hard, he might just destroy the entire Qingyi Sect, and they would have to cry because of this.

Furthermore, since the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect had decided to attack, it meant Jiang Chen would certainly face death. They didn’t have to get their feet wet in this matter anymore, as Jiang Chen was going to die soon anyways. There was no difference in who killed him in the end, therefore, many big powers gave up all thoughts of getting revenge. They just backed off and decided to watch until the end.

“With our current speed, how long would it take for us to reach the Martial Palace?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“The Martial Saint Dynasty solely rules a big province, it is really far from the Qi Province. Even with our current speed, I’m afraid it will take us at least three days to arrive. Furthermore, in order to reach the Martial Palace, we will have to cross the Jian Province. I think there will be a trap waiting for us ahead, it won’t be a smooth journey.”

Han Yan said with a frown on his face. Certainly, both Shangguan Clan and the Myriad Sword Sect must have their men stationed all over the Jian Province. If Jiang Chen and the group flew past openly like this, they would immediately be noticed by those men, and at that point of time, it would be a devastating situation.

“Big Yellow, I think it would be best if you changed your appearance again.”

Jiang Chen turned to Big Yellow and said. In this group, Big Yellow was the most iconic symbol. If he still looked the same, anyone would be able to instantly recognize them.


Big Yellow didn’t object this time. Without any complaints, he immediately transformed into a much smaller size.

“Wa! Puppy dog, you’re so cute!”

Yan Chenyu cheered and immediately pulled Big Yellow into her arms. This dog had a pretty good relations.h.i.+p with Yan Chenyu. Right now, he was comfortably lying in her arms, causing Jiang Chen to feel angry. A desire to punch Big Yellow in his face rose into his mind.

Without delaying any longer, the group continued flying with lightning like speed. In just two days of time, they had entered the Jian Province. When they reached this place, they immediately slowed down.

Presented in front of them was a deserted mountain range filled with many mountain peaks. The atmosphere was filled with strong natural Yuan energy. Compared to the Qi Province, the natural Yuan energy here was at least three times stronger, and this was only at the border of the Jian Province.

“What a thick natural Yuan energy, no wonder the Jian Province is ranked the second strongest province, the Qi Province can’t even begin to compare!”

Han Yan said with mixed emotions.

“This is the difference between the different territories, and the main reason why the Myriad Sword Sect is more powerful than the Black Sect.”

Jiang Chen commented. The gap between the different provinces was really huge. For example, right in the center of the Saint Origin Realm, in the Divine Continent, even the most remote land there would have natural Yuan energy at least ten times greater than what was here. The land was rich with numerous resources that were good for cultivation, and great warriors and geniuses could be found everywhere. It was a land the Eastern Continent simply couldn’t be compared with.

In the Divine Continent, there were amazing geniuses who were capable of breaking through to the Combat Soul realm at the age of seven, and it wasn’t a big surprise for a teen to be a Combat King warrior. In some of the frightening superpowers, there were even some young Combat Emperor geniuses. It was the continent of true adventure and excitement, and sooner or later, Jiang Chen would return to the Divine Continent. He had a feeling that it wouldn’t take too long, once he settled all matters in the Eastern Continent, he would progress to the Divine Continent!

“Let’s go!”

Big Yellow said in an impatient manner.

The group continued their journey. Soon, they crossed the deserted mountain range, and found a city in front of them.

“There is a city in front of us, I think we should stay low. Let’s go around it.”

Han Yan suggested.

“I think we should enter the city, with extra caution of course. We might be able to receive some news. It has been three days since the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect announced their orders to kill, and since they haven’t been able to find Little Chen, I’m sure they’re up to something new.”

Nangong Wentian said.

“Brother Nan is correct, let’s enter the city and check it out.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head. Talented people were generally bold, since this was a city located at the border of the Jian Province, it was unable to make Jiang Chen feel much caution. He could also use this opportunity to find some news about his foes.

After making up their minds, the group went straight toward the city. Soon after, they reached its gate, they found there were no guards outside, and anyone could freely enter the city.

“Have you guys heard about the Gathering of Skynet?”

Right after they entered the city, they immediately heard someone discussing something.

“Gathering of Skynet? What is that?”

A person enquired.

“I knew you guys wouldn’t know about it. The number one genius of the Shangguan Clan, Shangguan Yiqing has just come out of his secluded cultivation, and I heard he has reached the Mid Combat Soul realm. Since the Shangguan Clan are still unable to find out where Jiang Chen is, Shangguan Yiqing and Xuan Yuzi from the Myriad Sword Sect gathered together and held the Gathering of Skynet at Mount Tianyuan, and they called many geniuses to help set up a trap there, waiting for Jiang Chen to arrive.”

The man explained.

“What? Xuan Yuzi has finished his secluded cultivation as well? He is Shangguan Yiqing’s rival, I never thought those two would work together! But, setting a trap openly like this, only an idiot would go there in my opinion. If I was Jiang Chen, I would just avoid that place after learning about the news.”

“You know nothing about it. Shangguan Yiqing and Xuan Yuzi purposely spread these news, they want Jiang Chen to take their bait. If Jiang Chen doesn’t show up, that means he is afraid of them. This will actually boost the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect’s spirit, and if Jiang Chen take the bait and goes there, only certain death will await him. According to what I know, Shangguan Yiqing is an expert in formations, he has set up the Skynet formation on Mount Tianyuan, and together with the help of Xuan Yuzi and some other geniuses, if Jiang Chen really goes there, only certain death will await him. There is no way for him to survive.”

“Such a grand event! I wonder how many geniuses will go and partic.i.p.ate in that Gathering of Skynet.”

“I think there will be a lot of them. This is their best chance to flatter the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect. Furthermore, Jiang Chen is certainly going to die there, and none of them will suffer any losses. Perhaps none of them will even have to join the attack?”