Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 349 – Peak Early Combat Soul Realm

Chapter 349 – Peak Early Combat Soul Realm

Chapter 349 – Peak Early Combat Soul Realm

After hearing what Jiang Chen told him, the Ice Demon King finally felt relieved. It then hid its head back into the storage ring. Actually, after it had agreed to follow Jiang Chen and leave the world of glaciers, it hadn’t felt at ease at all, because it wasn’t sure if the Ice G.o.d’s inheritor truly existed, or if it was just a lie told by Jiang Chen.

However, when it saw Yan Chenyu today, its mind was finally at peace. It firmly believed that this young girl was the real Ice G.o.d’s inheritor, and serving the Ice G.o.d’s inheritor was much better than staying in the isolated world of glaciers.

One day later!

Cracks suddenly appeared all over the huge silver coc.o.o.n outside of Yan Chenyu. After that, it simply shattered with a loud ‘bang’ sound, causing countless ice cold blades to shoot out in all directions.


The entire room exploded in an instant! The explosion even shook Guo Shan’s mountain, and the ice-cold energy covered both sky and ground. Within a few breaths time, the entire Black Sect was covered by this ice-cold energy! When those disciples who were in the middle of cultivating felt the drop in temperature, the expressions changed dramatically.

“What’s going on? Such an ice-cold aura, it seems like it’s coming from Sect Elder Guo Shan’s mountain. Who can tell me what exactly is going on?”

“I’m sure it’s because senior disciple Yan Chenyu has awakened. I heard she has the rare Nine Yin Body, they coldest physique underneath the heavens. She has been in a coma because of a severe injury, but it looks like she’s finally waking up. I think that’s the reason why we’re covered by such an intense cold.”

“This is frightening, just the aura alone is enough to send chills down my spine! The Nine Yin Body is incredibly powerful!”

“I heard that only the Nine Solar Holy Water can save senior disciple Yan, that’s why senior disciple Jiang went to the Northern Ocean in search for it. It looks like he has returned. I wonder how stronger senior disciple Yan Chenyu will become after she wakes up, the Black Sect is going to have another peerless genius!”


What was happening brought a great turmoil to all the disciples of the Black Sect, the intense ice-cold energy caused the entire sect to become freezing, and the temperature had dropped to a new low. However, when all the Sect Elders and disciples realized what the source of this incident was, not only did they stop worrying, they actually started feeling joyful.

On Guo Shan’s mountain!

Han Yan and rest of the people were stunned by what they saw. After the room had collapsed, Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu were revealed to them. They walked closer, all eyes on Yan Chenyu.

Currently, Yan Chenyu was like the ultimate source of all ice-cold energy. Her body continuously emitted energy, causing her to look both cold and holy, as if she was a G.o.ddess sleeping within a glacier, and was about to wake up.

“What a beautiful woman.”

When Nangong Wentian saw Yan Chenyu, he also couldn’t help but praise her beauty, “Only a girl like this is a suitable match for Little Chen, no wonder he works so hard for her.”

“The Nine Yin Body’s bloodline has completely awakened. Look, Little Yu’s aura has started rising!”

Big Yellow said.

Everyone at the scene watched with eyes wide open, staring at Yan Chenyu who was lying on the soft bed. They could clearly feel Yan Chenyu’s aura constantly rising.

When Yan Chenyu was injured, she was only at the Late Mortal Core realm, but now, her cultivation had broken through to the Early Heavenly Core realm.

What happened next immediately stunned them, because they were basically witnessing a miracle!

Yan Chenyu’s aura started rising with great speed, similar to the fiercest ocean waves rising higher and higher.

One minute later, Peak Early Heavenly Core realm. Two minutes later, Mid Heavenly Core realm. Another two minutes later, Peak Mid Heavenly Core realm. After that, it simply just shot up to the Peak Late Heavenly Core realm.

“Oh Heavens, how can anyone break through like this?”

Daoist Black felt like his brain was about to cramp up. He had spent most of his life in cultivation, and he was only at the Peak Divine Core realm. He knew very well how difficult it was to break through to a higher stage. What was happening to Yan Chenyu right now was simply a huge blow to his face.

“Little Yu has consumed the Profound Six Solar Pill and the Nine Solar Holy Water, and her Nine Yin Body’s bloodline is fully awakened. It can be said that she is going through a transformation after death. However, the benefits brought to her by the transformation are far from this, the Peak Heavenly Core realm is not her limit.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Look, Little Yu’s aura is rising again!”

Guo Shan shouted.


A crystal clear cracking sound could be heard from Yan Chenyu’s body, it was the sound of breaking through a bottleneck. With that sound and incomparable speed, Yan Chenyu’s aura broke through to the Early Divine Core realm!

But, this wasn’t the end! Yan Chenyu’s momentum was like a gigantic tsunami, it wouldn’t stop so easily! In just a dozen minutes, her cultivation had risen from the Early Divine Core realm to the Peak Late Divine Core realm!

“My Heavens… this…”

Daoist Black was suddenly feeling dizzy, he felt like he was going to faint at any time. What had he just witnessed? In just half an hour, a girl had broken through to the Peak Divine Core realm from the Late Mortal Core realm, this was extremely unusual event! If he hadn’t witnessed it himself, he would never have believed anything like this to be possible!

Guo Shan on the other side also felt similar emotions. Both he and Daoist Black were so shocked that they felt difficulty breathing. Seeing Yan Chenyu breaking through to a new stage again and again, they started feeling like they had wasted all their life.

It wasn’t only them, even Han Yan and Nangong Wentian felt cold sweat running down their bodies. Both of them were considered peerless geniuses, but not once in their lives had they seen such a terrifying way of levelling up.

When Yan Chenyu reached the Peak Divine Core realm, her momentum finally slowed down, causing everyone to breath out sighs of relief. If she truly broke through to the Combat Soul realm, all of them mighty faint on the spot.

Slowly, Yan Chenyu opened up her eyes. Two extremely cold beams instantly erupted from her big beautiful eyes, causing the surrounding air to vibrate. At this moment, Yan Chenyu had finally awakened, and she had experience the complete transformation of her Nine Yin Body.

“Little Yu still has the ability to break through, perhaps she can reach the Combat Soul realm in one go!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. Yan Chenyu’s condition was under his full observation, so he knew she could actually break through to a higher level. Without hesitating, Jiang Chen took out the Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm from his storage ring.

“Little Yu, absorb this crystal, use it and break through to the Combat Soul realm in one go.”

Jiang Chen quickly handed the Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm over to Yan Chenyu. She threw her glance at Jiang Chen; she had just seen the person she wanted to see the most right after waking up, this was no doubt the happiest moment of her life. However, before she could experience this moment for a longer time, she immediately took the crystal and swallowed it.


After swallowing the Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm, solid ice flakes started appearing outside Yan Chenyu’s body. At the same time, her aura started rising again.

Soon after, a palm-sized human appeared above Yan Chenyu’s head. This tiny human was wearing pure white clothes, and looked cold and holy. She was simply a tiny Yan Chenyu.

Witnessing the appearance of this tiny human, everyone immediately let out a cry of astonishment.

“Combat Sou! She just formed her Combat Soul! Oh Heavens, this is incredible!”

Daoist Black nearly coughed up a mouthful of blood. He had spent all his life restlessly cultivating, trying to form his own Combat Soul and become a true great warrior of the Combat Soul realm, and he knew very well how difficult it was to step into that realm. However, in just half an hour, this young girl in front of him had done what Daoist Black had spent nearly half his life attempting to do. Not only that, she actually went beyond that!

“That is a Combat Soul? It looks so miraculous!”

Han Yan threw his glance onto Yan Chenyu’s Combat Soul. It felt really mystical.

“The Combat Soul realm is the most critical step for all warriors, and it is also the most difficult step. When stepping into this realm, the Divine Core will transform into a real Combat Soul, completely breaking away from the foundation realm. When a Peak Combat Soul warriors comprehends the Dimensional Power, the Combat Soul will transform once again, and will start carrying King’s Aura. At that point of time, one will be a real Combat King warrior. In this realm, the Qi Sea in the warrior’s body will become a dimension by itself, and the warrior won’t need to use a storage ring any longer, as he can just place all his items within the Qi Sea.”

Jiang Chen explained.

“Little Chen, how do you know all this so well, as if you were a mighty Combat King warrior before?”

Han Yan and Nangong Wentian were really surprised, especially Nangong Wentian. Han Yan had been following Jiang Chen for quite some time, so he knew Jiang Chen was a man who knew almost everything.

Jiang Chen didn’t respond to their surprise, he only replied with a smile on his face. The Combat King was nothing to him, as he was once the greatest Saint underneath the Heavens, the mightiest warrior in the Saint Origin Realm.

Yan Chenyu’s Combat Soul was dancing above her head like an Ice G.o.ddess who had just descended to the realm of mortal. Obviously, she was also curious about hew newly formed Combat Soul, that’s why she was controlling it and trying to play with it.

“Little Yu, put your Combat Soul away.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.


Right after Jiang Chen’s words left his mouth, the tiny Combat Soul jumped back into Yan Chenyu’s body. After that, the ice-cold energy that covered the entire Black Sect started retracting back into Yan Chenyu’s body, like ocean waves.

In the blink of an eye, peace returned to the Black Sect. The pressure that caused all disciples to suffer disappeared as well, causing them to let out sighs of relief. Being under such a low temperature pressure felt really awful.

“Chen Gege!”

[TL: Big Bro Chen]

Yan Chenyu suddenly leapt up from the floor and threw herself into Jiang Chen’s arms. She wrapped both her arms tightly around Jiang Chen, and placed her beautiful face close to his shoulder. She was unable to prevent tears from leaking out, just like a child who had been bullied by someone and suddenly saw the most precious person in her life.

“Alright, Little Yu, everything is fine now.”

Jiang Chen gently patted Yan Chenyu’s shoulder.

Cough, cough…

Han Yan faintly coughed a few times, trying to remind Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu that there were still a few lively men around them whom they couldn’t just ignore.

Only now did Yan Chenyu notice that there were other men around. She immediately pushed Jiang Chen away like a scared rabbit, her face blus.h.i.+ng.


Looking at this, Nangong Wentian the others started heartily laughing out. Even Jiang Chen was laughing at the side. Today was one of his happiest days, because Little Yu had finally woken up and fully recovered.