Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 329 – Another Bronze Plate

Chapter 329 – Another Bronze Plate

Chapter 329 – Another Bronze Plate

“You don’t have to worry about this, I’ll bring the Black Ice Talisman with me, and you just need to follow me from now on. We’ll leave this place and experience the much bigger world outside. Furthermore, you will always be close to the Black Ice Talisman as long as you’re with me, you cultivation won’t stop progressing, and you won’t lose the ability to hide your demon soul.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. He had made up his mind, he really wanted to take this Ice Demon King with him. What he valued was not only its incredible combat strength, but also its ability to hide its demon soul and revive instantly.

This was an amazing ability, and if it was used in a battle, it could really catch his enemies off guard.

“No, you can’t have the Black Ice Talisman, that’s an insult to the Ice G.o.d!”

The Ice Demon King immediately refused the idea. A vague killing intent emerged in its mind. The Ice G.o.d was an ultimate existence in its eyes, and the Black Ice Talisman was the symbol of the Ice G.o.d. The Ice Demon King would never allow anyone to profane it.

Just because of its amazing loyalty to the Ice G.o.d, Jiang Chen would never give up the Black Ice Talisman in his hand. In the Ice Demon King’s mind, Jiang Chen had profaned the holy Ice G.o.d, and the reason it didn’t kill Jiang Chen right now was because it was scared it would damage the Black Ice Talisman. As long as Jiang Chen threw away the Black Ice Talisman, the Ice Demon King would definitely forget its promise and start trying to kill Jiang Chen again.

“You’re wrong, I’m not going to make this Black Ice Talisman my own. This is the symbol of the Ice G.o.d, so we need to find its inheritor. The Black Ice Talisman can only truly be considered a holy item when it’s held by the true inheritor of the Ice G.o.d. Leaving it here is just a great waste.”

Jiang Chen said.

“What? The true inheritor of the Ice G.o.d?”

The Ice Demon King was extremely shocked.

“That’s right, the real inheritor of the Ice G.o.d.”

Jiang Chen said in an affirmative manner.

“Is there really an inheritor of the Ice G.o.d?”

The Ice Demon King still had doubts.

“Of course! You can just follow me, I’ll bring you to the inheritor of the Ice G.o.d. In the name of the Ice G.o.d, if I am cheating you, I will give you back the Black Ice Talisman and let you kill me.”

Jiang Chen raised his palm into the air and spoke with an utmost solemn expression.

Truthfully, there was no inheritor of the Ice G.o.d. Even the Ice G.o.d was just a fabricated idol, it was something that only existed in the mind of the Ice Demon King, a totem which it could wors.h.i.+p. It was not real!

Jiang Chen was only using this as a bait. He would say that Yan Chenyu with her Nine Yin Meridians was the inheritor of the Ice G.o.d. It made perfect sense, and with the Ice Demon King’s intelligence and loyalty to the Ice G.o.d, it would immediately submit to Yan Chenyu upon meeting her.

The Ice Demon King remained silent for a moment, as if it was thinking about something. Soon after, it raised its head and expressed its thoughts with the special communication method, “Are you sure you’re not cheating me?”

“Naturally. I won’t cheat you.”

Jiang Chen replied with a smile.

“Alright, I’ll follow you.”

The Ice Demon King finally agreed.

Jiang Chen was extremely thrilled upon hearing it answer. With the help of this Ice Demon King, he wouldn’t need to fear anything in this Island of Ice, and he could do anything he wanted.

But, the Ice Demon King’s appearance was really unusual. Furthermore, Jiang Chen wanted to use it as a secret weapon, we he needed a way to hide it properly.

“Ice Demon, since you’ve decided to follow me, you have to do what I say. I need you do vow in the name of the Ice G.o.d, from now on, you will do anything I ask you to do, and you cannot disobey any of my orders, or do anything that will harm me.”

Jiang Chen said in a serious manner. He needed to keep this Ice Demon King on a leash, only then would he not have to worry about keeping it around.

“Alright, I swear!”

In order to find the true inheritor of the Ice G.o.d, the Ice Demon King would really do everything Jiang Chen told him to.

“I’ll now plant a Divine Sense Seed in your body, don’t resist.” [1]

Jiang Chen said.

The Ice Demon King was startled for a moment, but it still nodded its head. It had promised to do everything Jiang Chen told it to do. Furthermore, it didn’t seem like it had any other choice.

Firstly, the Black Ice Talisman was in Jiang Chen’s hand, and the Ice Demon King couldn’t live without it. Not only could it help its cultivation, it was also the supreme item which it wors.h.i.+pped.

Secondly, the Ice Demon King really wanted to find the true inheritor of the Ice G.o.d. It had also only lived in this place since it was born. Although it had a formidable cultivation and the intelligence of a normal human, compared to Jiang Chen whose experience was incredibly vast, like an ancient demon, the Ice Demon King was just too naïve.

So, Jiang Chen shot the Divine Sense Seed into its body, and the Ice Demon King didn’t resist at all.

After doing all this, Jiang Chen finally let out a sigh of relief. With this Divine Sense Seed, he didn’t have to worry about whether or not the Ice Demon King wanted to do anything to harm him. As long as it harbored bad intentions toward Jiang Chen, he would be able to immediately sense it through the Divine Sense Seed, and with just a though, Jiang Chen would be able to kill this Ice Demon King in an instant.

“Ice Demon, once we leave this place, I’ll place you together with the Black Ice Talisman in a storage ring.”

Although the storage ring could only store objects without life, and no living beings, the Ice Demon was different. It didn’t need to stay in contact with the outside world in order to stay alive. As long as it was kept together with the Black Ice Talisman, there wouldn’t be any problems.


The Ice Demon King nodded its head. It was now completely under Jiang Chen’s control, anything Jiang Chen said, it would agree to do.

“There is another treasure hidden somewhere in this world, I wonder if you can get it?”

The Ice Demon King suddenly threw out some explosive news.

“What? There is another treasure in this world of glaciers?”

Jiang Chen cried out in surprise. The Black Ice Talisman by itself was an extraordinary treasure, and he had also found another bronze plate at the bottom of the deep pond. However, this wasn’t all, the Ice Demon King just told him there was another treasure here!”

Jiang Chen had no doubts regarding what the Ice Demon King had told him. It had after all lived for a long time, and was the real ruler of this world of glaciers. It was familiar with everything in this world. Furthermore, anything the Ice Demon King considered a treasure must be something amazing.

“That’s right, I’ll lead you to it.”

After saying that, the Ice Demon King started flying, pa.s.sing the frozen deep pond underneath.

Jiang Chen flew quickly behind it. At this moment, the calling that had disappeared for quite some time had once again appeared, and Jiang Chen could sense it coming from the direction where the Ice Demon King was heading. This instantly made Jiang Chen feel extremely curious.


Gate of Death!

Presently on the other side, the trio who entered the Gate of Death had encountered some serious troubles. Not long after the pa.s.sed through the Gate of Death, they drifted into an isolated s.p.a.ce where everything was eerie. There were dead spirits everywhere.

A dead spirit was a dead person whose soul had transformed under the influence of grievance and resentment. They were mindless, and they felt nothing but grief, resentment and anger. The only thing they knew how to do was slaughter! They were lifeless, and no blood ran in their bodies. They were the most terrifying killing machines.

In fact, just the dead spirits alone weren’t that frightful, but when Han Yan and the group arrived in this s.p.a.ce, they also found the existence of a very strong devilish energy. Under the influence of this devilish energy, the dead spirits in here possessed a devilish characteristic, which transformed them into dead devil spirits. This made them much more terrifying than regular dead spirits.

Evil wind constantly whistled through this land of death, and there were horrifying dead spirits everywhere. Big Yellow, Nangong Wentian, and Han Yan had spent a long time constantly killing them, but it seemed like there was no end to this constant slaughter.

It was as if every single existence in this place had something in common; their overwhelming numbers. There were so many of them, no matter how many you killed, there would still be more waiting for you.

Han Yan who was surrounded by dozens of dead spirits suddenly let out a world-shaking roar. With just this roar alone, all the dead spirits surrounding him were instantly shattered into ashes.

Devilish energy was rolling around Han Yan’s body. The devilish energy looked like countless Black Devil Dragons. With all these Devil Dragons, Han Yan’s energy was soaring at a rapid pace.

“Brother Yan is breaking through to the next stage!”

Nangong Wentian said, surprised.

“These dead spirits are infested with devilish energy, they are a perfect for Brother Yan. He has been at the Peak Mid Divine Core realm for quite some time now, this place is perfect for him to break through to the Late Divine Core realm.”

Big Yellow said in an excited manner. He knew very well how powerful the Ancient Divine Devil bloodline was. Once Han Yan breaks through to the Late Divine Core realm, he will be able to fight ordinary Early Combat Soul warriors, just like Nangong Wentian.

“What a powerful devilish energy! The Ancient Divine Devil’s bloodline is really terrifying, Brother Yan looks like the Ancient Divine Devil right now, truly frightening!”

Nangong Wentian commented with mixed emotions. During his trip to the Blissful Island, he had gotten three incredibly abnormal friends. Putting aside Jiang Chen, Big Yellow was a Dragon Horse descendant, and Han Yan possessed the complete bloodline of the Ancient Divine Devil! Every single one of them was an abnormal monster!

Soon after, Han Yan’s energy reached a limit. Because of his bloodline, his cultivation finally stopped at the Peak Late Divine Core realm, and he was now many times stronger than before.

Ja… Ja…

More and more dead spirits appeared, surrounding the trio from all directions.

“f.u.c.k, why are there so many dead spirits here?! They are so disgusting, we can never kill them all!”

Nangong Wentian couldn’t help but curse at the situation.

“Looks like these dead spirits can be produced endlessly. My guess is they’re just like those stone golems we previously encountered. If we can find the main source and destroy it, we will be able to wipe them all out completely and leave this place.”

Big Yellow said.

Right after he finished speaking, he immediately saw Han Yan transform into a trail of light which flew forwards.

“I found the biggest dead spirit, once we kill it, all the other dead spirits will be wiped out!”

Han Yan had just broken through to another stage and was at his strongest. He unleashed the Nine Devil Waves and cleared a path up front, killing every single dead spirit that got in his way. In just a few breaths time, he arrived in front of the biggest dead spirit.

“Die now!”

Han Yan unleashed a gigantic mountain with his devilish energy, then he threw it at the biggest dead spirit, killing it in an instant.

Swoosh… swoosh…

Right after the biggest dead spirit was killed, all the other dead spirits immediately disappeared; they turned into eerie winds and... Gone!

Seeing this, the trio could finally breathe out a long sigh of relief. Nangong Wentian and Big Yellow both gave Han Yan a thumbs up.

“Wait, what is that?”

Nangong Wentian threw his glance onto the ground, it was the spot where Han Yan killed the biggest dead spirit. There was actually a palm sized bronze plate there.

“It’s a bronze plate! After Han Yan killed the biggest dead spirit, the bronze plate fell out from its body!”

Big Yellow cried out in surprise.

Han Yan picked up the bronze plate and examined it carefully. After a while, he said, “It looks exactly like the two bronze plates Little Chen has!”



1 – Big Yellow once planted a Divine Sense Seed in the Heavenly Core demon that guards the Jiang family, old black.