Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 348 – Nine Yin Body’s Eruption

Chapter 348 – Nine Yin Body’s Eruption

Chapter 348 – Nine Yin Body’s Eruption

“What?! He killed Combat Soul warriors?!”

Daoist Black and Guo Shan both cried out at the same time. They turned to Jiang Chen at the same time and started at him with shocked expressions. They had no idea how it felt to kill a Combat Soul warrior, as that was the realm both of them were longing for.

“Look at your faces! That’s nothing, Little Chen can even kill those Mid Combat Soul geniuses from the Martial Palace with ease!”

Big Yellow said with a prideful expression, as if it was him who had killed those Combat Soul warriors, and not Jiang Chen.


Once again, Daoist Black and Guo Shan were struck by this shocking faces. Aside from feeling shocked, it seemed like they didn’t know how to react at all.

“Sect Chief, when we first reached the Blissful Island…”

Han Yan told them about what happened back on the Blissful Island and Island of Ice, including the amount of great warriors Jiang Chen had killed, the enormous benefits Jiang Chen had gotten from obtaining the Magma’s Heart, and how he and Big Yellow had broken through to the next stage. After listening to what had happened, Daoist Black and Guo Shan both started breathing heavily, and their eyes open wide. They couldn’t remain calm after listening to Han Yan.

“The Jian Province’s Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, the Martial Saint Dynasty’s prince… this…”

Daoist Black was stunned by Jiang Chen’s incredible progress in his cultivation. This was the most abnormal guy he had every met or heard about, and he was also the Black Sect’s biggest pride. This was supposedly something one should be excited over, and something that deserved a grand celebration, but Daoist Black just couldn’t happy, because the enemies Jiang Chen had were extremely powerful. How were they going to face these formidable foes?

“Sect Chief, don’t worry. Once I’ve healed Little Yu, we’ll proceed to the Martial Palace. With their protection, the Black Sect won’t face any danger at all. As for the resentment between me and the two superpowers, that’s my own matter. Sect Chief, you just need to run the Black Sect properly.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Brother, can the Martial Palace truly ensure your safety? They were after all established by the Martial Saint Dynasty, and the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan are their biggest dependent power. But now, you’ve offended their prince… Isn’t going to the Martial Palace the same as walking right into a trap?”

Guo Shan expressed his worries to Jiang Chen.

“Old brother, rest a.s.sured, I saved the Palace Chief’s life in Inferno h.e.l.l, that’s why the Martial Palace will be the safest place for us.”

Jiang Chen replied with a smile.

“Good. Brother, you’re no longer the same guy as when I first met you, your cultivation speed is just unbelievable! Until now, your older brother I has always believed that those who choose to become you enemies are the unluckiest people in the world!”

Guo Shan patted Jiang Chen on his shoulder. For him, being able to meet a little brother like this was the biggest fortune of his life.

“Jiang Chen, who is this?”

Daoist Black turned to Nangong Wentian, who had yet to say anything since arriving.

“Nangong Wentian.”

Nangong Wentian cupped his fist toward Daoist Black and spoke his name.

“Sect Chief, we met Brother Nan on the Blissful Island. He is now a brother whom we can share hards.h.i.+ps with.”

Han Yan patted Nangong Wentian’s shoulder as he spoke.

“Alright, let’s save our time, where is Little Yu?”

Jiang Chen asked Guo Shan.

“She is still in her room.”

Guo Shan replied.

“Alright. I’m going to go heal Little Yu now, you guys just stay here and guard the place, don’t let anyone come close.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Rest a.s.sured!”

Han Yan patted his own chest as he promised.

Jiang Chen turned around and walked toward the courtyard. The layout of this place was exactly like the one back on the Black Mountain, so Jiang Chen didn’t feel unfamiliar at all.

When he arrived in front of the door, he took a deep breath. He had waited for this day for too long. He suddenly felt somewhat nervous.

Pus.h.i.+ng the door open, Jiang Chen walked into the room. After entering, he carefully shut the door, as if he was scared he would accidentally wake up someone sleeping. Although, he knew no matter how much sound he made, he had no way to wake the sleeping beauty.

On the soft bed, the beauty dressed in white was still peacefully lying. Her face looked calm, as if she was having the sweetest dream in the world.

This was a magnificent girl, her beauty was out of this world. Even when she was just lying on the bed, she still looked like the most elegant fairy.

“Little Yu, I’m back.”

Jiang Chen stood next to Yan Chenyu’s bed, informing about his arrival with the gentlest voice he could muster. After that, with a flip of his palm, three drops of Nine Solar Holy Water immediately floated out from his storage ring, filling the entire room with a pure Yang aura.

Under the pressure coming from Jiang Chen’s Yuan energy, these three drops of Nine Solar Holy Water instantly exploded into a layer of golden mist. After that, Jiang Chen sprinkled the golden mist onto Yan Chenyu who was lying on the bed, injecting it all into her body.

Just the Nine Solar Holy Water alone wasn’t enough to save her, and since the pure Yang energy was simply too strong, it would immediately conflict with Yan Chenyu’s Nine Yin Meridians and have a violent conflict. However, since she had consumed the Profound Six Solar Pill earlier, all Jiang Chen needed to do now was add the Nine Solar Holy Water and merge it with the Profound Six Solar Pill. It was no different from giving her a complete Profound Nine Solar Pill. There were many herbs contained within the Profound Nine Solar Pill, and they all served the purpose of blending the Nine Solar Holy Water with the Nine Yin Meridians. Therefore, it would wake Yan Chenyu up while not causing her any harm.


After all the Nine Solar Holy Water entered Yan Chenyu’s body, she started violently trembling, and a buzzing sound could be heard from within her body.


Suddenly, Yan Chenyu who had been in a coma for quite a long time sat up from her bed, opened up her mouth, and puked out a stream of blood. This was the reaction coming from the impact of the medicinal strength; not a conscious response from her. In other words, Yan Chenyu was still in a coma.

Following that, Yan Chenyu’s trembling became even more violent, and her face started twisting. Clearly, she was experiencing severe pain right now. Jiang Chen stood next to the bed, unable to do anything at all. Right now, it all depended on Yan Chenyu.

Furthermore, this condition was perfectly normal. It was a painful process that came from using the Nine Solar Holy Water to stimulate the source of the Nine Yin Meridians. Jiang Chen firmly believed that Yan Chenyu would be able to endure it, she was a strong girl, and she already has a lot of experience with pain.

She has experienced the nine painful transformations of the Nine Yin Meridians, causing her mind to be far above that of her peers. Her resilience was buried deeply within her marrow, and even her soul.

The pain lasted for about half an hour. During this time, Jiang Chen had stood next to Yan Chenyu without moving a bit. However, he had circulated the Great Soul Derivation skill to the maximum, so if there were any signs of danger, he would be able to immediately react.

Half an hour later, Yan Chenyu’s body suddenly stopped trembling, and an extremely ice-cold energy suddenly erupted from her body.

“It is done!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up, and he couldn’t but let out a sigh of relief. The condition she currently was in signified the source of the Nine Yin Meridians in Yan Chenyu’s completely awakening. What would happen next was that the Nine Yin Body would automatically reconstruct her internal organs and meridians, giving her a new life. Furthermore, all the medicinal strength of the Profound Nine Solar Pill would be absorbed by her as well.

This was an amazing transformation, a new birth after death. It was hard to imagine how strong Yan Chenyu would become when she woke up.

The ice-cold energy became stronger and stronger, it eventually started leaking out from the room, as well as covering it in frost and a layer of white fog.

“What a terrifying cold! The Nine Yin Meridians truly deserves its reputation.”

Outside the courtyard, Daoist Black wore an expression of shock.

“Haha, perfect! Seems like the Nine Yin Body’s bloodline has been completely activated! Little Yu is safe now!”

Guo Shan heartily laughed out. Finally, the huge burden in his heard could be lifted. He hadn’t fulfilled his promise to protect Yan Chenyu, and he even caused Han Yan to almost be killed. This was something had had continuously pestered his mind, but with the awakening of Yan Chenyu, he could at last finally have a peace of mind.

“I wonder, how strong will Little Yu become when she awakens?”

Han Yan said with mixed emotions.

“I’ve heard about the Nine Yin Body before, it is one of the coldest physiques underneath the Heavens, and it only exists amongst women. According to the legends, the Nine Yin Body is a Divine Body. Once the bloodline is fully awakened, the person possessing it will have limitless achievements in the future!”

Nangong Wentian spoke with a great amount of shock. His journey to the Eastern Continent had given him a group of monstrous friends.

Within the room, even the air was frozen. The temperature had been lowered to an incredible level. On the soft bed, a huge silver white coc.o.o.n was formed outside Yan Chenyu’s body, completely covering her body within.

Jiang Chen was the one who stood closest to Yan Chenyu. He just let the ice-cold energy surround him like it was nothing. His body was amazingly strong, and was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with powerful Blood and Qi, as well as pure Yang energy all over. Therefore, he had no reason to fear this ice-cold energy.

Suddenly, something within one of Jiang Chen’s storage rings moved, startling him for a moment. It was the storage ring where the Ice Demon King was hiding.

With a thought in his mind, Jiang Chen released the Ice Demon King’s head, keeping the rest of its body inside the storage ring. This was because the Ice Demon King was over 30 meters tall, so if he let his entire body out, it would poke a huge hole in the roof.

“What a strong ice energy! This is Ice Source Energy!”

The Ice Demon King’s thoughts reached Jiang Chen’s ear, filled with shock. Right now, the Ice Demon King had finally found the source of this ice energy, so it turned its featureless face toward Yan Chenyu.

“Ice Demon, this is the true inheritor of the Ice G.o.d. I told you, I wouldn’t lie to you.”

Jiang Chen said.

“She’s just a mere human, but she can actually unleashed Ice Source Energy from her body, this is incredible! It indeed looks like she is the inheritor of the Ice G.o.d, you weren’t lying to me; you’ve brought me to the real inheritor of the Ice G.o.d, thank you!”

The Ice Demon King nodded his head at Jiang Chen, expressions its gratefulness.

“Of course I wouldn’t lie to you. There was nothing within the isolated world of glaciers, but if you can follow the real inheritor of the Ice G.o.d, you will have limitless achievements in the future.”

Jiang Chen continued.

“Yes, you’re right, being able to serve the inheritor of the Ice G.o.d is my greatest honor. But, what about the Black Ice Talisman?”

The Ice Demon King asked.

“Don’t worry, this inheritor of the Ice G.o.d is my wife, there is no difference between serving me or her. She has suffered from a severe injury, and is currently in the middle of recovering. Once she awakens, I’ll give her the Black Ice Talisman. I know, only the inheritor of the Ice G.o.d has the right to possess the Black Ice Talisman.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. From now on, the Ice Demon King would become Yan Chenyu’s servant, it was really good outcome. With its protection, Jiang Chen would have fewer worries.