Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 330 – Past Life, Present Life

Chapter 330 – Past Life, Present Life

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Chapter 330 – Past Life, Present Life

The discovery of yet another bronze plate shocked the trio. Even an idiot would know that these bronze plates were extraordinary, and not just some simple broken bronze plates.

“Last time, we found a bronze plate after destroying the mountain, and now we just found another one after killing the dead spirit. What exactly are these bronze plates for?”

Han Yan furrowed his brows.

“Little Chen has two with him right now. My guess is they must be related to this Island of Ice, somehow. Let’s keep it for now, we might need to use it in the future.”

Nangong Wentian said. They didn’t know Jiang Chen had just found the third bronze plate in the world of glaciers. Including the bronze plate held in Han Yan’s hand, they now had a total of four bronze plates.

“Let’s move on, there are dangers everywhere here. But, opportunities usually coexists with dangers. At least, these dead spirits helped Brother Yan break through to the Late Divine Core realm. Furthermore, I have a feeling that our biggest gain is the bronze plate in Brother Yan’s hand, my instincts tell me that this bronze plate is extremely important.”

Big Yellow said.

The trio continued their journey. They needed to leave this Gate of Death and reach the inner parts of the Island of Ice, then regroup with Jiang Chen.


On the other side, within the world of glaciers.

Jiang Chen was being led by the Ice Demon King. The further he flew, the clearer the calling force became. Jiang Chen could now clearly feel the calling.

“What exactly is calling me? Why do I feel this strong antic.i.p.ation?”

Jiang Chen thought to himself. The feeling was quite amazing, his feelings toward the calling force were quite strong. He was no longer calm, he was excited!

That’s right, he was feeling excitement even though he didn’t know why! It was as if he was going to meet something that would make his soul start dancing. Jiang Chen had never felt this kind of feeling before. With his mentality and temperament, it was incredibly rare for him to experience such a huge fluctuation in his emotions.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath and restrained the excitement in his mind, and continued following the Ice Demon King. However, the excitement was going from the depths of his soul, he just couldn’t restrain it.

“Just what is it?”

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows. He hated being influenced by something unknown, it made him feel as if his destiny was being controlled by something else, and he really hated the feeling of not being able to control his own destiny. However, the feeling still made him very excited.

Therefore, Jiang Chen made up his mind; he must find the source of this calling as soon as possible.

A few minutes later, Jiang Chen and the Ice Demon King arrived in front of a huge mountain that shot up into the sky. The peak of this mountain looked like a razor sharp longsword, and it was emitting dazzling light. The light was different from the reflection that came from the glaciers, as if there was a sharp longsword lying in front of it.

In Jiang Chen’s eyes, what he was looking at wasn’t a tall mountain, but a longsword.

The Ice Demon King stopped flying. It turned its featureless face toward Jiang Chen and said, “This is it.”

Right now, Jiang Chen was completely sunken into another conception. He stared at the tall icy mountain in front of him; an odd feeling had spontaneously emerged within his mind.

Jiang Chen couldn’t control himself as he walked toward the icy mountain. With every step he took, the feelings in his heart would become stronger. When he finally arrived in front of the mountain, an incomparable intimacy suddenly emerged from the bottom of his heart. It was a feeling so familiar to him, as if the thing he loved the most was hidden within the mountain.

“What is it? What exactly is it? Why does it feel so familiar? Why this intimate feeling?”

Jiang Chen mumbled to himself. He had completely lost control of his emotions.

Jiang Chen’s eyes became completely infatuated. He raised his palm and slowly touched the peak of the mountain.

“You must not touch it!”

The Ice Demon King immediately sent out a message. It had done what Jiang Chen was trying to do now, but it suffered miserable consequences because of it, and was knocked far away by the mountain.

But, it seemed like Jiang Chen didn’t even get the Ice Demon King’s warning; his palm touched the mountain.


A buzzing sound suddenly sounded out from the mountain. Bright golden beams started shooting out from the inner parts of the mountain. As if the beams sensed Jiang Chen’s aura, they instantly wrapped themselves around Jiang Chen’s entire body.

Jiang Chen’s entire body was golden because of the lights, it made him look like a War G.o.d who had just descended to the mortal realm; it was a really amazing scene! These golden lights seemed like they were quite familiar with Jiang Chen, and there were no signs of them wanting to hurt Jiang Chen.

The Ice Demon King was completely stunned by this. It knew very well how terrifying these golden light were! Even with its formidable cultivation, it couldn’t even get close to them! Jiang Chen however, he didn’t seem to be hurt by them.

Right at this moment, tears started filling Jiang Chen’s eyes. As his palm touched the mountain, he immediately felt the reason behind the intimate feelings.


Excitement could be felt from the icy mountain. Cracks started appearing on the indestructible mountain, and soon, with a loud explosive noise, the mountain shattered and revealed a bright, golden longsword.

No, it wasn’t a complete longsword, it was a broken longsword; it was only the tip of a sword. But, just this small part alone was over 300 meters long. It stood right in front of Jiang Chen, like a heavenly sword.

The broken sword started trembling, then it produced a deafening noise.

When Jiang Chen saw the broken sword tip, tears finally started flowing down from his face. His vision was blurred by the dares, but Jiang Chen dared not blink, he only stared at the sword tip in front of him, scared that he was actually just dreaming, and everything in front of him would disappear the moment he blinked.

A man forged with blood and iron could cry as well. A good man had his own feelings, just like Jiang Chen’s feeling toward the Heavenly Saint Sword.

Jiang Chen could still remember very clearly. This sword had followed him since he was 22 years old; the same year the sword was forged.

Underneath the light of the moon and stars, fighting in the skies, fighting on the ground, he eliminated all his powerful foes with this sword! This sword was like his own arm, his lover; the most important part of his life!

Jiang Chen wasn’t a swordsman, but he was a martial maniac, and this sword was his only weapon; it was his Natal Weapon that he had bred with his own life! It had grown together with him, it had long ago merged with himself; it had become a part of him!

It was the Heavenly Saint Sword!

That year, he stood on the summit of the Saint Cliff, wielding this sword as he fought the Heavens!

That day, together with the Heavenly Saint Sword he unleashed his most glorious attack, paving the road for all beings in the Saint Origin Realm with but a single strike! It was the most glorious moment of his life!

At that moment, Jiang Chen’s last drop of Saint Blood left his body, and the Heavenly Saint Sword was broken into several pieces. Jiang Chen couldn’t remember exactly how many pieces, because he simply had no time to look at his old friend for the last time.

After Jiang Chen reincarnated, his biggest goal was to return to the Divine Continent, and once again reach the top of the world. After that, he would enter the legendary Immortal Realm! One of the most important parts along this journey was to find and retrieve the Heavenly Saint Sword.

Initially, Jiang Chen thought the Heavenly Saint Sword had fallen off the Saint Cliff together with him, and he would have to look for it underneath the Saint Cliff, or perhaps those superpowers in the Divine Continent had looted everything they could after he died, and the Heavenly Saint Sword had already been taken by one of them.

Jiang Chen had never thought he’d be able to find a broken part of the Heavenly Saint Sword on this Island of Ice. Although it was just a broken part, it was more than enough to make Jiang Chen cry.

Without wearing Jiang Chen’s shoes, no one would ever be able to understand Jiang Chen’s feelings toward the Heavenly Saint Sword. Without going through real life and death, no one would be able to understand all the journeys and experiences Jiang Chen had faced together with the Heavenly Saint Sword.

Past and present, present and past; they had lived together and died together. Since Jiang Chen had now reincarnated, they would without any doubts be together once again!

“Old buddy, we finally meet again.”

Jiang Chen stretched out his palm and gently stroked the Heavenly Saint Sword as if he was gently caressing his most beloved it. Sensing Jiang Chen’s aura even clearer now, the Heavenly Saint Sword’s trembling became even stronger.


Jiang Chen said in a gentle tone. The Heavenly Saint Sword immediately produced a deafening noise, then it shrank down to the size of a normal sword and fell onto Jiang Chen’s palm.

This was the absolute number one Saint Weapon in the Saint Origin Realm. Although it was broken, there no ordinary weapons that could compare with it. Even though it was just a broken piece of a whole, it had its own sentience.

The broken sword was hiding within the world of glaciers, waiting for Jiang Chen to come. Underneath the Heavens, only Jiang Chen was qualified to possess the Heavenly Saint Sword.

The Heavenly Saint Sword had finally found its master! At this moment, it quietly laid down on top of Jiang Chen’s palm and stopped moving. It didn’t s.h.i.+ne like before, it had already depleted all its energy waiting for Jiang Chen, and since it had finally met Jiang Chen, it could now finally rest.

“Rest a.s.sured, I will definitely find the other broken pieces and have you completely restored! After that, you will once again follow me and step onto the top of the world!

Jiang Chen said with a loud voice. For him, this broken sword was the absolute biggest gain he had received in his trip to the Island of Ice.

“I have more than a few hundred Combat Weapons with me right now, some of them are Perfect-Ranked ones. If I can forge all of them with the broken part of the Heavenly Saint Sword, I’ll be able to give birth to a truly ultimate Combat Weapon! Fine, the rebirth of the Heavenly Saint Sword begins here!”

Jiang Chen thought to himself. Although he only had a broken part of the Heavenly Saint Sword, it was still an authentic Saint Weapon which contained the Great Saint Laws. Even though Jiang Chen wasn’t able to utilize these laws right now, the strength of the Saint Weapons was without doubt formidable. If he forged all the hundreds of Combat Weapons together with the Heavenly Saint Sword, the strength of the new Heavenly Saint Sword would be extremely devastating.

But, this world of glaciers was not a suitable place for him to forge a Combat Weapon. The temperature here was too low, so it was extremely difficult for him to merge all Combat Weapons together. At least, it was much more difficult than concocting pills here.

Because of the extremely low temperature in this world of glaciers, Jiang Chen was unable to unleash the full power of the True Dragon Flame.

“I need to leave this world of glaciers first, only then will I find a way to forge the new Heavenly Saint Sword.”

Jiang Chen smiled, satisfied. Of course, he had just found a broken part of the Heavenly Saint Sword, there was no way he could be any happier!

On the other side, the Ice Demon King was truly shocked by what it saw. He had never thought this young human could really take away the huge sword, it was unimaginable! But, this caused the Ice Demon to truly recognize how extraordinary Jiang Chen was. Perhaps following him wasn’t such a bad idea?